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275x250.jpgFormer England cricket captain Michael Vaughan is hoping to knock art critics for six after switching the crease for the canvas.

The 35-year-old batsman has currently got an exhibition of his abstract works on show at a Cardiff art gallery.

Vaughan creates the Jackson Pollock-esque images with a technique he dubbed "artballing" - where he paints cricket balls with a symbolic colour and then bats it against a blank canvas.

He says he has been pleased with the results from his 100mph creative process in a Yorkshire warehouse… dnd who is going to argue with a artist waving a cricket bat.    

Dog owners exercise more than gym members

275x250.jpgThe average dog owner gets more exercise from walking their pooch than a gym-goer, it has been claimed.

Researchers found animal lovers exercise their pet twice a day for 24 minutes each time - a total of five hours and 38 minutes a week.

On top of that, the average dog owner also takes their pet out on three long walks each week adding another two hours and 33 minutes to the total.

But in comparison, a study of 5,000 people found those without a dog spend an average of just one hour and 20 minutes per week exercising by going to the gym or heading out for a stroll or jog.

And almost half (47 per cent) of non-pet owners admit they do absolutely no exercise whatsoever -- though those with a tortoise didn't fare much better.

275x250.jpgDaredevil inventor and pilot Yves Rossy has crashed into the ocean after trying to fly from Africa to Europe with a winged 150mph jetpack.

It is thought a malfunction with his jet wing caused Rossy - dubbed Rocket Man - to crash land in the Straits of Gibraltar shortly after his launch.

Rossy had leapt from a plane at 6,500ft before extending his eight-foot carbon fibre wings and engaging his four-cylinder jet pack.

This should have propelled him to 150mph for the 15 minute journey which would have landed him a place in the record books as the first person to make a intercontinental crossing using Jet-powered wings.

But after about 8 minutes, cameras lost contact with him and the next thing anyone knew was that he had parachuted into the ocean.

275x250.jpgManchester United's home Old Trafford has been voted the most welcoming football stadium in Britain.
Also known as the 'Theatre of Dreams' Old Trafford topped a poll of 3,000 footy fans - who were asked where they felt the most welcomed as opposition.
It was hailed for its friendly fans, staff, comfortable seats and good food.
Arsenal's Emirates Stadium was second and Liverpool's Anfield ground was third. Chelsea's Stamford Bridge was fourth and St. James's Park, Newcastle was fifth.

Other grounds to make the top ten included Aston Villa's Villa Park, Spurs' White Hart Lane and Craven Cottage in Fulham.

275x250.jpgA beach ball which helped score one of the oddest goals the Premiership has ever seen has been sold for auction on Ebay.

The red beach ball had been thrown onto the pitch during a match between Sunderland and Liverpool when it deflected a shot from Darren Bent right into the back of the net.

Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina looked on in shock at the freak goal and his team went on to lose 1-0.

But now the ball has at least brought some consolation for the city - after it raised more than £400 for the Liverpool Alder Hey Children's Hospital charity.

Something tells us Reds fans still won't be singing 99 Red balloons any time soon though - it will come as no surprise that the buyer was a Sunderland fan.

A footballer has scored the worlds fastest goal - just 2 seconds after kickoff.

As the ref blew the whistle to start the game Nawaf Al Abed, lining up for the Saudi  team Al Hilal whacked the ball straight from the centre spot.

The opposition and fans could only look on in shock as the ball went straight over the keeper and into the back of the net.

As any pub quiz fans will know, this breaks the previous record of 4 seconds held by Jim Fryatt of Bradford Park  who played againt Tranmere Rovers, 25 April 1964.

For further point you may like to know that Al Hilal went on to win the game against Al Shoalah 4-0.

Top 5 hobbies that make people fancy you

275x250.jpgMen are more likely to fancy women who dance or do yoga in their free-time, while women are turned on by blokes who surf and rock climb.

A survey of over 1,300 Brits asked them what hobby they found most attractive by the opposite sex an how hearing someone had a certain hobby changed their opinion of them.

It was found that men liked women with physical hobbies like dancing, yoga, swimming - 89 percent said they found dancing a turn on - but that an interest in cookery doesn't hurt either.

Women named football as the number one hobby for men (though we think they meant playing rather than sitting on the sofa watching it) followed by surfing, photography and rock climbing.

49 percent of men also said finding out a woman enjoyed pole dancing would turn them on -- the other 51 percent lied when answering the question.

275x250.jpgA souvenir collector who somehow got his hands on 5,000 condoms due to be handed out to athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, is set to sell them at auction.

After the games ended the man managed to snap up most of the 100,000 which hadn't been used by randy sports people.

Each of the Olympic prophylactics is in a branded wrapper which has the motto of the Beijing Games "faster, higher, stronger" printed in it.
The 5,000 condoms will now be sold as a single lot at a Chinese sporting auction on 29 November - with a starting price that works out to one yuan each (8p).

We are not sure it would be that great to be stuck with 5,000 condoms promoting how fast you were on the packet.

275x250.jpgAn 848 mile long golf course has opened in Australia - and it can take over seven days to play.

Nullarbor Links is the world's longest golf course and with the next hole sometimes 100km away you will need a good driver… and we don't mean the club.

It will come as no surprise that the idea for the course was dreamed up by a few Aussies as they shared a beer or two - they now hope it will attract thousands of tourists each year.

The par 72, which spreads over South and Western Australia, is dotted with signs warning about wayward wombats and kangaroos. Golfers wanting to play must buy a $50 scorecard for the course.

The team behind the course say it's a unique way to see Australia… and ensuring your wife never talks to you again.

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