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275x250.jpg Earning a big salary is bad for your waistline – with those who pocket £45,000 a year among the unhealthiest wage bracket, it emerged yesterday.

A study of 2,000 Brits found bigger earners are more likely to see their waistline balloon amid a dizzy round of boozy lunches, nights out, take-aways and ready-meals. They are also more likely to smoke and avoid any form of exercise wherever possible.

By contrast the report also found the healthiest people are those earning a modest £16,000 salary, because they lack the funds to binge on booze and dine out.

The study revealed Brits in the £45,000 salary bracket enjoy an average of three boozy lunches at work each month, and sup an alcoholic drink two lunchtimes each week.

Almost one in ten regularly head to a restaurant for an unhealthy meal during their lunch hour, while another 21 per cent tuck into a fat-filled sandwich.

275x250.jpg One in three women would rather be overweight than have bad skin, a survey has revealed.

Researchers found one third of females would rather face the prospect of putting on a few pounds than going out in public with spots, wrinkles or dry skin.

The poll of 2,000 women also exposed the top 10 beauty wish list – with good boobs, sparkling white teeth and a year-long tan accompanying good skin.

It also emerged when it comes to ageing, one in five women are more concerned about crow’s feet, furrows and facial creasing than developing middle aged spread or going grey.

The poll also found the average women would like to weigh eight stone nine pounds, be a dress size 10 and be just over five foot five inches tall.

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