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275x250.jpgMore than half of Brits feel so stressed at the end of their working day they turn to alcohol to relax, it has been found.

A survey of over 3,000 employees discovered one in ten feel stressed out before they even start work and six percent say they feel stressed all the time.

A third claimed to have called in sick because they were feeling stressed and 12 percent said they had quit a job altogether.

57 percent also said they had recently felt the need for a beer or a glass of wine when they got home to get over their day.

Construction workers were the most likely to drink after work -- though we are not sure that means they are more stressed than a brain surgeon.

275x250.jpgBad news for anyone about to celebrate their 45th birthday -- your sex life is about to be finished.

A recent study found many over-45-year-olds are so worried a bit of nookie could result in them having a hear attack, they don't bother.

The poll of 1,752 over-45s found that of those who do still enjoy sex, 31 percent admit to cutting a session short because they are too exhausted to carry on.

Almost half consider sex their main exercise workout and the average 45 year old has sex just once a week, with it lasting  22 minutes – including foreplay.

Six in 10 of those quizzed said don’t feel sexy anymore and the majority of over-45s agree they were having the best sex at age 36 -- which gives younger people something to look forward to.

275x250.jpgThe average Brit will spend more than £350,000 on foreign holidays, during their lifetime, it has been found.

A study of 3,000 adults revealed the typical sun-seeker will pay for their first trip abroad at the age of 17 and will go away twice a year until the age of 78.

The average holiday package costs around £1,100 but other costs such as spending money, food and drink and hidden charges pushes the bill up to £2,981.41.

Things like luggage, clothes, sun tan lotion and sunglasses all push the price of a holiday up, to levels that surprise most holidaymakers.

The total holiday yearly spend is £5,962.82 - or £366,713.43 over the 61.5 years of the average adult lifetime… enough to have moved to Spain.

275x250.jpgHenpecked British blokes have to put up with an entire week of nagging from their wives every year, it had been found.

A study discovered the average woman moan at their man for  more than two-and-a-half hours a week about helping out around the house and cutting back on booze.

That works out to a total of around 11 hours a month - the equivalent of five-and-a-half days a year or more than one working week.

Not helping to tidy the house emerged as the most common bug-bear for a woman to nag about, followed by not doing the dishes.

Other common complaints included spending too much money, not being romantic enough… and not listening when they are busy nagging.

275x250.jpgMotorists have been warned to keep off the roads during England World Cup matches -- because they're much more likely to have an accident.

Research has found that as matches draw to their conclusion, fans listening on their car radio can get distracted and are therefore liable to crash.

Dubbed ‘Last Minute Syndrome’ fans heart rates are said to increase, their hands get sweaty and they feel nauseous as they listen and drive.

This, along with decreased levels of concentration, is claimed to have resulted in almost 500,000 minor accidents as England have conceded late equalisers or losing goals in recent tournaments.

So, would you drive during an England match? -- No, if you are from Scotland or Wales there's no need to answer.

275x250.jpgMore than FIVE MILLION England fans will carry out pre-match rituals before World Cup games in the hope it will help us win.
Researchers quizzed 4,000 England fans finding that 15 per cent of superstitious supporters will stick to tried and tested superstitions.
One in ten will don lucky pants, one in five will watch matches with a 'lucky' group of mates while 11 per cent will retire to their lucky armchair.
Another 16 per cent will kiss the badge on their shirt, 14 per cent will sing a football chant and eight per cent will insist on the same food or drink before each kick-off.
A third of people said they felt guilty if they didn't carry out their ritual… so if we don't end up World Cup winners, these are the people to blame.

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