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car raceThere are an awful lot of Scalextric tracks, Rubiks cubes and comics hiding in British homes, according to a recent into our hoarding tendencies.

A survey of 1,000 people found that old toys were the things we find it hardest to trow away thanks to our emotional connection with them.

While people also find it hard to throw away clothes that no longer fit family photos and love letters, it's toys which take up the most space.

The most commonly hoarded toys are said to be Scalextric tracks, Rubiks cubes, Star Wars collectables, Micro Machines, Barbie and Pokemon cards.

So what have you got hidden away in your house? Let us know in the comments.

275x250.jpgHere's a sobering thought ahead your weekend, the average Brit will down more than 5,800 pints of beer or lager in their lifetime.

Not only that but a recent poll of 2,000 people also discovered we sup a total 8,700 glasses of wine and 2,900 bottles of cider.

And while Brits were found to have an alcoholic drink on at least three nights a week, 57% of this booze is consumed in the home.

In total this will cost us a wallet-busting £58,201 in our lives and works out to a staggering 456 drinks a year.

But this isn't the only cost, along the way, the typical drinker with suffer 726 hangovers.  

275x250.jpgOne in four Brits has booked an exotic holiday because they are jealous of a friend's foreign jaunt, a study has revealed.

A study of 3,000 holidaymakers found a large percentage of us feel compelled to book a 'copycat holiday' after viewing someone else's holiday snaps or listening to tales from the trip.

One in ten also admitted arranging their own holiday after hearing about someone else's break, despite originally having no plans to go away.

And almost a fifth of jealous Brits have even booked an identical trip, right down to the same hotel, apartment or villa, after hearing about their friend's getaway.

After seeing the Facebook photos on a friend's profile, 13 per cent of people have gone on to book a similar holiday… can anyone say 'online stalker'?

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