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Sofia Romero is a hospital worker from Leicester, she's also something of an escapologist -- as this video of her slipping out of straitjacket shows.

In fact she recently received confirmation from Guinness World Records that her 4.69 second bid for freedom set a new world record.

The 40-year-old beat the previous record of 7.26 seconds earlier this year, by getting out of the standard straitjacket in the super-fast time.

She said she discovered her skill after watching a TV show about illusionists and ordering a £200 straitjacket to have a got. As you do… if you're the sort of person who should be wearing a straitjacket.

Scottish woman wakes up with Italian accent

275x250.jpgMomma Mia! A woman in Glasgow says she woke up woke up with an Italian accent after suffering a stroke.

Debbie McCann couldn't speak straight away after the stroke and when her voice came back people said it sounded Chinese.

But after a while it became more Italian-sounding -- and 48-year-old Debbie says people are now constantly asking her where she's from.

It's thought she could be suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare condition thought to affect just 60 people around the world.

Debbie says the condition is so bad she's embarrassed to speak to people… it must have been a while since she called for a takeaway pizza.

It's not too often we get you use the phrase 'couch-potato daredevil' -- but in the case of Paul McKinnon it seems entirely appropriate.

That's because the Australian couch-potato daredevil and his team have just set a new speed record by driving a sofa at 101mph.

Powered by a Suzuki GSX 1400 motorcycle engine, their leather two-seater was put through its paces at Camden Airport in Sydney - reaching 101mph.

And we think there is more to come. After-all they could certainly improve on the aerodynamics… the record was set with a coffee table (and bowl of fruit) attached.

It's a sad day for internationally renowned animals. A cross-eyed opossum who shot to international stardom thank to her wonky vision has died in a German Zoo.

Heidi had become a star around the world after appearing in a German newspaper and going on to predict Oscar winners on a US television show.

This resulted in people flocking to Leipzig Zoo to see the confused-looking animal, a song being written about her and even a stuffed Heidi toy going on sale.

However, after suffering severe health problems including crippling arthritis, zoo officials decided to put her down 'to spare her further pain and suffering'.

275x250.jpg Members of the public are being offered the chance to 'own' one of 16.7 million colours in a bid to raise £16.7 million for charity.

UNICEF have partnered with paint firm Dulux to let people buy one of the colours which can be displayed on the average computer, via the website
Colour owners are then able to rename it, describe it and have it displayed on a dedicated website, with donations directly to the children’s charity.

Celebrities who already Own A Colour include Jemima Khan (CFC Blue), Duncan Bannatyne (Scottish Saltire Blue) and Sir Roger Moore (Swedish Blue).

In a bizarre bid to make unicycling even more difficult, a German rider has navigated a line of beer bottles on his one-wheeler. Really!

Unicycling enthusiast Lutz Eichholz somehow managed to ride along 8.93 metres of bottles -- breaking his own record of 7.99 metres.

10 metres of bottles had been lined up ahead of the record and all had been opened and emptied beforehand.

However, given his amazing display of balance, something tells us Eichholz can't have enjoyed many of them. Though we hope he had a few after.

275x250.jpg England long jump champion J.J. Jegede has taken time out of his normal Olympic training schedule to jump over three Minis -- as you do.

The 2012 hopeful made the six metre leap at Potters Fields, London,to help launch the the Mini London 2012 Edition Models.

Jegede ran on a run-up track which was raised to the height of the MINI’s roofs, and jumped into an equally high sand pit on the other side.

Given a successful jump by a world-class athlete in optimum conditions is seven to eight metres, there was not really too much Evel Knievel-style risk of failure.

275x250.jpgA US woman required hospital treatment recently -- after she was injured by an exploding toilet in Washington.

The unnamed woman had reportedly been doing her business in the federal government building when the accident happened.

Bosses say the bog blast at the GSA regional office was caused by a mechanical failure with high air pressure in the domestic water system.

This was triggered by her flushing and left herwith serious but non-life-threatening injuries, say doctors.

Other employees have been warned not to use the restrooms until engineering staff had completed work to correct the issue.

Runaway dog causes motorway chaos (Video)

A runaway dog caused traffic chaos in Portland, Oregon after escaping from her owner as she was taken for a walk and when for an impromptu run on a motorway.

CCTV footage shows the moment tiny Mango jumped onto Interstate 84, bringing cars to a standstill.

Drivers then tried to grab the little pooch as it scurried from vehicle to vehicle… but initially had little success.

One blanket-wielding would-be dog catcher even ended up falling face first on the road before the dog ran towards a nearby school.

A baseball fan in Taiwan was so desperate to catch a foul ball that he accidentally dropped his young daughter in the process. Oops.

Embarrassingly, not only did he not get the ball -- but the moment of dubious parenting was caught on camera, as this footage shows.

The butter-fingered father can be seen jumping from his seat as the foul ball comes towards him, seemingly forgetting that he had the young girl on his lap.

As such she was flung into the row of seats in front of him and he had to recover her by pulling her back up by the legs. Let's hope her mom hasn't seen this.

It costs women £500 after getting dumped

275x250.jpgThe average woman splashes out £500 reinventing herself after being dumped, research has revealed.

A recent study of 2,000 dumped women asked them what they'd done post-relationship to get their lives back on track.

More than half of those polled said they'd responded by 'reinventing themselves' and completely revamped their appearance.

As such, ditched damsels splash out the best part of £496.66 on hair-cuts and colours, a new wardrobe of clothes and shoes, gym memberships, spray tans, make-up and manicures.
But three quarters of ladies admitted the reinvention was worth every penny – as they felt a million dollars afterwards.

ITV bosses have been left red-faced after it was revealed a documentary mistakenly used a clip from a computer game as footage of the IRA shooting down a helicopter.

The documentary 'Exposure, Gaddafi and the IRA' -- which aired on ITV1 on Monday -- had looked at links between the former Libyan leader and the Irish terrorist group.

During it, a pixelated-looking clip was played which was said to show an 1988 IRA attack on a British Army helicopter.

But it turned out the footage was actually from a military simulation game called Arma II -- as was quickly pointed out by the hundreds of gamers who contacted ITV about the gaffe.

275x250.jpg AA recovery driver Darren Foster got the shock of his life recently -- when he was called out to a car with a 7ft boa constrictor trapped behind the dashboard.

The snake had slipped free from the pillow case in which she was being transported by a children’s entertainer from Essex, forcing the driver to call for assistance.

Foster -- who is fairly new to the AA -- said he had to double-check the details when the job came through and that his manager checked that he wasn’t afraid of snakes.

When he arrived at the car, the seven-foot-long female boa constrictor wouldn’t come out and he had to set about removing the dashboard… carefully.

More than 30 teams of lawn mower racers have competed in an annual 12-hour endurance race in the West Sussex countryside.

The ride-on lawn mowers -- which can reach speeds of 50mph -- only have modest (mostly cosmetic) modifications and all use standard engines.

Starting at 7pm, the competitors raced overnight and with no suspension other than a padded seat they could certainly feel it in the morning.

A spokesperson for British Lawn Mower Racing Association, said that all the mowers had their cutting decks removed… so no short cuts then!

275x250.jpg The inventor of Doritos is set to have the popular tortilla chips tossed into his grave by family members at his funeral ceremony later this week.

Arch West -- who came up with the idea for Doritos after a family vacation in Southern California in 1964 -- died earlier this month at the age of 97.

After his initial idea he led the team at makers Frito-Lay which created and marketed the popular triangular corn snack.

And now it's been revealed he will be taking his legacy to his grave with him, with family planning to dust his grave with a layer of Doritos before dirt is put over the urn.

A spokesperson for the family said: "He'll love it!" But we want to know 'what about the dip?' surely there is nothing worse than an eternity with Doritos but no dip.

All footballers sweat while playing -- but Walter Pandiani must perspire more than most… he's just been dubbed the world's sweatiest footballer.

The evidence against him, this post-match interview after a clash between this team Espanyol and Getafe.

Having netted the winning goal in the dying minutes press were eager to hear from the match-winner… but they'd have been forgiven for forgetting about his on-pitch performance.

That's because as he spoke, the 35-year-old began to perspire and sweat patches appeared on his shirt and within a few minutes it was hard to spot any dry patches.

monkey typing shakepeare.jpg A computer programmer is testing the old adage about a million monkeys with typewriters recreating the entire works of William Shakespeare.

But Jesse Anderson is not dependent on primate keyboard skills and will run his experiment virtually with 'digital monkeys'.

Using a computer simulation of the theroretical simian typing pool, Anderson is seeing how long it takes them to randomly reproduce the works of the bard in nine character long snippets.

And it seems to be working. The first work completed was the poem A Lover's Complaint which appeared in a book of The Bard's sonnets.

"This is the first time a work of Shakespeare has actually been randomly reproduced," Anderson wrote on his blog… assuming he's not using monkeys to write that too.

That's it,
the internet must finally be full! How else can you explain this video of a unicyclist riding while wearing a kilt and playing the Star Wars theme on the bagpipes?

275x250.jpg We've seen our fair share of odd yachts here on Newslite -- from a Monaco inspired one and another which came with a free supercar to dubiously gold-plated ones -- but this is certainly up there.

Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, “Project Utopia” measures 100m in length and breadth and features 11 decks seemingly hovering over the sea.

Designers say the yacht (should it ever get built) would also boast four helipads, its own dock, several swimming pools and as much space as a cruise liner.

There would also be a 360-degree observation area… from where you could watch people pointing and saying: "I can't believe that thing ever got built!

A Copa Sudamericana football match in Uruguay had to be called off recently -- after a linesman was hit in the head with a roll of paper.

Crowd problems flared during the clash between Universidad de Chile and Nacional, and with the score at 2-0  several fans started hurling projectiles.

Then, as this footage shows, a roll of till receipt paper struck one unfortunate soccer official on the head, knocking him to the ground.

The battered linesman received medial treatment for several minutes before the match was eventually called off by the referee… who presumably feared getting hit with something himself.

275x250.jpg Digital cameras seem to be getting smaller and smaller -- but this is just ridiculous. Meet the world's smallest camera!

Balancing on the end of a finger it's clear to see the camera is small, however it's still fully functional and boasts a 2 megapixel sensor for photos and video.

Measuring just over one inch in all dimensions and weighing only half an ounce, the £65 camera appears to require Lilliputian dexterity, but retailers insist it's easy to use.

A spokesperson for Hammacher Schlemmer said of the diminutive device: "A human finger can snap a picture with a touch of the shutter button.

A wingsuit-wearing daredevil has performed a death-defying stunt by sky diving through a narrow slit in a mountainside. We don't know why.

Jeb Corliss, 35, jumped out of a helicopter over Hunan Province in China and proceeded to soar at speeds of 75mph.

Using his wingsuit to steer himself, he then aimed for a 1.2km tall and 100m wide natural archway in Tianmen peak and activated his parachute before landing safely on a bridge cheered on by fans.

"That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life," Corliss said.

275x250.jpg A defunct six-ton NASA satellite has fallen to Earth -- prompting the US space agency to say they're not aware of any injuries or property damage.

After its mission which began in 1991, the decommissioned Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) broke into pieces during re-entry.

NASA say 26 satellite components -- weighing a total of about 1,200 pounds -- would have been expected to survive the fiery re-entry

And while the precise location of debris have not been determined -- data indicates the satellite bits landed in the Pacific Ocean. All we know is that it didn't hit us!

275x250.jpg A 22-year-old student from Illinois has been named by Guinness World Records as the new ‘Shortest Living Woman’ -- standing at just 2 ft 3 in (69 cm) tall.

In addition to this title, Bridgette also holds the record for the ‘Shortest Living Siblings’ alongside her brother, 20-year-old Brad Jordan, who measures 3 ft 2 in (98 cm) tall.

While their reduced height is caused by Majewski osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II the pair live normal lives and both study at Kaskaskia College.

Bridgette’s hobbies are focused around her love of music; dancing and cheerleading while Brad says he likes to play basketball… no, that was not us making a joke.

A thousand people have stripped off and floated naked in the Dead Sead to take part in a Spencer Tunick photo shoot.

Famous for his flesh-based photos, Tunick has previously snapped masses of naked people in all sorts of locations and settings - including this tribute to LS Lowry.

He says his latest shoot was intended to draw attention to the fact that the Red Sea, water level is currently dropping nearly four feet a year.

So he convinced 1,000 people -- aged from 18 to 77 years old -- to enter the salty lake and pose for a series of images.

275x250.jpg House-proud Brits inspired by property TV shows from Grand Designs to MTV Cribs spend £1,171 per year sprucing up their homes, it's been found.

The survey discovered that in addition to the £58,550 over a lifetime -- we also spend 11 days per year dedicated to home improvements.

The cash sees huge amounts spent on non-functional decorations such as soft furnishings and items that they will never use, for fear of ruining them.

Almost a third of those polled state property TV shows such as Grand Designs, Kirstie's Homemade Home and Location, Location, Location has inspired them to put even more effort into the appearance of their homes.
And 14 percent of people admitted voyeuristic peeks inside celebrity homes made them covet luxurious items such as jacuzzis… not great if you live in a bed-sit in Slough.

Rock-eating dog wins annual dumb pet award

275x250.jpg A pug named Harley who ate, and subsequently passed, more than 100 rocks has the dubious honour of having won an annual dumb pet award.

Each year bosses of a US pet insurance form like to celebrate their most unusual claim of the year by shortlisting unfortunate pets for a pubic vote.

And this year the honour was bestowed on rock-eating Harley, a pug who decided to munch on stones while his owner was away and ended up filling half of his stomach.

After X-rays revealed what had happened, vets discussed what action to take… but as the rocks were small they decided to let him pass them naturally.

A series of videos featuring cute kittens recreating scenes from Star Wars and waving lightsabres have become an online hit -- how could they not.

It all started when 21-year-old Zach King from LA recorded the first 16 second video of two kittens doing lightsabre battle on his sofa, until he asks them to cut it out.

The video was watched millions of times online and King decided to make his second instalment of Jedi kittens a bigger production.

This time Jedi Kittens Strike Back, sees the cats chasing each other down a corridor in X-Wing and Tie fighters before crashing in a music studio and whipping out their own lightsabres.

275x250.jpg A dumb would-be armed robber was caught by police after he returned to the scene of his attempted crime -- to get his coat back.

Anthony Gorman, 21, is said to tried robbing a store by threatening staff with a gun, but fled empty-handed after being fought off.

During the tussle, his grey jacket was ripped off and left on the floor when he ran away from the scene.

But a few minutes later the dopey gunman sheepishly returned to the store and asked if he could have his £200 coat back.

Unfortunately for him the shopkeeper said "Are you stupid? No, you can’t have it – get out."

Ever wondered where a woman looks when checking out a cute guy? Well wonder no more thanks to this sneaky video.

Cosmo For Guys decided to send a fetching young chap into New York covered in hidden cameras, have him chat to women by asking for directions… and see where they look.

Wearing cameras in his glasses, on his biceps, on his butt and on his crotch, he went out and talked to an assortment of random strangers.

Sure enough there was't too much eye contact going on and the women were repeatedly caught out taking a sneaky look at his muscular arms and his crotch.

275x250.jpg A restaurant in Saudi Arabia has started fining diners who fail to finish their meals -- in a bid to discourage greed.

Bosses at Marmar Restaurant in Dammam are said to vary the level of leftover charge depending on how much food has been left on the plate.

The bizarre move was reportedly introduced after it was noticed some customers ordered excessively large meals in a bid to impress people around them.

It's hoped the odd charges will combat high levels of food wastage in Saudi Arabia and discourage extravagant orders.

Would the fear of a fine encourage you to order less food? We think it's just a good excuse to pick a few extra chips of our partner's plate.

275x250.jpg We have something of a penchant for stories about odd gummy based products, having previously written about the world's largest gummy worm, bear and a bear-based chandelier.

Well we're at it again, this time thanks to a full size gummi brain -- which we presume is the ideal snack for gummy zombies.

Measuring a whopping 19.5cm x 15.6cm x 7.5cm, the life-sized gummy brain weighs approximately 3.18kg, is fruity bubblegum flavour and sells online for £20.

Online retailer Firebox says the giant gummi brain is "guaranteed to give anyone the heebie jeebies", yeah and a week-long sugar rush.

275x250.jpg Three people have been arrested after a stunt they were recording for a TV comedy series sparked a major security scare at a New Zealand airport.

The TV stunt gone wrong had seen an actor dressed as a pilot try to gain access to a secure part of the airport, but he was stopped by police.

When he was unable to provide suitable forms of identification he left -- but not before airport staff contacted police, who in turn issued a national alert.

CCTV footage of the man was released and airports across the country were put on high alert with officials fearing a terrorist attack.

But it was later revealed the attempted security breach had been pat of a hidden camera TV comedy series. Surprisingly not many people were left laughing.

A tiny Rottweiler puppy has been saved by animal welfare officers after falling down a crack in the ground in Texas.

Owners say they were shocked when they realised their month-old pup had disappeared from their house -- but soon heard it's squeals for help from outside.

Following the noise they discovered the puppy had fallen down a crack in the ground caused by severe droughts and could not get out.

Animal welfare officers were called and used pick axes, hammers and a shovel trying to free the whining dog. Which luckily they were able to do.

275x250.jpg Organisers of the Road Cycling World Championships in Denmark were shocked when, hours before the start of the race, they realised part of the course had disappeared.

It turned out an overly keen road sweeper thought someone had gratified the road outside Copenhagen city hall and cleaned it off.

A spokesperson said: "We went to sleep yesterday with a good feeling of being all and well prepared.

"But we woke up facing the challenge of a road sweeper by accident having destroyed the finish line."

It took two hours to re-establish the finish line and clean oil which had been spilt over other part of the course… oddly the road sweeper had ignored that.

Obama brews his own beer at the White House

obama beer Barack Obama has once again made history -- this time by becoming the first US President to brew his own beer in the White House.

Historians say Obama's 'White House Honey Ale' -- which lists honey from Whit House bees as an ingredient -- marks the first time 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been used as a micro-brewery.

Produced with equipment the Obamas have paid for with their own money, the brew was recently enjoyed when Obama sat down with war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer ahead of awarding him the Medal of Honor.

But it was first served at their Super Bowl party earlier this year where guests managed to drink the entire first batch of 90-100 bottles… prompting an embarrassing trip to the off-license.

He's a World Cup winner and one of the best strikers in the world -- but that didn't stop Fernando Torres from missing a howler against Manchester United this weekend.

The £50m Chelsea man had played well, scored a goal and had a good game, but all anyone will remember from the match will remember is his gaffe in the 82nd minute.

With a well-paced ball coming to him six yards from an empty net, it looked like there was no way he could miss.

But never one to shy away from a challenge, Torres somehow managed to slice  the ball wide in what's being described as the worst miss ever.

275x250.jpg Nikolai Valuev -- the tallest and heaviest ever boxing champion -- has joined hunters on a search for the Siberian yeti.

The seven foot tall and 23 stone beast (the boxer, not the yeti) says he was inspired to join the hunt after hearing about recent sightings.

Reports say local hunters have seen "hairy humanoid creatures" wandering near the Azass Cave in Mount Shoriya.

As such the former boxing champ visited mountains of Kemerovo Region where he joined an expedition looking for Siberian snowmen.

Valuev says he would like to "talk to the yeti about life"… that's assuming the bigfoot isn't too sacred of him.

275x250.jpg London's skyline was recently turned into a giant Star Wars advert -- as BT Tower was transformed into the world's biggest lightsaber.

The large-scale sci-fi transformation saw 60 4,500-watt lights -- standing 1.3m high and weighing 124kg -- installed at the top of the iconic tower.

This sent a bright beam of blue light skywards and made the 189m tall cylindrical building look like the sword wielded by Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars films.

It was all part of a special party to launch the Blu-ray versions of Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the event was attended by C3PO himself Anthony Daniels.

Sperm bank turns down donations from redheads

275x250.jpg One of the world's largest sperm banks has said they will start rejecting donations from redheads -- because people don't want ginger babies.

Bosses at Cryos -- an international network of sperm banks -- say a recent surge in donations means they can now be more picky.

As a result they are looking at what traits are not in demand -- and redheaded donors top the list.

While there's said to be a strong demand for sperm from redheaded donors in Ireland, other places in the world are less keen.

A spokesperson for the sperm banks said people do not pick a redhead unless a sterile partner has ginger hair or the woman has a preference for redheads.

275x250.jpg Movie bosses at Warner Bros have come up with a interesting way to market the Steven Soderberdh film Contagian -- a living bacteria-based billboard advert.

The 'viral marketing' seems an apt fit for the film which follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, though is still decidedly gross.

Scientists were recruited to create the two specially made Petri dishes and a range of specially grown coloured bacteria which was installed in an abandoned shop window in Toronto.

Over a period of five days mouldy movie advert -- made from bacteria including penicillin, mould and pigmented bacteria -- then grew into the bizarre billboard.

A pair of OAPs who accidentally filmed themselves trying to operate their new computer have become an online hit after the clip was uploaded to YouTube.

Bruce and Esther Huffman, from Oregon, apparently didn't know their camera was rolling as they tried to take a photo of themselves.

As such 86-year-old Bruce can be seen saying, "Look at the monkey. That's a pretty good monkey" as he pulls a funny face into the camera.

But our personal highlight is when he turns to his 79-year-old wife and says, "Just drop your dress a little bit and see your boobies"... who says old people don't understand the internet.

64-year-old stuntman breaks James Bond record

275x250.jpg A 64-year-old stuntman has smashed a world record previously set during the filming of James Bond -- by driving through a breakaway glass structure.

Rocky Taylor jumped a spinning BMW at speed through a 19ft 69in by 13ft 12in sheet of breakaway glass at the O2 Area in Greenwich south London.

This broke the previous record which was set during the filming of Die Another Day when actor Pierce Brosnan drove an Aston Martin through a 8ft 3.5in by 5ft 4.5in glass panel in the Ice Palace scene.

The new record was attempted to help raise awareness for 'Remember A Charity In Your Will' and was the second Rocky has done this year having previously jumped 40ft from a burning building. As you do.

Man buries pet cat… uncovers C4 explosives

275x250.jpg When Adrian Ayers tried to bury his recently deceased pet cat in Ohio, it's safe to say things didn't exactly go as planned.

That's because as he dug a final resting place for the kitty he unearthed a metal box containing C4 explosives and bullets -- prompting a bomb scare.

Bomb squad officers were called after the discovery and residents were evacuated from a two city block radius until the explosives were removed.

Firemen were also needed to block traffic and keep unsuspecting pedestrians out of harms' way.

It was later revealed the box contained five three-quarter sticks of TNT -- which could have seen the remains of the cat blown high into the sky.

This video is guaranteed to make you laugh

It's good to smile and even better to laugh… and we defy you not to do both while watching this video of people giggling.

The two-minute video -- which feature people from babies to pensioners laughing into the camera -- has become a hit online.

Edited together with clips from YouTube, the video has apparently brought a smile to the faces of most of the 500,000 people who have seen it.

275x250.jpg It would be easy to assume that Rob Hull is a Doctor Who fanatic given that he's just been recognised as owning the world's largest Dalek collection.

But bizarrely -- despite having 571 model Daleks and a place in the Guinness World Records Book -- the 49-year-old from Doncaster isn't a fan of the Doctor and doesn't watch the show.

However, his home is dominated by the Daleks, includng a 6ft life size replica model, which he has spent 20 years collecting.

"I’ve never been a fan of the show, but I have been enchanted by the Daleks ever since I saw one in a toy store as a child," Rob said.

275x250.jpg Something tells us Aevin Dugas has a problem getting through some doorways, because she is the proud owner of the largest natural afro in the world.

With a circumference measuring an incredible 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m) the impressive hair-do has apparently taken over 12 years to grow.

It's now larger than a traditional disco ball and so big the 36-year-old social worker from New Orleans could even fit the world’s shortest man inside!

Aevin says having such a big hairstyle can be problematic, "It’s always getting caught in trees, and one time I even slammed my hair in the car door! And I hate it when people touch it without asking my permission first!"

However, on the upside, she added that it's very comfortable to lie on in bed, "It provides the perfect pillow. I sleep very well." 

275x250.jpg Brides can forget about getting to the chapel on time, this one will get to them in record speeds -- meet the worlds fastest wedding chapel which can drive at 62mph.

Two years ago Rev. Darrell Best, of Illinois, converted his 1940s fire truck into a wedding chapel on wheels to allow loved-up coupled to tie the knot while they're on the road.

And since then Rev. Best who has married over 40 couples in the vehicle -- dubbed 'The Best Man' -- which today became world's fastest wedding chapel… not that it had much competition.

The vehicle is capable of doing 62mph and several of the ceremonies have been conducted at this speed with the bride and the groom, the two witnesses, and the minister all in the back.

275x250.jpg Chanel Tapper had got the competition licked when it came to taking the title for the world's longest tongue -- hers measures 9.75 cm.

That means the 21-year-old student from California has a tongue twice as long as average and the equivalent length of an iPhone.

Her tongue is as long as the world’s largest cockroach; as wide as your palm and the same volume as a quarter pounder hamburger.

Speaking of her terrifically long tongue Chanel said: "I love the shocked reaction I get from people in the street when I stick it out."

However, she admits there is a downside of having a record-breaking tongue: "Most guys who see it automatically have their mind in the gutter… and so do some females."

13 dogs skip their way into world record book

275x250.jpg We've often wondered how some people come up with the idea to set a bizarre world record -- like this one for the most dogs skipping on the same rope.

Well according to the dog handler at Uchida Geinousha's 'Super Wan Wan Circus' in Japan this came about by accident when a curious poodle joined in with some human skippers.

"One day Mayonnaise, an incredibly curious poodle, started to try and skip with us.  She clearly really enjoyed it and we decided to get the other dogs involved.  It’s become part of their playtime," he said.
To make sure all 13 dogs have full credit for their achievement, they are (from left to right) Leo, Doremi, Button, Koume, Aya, Kimchi, Nami, Mayonnaise, Ann, Sumire, Kurobe and Akebi… what do you mean that's only twelve, oops.

World's longest fingernails measure 19ft 9in

275x250.jpgWe're having something of a Guinness World Records fest on Newslite today - to mark the release of the 2012 edition of the wonderfully bizarre records book.

And our first new record holder is Christine Walton from Las Vegas -- who has the world's longest fingernails measuring a freaky 19ft 9in (601.9cm).

That's 10ft 2in (309.8cm) on her left hand and 9ft 7in (292.1cm) on her right hand and the 45-year-old singer says she hasn’t cut her fingernails since 1990.

Christine insists the nails don’t prevent her from living a normal life; she can still braid hair, cook and drive, however, she does confess to struggling when shopping for clothes:

"I’ll see the cutest shirts, and they’ll have these skinny arms and I know that my nails would just rip straight through them, she said.

275x250.jpgOverweight women and cheating married men are the most likely to be willing to have sex on a first date, it's been revealed.

A survey of 10,000 British daters looked at which ones would be most open to having sex on the first date.

It was found that larger women are most open to going all the way right after meeting someone on a dating website.

While there was no similar effect in larger men, athletic gents and those who were already married were most likely to have sex on the first date.

On the whole it was discovered that men are more likely to want sex on a first date… and in other news water is wet.

We don't know the Portuguese for "never work with children or animals" -- but something tells us these TV presenters could have done with hearing the phrase.

That's because a children’s show in Brazil recently suffered its own Blue Peter elephant moment, when a horse pooped on stage.

The horse had been led out into the middle of the brightly coloured stage when it lifted its tail and proceeded to poop on live TV.

Hosts held their heads in their hands, some children screamed, others laughed while some… well they whipped out their mobile phones 

275x250.jpgA man who was having a fish pedicure-style treatment at a Chinese spa had to be rushed to hospital when an eel swam up his penis.

The unlucky 56-year-old had been hoping that having the fish munch on his dead skin would leave him looking younger.

But as he was lying in the spa bath he felt a sharp pain in his penis and looked down to see a six inch eel working its way up his urethra.

He reportedly tried pulling it out, but it slithered up his penis and into his bladder and he was rushed to hospital.

There he underwent a three-hour operation to remove the six-inch critter - which had died inside him… you can stop cringing and unfold your legs now.

This video footage shows the dramatic moment bystanders in Utah stopped being bystanders after a terrifying motorcycle crash and saved the rider from a fiery death.

21-year-old Brandon Wright had been riding his motorcycle when he slammed into to a BMW -- both vehicles caught fire and Wright was trapped under the car.

That's when passersby sprang into action in a desperate bid to save him, realising he was unconscious and trapped, they tried to lift the BMW off him.

As the car continued to burn, more and more people risked their own lives by joined in until they were able to lift the car enough to pull Wright out from under it. Heroic stuff.

275x250.jpg An amphibious caravan which can transform into a boat is set to go on sale in 2012 -- meaning holidaymakers no longer need to decide between camping and a cruise.

German designers say their Sealander device is a normal caravan - boasting two beds, and cooking facilities -- until it's lowered into the water.

At this point an electric motor kicks in which can be used to control the £13,000 caravan which has instantly become a £13,000 boat.

Designer Daniel Straub said: "You can settle for the night at the campsite and during the day sunbathe, cruise on the lake or even go fishing for dinner.

Think your football team has a bad keeper? Well we'd like to bet he's better than Torpedo Zhodino's Artem Gomelko… just look at this howler he recently let in.

Gomelko was standing by the net when rival Belarusian Premier League defender Anton Matveenko decided to have an audacious attempt from 70 yards out.

And thanks to being off-target and not very powerful, it never looked likely to going in or troubling the keeper, until he tried to keep the ball in play.

Reaching out he touched the ball and diverted it from going out… sending it straight into the back of the net. The game ended 1-1. Oops.

275x250.jpgUnfortunate and stupid pets who've done dumb things like eat more than 100 rocks and chase a fly onto a hot wood stove are in the running for a 'prestigious' prize.

A US insurance firm is looking for an animal to award their Hambone award to, for the most unusual claim of the year -- and they have plenty to pick from.

The 12 pet shortlisted for the title -- named after the inaugural winner, a dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a refrigerator -- all made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for their daft accidents

Previous winners include Labrador retriever who gobbled up an entire beehive and a bulldog who swallowed 15 baby pacifiers, a bottle cap and piece of a basketball.

275x250.jpgAn author has been left red-faced after an embarrassing typo made it through to the ebook version of her romantic novel.

Susan Andersen had meant part of her novel 'Baby, I'm Yours', to read: "He stiffened for a moment but then she felt his muscles loosen as he shifted on the ground"

But unfortunately for her, the 'f' in shifted was replaced by a 't' -- meaning he did something altogether different on the ground.

Speaking of the blunder, Andersen said:" "Shifted - he SHIFTED! I just cringe when I think of the readers who have read this.

"Hopefully, it's only in the iBook version that I bought, but if it's in yours as well, please let me know. I've contacted the editor and pray this will be promptly fixed.

John Schuepbach is better at playing Tetris than you -- not content with making lines disappear, he uses the falling blocks to create images.

Recently he recorded himself playing the classic game and creating an image of the Nintendo character Luigi in the process. Yes, during a live game.

Schuepbach carved out the impressive image by keeping the right coloured bricks and lines in place, while clearing the ones he didn't.

This one attempt took him more than an hour and we dread to think how many attempts it took to get it right… but we're certainly glad Schuepbach didn't have anything better to do.

275x250.jpg Caius Veiovis isn't your average murder suspect… as this bizarre mugshot, released by Berkshire County District Attorney, shows.

The 31-year-old has the number of the devil tattooed on his forehead, a spike through his nose and a series of facial horns.

He's said to be part of a gang which kidnapped and killed three Hells Angels and buried them in Massachusetts.

Just in case you don't find this image of Veiovis and his alleged actions terrifying enough, it's also worth noting he's said to be a blood-drinking Satan worshiper. As you do.

We've previously discovered that cows have a sense of humour, get confused by power lines and that those with names even produce more milk.

And today we're also happy to bring you the useful information that cows also like jazz. Really, they do.

While this discovery isn't backed by university research or a hard-hitting scientific study, it is supported by a video which is currently proving a hit online.

In the clip, members of the Utah-based jazz band 'The New Hot 5' take time out of their European tour to perform for a field of cows in Autrans, France. Why? we don't know… and once you clip play you won't either.

275x250.jpg We didn't think it could get much worse for Happy Feet, the penguin which got lost, swam 3,000 miles in the wrong direction and then needed surgery after eating sand in New Zealand.

But experts now fear the 3-year-old emperor penguin has now been eaten by a shark or a whale after being being taken back to Antarctica on a research vessel.

A transmitter had been attached to the 80cm bird in a bid to monitor his movement and development, but on Friday the transmitter fell silent.

The firm monitoring the transmissions say this means it either fell off, or that the unlucky bird has become lunch for a predator… we really hope it fell off.

275x250.jpgThere's nothing unusual about someone phoning 999 to report an unwanted intruder in their home… but this one had eight legs.

A woman in Coventry recently called police on 999 and asked for officers to hush to her house after finding a spider in her kitchen.

She said seeing the spider had left her terrified and that only by having officers come round and remove the arachnid would she be able to sleep.

Unsurprisingly police told the woman they would not be attending and reminded her that the 999 service was only for more urgent matters.

However, we suspect they just didn't have enough tiny handcuffs for the creepy crawly.

A would-be Hollywood stunt man has filmed himself performing a series of impressive jumps and flip in the hope of landing a movie contract.

Culminating with a 'Ninja flip' over a speeding car, 22-year-old Aaron Evans hopes his stunts will be enough to do the trick, pardon the pun.

Watched by hundreds of fans Aaron can be seen warming-up by flipping over a man in a wheelchair and a group of sitting volunteers.

Then it's time for the main event and a Acura NSX speeds towards him as he runs and flips over it… given there was no 'fail' in our headline, you know he made it.

275x250.jpgA man in Florida was left with a serious gun-shot wound to his hand when he tried to kill a snake, but accidentally shot himself.

The 75-year-old is said to have found a large water moccasin snake near his front door and decided the best thing to do was shoot it.

After retrieving his .38 caliber handgun he fired a shot at the slithering snake, but missed.

As he fiddled with the weapon it once again fired, once again missing the snake… but this time his hand was not so lucky, and he shot two fingers on his left hand.

The elderly man was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital -- police say it's understood that the snake got away unharmed.

A video of a confused bird trying to walking the wrong way down an escalator has become a hit online -- with some suggesting it's a metaphor for life.

The video, thought to have been shot in Vancouver, Canada, shows a bird calmly walking the glass doors to a shopping centre among bustling shoppers.

But the bird-brain then attempts to get to a lower level by taking the wrong escalator and finds itself plodding along on the up escalator, never getting anywhere.

It's only when the feathered critter is spooked by shoppers coming towards it, that it turns around and tries to get out. Which it manages while trying to make it look like it meant to do that.

A man in Sweden recently returned home to find an odd decoration adorning his neighbour's tree -- a drunken moose.

After hearing an bizarre bellowing coming from the garden he headed off to investigate and found the inebriated animal stuck in the tree.
It's thought the beast got wasted by munching on apples which had fallen from other nearby trees and began to ferment.

Police were called and working with the fire brigade were able free the drunken moose… who promptly staggered for a few feet, collapsed and fell asleep.

275x250.jpg Sure it might not be a 52 inch 3D HD flatscreen, but this humble set from 1946 is still going strong after having a digi-box installed for the digital switchover.

Retired TV engineer Steve Farley says his Pye B16T -- one of the first post-war television sets to be built -- is still the picture of health.

Originally bought by his father in 1946, the set was the first in the Midlands to receive TV pictures from London's Alexandra Palace transmitter in the summer of 1946.

Since then the TV has only needed minor modifications to keep it working over the years and even still has its original tube… and now it can pick up QVC, his dad would be so proud.

We can only imagine the pressure a professional footballer feels when taking a penalty (forwards or backwards) -- they're expected to score, and know they should.

It's embarrassing if they kick it wide, over the bar or directly at the keeper… or just make a huge gaffe of the entire thing like this guy.

Al Ahly striker Amir Sayoud recently showed what NOT to do from the penalty during a match against rivals Kima Aswan. And not even science can explain what he did.

Running up to the ball, he tried to do a wiggle and put the keeper off, but instead ended up kicking the ground, falling over and feebly nudging the ball towards the net. Oops.

275x250.jpg NASA have released an 'out of this world' photo of Saturn which was taken by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft while it was in orbit around the planet.

The stunning image -- which it's hard to believe isn't a CGI creation -- was taken as the probe looked back at the eclipsed sun.

And even NASA astronomers are impressed by the resulting image from 800 million miles away, with one saying: "Cassini saw a view unlike any other.

"First, the night side of Saturn is seen to be partly lit by light reflected from its own majestic ring system. 

275x250.jpg 8,957 people armed with some 175,141 water filled balloons have set a new world record for the world's largest water balloon fight. And it looks like fun.

The record attempt took place at the University of Kentucky and was organised by the Christian Student Fellowship who spent hours filling the balloons.

It apparently took just seven minutes for all of the water balloons to be hurled, that's 25,020 per minute or 417 each second.

And just in case your maths isn't quite as good as ours, that equally a whole lot of fun. Really, just click play if you don't believe us.

A teenage yob well and truly took the pee during a recent court appearance in the US -- he weed in a judge's rubbish bin.

17-year-old Corey Webb had been standing trial in Texas for shooting a police officer during an attempted escape from a youth detention centre.

But as this video shows, he doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously. As the jury left the room, he stood up, walked over to a courtroom bin and unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers.

A shocked policeman and the judge were forced to look on in dismay as the idiot relieved himself into the metal bin… which just takes the piss.

275x250.jpgComedian Jason Schneider has hit upon a novel way of making money from his jokes -- by charging strangers $1 each to hear then in New York's Central Park.

After struggling to get a job with the likes of Comedy Central and HBO the 26-year-old funny-man decided to take matters into his own hands.

Holding a massive sign which reads: "Laughter guaranteed" he now offers to tell passersby jokes for $1 each and surprisingly it seems to be paying off.

Schneider earned $140 in his first six hours and has since gained international media coverage about his his pay-per-laugh joke telling.

Here's one of his jokes "Did you see MIT students invented a robot that can play video games? Yeah, even their inventions are virgins" -- if you laughed, send him a dollar.

275x250.jpgMiss Universe entrant Catalina Robayo (Miss Colombia) is said to have been reprimanded by pageant bosses after going commando at official appearances.

The 22-year-old was recently photographed having ditched her underwear at event where she wore a short frock without her panties -- ahead of the contest in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Unsurprisingly the resulting crotch-shot grabbed the attention of both the internet and the Miss Universe Organisation, the latter of which questioned her "inappropriate wardrobe."

Miss Colombia has now apparently been told in no uncertain terms, to wear underpants during all public appearances.

But we think she should be cut some slack... maybe she'd just misread the memo and thought they were pubic appearances.

A would-be robber who tried to raid a 7-Eleven store in California while dressed as the children's TV character Gumby failed… because staff thought it was a joke.

Why the dumb crook thought dressing as a good-natured claymation figure would help him strike fear into the hearts of staff is unknown.

What is known is that it didn't work and staff laughed at him thinking it was a joke -- prompting the green man to shout a threatening: "You don't think it's a robbery? Let me show you my gun!"

Less threatening was what happened next… he couldn't fit his costumed hand into his pocket to retrieve his weapon and ended up just dropping 26 cents in change on the floor before making a humiliated getaway.

275x250.jpg NASA have released detailed images of the moon landing sites which it's hoped will finally stop conspiracy theorists from claiming they never really landed on the moon.

They say the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently captured the sharpest images ever taken from space of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites.

This is said to be thanks to LRO lowering its orbit from 50km above the Moon's surface to just 25km.

Images even show the twists and turns of the paths made when the astronauts explored the lunar surface in the 1960s and 70s… unless you think they faked these photos too.

This video shows the touching moment a group of chimpanzees which had been used for laboratory testing saw daylight for the first time.

Having being raised in cages for the purpose of medical testing the chimps range in age from 20 to 30 years old and are understood to have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis.

In 1997 the pharmaceutical company conducting the research was sold and the chimps moved to Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary, near Salzburg in Austria.

Now a 14-year-bid to introduce the 38 primates to the outdoors has finally taken place and the chimpanzees certainly look happy with the outcome.

275x250.jpg An artist and photographer has created an amazing series of dinosaur images by 'painting' them with nothing more a torch, a camera and a lot of talent.

Darren Pearson (Darius Twin) uses a method known as light graffiti to create his stunning 'Light Fossils' images, which have become a huge hit online.

The method involves setting a camera to a slow shutter speed and then using a LED torch / flashlight to draw the image mid-air in the time it takes the shutter to close.

The result is a photograph with an impressive graffiti-like dino image -- luckily anyone who saw it being created wouldn't fear a dino invasion… they'd have just seen a series of morse code-like light dots.

275x250.jpgAmericans have been voted the "coolest nationality" in an international poll of 30,000 people around the world.

Icons which make America cool were found to be things such as the iPhone, Ray-Bans, Levi's, Harley Davidson and people like Jay-Z, Johnny Depp and President Obama.

Other nationalities found to be considered cool in the study by social network included Brazilians, Spanish and Italians.

And in bad news for Brits, they only came sixth in the poll, below the French. So much for Cool Britannia.

However, it could be worse, you could be Belgian! Thanks to Brussel sprouts, being the home of the EU and Herman Van Rompuy they were named the least cool nationality.

A US student has become an online hit after realising a rare genetic condition means he can play the piano while facing away from the keys.

Evan Petrone has the ligament-loosening disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type) which means he can bend his limbs in all sorts of odd directions.

Given he is also an accomplished pianist he decided to combine the two and play the piano backwards by rotating his shoulders out of socket and sitting facing away from the instrument.

His reverse rendition of Clocks by Coldplay has already become a hit on YouTube where it's been viewed more than 300,000 times… imagine the views if he'd picked a better song.

275x250.jpgA parrot which was stolen in China has helped police catch the man who stole him -- by speaking up and becoming a police informer.

The clever bird had been sold by the crook to a pet shop in Beijing, which the rightful owner happened to visit after his bird was taken.

As soon as the parrot saw its master it's said to have started 'talking' to him and staff at the pet store realised Wang Lu was his rightful owner.

Details of the man who'd sold the bird to the store were then passed on to cops who quickly located and arrested him.

Previously we've seen a clever parrot returned home after giving police his home address, one who can speak Urdu and English and another who was arrested for being part of a drugs gang.

275x250.jpg A black and tan Coonhound called Harbour has earned a place in the Guinness World Records Book thanks to his humungous set of ears.

The 8-year-old dog has a monstrous pair of hearing flaps with his left ear measuring 31.1cm long and his right ear, even longer, at 34.3cm.

Owner Jennifer Wert says the colossal ears meant that as a puppy Harbor would struggle -- frequently tripping over then as he ran.

But they also made him a bit of a celeb in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado and now the world thanks to getting featured in the famous record book.

275x250.jpgA hospital trust has been left red-faced after a job advert for a position with them included the phrase "usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc..."

The jobs as a Regional Anaesthetist Fellow with Broad Green hospital had been advertised online and the ad looked as you would expect… until you got the the bottom.

There is included the somewhat unpolitically correct line "Usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc..." rather than the actual equal opportunities text.

While the advert was swiftly changed after the gaffe was noticed, it clearly left the organisation behind it embarrassed.

A hospital spokesman said: "The wording on this on this advert in no way reflects the NHS Trust's position in relation to equal opportunities."

275x250.jpg Comedian David Walliams has been forced to don a wetsuit for his epic charity swim of the River Thames after beginning to feel the cold.

He'd initially hoped to swim the 140-mile length of the river over eight days -- swimming for eight hours per day -- wearing nothing but his trunks, goggles and hat.

But after developing the early stages of hypothermia, he was forced to slip into a full body Sport Relief wetsuit.

Speaking of the swim, Walliams said: "The first section of the swim really shocked me. The water is two degrees colder than when I swam the Channel. It's a massive difference."

275x250.jpgA 51-year-old Frenchman has been ordered by a judge to pay his wife £8,500 in damages for failing to have enough sex with her.

The odd ruling came two years after she was granted a divorce in Nice and the judge blamed the man and his lack of bedroom activity.

But this wasn't enough for her and she took her ex-husband back to court court demanding 10,000 euros in compensation for “lack of sex over 21 years of marriage”.

And while he tried to defent his actions (or rather lack of them) by saying he suffered tiredness and health problems -- the judge disagreed.

The unromantically-inclined man was then fined for £8,500 under article 215 of France’s civil code, which states married couples must agree to a “shared communal life”.

A man who tried to drive a 4x4 to the summit of Mount Snowdon reportedly did it because it was on a list of 50 things he wanted to do before he died.

The bizarre bid had come to an abrupt end when the Vauxhall Frontera became stuck 360m from the peak and the vehicle was later discovered abandoned.

Motorist Craig Williams told the BBC he'd made the attempt because it was on a list he'd made of 50 things he wanted to do before he died.

Given how it went, he said the remaining 49 items on his bucket list were unlikely to happen… unless one of them was to get arrested. Authorities are now considering how to remove the car.

275x250.jpgFor years it was a job which was never finished -- leading to the phrase "like painting the Forth Bridge" -- but rail bosses say the the Forth Bridge will soon be painted.

Since it opened in 1890 painters have been continually working on the 1.5mile-long Scottish landmark… but that will apparently soon come to an end.

A new painting technique means that when the current paint job finished later this year, it will not need painting again for 25 years.

The £130m technique saw 200 workers spending 10 years removing the previous iconic red coating and replacing it with 240,000 litres of a glass flake epoxy mix.

As a result, workers who want to describe a task which will never come to an end will need to come up with a new phrase -- unless the task can be solved by a £130m paint job.

275x250.jpgAn Australian magician says he suffered his own vanishing trick -- when all the props he needs to perform his tricks disappeared from his car.

The magician had parked his car at a takeaway joint in Modbury, South Australia but when he returned he found something was missing.

A maroon-coloured suitcase containing magical rings, silk scarves, magical rope and his red waistcoat had mysteriously disappeared.

Well maybe not mysteriously… he's now appealing to any witnesses who saw thieves getting into the boot of his car to come forward and contact police.

So if you've seen any criminal types suddenly pulling rabbits out of their hats and using exceedingly long hankachirefs - you know who to call.

275x250.jpg British daredevil Gary Hunt has won the Red Bull Cliff Diving World series for the second year running.

The diver took the title (and £15,000 prize money) after competing in a series of events around the world where he dived off ridiculously high platforms.

More than 10,000 fans watched him in the seventh and final leg of the competition with a twist and turn as he jumped from a 27m-high platform in Yalta, Ukraine.

Gary said he was happy to finish the series on a high… followed by a dive into the water below.

275x250.jpgHere's the latest Weird Week video from Newslite and with coffee brewed a ridiculous heights, some stupidly cute micro pigs and a rare crab, what more could you ask for.

275x250.jpgForget worrying about the occasional fly in your soup -- the European Union thinks it could be the future… along with munching on other insects too.

A £2.65m research project is currently being conducted into whether we should all start eating creepy crawlies as part of out usual diet, reports the Sunday Times.

It's thought entomophagy, eating the likes of locusts and crickets, could provide a valuable souse of calcium and protein as the world population grows prompting food shortages.

Insects are also said to be the heathy option, grasshoppers can offer 20% protein with a tiny 6% fat, compared to lean ground beef's 24% protein and 18% fat.

But would you fancy snacking on silkworm moth larvae, or locusts? Personally we quite like the idea… now if only we could find a good spider recipe, we've seen a few crawling around Newslite Towers recently.

When we first saw the airbag cycle helmet last year, we were impressed. And  it appears we were not the only ones -- it's just won a prestigious design award.

'Hovding' helmet -- which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when needed -- has scooped the play 'Index Award' at a gala event in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The innovative helmet instantly inflates into an air-bag-style helmet when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

The Swedish designers say they came up with the creation to have a helmet which would not spoil their hair-do… but the 100,000 Euro prize money must be a nice bonus.

Everyone's favourite lost Penguin 'Happy Feet' -- who accidentally ended up in New Zealand -- has finally been returned to Antarctic.

Two months ago the confused 80cm tall emperor penguin landed an a beach on Kapiti Coast, some 2,000 miles from his intended destination.

And after a traumatic visit, Happy Feet has been released back into the Southern Ocean, 49 miles due north of Campbell Island from research vessel, Tangaroa.

He was released down a purpose-made ‘hydro-slide’ off the stern ramp of the vessel by Wellington Zoo, Manager of Veterinary Science, Dr Lisa Argilla… and when we say 'released' we actually mean 'pushed'.

A Sunday league football team have become the laughing stock of their division for using children's cartoon ice packs when they get injured. 

Red-faced players of Dorset-based Broadstone FC have been extra-careful to avoid taking any knocks this season, as they run the risk of being treated with instant ice packs adorned with bright colourful cartoon characters. 

That's because as the team are sponsored by Koolpak, a supplier of first aid products, the traditional wet sponge has been replaced in the medical kit by items baring cartoon characters. 

So after a nasty tackle on comes Bumpy the Bear, Thumper the Football and a flower called 'Woopsadaisy' to makes things better. Still, it could be worse… they could be sponsored by KY jelly.

275x250.jpgA Canadian office workers accidentally made several of her colleagues 'ill'  after giving them chocolate brownies laced with cannabis.

The mix-up happened what the unnamed woman found the bag of brownies in her freezer -- not knowing they'd been made by her son and contained cannabis.

In fact, the blunder only came to light when workers at the office in Victoria started noticing strange symptoms and, thinking they'd been poisoned, contacted police.

Officers investigating the poisoning soon established the brownies could have been to blame for the dizzy and disorientated feelings suffered, and the son later owned up to what he'd done.

Police say that because there had been no criminal intent, they would not be pressing charges, though the son may be ordered to do community work… probably not baking.

275x250.jpgA ban on the sale of the classic computer game Doom in Germany has finally been lifted… after 17 years.

In 1994 the first-person shooter had been put on an index of controlled titles along with pornography and violent movies.

This meant it could only be sold in adult-only stores in case it could harm and corrupt youth in the country.

But, rules have now been relaxed as it's been deemed Doom is now "only of artistic and scientific interest" and holds no appeal to youngsters.

However, one version of the game remains on the index and therefore banned, because it features Nazi symbols on some levels.

Is it just us, or do children seem to be doing everything earlier nowadays? -- You know, like this four-year-old girl driving a car in China.

A two and a half minute video is currently doing the rounds online showing the young motorist behind the wheel of her father's car in Jinal, Shandong Province, China.

During the clip, the little girl can be seen calmly driving along the freeway and even overtaking other vehicles as she is filmed from the passenger seat and given her directions.

Towards the end of the video the girl pulls over and her father takes over behind the wheel removing a device she had been using to reach the pedals. And to think it took us several attempts to pass our driving test.

275x250.jpg The Spanish town of Bunol has once again been painted red with tomato juices thanks to the world's biggest food fight 'La Tomatina'.

Each year more then 40,000 people descend on the small Spanish town where some 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are provided for flinging.

And this year was no exception with tomatoes flying from five loaded trucks which made their way around the town at the start of the hour-long event.

At one point the civil guard even had to step in to control some over-zealous tomato throwers, but the event was otherwise well-natured. Now begins the second annual tradition of Bunol… hosing down the streets.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be shot at with an AK-47? No, neither have we. But a US team who build armoured cars say a lot of people have… and their sick of being asked what it's like.

So the guys from Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) decided to make this video to give a better idea of how it feels.

In the clip, CEO Trent Kimball sits behind a screen of the bullet-resistant glass the firm use on their cars as a member of staff points a AK-47 at him.

Getting to live out the fantasy of disgruntled workers the world over, the member of staff then shoots the screen three times, before Kimball jumps up and jubilantly shouts "No penetration!"… we think he means the bullets.

275x250.jpgSex, the explicit 1992 coffee-table picture book by Madonna is the most wanted out-of-print book in America, it's been found.

Online search engine each year compiles a list of the 100 most requested and wanted out-of-print titles.

And over the past 12 months it's been the risque publication from Madonna which has been most in demand.

Other most wanted out of print books include Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Roberts and In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting by Ray Garton.

Stephen King had two out-of-print titles in the top five with My Pretty Pony and Rage, which was published under the name Richard Bachman.

Wooden iPad sold by scammers for $180

275x250.jpg A US woman found out the hard way why you shouldn't buy an iPad 2 in a McDonald's car -- she paid $180 for a piece of wood painted to look like an Apple device.

22-year-old Ashley McDowell says she was approached by two men as she went to buy a burger from the store in South Carolina and they said they were selling iPads.

The men claimed to have bought Apple iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300. they then showed her a working model and agreed to sell her one for $180.

But when she got her new iPad 2 home, she opened the FedEx box she had been given and discovered it contained a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo. 

A video of a bully cat stuffing another pussy into a cardboard box and then trapping it by sitting on top of the box has become an online hit.

The 90 second clip starts off with a white kitty sitting and playing in an discarded open box as couple of other kitties entertain themselves.

But then a grey moggie strolls up behind the pen open and jumps up on the open flap, closing the box on top of the white cat -- trapping it in the box.

The grey cat then jumps up on the box and sits on top of the lid as the white bullied cat tries to escape… without much look.

275x250.jpgA dog-owner in Alaska has punched a black bear in the face in a desperate bid to save her pet dachshund from being attacked.

22-year-old Brooke Collins says she was forced to take the drastic action when she found a bear crouched down, clutching her beloved pup Fudge its paws.

Instinctively wanting to help the helpless pooch, the hairdresser ran at the bear and punched it in the snout as it began biting the back of the dog's neck.

The startled bear then dropped the tiny dog and ran off in a somewhat startled manner when Collins' boyfriend tried to further scare it.

Luckily Fudge was not too seriously injured in the attack but is being kept indoors for the time being as her wounds are tended to. 

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