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275x250.jpg The average Brit will devour 2,453 takeaways during their lifetime, a study has revealed.

Researchers found hungry adults will gorge their way through 188 kebabs, 322 Chinese dishes and 368 pizzas – with the majority eaten on the way home from a night out.
They will also tuck away 375 burgers, 312 portions of fish and chips and 92 hot dogs.
And this dodgy diet doesn't only hit your waist-line, we are each said to fork out a wallet-busting £17,250 to feed our fast food habits.

Chinese was said to be the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by
Fish and chips, Pizza and Indian.

Top 10 gadgets which confuse men and women

275x250.jpg Men are baffled by washing machines while women can't get their heads around iPhones, research has discovered.

A study of 2,000 adults found while most blokes can comfortably 'drive' a string of household electrical gadgets a few of them regularly prove to be a step too far.
A quarter of men admitted they had no idea how to use their washing machine and a similar amount were clueless when it came to using the grill or oven.
Women on the other hand were more likely to struggle with turning off their kids games console and getting their smartphone or mp3 player to work.
So while men struggle to get to grips with household gadgets while women are more baffled by high-tech toys like a laptop, printer or Sky+. 

275x250.jpg The typical British breakfast lasts just 3 minutes and 15 seconds during the week, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that almost half those questioned admitted that just about manage to squeeze in the first meal of the day before they leave the house for the office.
It also emerged nearly half of us have our breakfast on our feet, usually while we're getting ready for work or distracted by emails, Facebook and even the morning television
Only two thirds of people find the time to sit and eat breakfast on a week day morning with a third admitting that they prefer to lie-in instead.
And it appears the kitchen is no longer the room of choice when it comes to eating breakfast, with nearly two-thirds eating in their bedroom or another room in the house. 

275x250.jpg Britain is one of the biggest water wasters in Europe - running the equivalent of 1,200 Olympic swimming pools down the plughole every year, it's been revealed.
A study found we are more likely to leave the tap running, take more baths, have longer showers and adopt a more cavalier attitude towards water than the rest of Europe.
It also emerged just six out of ten of us actively try and save water around the home compared to nine out of ten in Spain, and eight out of ten in Italy and France.
The figures are even more astonishing because Britons pay roughly £77 a year more for their water than anyone else in Europe.
Brits are also twice as likely to have a bath compared with people in Germany and nearly three times as likely as those in France. No, it doesn't need a punchline does it?

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