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70 year-old vacuum cleaner

200x175.jpg(Funny News) A 95-year-old woman has finally had to replace her trusty vacuum cleaner - after using if for 70 years.

Edith Kingsland, a former bed-and-breakfast keeper from Kent, UK, bought the cleaner in the 1930's.

Se used the it everyday around the B&B hotel she kept with her late husband in the sea-side resort.

Edith says she is struggling to get to grips with her new model complaining that it is too big and too heavy.

Lego - more than child's play

(Offbeat News) An artist has shown that the humble Lego brick is more than just child's play - by creating an entire exhibition based around brick forms.

33-year-old Nathan Sawaya's show 'The Art of the Brick' features more than 30 works and uses over one million colorful LEGO bricks

Items on show include a 5ft hand, life size sculptures and abstract 2 dimentional 'canvas.'

RAF break-dancing marshall

(Funny News) A RAF marshall has become an internet hit after a video of him directing fighter jets while break-dancing was posted online.

Senior Aircraftman Dean Tabreham can be seen doing 'the caterpillar' and  moonwalking to Michael Jackson all while controlling planes worth tens of millions of pounds.

The video was made by RAF staff and has raised £1,000 for Cancer Research UK.

* The dancing start 90 seconds into the clip (it's worth waiting for)

Is there a Starbucks near here?

(Quirky News) A coffee-mad computer programmer is on a quest to visit every Starbucks store in the world.

Winter from Houston, USA, claims he has already visited 7,726 of the coffee giants 8,505 stores - a staggering 92.4% of them.

His journey has already seen him visit stores in England, Japan, Spain and Hong Kong as well as 7,269 across America.

Pupils leave adverts in homework

(Funny News) Dopey school-children who are trying to cheat by downloading their homework from the internet are even leaving in adverts, say their teachers.

58% of teachers surveyed from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) say they have come across plagiarism by their pupils.

Some are so happy to cut-and-paste they are even forgetting to delete Google Adverts and references to the website they are copying from.

A team of internet scammers have themselves been conned into wasting hours of their time - hand writing the entire 293 pages of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

When he received an e-mail offering him a slice of a $27 million fortune from the Federal Republic of Nigeria our 'scammer scammer' didn't just hit the junk button.

Instead he told them he could not reply because his company were conducting research into hand-writing adding that they could earn $100 per page if they wanted to help.

Police officers in the UK have been blasted by bosses after posting sick images of their crashed police cars on Facebook.

The group 'Yes I Have Had A Polcol' has over 300 members and features dozens of images - some with officers posing up next to the accidents.

Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said it was “totally unacceptable” for officers to post pictures bragging about hitting pedestrians and damaging police cars and vans.

Rome invaded by 500,000 balls

A protester brought Rome to a standstill in a bizarre fashion, by releasing 500,000 multi-coloured plastic balls down the Spanish Steps.

Graziano Cecchini, who has previously poured red dye into the Trevi Fountain has he pulled the stunt to raise the profile of Burma and the Karen people.

The balls which bounced down the steps like the recent Sony HD adverts and while some were collected by passers-by it took officials hours to clean up the rest.

Citroen apologize to China

Car manufacturer Citreon has been forced to say sorry to China after using an image of Mao Zedong pulling a funny face in one of its adverts.

The French auto giant ad used the image in a Spanish campain along with the phrases "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's" and "It's true, we are leaders, but at Citroen the revolution never stops."

The image is similar to that which stares out from Tiananmen Square but had been distorted to show him pulling his lips to one side and squinting his eyes.

Banksy wall sells for £208,100

A wall covered in graffiti by elusive artist Banksy has sold online for £208,100 - now the winning bidder needs to take it home.

The work, which features a stenciled design of a painter putting the finishing touches to the name Banksy, is spray-painted onto the wall of a post-production company in London.

When Luti Fagbenle, who runs the company which owns the wall, saw it he decided to cash in on the work knowing original Banksy's can sell for over £250,000.

Australians pick word of 2007

Tanorexia (obsessed with tanned skin) and Chindia (Chine and India) are just two of the words Australians are currently voting for as their favorite words of 2007.

The online vote organized by the Macquarie Dictionary contains 85 new words which reflect global developments and trends.

Other words include 'salad dodger' an overweight person, 'Manscaping' male grooming and 'Man-flu' a mild cold whose symptoms are exaggerated by the sufferer.

FBI wiretap cut off over unpaid bill

The FBI have had an international wiretap cut off after the American agency failed to pay its bill, a U.S. government audit has revealed.

The wiretap had been enacted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for electronic spying in terrorism and intelligence cases but was disrupted when payment was not received in time.

"Late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence, including an instance where delivery of intercept information required by a ... FISA order was halted due to untimely payment," the audit said.

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