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275x250.jpgApple iPad users who take their gadget on holiday are being warned it could cost them 1,000 times more than in the UK.

Which? claim users simply checking emails, using GPS to get around, watching videos or updating their Facebook from outside the EU, can rack up huge bills.

That's because networks in some countries can charge users excessive data roaming charges - where it can cost £8 to upload a photo to show your friends back home.

It's said regular phone use on a two week holiday in France would cost less than £40, while it could cost up to £190 in the US... and around £300 from Russia.

And with per MB charges as high as £10 in some countries, it can cost this much to check in with your favourite blog… and even we don't think checking Newslite is worth that.

275x250.jpg While most people get annoyed by fingerprint smudges on the screen of their iPad, a graphic designer decided to use them to learn about how the Apple tablet is used.

New Yorker George Kokkinidis says he was interested in exploring the many different ways people interact with the popular tablet computer.

So the 33-year-old started off by cleaning the screen with a microfibre cloth and using a range of apps before photographing the marks left on the screen.

These were then traced in Adobe Illustrator to enhance them so they could be better analysed… well that's one way to use an iPad, we'd rather play Angry Birds.

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