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275x250.jpgBritish workers spend a average of five hours every week stressed out -- because of technology, it has emerged.

Slow internet, computers crashing and the printer running out of ink or paper sees workers feeling harassed for an average of 56 minutes each day.
Busy mobile phone networks, constant texts from your other half and even seeing unflattering pictures of yourself tagged on Facebook are also common triggers.
More than one third of workers said technology made their blood boil more than anything else during the working day.
And four out of ten of the 3,000 adults polled said tech issues were more stressful than their love lives, domestic disputes and financial troubles.

275x250.jpg A designer has created what he claims is a perfectly sensible solution to the problem of trying to control a touchscreen phone without a free hand… a stylus for your nose.

Dominic Wilcox says he often found himself wanting to use his touchscreen phone while in the bath, but because his fingers were all too often wet, he couldn't.

But when he realised he could navigate by pressing the phone against his nose, he decided creating a finger-nose stylus would be the logical next step.

After various trial and error he invented this odd-looking device which he says is the ideal way to send a tweet from the bath… should you do something so impressive in the bath you need to tell the world.

275x250.jpgMillions of Brits are risking their hearing by listening to music at a volume louder than a pneumatic drill, it's been revealed.

Researchers found one in ten people regularly turn their radio up to a higher volume than a drill on a building site, with another one in six listening to their MP3 player at deafening levels.

One in twenty regularly plug into their music which is more thunderous than a train hurtling past in a station or a car alarm ringing in your ears.

And worryingly, 17 per cent have been left with ringing ears after listening to blaring music for a long period of time.

At least that's what we think the researchers were saying, we couldn't hear they all that well.

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