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275x250.jpgMen are more likely to be involved in a car accident over the summer - because they're distracted by scantily-clad women, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that in 2009, men made 16.4 percent more car insurance claims during the summer than women.

25 percent of blokes also admitted to having had a summertime crash at some point in the past and being more prone to road rage in hot weather.

However it isn't just the rising temperature getting men hot under the collar, it's also what women are wearing.

29 percent of men say they are distracted by women's summer attire (or should that be lack of it) while only 3 percent of women say the same.

275x250.jpg A poll of 20,000 consumers has found the average Apple iPad owner is a self-centred workaholic who doesn't care about others.

The study looked at what type of person is likely to have bought the £429-£699 Apple device, and what characteristics they share.

It was found that people who were wealthy, highly educated, sophisticated and selfish were six times more likely to own an iPad.

And iPad users were also said to be workaholics who have an overwhelming interest in business and finance… as well as shiny gadgets.

275x250.jpgBrits are more trusting of the internet than their own friends and colleagues, when it comes to handing over personal information, it has been found.

Researchers discovered that while the average adult freely divulges a string of personal details on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, most would not give friends or colleagues their PIN number.

One in twenty people have their home address visible on social networking sites yet 86 per cent would not hand over their PIN to someone they know.

And while only five per cent of people would let their best mate have access to their PIN number, 50 per cent of respondents have their relationship status visible online.

Nearly two thirds of people also have their date of birth on networking sites which is always a security question when telephoning banks or building societies -- though many women have changed the year.

275x250.jpgA study of 3,000 Brits has seen the Apple iPhone named as the 'Coolest Thing on the Planet'.

To take top slot in the poll, the must-have phone beat off competition from things like the Aston Martin DB9, the internet and Johnny Depp.

Since it was launched in 2007, the iPhone has been seen as the epitome of cool, with the new iPhone 4 selling almost two million in the first three days on sale.

And Apple dominated the list with second place going to the Steve jobs brand and their iPod coming in fourth overall.

Other items which were seen as being cool by Brits included, Cheryl Cole, the Wonderbra and the Nintendo Wii -- which sound's like a quite good night in.

275x250.jpgIt takes the average holidaymaker two days and 17 hours before they can finally relax and enjoy their holiday, it has been found.

A study found the stress of packing, planning and travelling to the chosen destination makes for a gruelling first day

The second day is then spent recovering from the journey, unpacking and settling in, meaning it takes until well into the third day to finally relax.

And 20 percent of those polled say they NEVER fully relax on their holiday with 1-in-10 worried about their empty home and 1-in-5 thinking about work.

So how long does it take you to relax? Personally we're normally pretty chilled for our last couple of days of work.

275x250.jpgWomen are more organised in the workplace than men and are generally better at keeping to deadlines and turning up on time, it has been revealed.

A recent study looked at the the differences in the organisational skills of men and women, to see who made the better employees.

It was discovered women are the better prepared with 43 percent rating themselves as "very organised" compared to just 32 percent of men.

This means men are more likely to forget to phone people back and lose documents on their messy desks… while 40 percent of women say their desk is spotless.

1-in-10 men also admitted they have no structure to their work life -- which could explain why so many have lost an important document (17%) missed a deadline (44%) or been late for work (41%) in the past month.

275x250.jpgWomen are at their most beautiful and attractive at the relatively mature age of 31-year-old, it has been revealed.

A study of 2,000 men and women from the UK looked at a variety of aspects of beauty including, confidence, looks and style, in a sample of women.

Overall it was found that a fresh-faced look was rejected in favour of women who also backed their beauty up with confidence and life experience.

This meant women were considered their most beautiful at the age of 31 - good news for current 31-year-olds Katie Holmes and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

However not all responses agreed, when asked when a woman was her most attractive one man said: "After my sixth pint."

275x250.jpgTen percent of British workers cannot stand the people they work with, it has been found.

A study of 4,000 workers discovered the majority are unhappy in their job with reasons ranging from feeling unappreciated to hating colleagues.

A third claim they are unhappy because they feel 'completely unappreciated' in their job while 40 percent say they're bored.

But another one-in-ten blamed their dislike of their job on a hatred of work colleagues, and many even admitted being deliberately unhelpful to a manager or colleague.

So what about you? Do you hate anyone you work with? Why not let us know in the comments… or even better forward this article to the colleagues you dislike as a 'subtle' reminder.

275x250.jpgBlonde-haired women may have an 'airhead' reputation, but they must be doing something right -- they earn more than brunettes and red-heads.

A recent salary survey found the average blonde in the UK takes home £1,018.19 each month after tax and national insurance.

This compares with £937.19 for brunettes and an meagre £887.97 for red-heads (who are unlucky in income and hair colour).

However it's not all good news for blondes, they are also the frivolous with their cash, with 35 per cent going into their overdraft every single month.

Blondes were found to be more likely to splash out on shoes, chocolate and clothes… thought they don't need hair dye.

275x250.jpgNearly half of all women are so body conscious they prefer to keep their clothes on during sex, it has been found.

48 percent of women say they like to wear items of clothing including a bra, negligee or high-heels while having it away with their partner.

The overriding reason is to 'improve body confidence' with a third of women who wear a bra during sex saying they do so because their breasts look better while 24 percent claimed they just felt ‘sexier’.

However, 61 percent of women claim they always enjoy sex more with the lights off because it allows them to hide their bodies.

Bras where the most commonly worn item during sex (68%) followed by a negligee (59%) high heels (40%) dresses (36%) knickers (31%) -- surprisingly few owned up to a nurses uniform.

275x250.jpgThe average woman will work her way through more than 100 hairstyles in her lifetime, it has been found.

Researchers discovered the typical female will have her hair layered, shortened or coloured twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 - or 104 times in her life.

The main reasons for a shift in style are 'boredom' with their current look or the end of a relationship.

It also emerged the average female tries out three different colours over the years.

But the change isn't always for the better, almost three quarters of women admit they've deeply regretted at least one style, and no, it's not always a mullet.

275x250.jpgMost Brits think that to have the 'perfect life' they need a £100,000 salary, a house worth £1.6million and an Aston Martin on the driveway.

A survey of 3,000 people also found most would want two children, two foreign holidays a year and a working week which lasts just 21 hours.

However most of us are far from it, a worryingly hight 85 percent saying they are currently fed-up with their lives and far from where they want to be.

The majority of Brits also claim a pay rise of £32,000 and a holiday home in Cornwall would only go 'some way' to making them content with their lives.

Many said they would also want better health, more holidays and to be their own boss… but if they got to make a 'perfect life' wish, why do they want to work at all?

275x250.jpgThe humble bath is disappearing down the plughole - with busy Brits now opting for showers instead, it has been found.
Research revealed hectic lifestyles and heavy work schedules means six out of ten adults have ditched the traditional bath in favour of a shower.
One-in-six of those said they couldn't remember the last time they ran the taps and enjoyed a soak while one-in-ten said it had been longer than a year since they took a dip.

The study of 3,000 people also found those who do have time for a bath are often in and out within just 15 minutes - despite taking a book in with them, or listening to music.

15 percent said that even when they do have a bath they get interrupted by kids bursting in… hopefully they are talking about their own children.

275x250.jpgDuring her lifetime, the average woman will spend a boyfriend-terrifying £16,000 on pairs of new shoes.

A study has found girls pay for their own shoes from the age of 14 and then continue to snap up seven pairs per year for the rest of their lives.

This means the average woman will have owned an Imelda Marcos-esque 469 pairs of flip flops, heels, boots, pumps, sandals, wellies and wedges.

With the average pair costing £34.99 the shoe addiction will cost £244.93 annually and £16,410.31 over a period of 67 years.

The study of 3,000 women also revealed that most women have 19 pairs of shoes at any one time -- meanwhile men (who weren't surveyed) just have one pair of shoes and one pair of trainers. 

275x250.jpgMore than one million foreign holidays will end in tears this year due to reasons like flight delays, illness or bad weather, it's been found.

Arguments with a partner or friends, lost luggage and dirty accommodation were also discovered to regularly ruin our holidays.

The average Brit says they've been on at least two holidays abroad which were a total disaster. Four-out-of-ten have even been so upset there they've ended up in tears.

Another fourteen percent of British tourists have cut a holiday short and gone home early because they were having such a terrible time.

Other common reasons holidays were ruined included sunburn, noisy neighbours and drinking too much -- but without any of those things how would you know you had been on holiday?

275x250.jpgSweaty and smelly armpits are seen as the worst preventable body etiquette crime, it has been found.

A recent survey found 46 percent of people say dodgy armpits are the biggest hygiene no-no, followed by yellow teeth with 11 percent.

Other body turn-offs included greasy hair with nine percent of the vote, and smelly feet, four percent.

43 percent of Brits said they're worried about body odour at work and 65% considered applying deodorant as the most important part of their morning routine.

However, the French were billed as the ‘wiffiest’ in Europe, followed by Germans and then the Greeks… not that this was come as news to anyone.

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of men have no idea the lengths their wife or girlfriend goes to look her best, it has been found.

Research revealed most men are oblivious to the extensive beauty routines -- which average 5 hours per week in the bathroom plucking, fake-tanning and waxing.

It was also found 28 per cent of men are unaware any women do things like pluck hairs from their chin, wear false eyelashes or file their nails.

A sneaky 18 percent of women say they purposely keep their partner in the dark about their gruelling beauty regime and amazingly 1-in-20 claim their bloke has NEVER seen them looking 'au natural'

However, this is probably a good thing... because looking at this beauty routine list  - those ones must off looking like the incredible hulk.

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