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275x250.jpgYouTube has started adding a special button to videos on the site, which plays the sound of a Vuvuzela over the normal soundtrack.

The football shaped button started appearing on videos this morning and when pressed plays the droning sound which has annoyed millions of football fans.

Just like being at a World Cup game the Vuvuzela sound will drown out whatever you are trying to listen to and can't be adjusted by the volume button.

While TV stations broadcasting the South African tournament have tried to reduce the Vuvuzela effect the button is sure to be a hit online.

It's expected the button will remain in place till the end of the World Cup BBBZZZZZZZZZZ.

275x250.jpgThe record for the longest ever Grand Slam tennis match has been broken at Wimbledon… but despite lasting TEN hours, it hasn't finished yet.

France's Nicolas Mahut was taking on John Isner of the United States in the match which started on Tuesday and was expected to finish early today.

But after going into a fifth set (6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6) the monumental match carried on, with the pair matching everything the other was able to offer.

After playing for a total of 10 hours, and reaching an almost absurd score of 54-54, poor light stopped play and the weary looking players were forced to leave the court.

The record-breaking match will continue tomorrow… if Mahut and Isner are able to get out of bed.

275x250.jpgA patriotic parrot will be cheering for England tonight -- after owners spent a month training it to squark "Come on Rooney".

Feathered football fan Benji - and African Grey - is said to enjoy watching matches and squarks whenever he recognises the England team.

Owner Ruth Borrill from Peterborough says she has taught his to support our boys in South Africa by also cheering 'Come on England' and 'Goal!'.

African Grey Parrots are originally from West and Central Africa, so it is quite surprising Benji is supporting England.

As you can see from the video after the link, Benji currently says "Come on Roon" rather than Rooney -- maybe by the time we are in the World Cup final he will have got it right.

275x250.jpgBosses at a theme park are supporting blundering goalkeeper Robert Green -- by letting people who share his name go on rides for free.

Tomorrow the first 100 people who can prove they are really called Robert Green will get free entry to Alton Towers and rides like Oblivion and Th13rteen.

A spokesperson for the Staffordshire attraction said the move was because the Robs have probably suffered a week of flack flowwing their namesakes high profile howler.

To qualify, all would-be roller-coaster riding Rob Greens will need to provide a passport or driving licence.

They will then have a ball slowly rolled at them and if they fail to stop it they will be allowed in for free.

275x250.jpg More than 20,000 people have gathered to watch an annual event where racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 91 teams of bed-carrying racers complete the three-mile course in a bid to win the (obviously prestigious) title.

While some racers, like the winners Ripon Runners - who finished in 13.56 minutes - take the event seriously, others compete in fancy dress and with decorated beds

The Bed Race dates back to 1966 and with over 630 competitors this year is still growing -- in case NewsLite enters a team next year I'm putting my name down for the position in the bed. 

Millions of fans missed England's opening goal of the World Cup -- because blundering button pressers at  ITV HD cut to an advert.

Just three minutes into the game against USA the channel - which promised to show the World Cup in more detail than ever before - cut to a Hyundai ad.

This meant fans who were watching the high definition broadcast, didn't see Liverpool ace Gerrard score.

In fact the first they knew about it was when the 24 second interruption ended and the match returned to screens, with a 1-0 scoreline and Fabio Capello celebrating.

More than 1m fans are said to have shelled out on a HDTVs specifically to watch England games in HD at home… something they are no doubt regretting.

275x250.jpgWhen England take on USA at the South Africa World Cup tomorrow they will be two team divided by a common language.

That's because, in addition to calling the beautiful game 'soccer' rather than 'football', the Americans use a whole host of odd footballing phrases.

For example rather than a header, their players make head-shots, the goal line is called the end-line and swearing at the ref can get them ejected rather than sent off.

As a result a translation firm have produced a guide to US footballing lingo so that, should you end up watching coverage from America, you will still know what they are talking about.

Also, rather than keeping a clean-sheet, US teams want to perform a shut-out on the opposition… which hopefully they won't manage tomorrow.

275x250.jpgMotorists have been warned to keep off the roads during England World Cup matches -- because they're much more likely to have an accident.

Research has found that as matches draw to their conclusion, fans listening on their car radio can get distracted and are therefore liable to crash.

Dubbed ‘Last Minute Syndrome’ fans heart rates are said to increase, their hands get sweaty and they feel nauseous as they listen and drive.

This, along with decreased levels of concentration, is claimed to have resulted in almost 500,000 minor accidents as England have conceded late equalisers or losing goals in recent tournaments.

So, would you drive during an England match? -- No, if you are from Scotland or Wales there's no need to answer.

275x250.jpgMore than FIVE MILLION England fans will carry out pre-match rituals before World Cup games in the hope it will help us win.
Researchers quizzed 4,000 England fans finding that 15 per cent of superstitious supporters will stick to tried and tested superstitions.
One in ten will don lucky pants, one in five will watch matches with a 'lucky' group of mates while 11 per cent will retire to their lucky armchair.
Another 16 per cent will kiss the badge on their shirt, 14 per cent will sing a football chant and eight per cent will insist on the same food or drink before each kick-off.
A third of people said they felt guilty if they didn't carry out their ritual… so if we don't end up World Cup winners, these are the people to blame.

A powerlifer competing at an event in Chicago tried to squat 1,008 pounds -- and ended up projectile vomiting on a judge.

Logan Lacy was trying to lift the heavy weight at the American Powerlifting Federation contest when the embarrassing accident happened.

As he tried to stand, raising the weight, his cheeks puffed out and then he proceeded to vomit onto judge Garry Frank... who was sitting two metres in front of him.

Logan than passed out and collapsed to the floor, luckily he is okay, other than his dented pride.

In his defence, the phrases "Lift this" and "Do an Exorcist impression" can sound surprisingly similar.

275x250.jpgGoogle appears to be getting over-excited about the start of the World Cup 2010 if their search search results are anything to go by.

A search for "World Cup" displays upcoming fixtures and live group standing from the South Africa contest, all above the normal results.

Not only that but the traditional "Gooooogle" at the bottom, used for accessing additional pages of results, has been replaced with "Goooooal".

"World Cup" has also become one of the most searched for terms online and it's predicted a third of UK workers will watch games online at work.

In odd news, those who will not be streaming games to their computer have already decided which matches they will be phoning in sick for.

275x250.jpg Daredevil athletes have jumped from the edge of a 90ft deep sinkhole in a remote part of Mexico, as part of a cliff diving contest.

Divers in the 'Cliff Diving World Series' performed stunts and reached speeds of 40mph before hitting the dark water of Cenote Ik Kil.

Gary Hunt, from Southampton was the overall winner and managed to pull off a Triple Quad – one of the most difficult dives in the world.

The Red Bull event lasted for two days -- though most of that time was probably taken up trying to get back out after each jump.

275x250.jpgMore than 400 competitors have battled it out in a range of sports at the Wattoluempiade (Mud Olympics) in Hamburg, Germany.

Events included football and volleyball matches as well as bicycle races… all on mud.

The Mud Olympics are held each year on the mudflats of the river Elbe and organisers say the weather this year was a good combination of warm and wet.

Other events included skiing competitions, where, you guessed it, dirty racers competed on mud rather than snow.

After the events were finished mud-caked participants where hosed off with industrial hoses… though we are sure some didn't clean behind their ears.

275x250.jpgA poker player has recorded the longest game in history -- after playing for a record 115 hours.

Phil Laak was only allowed a five minute break for every hour he played at the Bellagio Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

The 37-year-old pro poker star had started his game on Wednesday and continued until yesterday - beating the previous record of 72 hours.

Not only that but he also finished $6,766 up, and has said he will give half of his winnings to charity Camp Sunshine.

Laak - the boyfriend of Jennifer Tilly - didn't consume any caffeine or other stimulants during his bid… which must have mades the game even more boring the average poker match.

275x250.jpgThousands of fans have gathered to watch an annual shin-kicking championships which date back to the 17th Century.

16 competitors battled it out in the vicious contest in Gloucestershire where they grasp each others shoulders and quack at their rivals shins.

Wearing traditional white smocks and with their socks stuffed with protective straw, fighters then have to push their competitors to the ground after landing a good kick.

This year Londoner Kieron Lee was named champion after beating Gareth Price - part of a stag party from Wigan - in the final.

While the shin-kickers left with cuts and bruises they should consider themselves lucky -- steel toe caps were banned from the event in the 1950s and before that broken legs were commonplace.

275x250.jpgA translation firm has produced a guide to international terrace chants for England football fans going to the World Cup.

They claim it could come in handy for those wanting to impress/insult opposition fan, or just understanding what is being chanted at you.

Bosses at Global Lingo say there is often no point translating English football songs and clichés, because there is no equivalent.

Instead they say fans should learn foreign chants, and handily provided a few, which you can find below, ready for you to mispronounce.

And isn't it good to know that at least the Italians agree the referee's a w**ker -- "L'arbitro è una sega"

275x250.jpgRachel Stevens has been revealed as the face (and scantily-clad body) of a new World Cup perfume.

'Eau De Stade' has been released ahead of the tournament in South Africa and is said to embody all the smells of a football match.

Makers claim the unisex fragrance combines the aromas of fresh grass, the leathery scent of a football and the musky odour of dressing room sweat and tears.

Promotional material features sexy images of Rachel Stevens draped in an England flag and using a union flag bowler hat to cover her breasts.

However, the sexy image becomes slightly less appealing if you imagine Stevens smelling like Wayne Rooney's boots after 90 minutes.

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