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Stingray photobombs go viral (PHOTOS)

275x250.jpg Everyone loves a good photobomb, especially when the photobomber in question is an animal … which could explain why these Stingray Photobomb photos went viral.

Seen by millions of people, the images show shocked swimmers being mounted by stingray as they enjoy the water and pose for a quick photo.

The images are thought to have been taken in the Cayman Islands Stingray City, a tourist destination where people get to touch and feed stingray amongst coral reefs.

Some online fans of the Stingray Photobombs have described them as "The photobomb to end all photobombs", and we have to agree.

Lorry driver walks away from dramatic crash

There are lucky escapes, very lucky escapes, and stupidly lucky how on earth did that happen escapes. This lorry driver in Russia definitely had one of the latter.

The driver had just been minding his own business when an oncoming HGV swerved into his path. While this would 99 times out of 100 end badly, this time it didn't.

Despite the crash causing all the damage, flying glass and metal you'd expect, the driver was not injured - as this dash cam footage shows.

In fact the lucky driver was somehow thrown from the vehicle, but still managed to land on his feet and walk away from the bizarre accident.

275x250.jpg Meet the Ostrich Pillow, a bizarre new object which promises to allow people to sleep anywhere - whether in the office or traveling - by covering their head and neck in a cozy but weird-looking manner.

The weird pillow, which was recently funded through Kickstarter and is said to be ideal for power naps, features a large hole on the bottom for users to insert their head, while two smaller holes keep your hands warm.

There's also a third hole for your mouth, because breathing is important even if you are snug with your head on your desk when you are meant to be working.

Makers say the Ostrich Pillow has been a year in the making and has been trialled in airports, trains, airplanes, libraries, at the office, on a sofa and even on the floor.

Pranksters have had a bit of fun at the expense of die-hard Apple fans who were queuing up to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 5 … by making them think their phone had just go smashed.

Dressed in the blue Apple t-shirt worn by Apple Store workers the pranksters carried boxes of supposed new iPhone 5s past the waiting shoppers, and then proceeded to "accidentally" drop them.

To add to the stunt, the fake Apple workers spoke to fans saying "You guys know what these are right?", just before dropping the boxes to the ground causing the sound of glass smashing.

Those in the queue looked on in horror - along with the odd outburst of 'What the f**k?' and 'Seriously?' - as they suddenly thought the odd news might mean they wouldn't be getting the new smartphone they were hoping for.

275x250.jpg Measuring just 45.2 cm (17.79 in) from the ground to top, this is the world's lowest roadworthy car according to Guinness World Records … making it almost small enough to pass under other vehicles.

Called "Mirai" (meaning ‘future’ in Japanese) the record-breakingly low vehicle was created by students and teachers at Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan.

The car - which features in Guinness World Records 2013 - took over a year to create, with several months spent planning and designing, with the production taking a further 6 months.  

Harada Kazunari, Principal at Okayama Sanyo High School, said: “It can be frightening to drive MIRAI on a big street, especially when the speed goes over 40km/h because the road is very close to the driver’s eye point.  

275x250.jpg The world's first high-street shop where customers pay by Tweet instead of money has opened in central London dubbed "The Tweet Shop."

At the standalone retail outlet from Special K, customers are encouraged to put away their money and pay for Cracker Crisps by simply Tweeting a message about the snack.

The shop is staffed by a number of Special K girls in iconic red dresses who will check each customer's Tweet before handing over the crisps.

Kim Murray, 28 from London, was the first person to pay for the product with a Tweet at the Soho's Meard Street store. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm until Friday 28th September.

275x250.jpg A hands-free camera which is worn around the neck and uses a host of sensors to automatically decide what photos to take is set to go on sale.

Autographer uses five on-board sensors and GPS capability to identify the perfect time to take a photo, based on changes in light and colour, motion, direction and temperature, and  then snaps away using a wide-angle lens.

For instance, Autographer might capture an image when the wearer speeds up as they run for the bus, moves from a warm pub to a snowy street or turns around to greet a friend.

All the wearer has to do is put it on and go, and at the end of the day, watch their ‘unseen’ moments unfold through natural, unpredictable images and stop-frame videos, revealing a surprising new take on their world.

275x250.jpg One in three busy Brits believe it’s acceptable to answer a mobile phone call during sex, it has been revealed.

The true extent to which our hectic lives and busy work schedules intrude on our most intimate moments were revealed in a study carried out among more than 2,000 adults.

As well as the third who said taking a call mid-romp was fine, 51% revealed they thought it was perfectly okay to take a call at a wedding.

54% said they had no problem picking up the phone whilst out for dinner, while another 57% said even the toilet wasn’t out of bounds, with men more likely than women to think it’s ok to talk in the loo.

The figures were revealed in research carried out by Vodafone, with Srini Gopalan, Consumer Director saying: "It seems as a nation we’re desperate not to miss out on the latest gossip no matter what we’re up to.

275x250.jpg A London taxi has been kitted out with microphones to record its surrounding noise and then convert it into music which is played out via 67 speakers built into the car body as it drives.

Dubbed "Sound Taxi" the work is the creation of London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki who was working with headphone developer AiAiAi.

As such, passengers in the Sound Taxi can also tune-in to the converted sounds via headphones installed inside of the vehicle … in case they can't already hear it from the Indian horns mounted on top of the taxi’s roof. 

275x250.jpg Of all the things nervous fliers might choose to worry about when boarding a plane, a roaming crocodile probably wasn't one of them … until now.

It's been revealed that a crocodile was recently found roaming free in the cargo hold of a Qantas plane after escaping from a container.

The croc - which only measured 60cm - was being transferred from Brisbane to Melbourne was  discovered when the plane arrived at its destination after a two-hour flight.

A spokesperson for Qantas said that an investigation had been launched to discover how the animal had broken free.

In a statement, they reportedly added: "The animal was quickly and safely secured when the aircraft arrived in Melbourne."

275x250.jpg A photograph of a baby gorilla looking through the viewfinder of a camera on a tripod has won an award at the Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) first ever Animal Photography Prize competition.

The snap by photographer Lucy Ray, which shows cheeky little Chickaboo proving that she is just as good as any wildlife photographer, will go on show at an exhibition at ZSL London Zoo.

Other extraordinary images that will be on display at the Zoo include a close up of an Amur leopard baring its teeth, and a Madagascan giant leaf-tailed gecko showing off its incredible camouflage skills.

ZSL’s project manager for the exhibition Sarah Barron added: “These photographers have managed to capture some truly amazing shots which will challenge peoples’ perception of the animal kingdom.

275x250.jpg Can you remember what you were doing on 15th March 2003? Or what the weather was like on 30th May 2007? British student Aurelien can, in fact he can remember EVERYTHING!

The 20-year-old is one of just a handful of people in the world who are baffling scientists with their ability to recall every detail of every day of their lives, a condition known as superior autobiographical memory.

Aurelien - who is the subject of a documentary on Channel 4 - can apparently even recall exactly what he did on every day since the age of four, including details of conversations and what he had for lunch.

In the show Aurelien is put to the test by eight time world memory champion, Dominic O'Brien, and examined by memory expert Professor Giuliana Mazzoni.

275x250.jpg The weirdest and craziest scientific achievements of the year have been celebrated at the Ig Nobel Awards, including the discovery chimpanzees can identify each other from seeing photographs of their bottoms.

The annual event at Harvard University celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think, this year this included a Japanese team who created a machine that disrupts a person's speech, by making them hear their own spoken words at a very slight delay.

Also picking up gongs were boffins who studied the balance of forces that shape and move the hair in a human ponytail and those who looked at the liquid dynamics of walking with a cup of coffee.

Medical experts who advise doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimize the chance that their patients will explode also took home a prize.

But our personal favourites were the team who showed that brain researchers, by using complicated instruments and simple statistics, can see meaningful brain activity anywhere — even in a dead salmon.

World's longest snake in captivity ever

275x250.jpg Meet Medusa, a 25ft 2in Reticulated Python who has gained a place in the Guinness World Records 2013 after being recognised at the ‘Longest Snake Ever in Captivity.’

The gigantic 8-year-old snake is owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, USA and lives within The Edge of Hell haunted house attraction.

When not devouring her diet of rabbits, hogs and deer, the 350 pound reptile is usually found coiled up in a nook within the haunted attraction’s cavernous turn-of-the-century brick warehouse.

Her handler and the Edge of Hell’s general manager, Larry Edgar states: “We try to keep Medusa well-fed and slightly out of reach as there have been instances with Reticulated Pythons where they’ve had to cut people out of them! We never underestimate that she does always have the upper-hand.”

Hero piglet saves drowning goat (VIDEO)

When this goat got one of its hooves stuck in a pond, it looked like it was going to end badly and that the goat could easily drown … until a hero piglet stepped in.

A video which has been seen by 2.5 million people on YouTube shows how the brave pig jumped into action as the incident unfolded at a children's zoo.

As the goat bobbed up and down in the water bleating, the little piglet swam over to it and began to push it to safety.

Within a couple of seconds the goat and pig were walking away from the danger as friends, prompting one YouTube viewer to say: "I'm never going to eat pork again."

275x250.jpg A teenager accidentally shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning his new gun. Oops!

Michael Smeriglio had reportedly not had the gun for longer than a month when the bizarre (and painful) accident happened.

While cleaning his weapon, we men the gun, 18-year-old Smeriglio somehow pulled the trigger and fired a shot which went through his penis and left testicle.

Doctors say the bullet ended up getting lodged in his thigh, though Smeriglio is now recovering from the ordeal.

During their investigation of the incident, police reportedly found marijuana in the house … who would have thought that could be involved.

When we go to the zoo, we do it to look at animals like gorillas, but what about the gorillas, what do they get to look at? Caterpillars, that's what … and they love it!

A video shot at Calgary Zoo in Canada shows a group of gorillas looking fascinated as they watch a caterpillar crawling up the cage of their enclosure.

The gorillas even push each other out to the way to get a better view of the little critter and are clearly intrigued by it.

So if we are fascinated looking at gorillas which are fascinated looking at a caterpillar, the question remains, what is the caterpillar fascinated looking at?

275x250.jpg If you're going to The Prince Charles cinema in London, you will want to make sure to turn your phone off and not to create too much noise … because they have hired a team of "Ninjas" to patrol their screens.

The "Invisible Cinema Ninjas" stand in the background of auditoriums wearing dark Morphsuits to make them practically imperceptible to most cinema-goers. But if they spot any obnoxious behaviour they make themselves known.

Bad cinema etiquette which is clamped down on by the Ninjas includes popcorn throwing, feet on seats and the use of mobile phones during films.

However, rather than dish out the sort of punishments you might expect from Ninjas (stabbing, hurling a death star or a quiet slitting of the throat) cinema bosses say they will limit themselves to giving a harsh verbal warning, or asking people to leave.

275x250.jpg A female sumo wrestler from London has been named as the heaviest sportswoman in the world after weighing in at 32 stone.

The 46-year-old mother of three is the only female sumo wrestler on the British Sumo Team and has only been competing for six years.

Sharran consumes 5,000 calories a day (two and a half times than recommended for the average woman) and to build strength and stamina she swims and walks.

After her marriage broke up eight years ago, she says it was wrestling that gave her the confidence to look for love: “I used to be ashamed of my size. But after taking up sumo I learned to love my body. The Guinness World Records recognition tops it off.”

275x250.jpg If you think all bulls are big ferocious beasts, think again and meet Archie, the world's shortest bull who measures just 76.2 cm (30 in) from hoof to withers.

The 29-month-old Dexter from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, has been recognised as the Shortest Bull in the world and features in Guinness World Records 2013.

He measures just 76.2 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers, 15 inches shorter than other bulls of his breed (typically 45 in).  His height means that he’s dwarfed by the other animals at his farm, including even the dogs and goats!

Archie may be small, but that hasn’t diminished his “bullish” temperament! Ryan explains: “Archie doesn’t realise that he’s so short. He thinks he’s the biggest in the herd and he’ll grunt and roar at the rest of them.

275x250.jpg At first glance this might look like an ordinary urban scene, but look a little closer and you'll see someone hiding among the fruit and veg having had their body painted in urban camouflage.

Artist Carolyn Roper had been hired by TV channel Really to help hide people in a bid to promote their show Covert Affairs.

The expertly painted people included a woman lying on a fruit and vegetable stand on Portobello Road, another sitting on a west London bus, and one standing in front of a black cab.

We'd like to say that commuters and onlookers were shocked … but we're not entirely sure how many even noticed.

Nathalie Rollandin was filming the sunset in San Francisco when a thieving seagull nicked her camera and proceeded to fly off with it, as this footage show.

Video from the GoPro camera shows how the kleptomaniac bird flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge before discarding the camera which was later recovered.

Writing online Rollandin said: "Video of how a seagull stole my GoPro, flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge and how the camera incredibly managed to survive, recording everything!"

Since uploading the footage to YouTube, it has been seen more than two million times … the thieving bird is still at large.

275x250.jpg A three-year-old Great Dane called Zeus from Michigan, USA, has been named by the Guinness World Records as the tallest dog ever and measures 111.8 cm (44 in) from foot to withers.

That makes him the same size as a typical donkey and standing on hind legs, Zeus stretches to 7 ft 4 in and towers over his owner Denise Doorlag.

The humongous hound - who features in Guinness World Records 2013 - weighs 70.3 kg (155 pounds or 11 stone) and eats around 12 cups of food a day (equivalent to one whole 30-lb bag of food!)

“Zeus is an awesome dog,” says owner Denise. “The only downside is that everything costs more; the food, medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport him, oh, and if he steps on your foot- he leaves bruises!”

Despite being 86-years-old, Johanna Quaas is considerably more flexible than us. In fact she's been named as the world’s oldest gymnast by the Guinness World Records.

The retired PE teacher from Leipzig, Germany, only began to train at gymnastics in her 50s, and didn't take part in her first competition at the age of 56.

Johanna says she has always been involved in sport, dating her interest in keeping fit back to a childhood memory of a new gymnasium being built in her home town. Now she has a strict exercise regime of gym workouts, running, and yoga.

Speaking of her record breaking she said: "It's a great feeling to be in the Guinness World Records book.  I hope the record inspires others to realise it’s never too late to try something new."

275x250.jpg As you can probably tell from this photo, the reason we are writing about Mostafa Ismail from Egypt has something to do with his arms. He has the world record for the biggest biceps and triceps.

His arms have a whopping circumference of 64.77 cm (25.5 in) a fact which gained him a place in the new Guinness World Records 2013 book.

The 24 year-old, who trains six days a week and eats six meals a day and now lives in Massachusetts, USA, has arms with a greater circumference than the average human head!  

His right upper-arm circumference is 63.5 cm (25 in) flexed and 60.96 cm (24 in) non-flexed, and his left upper-arm circumference is 64.77 cm (25.5 in) flexed and 62.23 cm (24.5 in) non-flexed. 

When a gang of thugs tried to steal motorbikes from Ducati Motorbike Showroom in London, they forgot to account for one thing ... the staff.

As such the six armed men - who were trying to pinch a £25,000 1199 Panigale Ducati Superbike - were chased off by the brave staff.

Two of the would-be thieves had initially tried to push the bike out of the store, but the manager managed to push them off and pull it back inside.

But that wasn't the end of it, and the conflict continued as a battle broke out, as this CCTV footage shows.

275x250.jpg Requests for a spare ferret and a religious statue have been named as some of the oddest demands from hotel guests.

Bosses at Best Western hotels have revealed some of the strange and weird requests made of them including fake tan remover, an extra bed for a doll and a room big enough to park a motorbike.

The guest who asked for the ferret was apparently attending a nearby small animals show and did not want to go unaccompanied, the religious statue was for a nun.

On average, 25% of hotel guests regularly asked for room service, with the most common requests being for toothpaste, razors, spare towels and dressing gowns

However, one particularly dumb guest is said to have asked for a sea-view room … while staying in Birmingham.

275x250.jpg Most of us have got bulging wallets, but rather than being full of wads of cash, they're jam-packed with plastic store cards and credit cards.

In fact, the average person carries around 17 plastic cards in their wallets or purses, including credit and debit cards, store cards, library memberships, driving licenses, national insurance, organ donor and loyalty cards.

Women were found to carry more cards than men and were revealed to be much more reluctant to throw cards away, regardless of how long ago they last used them.
The study found men carry an average of 16 cards in their wallets with the average woman packing her purse with 18.

One male respondent said: “I have around 30 cards in my wallet, it’s too much but I keep collecting new ones every time I go shopping.

275x250.jpg More than 80 words - including Amazeballs, Mummy Porn and Bridezilla - have been added to the Collins Online English Dictionary.

The online dictionary had appealed for members of the public to act as  "word-spotters" and suggest new words they came across.

Of the thousands of entries, 86 were selected by Collins and now appear on, including Amazeballs (an expression of enthusiastic approval) and Mummy Porn (erotic fiction designed to appeal to women).

Other words added include, Blootered (someone who is drunk), Floordrobe (a pile of clothes left on the floor) and Fanboy (an ardent or obsessive admirer).

A spokesperson for Collins said: "We have been blown away by the volume and variety of submissions, and the way that this opportunity to contribute and help document the English language has captured the public imagination."

Sleepwalking mum becomes YouTube hit (VIDEO)

Nick Foti's mother has become an online hit after he uploaded a video of her sleepwalking and waltzing around the kitchen in her pyjamas, something she's probably not too happy about.

In the footage - which has been viewed more than 2.5 million times - the pink pyjama-wearing mother can be seen dancing away before saying: "'I was trying to open up the tomato cage."

After uploading the bizarre footage to YouTube, Foti from New Jersey showed his mother the clip, and this being 2012 he recorded that too and also uploaded it to YouTube.  It's been watched 4 million times.

And in odd news, while clearly embarrassed by the sleepwalking film, she laughs and explains that she'd had a dream about cherry-picking or tomato-picking.

275x250.jpg Brits are enthusiastically looking forward to the introduction of 4G mobile phone technology … despite the fact less than a quarter of them know what it is.

A recent survey found that 89% of people say they welcome the new 4G technology, though less than a quarter - just 24% - knew what it actually does.

A further 18% said they welcomed 4G technology but believed that 5G – which doesn’t yet exist – would be ‘significantly better.’

The poll also revealed major technological naivety amongst smartphone and tablets users with 79% stating they would welcome new technology regardless of whether or not they knew what it did and what benefits it offered.

A more cautious one in five (21%) said they would like more technical detail before making a decision on whether the new service was a good thing … but they will probably still be pre-ordering the iPhone 5.

Queen's corgi from Olympic Bond film has died

275x250.jpg One of the Queen's corgis which starred in the James Bond sketch during the Olympic opening ceremony, has died.

Officials from Buckingham Palace say 13-year-old Monty - who was previously owned by the Queen Mother - passed away recently.

In the film Monty, along with two ofter Corgis, greeted actor Daniel Craig and performed tummy rolls before watching James Bond and the Queen take off in a helicopter.

The death leaves two corgis in the palace, Willow and Holly. Corgis have frequently been kept by royals since George VI bought his first Pembroke corgi in 1933.

When the mother of these quadruplet brothers heard that teachers were having difficulty telling them apart, she shaved numbers out of their hair to help distinguish them.

So now the Chinese brothers are know to their teachers as 1, 2, 3 and 4 … and have the haircuts to prove it.

The barber is said to have printed the numbers onto sheets of paper before cutting them out, sticking them on the kids heads and cutting around them.

The parents behind the odd news don't blame the teachers for struggling to tell the boys apart, the father is said to have once punished number 3 for the bad conduct of number 2 … though he probably used their real names.

Running robot is faster than Usain Bolt

275x250.jpg Meet The Cheetah, the fastest legged robot in history which has been created by the US military research agency DARPA and is even quicker than Usain Bolt.

According to the International Association of Athletics Federations, Bolt set the world speed record in 2009 when he ran at 27.78 mph for a 20-meter split during a 100-meter sprint.

The Cheetah was recently clocked at 28.3 mph for a 20-meter split - though it had a slight advantage over Bolt as it ran on a treadmill.

Cheetah is being developed and tested under DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program by Boston Dynamics

Eva Halpain and John Manassel thought they were getting their moment in the spotlight when a TV crew came to interview them after a tree fell and caused damage to their home.

But the elderly couple from Benton, Arkansas, were somewhat upstaged during the TV interview … when a naked man appeared wandering out of the woods near their home.

Prompted by Manassel asking "What is this out there that we got?" and then stating that he should "start an ass-kicking contest" the TV crew turned the camera onto the naked man.

Local police are reported to have said that the 22-year-old man was high on drugs when he walked out of the woods and that he was arrested and charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure.

275x250.jpg We each embarrass ourselves an average of four times a day, a study has found - with the things which leave us red-faced most including forgetting people’s names, tripping over in public and getting food stuck in our teeth.

The research also found sweat patches, someone trying to get in the bathroom when you’re occupying it and accidentally waving at a stranger as common gaffes that get us cringing.

A list of the top 50 ways people embarrass themselves also included Swallowing food the wrong way, running after public transport and it pulling away on you and battling with a supermarket self-service checkout.

Many of us have also apparently accidentally ‘liked’ a Facebook picture of someone we fancied.

Snoring while on a train, getting stuck in a revolving door or accidentally calling someone ‘Mum’ also featured in the top 50.

Drink driving is never cool, but somehow it seems even worse when the inebriated person in question is sitting behind the wheel of a digger.

And that's what this video from Russia appears to show - a drunk driver ploughing into car after car before his digger comes to a standstill after colliding with a truck.

However, we're not quite sure he deserves the kicking he then gets from onlookers who pulled him from the vehicle and repeatedly punched him.

George Osborne booed at Paralympics (VIDEO)

When George Osborne stepped out into the Olympic Stadium to present the medals for the Paralympics mens 400 meters T38 class he prompted the first mass boo of the games.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer initially looked shocked as the 80,000 capacity stadium booed and jeered him, but then managed to give a little fake smile.

Less upset by the not so odd news that Osborne is unpopular, was fellow medal presenter Chris Brownridge of BMW who smirked at the boos, and the grinning volunteers who were holding the medals.

And if that wasn't bad enough for George Osborne, even Gordon Brown got a mass cheer from the crowd when he presented medals at the Aquatic centre on the same evening.

275x250.jpg A film festival dedicated to internet cat videos has attracted more than 10,000 fans who enjoyed watching their favorite kitty videos on the big screen.

Launched by Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis, the even also saw the crowning of "Golden Kitty" an award for the most popular cat-based viral.

More than 10,000 votes were placed for the contest and the winner was Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which was created by William Brandon.

Speaking after hearing the odd news of his movie award win, Brandon said: "This is a great honor. I don't think I've ever purred this loudly!"

275x250.jpg The humble roast dinner has topped the poll as Britain’s most nostalgic meal, a study has revealed.

More than half of 2,000 people polled said a roast with all the trimmings was most likely to evoke memories of the taste and sounds of a Sunday lunch, surrounded by their family as a youngster.

Runner up was Shepherd’s Pie, with rice pudding, egg and chips and bangers and mash closely following. Angel Delight came sixth, while beef stew and dumplings filled seventh.

Toad-in-the-hole came in at eighth while cheese on toast and beans on toast completed the top ten.

Researchers also found that 44% said a meal was most likely to remind them of their childhood simply because it was their favourite dish growing up.

275x250.jpg RSPCA officers were called to the University of Hertfordshire recently, after builders discovered a fox which was trapped with just his head poking out of the floor.

The hapless fox had somehow managed to get inside the office area, which was being refurbished, and then under the flooring.

Unfortunately, while he was able to get his head up into the hole - which he would have hoped   was a way out - he couldn't get back down and was jammed stuck.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Kate Wright said: “When I arrived I was faced with a very odd sight. Here was this fox’s head poking out of a floor and he was so jammed he couldn’t move and I just had these big eyes staring at me. 

275x250.jpg The world’s shortest man Chandra Bahadur Dangi (all 54.6 cm of him) has met the world’s shortest woman, Jyoti Amge (62.8 cm) for the first time to help promote the Guinness World Records 2013 book.
The historic moment is the first time in history the shortest male and female in the world have met. Each wore traditional outfits from their native countries and smiled and laughed throughout.

To add scale to the picture, the classic Guinness World Records book – which measures 1ft tall (30cm) – was placed in between them.
Marco Frigatti, Official Guinness World Records Adjudicator, who also took part in the shoot, said: "It was an extraordinary moment; they’re both such incredible individuals. Everyone knew this was a special moment, the atmosphere was magical."

275x250.jpg When Randy Tenley decided to dress as Bigfoot and stand by the side of a road in northwestern Montana to provoke sightings of the mythical creature, he probably thought it would be funny.

But what he didn't consider what that his military-style "Ghillie suit" would also camouflage him as he stood in the right-hand lane of a highway.

As a result he was killed when he was knocked over by one car and hit by a second as he lay in the road.

Montana Highway Patrol say his motives of trying to get people to call in a Sasquatch sighting became apparent after they interviewed his friends.

It's not known whether alcohol was a factor … but we could have a guess.

275x250.jpg Last year we told you about how President Obama had started brewing beer at the White House. Well now officials have released the recipes which are being used.

It's said that the White House beers were created after Obama bought a home brewing kit for the kitchen and started making recipes from a local brew shop.

Writing online it's said that a couple of home brewers who work in the White House helped to amend the recipes and produce the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds.

"Like many home brewers who add secret ingredients to make their beer unique, all of our brews have honey that we tapped from the first ever bee-hive on the South Lawn," said a spokesperson.

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