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275x250.jpg A daredevil stunt driver has set a new world record by jumping his car 332ft in a ramp-to-ramp stunt at the Indianapolis 500.

Tanner Foust took to his car vehicle which he drove down a massive toy-inspired 90ft ramp to build up speed before hitting a jump and taking off.

The 37-year-old then travelled for 332ft before his wheels touched-down on another ramp on the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We defy you to watch this video and not think about digging out your old toy cars… or just question where your life went wrong and why you'are sat at a computer while other people do this for a living.

A goalkeeper who is said to be a Manchester United target might not be the safe pair of hands Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping for -- he dropped a trophy off the top of a bus.

Coming hot on the heels of the Real Madrid, Copa del Rey open-topped bus debacle, Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg showed he was just as clumsy as Sergio Ramos.

Parading through Amsterdam with the newly-won Eredivisie league trophy, Stekelenburg had been waving the dish-like trophy from the top of a coach.

But then the vehicle passed under overhead tram wires, which knocked it out of his hands, sending the trophy crashing to the floor… where fans promptly picked it up and celebrated like they'd won it themselves.

A baseball fan who invaded the field during a recent game managed to escape  stadium security by displaying some impressive free-running skills.

During the MLB game between Astros and the Mets - at the bottom of the 9th inning - the spectator ran onto the field at Minute Maid Park, to cheers from the other fans.

But rather than quickly getting tackled by security, he somehow managed to give them the slip and run all the way to the infamous center-field incline.

From there he use his best parkour skills to vault back into the stands, before evading other officials by scaling another high wall and disappearing… it was probably the best athletic display of the day.

275x250.jpgA man who dressed as Brian the Snail from The Magic Roundabout to compete in the London Marathon has finally finished… after 26 days.

After donning the giant 9ft-long snail suit, Lloyd Scott had to lie on his stomach and slide along on a sled until he'd completed the famous 26.2-mile course.

The 49-year-old from Essex - raising money for Action For Kids - suffered nosebleeds, vomiting and cramp as he crawled along for eight hours per day.

At one point he was rushed to hospital to have the blood vessels in his nose cauterised because his face down position had caused continual nosebleeds.

After finishing his 'race' outside Buckingham Palace, Lloyd said: "This has been much, much harder than I thought it would be."  

275x250.jpgAn Austrian Olympic swimmer accidentally buried himself alive on a beach in Florida and had to be saved by 60 rescuers.

19-year-old Jakub Maly had been taking time off from training with teammates when he decided to dig an enormous hole for fun.

But when he jumped into the two metre trench, the sand collapsed over him covering his entire body.

Pals then quickly cleared the sand from around his face so that he could breathe - but they were unable to pull him from the hole.

Emergency services were called and cave-in specialists spent nearly two hours digging him after using boards to shore up the sides of the hole.

A daredevil base-jumper has driven his motorcycle off a 4,000 cliff in the Chilean Andes in a bid to help promote the country. As you do.

Julio Munoz said the stunt - which saw him drive off a ramp at the top of the cliff - had taken three years planning and getting sponsors.

The experienced base-jumper wore several video cameras to record the stunt which he says he hopes will give Chile some exposure.

Bizarrely it appears that driving off the cliff was the easiest part of the stunt… the hardest was using a helicopter to get his bike, ramp and crew to the top.

A race-car driver who was forced to flee for his life when his V8 Supercar exploded in flames, has somehow escaped serious injury.

Karl Reindler had been competing in an event in Australia when he was rear-ended at an estimated speed of 150km/h.

This caused the V8 Supercar to jump into the air and the impact punctured the fuel cell prompting a massive fireball eruption.

The £400,000 came to a stop at the side of the Barbagallo Raceway track in Perth and as it continued to burn, fans feared the worst.

But somehow the 26-year-old driver managed to get out and run away from the burning vehicle, escaping with only burns to his hands and face.

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