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275x250.jpgBrits have been revealed as a nation of holiday neat-freaks, with a huge 59% admitting to tidying their own hotel rooms so it's clean when the cleaners arrive.

Despite going on holiday to relax, a study has found we're a nation of compulsive cleaners, with most of us tidying our hotel room before the hotel staff come in.

Before leaving for home, 60% of those surveys admit they make the bed, 45% fold the towels and more than one in 10 (11%) even go as far as cleaning the toilet.

Asked why, 59% said it was ‘rude’ to leave a hotel room in a state, 45% were eager not to be labelled ‘messy’ by hotel staff and a crazy 4% said they just enjoyed cleaning.

If these cleanliness sadists enjoy it that much, they can come and stay with us anytime.

275x250.jpgMillions of workers are more likely to confide in their work mates than their other half it has been found.
More than one in five employees tells their colleagues things they would never tell their partners, according to a recent poll of 3,000 workers.
Researchers found work mates know at least five secrets about each other that their partner is completely unaware of.
In fact, 22 per cent of people reckon they feel closer to their work colleagues than their other half.

Nearly a quarter of people said on a day to day basis they get on better with coworkers than their spouse. Which we couldn't possibly agree with, if she is reading this.

275x250.jpgThe recession in Britain has sparked a level of comradeship amongst neighbours not seen since WWII, is has been claimed.

A recent study found that millions of homeowners are currently enjoying a better relationship with those who live nearby than in previous years.

It's claimed this is due to the common hardship suffered by the entire nation and the conversations neighbours have shared about their situations.

40% of those polled said they now regularly chat to their neighbours over the garden fence about how the recession has affected them.

And one-in-ten said they've made new friends as a result of recession bonding… until they need something more than a cup of sugar.

275x250.jpgThe off-the-field antics of Ryan Giggs' have become one of the most popular subjects of office gossip in the UK, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the sex scandals involving the 'squeaky clean' Manchester United winger currently dominate office chit-chat for up to eight minutes a day.

And new revelations that Giggs, 37, has allegedly been bedding his sister-in-law for eight years is now almost as popular a talking point as Britain's Got Talent.

The report, which revealed most workers manage to squeeze in around half an hour's chit- chat during the day, showed holidays are the most common topic.

BGT was second and Giggs' tangled love-life was third with other hot topics including Pippa Middleton, the weather, and Coronation Street… sometimes I'm glad I work from home.

275x250.jpgA study has concluded that Germans are the world's least funny nationality in the world, while Americans and the Spanish top the laughter leagues.

The poll was carried out among 30,000 people in 15 countries to discover where in the world was perceived to be the funniest.

And it appears voting confirmed the view of America’s Mark Twain - that “a German joke is no laughing matter” - with the country being a run away loser.

While USA, Spain, Italy and Brazil topped the comedy charts, Germans, Russians and Turks were left languishing at the bottom of the funny table.

However, before you're tempted to laugh at the results, it's worth bearing in mind that Britain wasn't exactly causing people to split their sides, it finished seventh, behind Mexico.

275x250.jpgThe average man will pack just three pairs of pants to take on a week long, compared with 10 pairs for women, it has been found.

Analysis of the suitcases of 1,294 British holidaymakers - used for vacations in the past 12 months - found women take 34 items of clothing on holiday while men only take 14.

Slightly worryingly that includes swimwear, outfits and underwear -- which could explain why 12% of men aid they planned to wash items whilst on holiday.

Of the men who admitted that they didn’t take enough underwear for everyday on holiday 37% said they thought that they'd ‘mostly wear swimming trunks’ and therefore wouldn’t need too much underwear.

Personally we are not too sure what all the fuss is about men only taking three pairs of pants for a week long holiday… it means he still has two spare.

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