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Brunettes are better shoppers than blondes

275x250.jpg Researchers found dark-haired women are more decisive, better at finding bargains and more likely to find the item they set out to purchase.
Blondes on the other hand make rash decisions, end up with clothes they don't like and often buy for the short term rather than 'investing' in clothing that will last.
The study, which was commissioned by online market researchers OnePoll, also found brunettes usually spend less on a shopping trip than the average blonde and are far savvier when it comes to the sales.
And brunettes are the more decisive of the two, despite taking shorter shopping trips on average than their fair-haired counterparts.
The research examined 500 natural brunettes and 500 natural blondes to determine just who can claim to be the queens of retail… though it's not know how thorough the researchers were in fact-checking the natural status.

275x250.jpg The dining table is only the fifth most popular place to eat breakfast, a study revealed yesterday.

Despite being the traditional place to start your day, the dining table was beaten by our desks, the sofa and even the commute to work.
Researchers found a third of Brits say that they never sit down and eat breakfast at a table and those that do are unlikely to do it at any point other than at the weekend.
Instead the study revealed that people were likely to squeeze in brekkie while driving or even while getting dressed or showered.
Time emerged as the main factor for Brits who said they were too busy rushing around of a morning to take the time and sit down and eat properly.

275x250.jpg Did you get a Valentines gift yesterday? If so consider yourself lucky, because a third of people in relationships have called it quits on gifts this year.

A recent study has revealed the extent some Britons have gone to in order to cut back this year -- with not giving gifts topping the list.

1,445 UK adults -- who have been in relationships for at least 2 years -- were asked questions about their Valentine’s Day gifting intentions.

The main reasons given for not giving gifts this year included, saving money (62%), not seeing each other (11%) and no particular reason (9%).

Slightly worrying was the 8% who said their partner didn't deserve a gift.

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