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275x250.jpgBirmingham's Spaghetti Junction has been named the most intimidating road system in Britain.

A poll of drivers quizzed them about which intersections they found the most hair-raising - and which ones they tried to avoid.

While the second cities concrete mass topped the list it was followed by the M8 junctions through central Glasgow and Marble Arch in London.

It was also found that eight percent of motorists would even take a longer route to avoid having to negotiate complicated junctions - driving on average an extra 238 miles a year on detours.

In odd news, two percent of drivers even admitted they had such a problem with ALL right turns they only ever go left a junction - but they are just going in circles.

Men are better at shopping than women  

275x250.jpgIt’s official, men make better shoppers than women, according to a new study.
Although women go on more shopping trips and spend longer trawling the stores than men, they are most likely to go home empty handed.
The average women spends almost seven hours a month shopping but more than 81 per cent say they often end up going home with things they had no intention of buying instead of what they were actually looking for.
But guys spend just five hours a month walking around the shops, with almost a third saying they always find what they were searching for.
However, that could be because they realise the football is about to begin so they just grab the nearest pair of jeans and get out of there.

IT people will work the most over Christmas

275x250.jpgSpare a thought for IT techies this Christmas, half of them will be working or on standby on Christmas Day - more than any other profession.

A study of over 1,000 British workers asked when people expected to work over the festive period and what they would get paid for doing so.

Emergency service staff, journalists and freight drivers said they were also likely to spend their Christmas day working.

And despite the large numbers of British workers expecting to work, 23 per cent said they’d be doing so for the same wage they normally work for.

While that may initially seem unfair, remember that most of the techies will actually be watching Doctor Who on the iPlayer and eating turkey sandwiches anyway.

Women getting better with gadgets than men

275x250.jpgIt's increasingly becoming women who do most of the technological household chores like tuning a TV or setting up a laptop computer, a study has found.

Whilst traditionally men may have taken charge of gadgets and gizmos, women are now becoming more comfortable with tech.

In a survey by Comet, most women said they would happily set up their laptop or freeview box - and only 4% are daunted by installing their own HDTV and 7% a surround sound system.

Half of women also claim they now rely on the latest gadgets like an iPhone or Sky HD to make their lives tic.

13% of the men questioned even confessed they let their wives and girlfriends pick the household computers, DVD players, and televisions… proving they are not really men.

Families will spend £1,695 on Christmas

275x250.jpgThe average family of four will spend a whopping £1,695 on Christmas this year, a study has revealed.

Presents alone will cost a total of £606 while a staggering £321 will be spent on food and drinks.

People will shell out £125 on decorations for the home, Christmas tree, garden and dinner tables and a further £22 on cards, wrapping paper and postage.

Christmas parties will also cost a small fortune - including £130 on new party outfits, £32 on party accessories such as handbags and jewellery, £15 on make-up and £15.08 on perfume or aftershave.

Suddenly I remember why I become a Jehovah’s Witnesses for 15 days of each year.

275x250.jpgManchester United's home Old Trafford has been voted the most welcoming football stadium in Britain.
Also known as the 'Theatre of Dreams' Old Trafford topped a poll of 3,000 footy fans - who were asked where they felt the most welcomed as opposition.
It was hailed for its friendly fans, staff, comfortable seats and good food.
Arsenal's Emirates Stadium was second and Liverpool's Anfield ground was third. Chelsea's Stamford Bridge was fourth and St. James's Park, Newcastle was fifth.

Other grounds to make the top ten included Aston Villa's Villa Park, Spurs' White Hart Lane and Craven Cottage in Fulham.

Most moms cook just nine different meals

275x250.jpgThe average mum relies on just NINE different meals to feed her family, it has been found.

A study of 4,000 families found that nine in 10 moms cook the same meals over and over again - and one in four even have a set day of the week for different dishes.

The most common meal among the nation's mums was spaghetti bolognaise followed by roast dinners, a shepherd's or cottage pie and a pasta dish.

It was also found that dinner time takes the average mum 35 minutes from start to finish, and four in 10 mums play safe by choosing meals they know their family like.

Despite this odd news many of the moms admitting to keeping recipe books from the likes of Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith on their shelves just to impress visitors - but not ones coming round to eat.

275x250.jpgOne in three schoolgirls is more worried about looking good in class than getting decent grades, it has been found.

Researchers found that image takes precedent over academic success once girls reach their teens.

One in four of the 3,000 nine-to-15 year old girls who were polled, said they believed good looks would get them further in life than good exam results.

By contrast, only one in four boys said the same thing and 36 per cent of boys said they wanted to do well in their exams so they could go on to have a successful career.

That's because the average 15-year-old boy knows his looks won't get him anywhere… not even on the 12.15 to Croydon.

Brits spend four days per year arguing

275x250.jpgThe average British family spends the equivalent of almost fours days each year arguing with each other.

Research found most households have three disagreements per day - each lasting around five minutes each.

That adds up to 1,095 arguments and a whopping 91 hours or three days and 19 hours spent shouting at each other.

The survey of 3,000 families also discovered that most arguments are started by an angry mother (so to speak) who feels she is hard done to.

The most common things to argue about are household chores, what to watch on TV, who does the washing up … and whether to believe research like this.

Dads end up looking after children's pets

275x250.jpgA dog really is a man’s best friend - because dads end up having to care for the family pet, a study has revealed.

Despite being the most reluctant to get a dog researchers found it is dads who are left to feed, clean and exercise the dog.

The study of 2,500 pet owners revealed children are most instrumental in bringing a dog into the family with 28 per cent saying it was to appease a youngster.

It emerged 14 per cent of children were supposed to be solely responsible for making sure their new pet was fed regularly, cleaned and taken out for plenty of walks.

And they are, for the first couple of days. Then it's unenthusiastic dads who are left to take care of the animal.

Top 5 hobbies that make people fancy you

275x250.jpgMen are more likely to fancy women who dance or do yoga in their free-time, while women are turned on by blokes who surf and rock climb.

A survey of over 1,300 Brits asked them what hobby they found most attractive by the opposite sex an how hearing someone had a certain hobby changed their opinion of them.

It was found that men liked women with physical hobbies like dancing, yoga, swimming - 89 percent said they found dancing a turn on - but that an interest in cookery doesn't hurt either.

Women named football as the number one hobby for men (though we think they meant playing rather than sitting on the sofa watching it) followed by surfing, photography and rock climbing.

49 percent of men also said finding out a woman enjoyed pole dancing would turn them on -- the other 51 percent lied when answering the question.

275x250.jpgForty percent of parents say they feel inadequate and embarrassed when they can't answer questions their children ask.

Brain-teasers like "How is rain made?" and "Why is the sea salty?" are said to be the most embarrassing - because parents think they should know the answer.

A survey of over 3,000 parents found that 52 percent regularly have problems answering questions from their youngsters.

But a quarter say they have an easy solution, they make up an answer knowing their child will believe whatever they say. Another 24 percent try to distract the child by offering them something like sweets.

Hmmm, this could explain why my dad used to say so many things where "Just decided by God rolling a dice".

Men don't read gadget instruction manuals

275x250.jpgIt won't come a much of a surprise that men quickly discard the instruction manuals for their gadgets without ever looking at them.

But a study of 75,000 calls to a gadget helpline has found they should probably take a look - 12 percent of calls come from men who have forgotten to plug their gadget in, just seven percent of women make the same mistake.

But then again, the women are more likely to read the instruction before calling for help, 76 percent compared to just 36 percent of men read the manual first.

Personally we think the really odd news here is that 36 percent of men read the manual rather than just poking their gadget till it starts working.

275x250.jpgOne in 20 children think Adolf Hitler coached Germany's national football team, a survey has revealed.

The poll of over 2,000 British kids - testing what the know about the world wars - also found one in six kids believed Auschwitz is a World War Two theme park.

Worryingly twelve per cent assumed McDonald's Golden Arches was the symbol of Remembrance Day and 40 percent didn't even know what day it fell on.

One in 20 of the nine to 15-year-olds also said they thought the Holocaust was the celebration at the end of the war.

On a slightly more encouraging not 70 percent of those polled said they would like to find out more about the world wars -- like who won.

Bad teeth can make you look 13 years older

275x250.jpgStained yellow teeth can make a person look 13 years older than if they had  gleaming white teeth, it has been claimed

Experts say smoking and drinking coffee or red wine coupled with a failure to regularly brush can put years on the average woman.

Researchers showed a photos of a model - one showing off real, gleaming white teeth and another with stained, yellow teeth - to 2,000 people.

They were then asked to guess the ages. The one with perfect teeth was put at 31 while the model with computer-generated, discoloured molar was thought to be 44.

Respondents probably also thought the one with white teeth was American and the dodgy dental work belonged to a Brit.

275x250.jpgThough they would never mention it, one in five girls reckon their best friend is fat, it has been claimed.

A poll of over 3,000 women found most have at least two friends they consider to be overweight, but they regularly lie and tell them they look great.

Almost one in two women say ALL of their friends could do with dropping a few pounds. One in 20 has even ditched a friend after she offered advice about their weight.

Only a quarter of girls have ever plucked up the courage to tell a friend she should lose a bit of weight. And they probably wished they hadn't - because 12 per cent said their friend was 'devastated' and ten per cent 'burst into tears'

The odd news opens a can of worms as many women try to work out which of their friends thinks 'they' are overweight… and then plan to make them cry by telling them the same.

275x250.jpgAlmost half of Brits admit to getting overly amorous in the back of their cars, it has been revealed.

Once the reserve of horny teenagers and dogging enthusiasts, the survey suggested that four-wheeled fornication has now become a mainstream activity.

In a recent poll, 45 percent of Brits said they had pulled over for a bit of 'how's your father' in their car.

Other places randy respondents said they had enjoyed having sex included, the kitchen table, a fairground waltzer… and the boss's desk.

If 45 percent of us are using the back of our cars for getting frisky, how come Jeremy Clarkson never mentions how good a car would be for that in his Top Gear reviews.

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