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Runaway golf cart mows down football coach

An American football coach and several supporters were ploughed down by a runaway electric golf cart as he celebrated a championship win.

The bizarre accident happened at the end of the high school championship football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Willie Amendola had been giving an interview to reporters when the runaway cart shot across the field and hit him from behind.

A stadium worker then managed to jump on board and turn the engine off as it carried the bemused Spring Dekaney head coach.

275x250.jpg Wildlife experts have warned there could be a goose-eating monster lurking in the waters near the London 2012 Olympic stadium.

Witnesses reportedly recently saw the unidentified monster grab a 7kg Canada goose and pull it under the River Lea.

The bird is said to have disappeared under the surface of the water with such speed that "it didn't make a sound." "We just saw the goose go vertically down" Mike Wells told the BBC, who witnessed the attack from a boat.

In 2005 another similar attack left experts thinking there could be a giant pike, mink, alligator or giant turtle in the water.

With positions including downward-facing dog, we've always thought Yoga was a but more canine than feline -- but this little guy has other ideas.

The cat in question can be seen climbing onto and then riding his owner as she performs a yoga workout.

Unperturbed by her exercise passenger, the woman continues to work her way through a series of positions as the kitty sits on her back an bottom.

And while the cat seems surprisingly chilled, we can't imagine it was that relaxing for the exerciser performing the routine with cat claws sticking in her back.

We're of a certain age which means it was almost mandatory for us to have a pogo stick -- but we never managed to do anything like this.

An amazing video of pogo stick aficionados pulling a series of stunts has recently hit the internet and is sure to become an online hit.

In the clip -- which appears to have been recorded to promote GoPro HD Hero camera -- the guys can be seen bouncing, balancing flipping on their pogos.

Ever wondered what a cheerleading routine looks like from the perspective of a cheerleader?

No, neither had we, but we're glad someone thought it would be interesting enough to strap a video camera to the head of a cheerleader before she did her thing.

The resulting footage shows how a Louisiana State University cheerleader experienced being flipped and spun around ahead of a recent game against Arkansas.

It's clear to see how difficult and demanding the stunts are to perform and while While only her legs, and occasionally arms, can be seen the cheerleader has already won a series on online fans… one or two of who might not be too creepy.

Some people want to swim with dolphins, but for others that's not enough and they want to swim 'like' dolphins... and for those people there's the Flyboard Jetpack.

Created by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Jetpack is a bizarre device which users strap onto their feet and is connected to a jetski via a huge hose.

They then hold a pair of hand-guided nozzles which are used to stabilise the flight as water is blasted out letting the user fly like a bird hovering above the water, or swim like a dolphin.

As this video shows, the £4,500 Flyboard (you'll also need a jet-ski to attach it to) allows users to pull a series of impressive stunts… and presumably have some impressive wipeouts while learning to master it.

If there is one thing the internet loves it's cats, if there's another it's dare-devils -- which is why Espen Fadnes is set to become an online hit.

The Norwegian extreme sport fan has just released a video showing him hurl himself off cliffs wearing a wingsuit and proceeding to 'fly' at 155mph.

After jumping from the top of the cliff Fadnes rockets through a gorge in Stryn, Norway almost smashing into a cliff face as he descends from 1240 metres.

Then, when the time is right he opens his parachute and makes a calm landing like he does this sort of thing everyday -- though he probably does, in 2010 he took the title at World BASE Race in Infijorden, Norway.

The dad of French rugby international Imanol Harinordoquy ran onto the pitch during a match in France's top division -- in a bizarre bid to defend his son.

Harinordoquy's father was worried his 6ft 3in and 17st son was taking a beating during the Basque derby clash between Biarritz and Bayonne.

So after running down from the stands, he charged onto the pitch and faced up to the player his son had earier been involved in a punch-up with.

However, his stand didn't last long -- he was tackled him to the ground by Bayonne fly-half Benjamin Boyet.

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