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275x250.jpg We can't think of much worse than having to run a marathon -- except maybe running a marathon while wearing a bizarre and uber-geeky harness which would broadcast our every step online.

But that is exactly what Joseph Tame will do when he runs in the Tokyo marathon on Sunday after building himself a 'Mobile Social Media Studio' out of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

The 33-year-old media producer will use his balmy-looking iRun gizmo to stream the entire 26.2 miles live to social networking sites.

During the race he will communicate with followers on Twitter, broadcast his position vis GPS and stream video on Ustream… if anyone wants to see and increasing exhausted man making his way around Tokyo.

When Johnny McEntee shot to internet fame with his American Football trick shot video, we knew we'd soon see other player showing off their skills online.

Well today it's the turn of Alex Tanney, a quarterbacks from Monmouth College who can pull of a seriously impressive selection trick throws.

In his video Tanney can be seen hurling balls amazing distances with crazy precision - like hitting the posts from 60 yards.

And that's before we get to him throwing the ball to his mate in a speeding truck or shooting it off a trampoline and into a basketball hoop.

While some claim the trickster have digitally enhanced their skills, we think they just have too much time on their hands… with the right editing we could look that good to, right?

275x250.jpgSports coaches who wear suits on match days and tracksuits on training days get the optimum out of their teams, according to new research.

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth studied the effect a coach's appearance had on the players' impressions of their competence.

This was done by rating the reaction of 97 people to photographs of four different "coaches" - lean and large physiqued men in a tracksuit or suit.

It was found that those wearing a tracksuit were rated best for technical and character-building abilities while those who were suited and booted were seen as better strategists.

This means managers who wear tracksuits when training and suits on match-days, get the best of their teams… but not mater of costume changes will help Mick McCarthy and Wolves.

Would-be NFL prospects taking part in training camp seemed surprisingly relaxed when being told that a gorilla had escaped from a near-by zoo.

That was, until the 'gorilla' ran out of the bushes and towards them - leaving the American Football players scurrying away screaming like little girls.

Luckily the escaped animal was in fact a man in a costume there only to show how easily the the big and strong athletes could be scared. And oh boy did it work.

The prank was arranged by the organiser of the training camp who had tipped of a local news crew about what was going to happen. Which is why there is this great footage.

275x250.jpg Rally champion Juha Kankkunen has set a new world speed record on ice after driving at 205.48 mph on an sheet ice off the coast of Finland.

Kankkunen was behind the wheel of a 6-litre, 12-cylinder, Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible when he made the drive - which beat his own record of 199.83mph from 2007.

Despite temperatures of -30 degrees and snow blizzards along the perilous 70cm-thick layer of sea ice he was driving on, Kankkunen was happy to put his foot down and speed along the 16.5km track.

His record - measured over two runs - was certified by officials from the Finland Traffic Police… though hopefully they won't be issuing him with a ticket.

An ice hockey fan who made an amazing shot for charity has been told they will not get the cash, because an insurance company deemed the shot illegal.

Richard Marsh had been watching the Indiana Ice minor league hockey game when he was pulled out of the crowd and offered the chance to win $50,000.

Asked what he'd do with the cash if he made the seemingly impossible shot - knocking a 3-inch puck 175ft into a hole just over 3-inch wide - he said he'd give it to the St. Vincent Heart Center

And then he stepped up, took the shot and remarkably got it in - much to the shock of watching fans, officials… and the insurance firm responsible for the payout.

They have now said the charity will not get the money because Marsh had his foot over the line when he made the shot -- like a 174ft shot is that much easier.

ESPN reporter Nico Hueto thought the only thing he had to worry about was his umbrella getting blown away… until he was chased by an alpaca

The sports man had been covering a South American U21 football contest in Peru and was duly speaking to camera about the action.

And that's when it happened. An angry alpaca which had been happily standing in the background suddenly charged at him and the camera.

A panicked-looking Hueto quickly dropped his umbrella and ran screaming from the animal, which could now get signed by Manchester City as an aggressive mid-fielder.

While Hueto was convinced to give it another go the animal again disrupted the broadcast… no-one knows why there was a alpaca on the training ground.

Ski and surf fan Chuck Patterson has combined his passions… by skiing a big wave in Hawaii while wearing skis, boots, binding, and even holding ski poles.

The former professional freeskier - who enjoys catching waves almost as much as he does hurtling down mountains - says he initially tried sea surfing a few years ago, but quickly gave up.

But then in 2009 he saw a couple of other surfers riding waves on skis and decided it was time he revisited the off-beat sport. While making it even more extreme.

So in January of this year he travelled to the famous Jaws surfing spot off the northern coast of Maui where he wanted to conquer the 'big mountains' of water.

275x250.jpgAn American football player looks set to become an internet hit after recording a video of himself throwing an impressive set of trick shots.

In the video - which has already been seen 1.5million times on Youtube - 21-year-old Connecticut quarterback Johnny McEntee makes a series of amazing throws.

During the four minute clip McEntee can be seen breaking plates thrown in the air, knocking a water bottle off someone's head and opening a door with a ball.

Dubbed the 'trick shot quarterback' he also does things like throw a ball from the back of a lecture theatre and knocks a magazine out of a friend's hand

Many commenters have praised the accuracy of his throws… others say he must have too much time on his hands to record so many takes.

There are good basketball shots, there are great basketball shots… and then there's this 90ft buzzer shot.

High school student Marvin Le Fridge made the amazing shot as the buzzer sounded dutring a recent game between his team the Corcoran Panthers and the Strathmore Spartans.

While it wasn't a tie-breaker - the Panthers won 69-52 - the shot is sure to be remembered for many years to come… and luckily it was caught on video.

Speaking of the shot, Le Fridge said: "At first I was in shock, but then I started jumping around." He's now waiting for a call from the Harlem Globetrotters.

275x250.jpg We always enjoy the Super Bowl, not for the sporting event you understand, but because we get to see some of the best new TV adverts around.

With advertising rates running to a whopping $3 million per 30 seconds this year, it's no surprise companies go all out to create the best commercials they could.

While we're not sure the 100 million-plus TV viewers enjoyed anything quite as good as the Old Spice Man, there were plenty of great adverts packed with A-list celebs.

And anyway, they were all considerably more entertaining than the GoCompare opera singer which would be the high-light of the FA Cup ad break. Check out our top 10 Super Bowl commercials after the link.

Snowboarder Torstein Horgmo has become even more of an extreme sport hero after becoming the first person to pull off an amazing triple cork.

Horgmo managed to land the trick on his final run of the big-air competition at the winter X Games in Aspen, bagging himself the gold.

And to make it all the more impressive, he did it despite having several broken ribs from an earlier accident.

After pulling the stunt the Norwegian snowboarder told reporters he should have held back and not attempted it: "It's probably the stupidest thing I've done in my whole life," he said.

But the cheering fans seemed glad he had… well all except the one who was hit squarely in the face as Horgmo threw his goggles out in celebration.

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