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275x250.jpgA seven-year-old girl has racked up a £250 bill for her parents -- after playing a game on their Facebook profile for just one hour.

Paramedic Mathew Fox, from Birmingham, says he was completely unaware daughter Megan was costing him a fortune as she played 'Petville'.

Mathew had let the youngster use his account to play the popular game because he does not think she's old enough to have an account of her own.

But as she bought virtual clothes and furniture for a colourful make-believe pet, he didn't know it was all being charged to his PayPal account.

That was until he received an spate of emails confirming the £250 virtual spending spree… we probably shouldn't repeat the status update he made shortly after.

A photographer has stitched together 7,886 high-resolution images of London to create the world's largest 360-degree photo.

Jeffrey Martin says his 80 gigapixel panorama is so big it would measure 35m long and 17m tall if printed at normal photographic resolution.

It's said the images took three days to take, from the top of the 36 floor high Centre Point building at the crossroads of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, using a DSLR camera with a 400mm lens.

Super-powerful computers were then required to put the images together and the results have been published online for you to zoom in and out of… and believe us, you won't be able to stop yourself.

275x250.jpg Most new mobile phones do all sorts of clever things like shoot HD video, access the internet and work as a sat-nav, but not all… meet the un-smartphone.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, the £67 "John's Phone" is a "basic backlash" targeting users who don't want to check their Twitter feed or update Facebook.

In fact, all this phone does is make and receive calls, nothing else. There's no colour screen and the face features simply the numbers and a "Hello" and "Bye" buttons.

Well that's not entirely true, users can access an address book and play games… but these are in a paper book which slots into the rear.

275x250.jpgAdverts for mobile phones with video-calling often focus on family members chatting to each other... but we all know they actually get used for phone sex.

And now research has proven this by finding that a quarter of camera phone users have used their video calling facility for steamy phone sex.

A poll of 1,230 also discovered 67 percent had taken a saucy snap of themselves with the phone and sent it to someone else.

However it doesn't always go to plan. 9% say they have accidentally sent a racy picture to a complete stranger -- not that they stayed that way for long.

Have you ever been left red-faced after sending a sexy photo to a stranger (or even worse someone you knew)? Let us know in the comments… though we can do without images.

275x250.jpgEngineering boffins claim they have created the first car ever to have its entire body made by a 3D printer.

The Urbee is an electric hybrid prototype which will be produced using a additive manufacturing processes rather than traditional manufacturing.

Makers Stratasys and Kor Ecologic say the two-seater will do more than 200 miles per gallon on the motorway and 100 miles per gallon in the city.

But it's the manufacturing process which is most interesting - all exterior components were created using Dimension 3D Printers which deposit droplets of a polymer which fuse together.

This potentially means never having to go to the garage to have a bump knock out… just print yourself a new door and off you go.

275x250.jpg One of the world's most technically advanced humanoid robots has celebrated it's 10th birthday… with a giant cake it can't eat.

Makers Honda say they started research into humanoid robotics 25-years-ago but that it was only on 31st October 2000 ASIMO was created.

Since then the iconic robot has stayed at the cutting edge of technological developments and learnt how to run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces and even climb stairs.

Hopefully the developments won't end in a robot uprising and the ultimate end of humanity… just in case I say we get ASIMO whatever he want's for his 11th birthday.

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