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Type in "let it snow" into a Google search this Christmas and you'll be treated to bit of festive fun from the internet giant.

After hitting the enter button snowflakes will start to fall from the top of your screen and slowly begin to cover the search results in snow.

Users can then use their mouse cursor to manually brush off some of snow or hit a 'Defrost' button to fully clear the screen.

For some other Google easter eggs, try typing "Do a barrel roll" or "Hanukkah" into the famous search screen.

275x250.jpg Over three quarters of people are 'drunk' in their tagged Facebook photos, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that the average Briton’s Facebook photos were taken when the subject was under the influence of alcohol.

The discovery was made as part of a poll of 1,781 people into the relationship between Brits and the photos they have on social media profiles.

Asked to estimate what percentage of the photos they are ‘tagged’ in on their profile had been taken after/whilst drinking alcohol, the average number was 76%.

And while just a tenth have their privacy settings to limit looking at tagged photos to just themselves, over half, 56%, admitted that they had ‘drunk photos’ on their profile that they would not want their work colleagues to see.

Some people want to swim with dolphins, but for others that's not enough and they want to swim 'like' dolphins... and for those people there's the Flyboard Jetpack.

Created by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Jetpack is a bizarre device which users strap onto their feet and is connected to a jetski via a huge hose.

They then hold a pair of hand-guided nozzles which are used to stabilise the flight as water is blasted out letting the user fly like a bird hovering above the water, or swim like a dolphin.

As this video shows, the £4,500 Flyboard (you'll also need a jet-ski to attach it to) allows users to pull a series of impressive stunts… and presumably have some impressive wipeouts while learning to master it.

275x250.jpg A design studio looking for the next big thing in the digital revolution thinks they've found it. Printing customized mini-newspapers.

Berg, from London, have announced the launch of their Little Printer which prints personalised news on rolls of till-receipt style paper.

Makers say the device scours the internet on your behalf, pulls together content you care about, and delivers mini newspapers a couple of times a day.

Printed content -- which includes news summaries, reminders and puzzles -- is configured from a phone app and partners include the likes of Google and the Guardian.

275x250.jpg Okay so you might use Facebook to look at photos of that girl you fancied at school and arrange drinking sessions with your mates

But some people use the mega social network to do things like share interesting news articles.

And now bosses have compiled a list of the 40 most shared articles of 2011, apparently assuming nothing interesting is going to happen this month.

Top of the list -- with a massive 600,000 shares -- was this article showing before and after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Other frequently shared articles included 'What teachers really want to tell parents' and 'No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed'.

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