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Galloway Forest becomes a Dark Sky Park

275x250.jpgA Scottish park has become the UK's first Dark Sky Park -- meaning it is one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

Galloway Forest Park has been given the award because the sky is pitch black and is not 'spoiled' by near-by lights.

This gives star-gazers a clear view of distant galaxies. It rated 23/24 for dark skies - a normal city would rank at just 13/24.

A spokesperson for the park said the award could see the current number of 850,000  tourists visiting the park each year double.

He added that he hoped they would remember to switch their lights off at night.

275x250.jpgA competition has just launched in the Mojave Desert for teams planning to build an elevator to space… yes you read that correctly.

For the next couple of days Space Elevator Games will see robotic machines climbing a 1km high cable (held by a helicopter) and will be powered by laser beams.

The idea is that if this can be achieved, the technology could develop into a fully fledged Space Elevator like that in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Fountains of Paradise."

If a space elevator could one day be attached to a mass in geosynchronous orbit, it would offer much cheaper space travel than rockets… and give Starbucks somewhere else to open a branch.

NASA say the Universe is beige not black

275x250.jpgExperts at NASA claim the universe is not black as you might expect - but rather a rather dull shade of beige.

Space boffins have found that if you were to average out the light emitted by galaxies currently analysed, you would be left with the dull-looking colour.

NASA say the shade is constantly changing and has become much less blue over the past 10 billion years (so not a quick change then) indicating that redder stars are becoming more prevalent.

It has now been dubbed "Cosmic Latte" after being discovered by astro-physicians Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldr.

You will notice it bares a striking resemblance to the shade of paint used in TV home makeover shows... suggesting that Sarah Beeny could be our supreme creator.

275x250.jpg A company which plans to launch the world's first space hotel, say they will be ready to open their doors air-locks in 2012.

Galactic Suite say plans for their multi-billion dollar project are coming together and they've already taken 43 bookings for out of this world holidays.

Tourists - who will be required to fork out an astronomical £2,650,000 - will get to spend four days on the space station 450 kilometers from the Earth.

They will see the sun rise 15 times a day and loop around the world every 80 minutes… they will also get to take the first holiday photographs that people won't mind sitting through.

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