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275x250.jpg An asteroid has been identified which might collide with the Earth, but impact isn't due until 2182... and even then there's only a 1-in-1000 chance of it hitting.

But a team of international space experts say the 560m wide asteroid poses a threat to the Earth and could even destroy a city as large as London.

The rogue space rock, now said to be a "potentially hazardous asteroid" was first discovered ten years ago and given the catchy name of '1999 RQ3'.

Since then they've plotted its cosmic trajectory and discovered close it could come to hitting us. Worrying… well it will be for your great, great, great, great grandchildren.

275x250.jpg British astronomers have discovered the biggest star ever seen in the universe - a whopping 250 times the mass of the sun.

Using the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Very Large Telescope which is located in in Chile they say the star R136a1 is a massive find, in more ways than one.

The gargantuan star is said to shine millions of times brighter than the sun, burn seven times hotter and goes beyond what was thought to be physically possible.

Spotted in the R136 cluster around one hundred thousand light years away it is twice the size of any object ever seen -- which makes you wonder how they missed it for so long.

275x250.jpg A £143 million prototype of an unmanned combat aircraft which could be capable of attacking targets in another continent has been revealed by the Ministry of Defence.

The futuristic-looking Taranis craft - named after the Celtic god of thunder - is the creation of BAE Systems who say it's the future of unmanned flight.

They claim the device - which began development in December 2006 - will provide the UK MoD with "critical knowledge" about the capabilities of Unmanned Combat Air Systems.

Stealthy, fast and able to carry a number of weapons, Taranis could even be controlled by trained troops operating at a safe distance… let's just hope they don't get the report mixed up with their PS3.

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