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275x250.jpgIt's no surprise that female office workers hate derogatory pet names given to them by some colleagues, but do you know the ones they most despise?

A survey of over 2,500 women found 'babe' was the name they hated being called most, followed by 'love,' 'hun' and 'mate.'

Other disliked pet names - which three quarters of the women polled said they found unacceptable - included; 'chick,' 'Kiddo,' 'Darlin' and 'Poppet'

It also emerged that 93 per cent of women have been called a pet name either by the boss or a male colleague and that 21 percent said it made them feel angry.

But that is nothing… you should hear some of the names the same female office workers reserve for their male bosses.

275x250.jpgThe average jilted husband or wife takes 17 months and 26 days to get over a divorce and feel ready to move on, it has been claimed.

A study quizzed 4,000 divorcees about their feelings about a split with their partner, when they started dating other people and how it altered their views on marriage.

While it was found 43 percent of people felt relieved when their Decree Nisi came through, it took 17 months and 26 days after divorce finalisation before most said they were ready to move on.

This is despite the fact that the average Brit started dating again after 15 months and 26 days.

Of course this discrepancy could just be a comment on the sort of people they date for those first two months.

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