Simon Crisp: August 2010 Archives

275x250.jpgTeams of chefs in Serbia have been serving up their best testicle-based dishes as part of the World Testicle Cooking Championship.

The event, amazingly now in its seventh year, see gonad gourmets creating the best meals they can from boar, kangaroo and donkey balls.

Delightful dishes on offer at the freaky food festival this year included testicle pizza and the ever-popular goulash style bulls’ testicles.

Visitors taste a selection of the meals before a judging panel decide on which ones really stand out.

Festival organisers also give an award to someone who has been "ballsy" over the past 12 months -- this year it wasn't the man who tried testicle pizza, but U.S. President Barack Obama.

275x250.jpgFighters have battled it out in over 1,000 litres of gravy as part of the 4th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

Dozens of competitors - all in fancy dress - attended the Lancashire event to grapple with each other in the 14ft pool filled with gravy an inch deep.

As over 1,000 fans cheered them on, points were awarded for wrestling skill, fun factor and the entertainment value in the two minute bouts.

Organisers say all the gravy used is made to a traditional Lancashire recipe and they get through over 1,000 litres during the day.

Elliot Rooke, dressed as a bunny girl, took the men's title while the female winner was Elisa Samson who had fought as Little Bo Peep -- In odd news neither of them will ever want a Sunday Roast again.

275x250.jpgAn iPhone app which replicates the tradition doctor's stethoscope is said to be replacing the device in many UK hospitals.

iStethoscope was initially created by Peter Bentley of University College London as a test of the tech.

But now it's been downloaded millions of times and many doctors around the world are using it in place of the traditional piece of equipment.

Docs using the device press the microphone of the iPhone against a patients heartbeat while the phone records the sound and produces a phonocardiograph  and a spectrogram.

However there is one problem -- if the phone rings while being used as a stethoscope it could give the patient a heart attack… at least there would be a doctor at hand.

275x250.jpgA restaurant in Berlin has caused a stir -- by appealing for people to donate body-parts to be used in their 'cannibal' dishes.

It's not known if the appeal is a genuine offer, or (hopefully and more likely) a mis-guided PR stunt for the soon-to-open Flime restaurant.

Would-be donors are able to download application forms from the restaurant website which ask a series of questions about their health, before asking which body parts they will give to be cooked.

Bosses say dishes are prepared in the style of the Brazilian Wari culture where it's believed diners gain the strength of the create they consume.

So just remember if someone invites you to join them at Flime restaurant… it's worth checking you will be sitting at the table and not on it.

The French Spiderman, also know by the more mundane name of Alain Robert, has been arrested in Australia after climbing a 57-storey building.

Robert - who's previously scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the New York Times building in New York - made it to the top within 25 minutes.

But police who had been alerted to his impromptu climb without safety equipment were less than impressed and were waiting for the 48-year-old at the top.

Fans who had gathered and the bottom of the Lumiere Building on Bathurst Street, Sydney, to watch the climb were no doubt unhappy to see their hero being led away by cops.

Police are now threatening to throw the book at him… which mean he could soon be climbing the walls of a prison cell.

275x250.jpg A pushchair which can be converted into a child-carrying bicycle in just 20 seconds has become a hit with eco-friendly mothers.

The £1,500 Taga Bike looks like a 'normal' pushchair but after a bit of twisting, folding and flipping becomes a fully functioning bike with a child-seat on the front.

Makers say this means parents can pedal from home to the local park or the shops and simply convert back to a stroller when there, leaving the car at home.

While we love the engineering feat which is the pushchair-bicycle, we can see one glaring problem… what if you want one, but haven't got a young child.

275x250.jpgSports giant Nike has taken out a patent of the self-lacing sneakers worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2.

In the hit 1989 movie Marty travels to 2015 where he tries on a pair of the Nike branded auto-lacing shoes.

Pressing a button on the power-laces causes the trainers to automatically tighten around his feet -- and made boys everywhere wish they could own a pair.

Now there's hope they could and the high-tech trainers could really be in stores by 2015 after Nike took out a patent for the technology involved in making them.

Which leaves us with one question… who's working on our hover-board.

275x250.jpg One of the world's largest food fights, where revellers hurl thousands of rotting tomatoes at each other, has kicked off in Spain.

La Tomatina has for over 50 years seen tomato-loving partygoers descend on the small provincial town of Bunol each summer.

In just one hour they throw around 150,000 over-ripe tomatoes at one-another and play around in the pulp -- before all heading to a nearby river to wash off.

It's traditional that men participate bare-chested and that women wear white shirts… though they don't stay that way for long.

A man has been able to stop burglars raiding his house despite being 1,400 miles away -- by using an £2.60 app on his iPhone.

Vince Hunter had installed an iCam app on his iPhone which notified him when motion sensors in his home in Dallas, were triggered.

He was then able to watch a video stream from CCTV cameras and saw a pair of burglars breaking into his home -- all from his phone some 1,400 miles away.

As he watched the men smash a glass door with a brick, police were called and the would-be burglars quickly fled empty-handed.

Hunter then watched armed police arrive and search the house… and to think the most interesting thing I've done with my mobile is check Twitter from the toilet.

275x250.jpgA bizarre substance known as "dry water," which resembles powdered sugar but is 95% 'wet' water could help fight global warming.

Scientists claim the powdered water will change the way chemicals are used and that it could even be used to soak up greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Each powder particle contains a water droplet surrounded by modified silica, which prevents the water droplets from combining and turning back into a liquid.

This means it has an amazing ability to slurp up gases, which chemically combine with the water molecules to form what chemists term a hydrate.

Speaking of the find, Dr Ben Carter, from the University of Liverpool said: "We may see dry water making waves in the future" -- Oh Dr Carter, how long had you been working on that one?

275x250.jpgSumo wrestlers in Japan are to be issued with iPads -- because their fingers are so fat they struggle to use normal-sized phones.

The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) is said to dishing out the Apple tablet computers in 51 wrestling ‘stables’ to help the athletes keep in touch better.

At the moment the larger-than-life wrestlers, with larger-than-life hands, have problems pressing buttons on small phones and therefore receiving emails on-the-go.

A spokesperson from the JSA said: "We will hand out the newest iPads to all the sumo stables to swiftly communicate what we need to."

Given the typical sumo wrestler consumes over 20,000 calories per day we hope they don't end up eating them because they have a image of an apple on the back.

275x250.jpgResearchers have discovered wearing socks and sandals is not the invention of middle-aged Brits on holiday -- but were actually worn by ancient Romans over 2,000-years-ago.

The discovery was made during a archaeological dig of newly found Roman ruins in North Yorkshire when a 2,000-year-old sandal was discovered.

Tests showed a nail used in the construction of the footwear contained traces of fibres -- suggesting they had been worn with socks.

More lab tests will now be conducted to see if the Romans really were so heinous as to have inflicted the sartorial crime of socks and sandals on the world.

Now if only we could blame our other fashion faux-pas of someone else… maybe the Normans are responsible for the Speedo.

275x250.jpg A busker in London has started to refuse cash payments and is now only accepting money for his performances via credit cards.

Peter Buffery plays on a guitar which has been adapted to feature 'contactless technology' allowing passers-by in Soho Square to 'swipe' a card and give him money.

As the student from Kingston University played listeners only needed to wave their card over the head of his instrument to make a £5 donation.

While we're not sure exactly what songs Buffery performed, we can't help but hope he played Cash Machine by Hard-Fi and then maybe Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba.

Just in case 'normal' tornadoes are not terrifying enough for you, a rare flaming tornado has been caught on camera.

The 'fire tornado' was filmed as it burnt through fields in Sao Paulo, Brazil and though it didn't last long is a scary insight into the phenomenon.

Also known as 'fire whirls' and 'fire devils' they are caused by warm updrafts over a fire and can spin at 100mph and reach 1km high.

Luckily, this example didn't come close to those measurements and was gone as quickly as it was formed.

However, this isn't going to offer much consolation to locals in Aracatuba who have seen a number of brush fires spread across the area.

275x250.jpgAlthough many women claim to find them naff, researchers have found almost two thirds actually like it when a guy uses a cheesy chat-up line on them.

Almost four-in-ten women have gone out with a man who approached them using a cheesy line, with one-in-ten even going on to have a long-term relationship with them.
The survey also revealed 59 per cent of women think a man using a chat-up line shows he has a great sense of humour, with another 58 per cent saying it shows he is confident also.
Surprisingly one-in-twenty women even reckon they'd be MORE likely to go out with a guy if they came out with a chat-up line to impress them.
However, they did also say this likelihood would increase significantly if he also happened to be rich and good-looking.

275x250.jpg A council has splashed out a whopping £190,000 on building a fancy bridge designed to help dormice cross the road safely.

The high-wire walkways were built across a busy new 4.6 mile road in the Rhondda Valley so the construction didn't upset the local rodent population.

Three interconnecting tubes - suspended from 20ft wooden poles - are said to offer dormice a way of crossing the road where they would have once used trees.

The move has been branded a wast of taxpayers money by some… who also now suggest the chicken crossed the road for a council handout.

Sky Sports presenter Jessica Kastrop was hit on the head by a stray football during a live pre-match broadcast.

In the clip - which has already become a hit on YouTube - Kastrop can be seen talking to her co-presenter about the pre-season clash in Stuttgart

But then all of a sudden a ball is whipped in by Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz smashing Kastrop on the back of her head.

The force of the 100mph ball knocked her head forward so fast Kastrop almost head-butted the desk she was stood at.

Boulahrouz insists the battering ball was an accident… and Chelsea fans will tell you he can't normally shoot with that accuracy.

275x250.jpgMore than 4.7 million motorists will head off on a Bank Holiday break tomorrow -- in the hope of nabbing one of just 279,000 parking spaces
The number of cars set to hit the roads this weekend compared to the number of spaces at top tourist destinations means every place will be coveted by 16 CARS.
Brighton is said to be the biggest nightmare with one parking spot for every 79 cars, followed by Bournemouth with just one spot for every 76.
The report also revealed one in two motorists will resort to dirty tactics to secure a space like speeding around a car park (25%) or driving the wrong way (17%).

1-in-14 admitted almost causing an accident parking and two percent said they'd intentionally 'bumped' another car out of the way… and you don't even want to know how many wrongly use a disabled parking bay.

275x250.jpgForty percent of Brits claim they've had a paranormal experience and seen a ghost or UFO, it has been found.

A survey of 3,000 people discovered one-in-five of of those reckon they have seen a ghost, while 19 per cent have spotted a mysterious object in the sky.

Another 16 per cent believe they've had premonitions while six percent even believe they have a guardian angel.
44 percent of Brits were also found to believe aliens visit Earth and one-in-five even believe aliens could be living amongst us.

In that case, it's probabbly worth us pointing out that we don't know how many of the respondents in the survey were actually aliens themselves.

275x250.jpgA massive traffic jam in China has now been slowing traffic heading into Beijing for over nine days.

The monster queue - containing thousands of lorries and cars crawling towards Beijing - stretches back over 100km (60 miles).

It was triggered by road construction and repairs to highways used by cargo lorries, but some experts now claim the problem could last to mid-September.

Drivers trapped in the jam are said to be spending their time playing cards, sleeping on the road and bargaining with local food vendors.

There's also the little matter of there not being any loos for the length of the queue -- and there was us thinking our annual eight-hour slog to Cornwall had been bad this year.

275x250.jpgResearchers have discovered a new species of micro-frog on Borneo island which only grows to the size of a pea.

The tiny amphibians - catchily dubbed Microhyla nepenthicola - measure between 10.6-to-12.8mm long and were found in the Kubah National Park.

While specimens are already held by many museums around the world, they have previously been misidentified as juveniles of other species.

Now scientists say the frogs are a distinct micro-species and the smallest frogs found anywhere in found in Asia, Africa or Europe.

In fact they're so small the frogs were only found when researchers heard their "harsh rasping note" call at sundown -- much the same way Cheryl Cole was discovered.

275x250.jpg A man in Germany has lived for over five years completely unaware that he had a bullet lodged in his head.

It's thought the Polish man didn't know he'd been shot because he had been very drunk when it happened at a New Year party in Herne, in 2004/05.

In fact the .22-calibre bullet only came to light after the 35-year-old visited a doctor because he'd noticed a lump on the back of his head.

Doctors initially thought it was a tumour but after taking X-rays realised it was a something a lot more solid and removed it… and the man celebrated with a drink.

A cycle lane in the US has been given a Nintendo inspired make-over with Mario Kart speed-up arrows and invincibility stars.

It's not know who decorated the lane but they added all the symbols from the game are there including boost mushrooms and slippery bananas.

And some gaming-mad cyclists on North Williams Avenue have even started responding accordingly when the pass over the symbols.

They speed up after traveling over the arrows and try to dodge the bananas which cause you to crash in the hit game.

Lets just hope the bike riders don't think they really are invincible after cycling over a star… otherwise they'll find out why Nintendo didn't add articulated lorries

275x250.jpg A £40,000 golf buggy which has a refrigerator built into the dashboard, can now be driven on Britain's roads after receiving legal permission.

The Garia cart is the world’s most expensive golf buggy and is made in the same factory as cars like the Porshe Boxster.

It has suspension inspired by supercars and a drive train built by the same firm which produces Ducati gearboxes. But until recently it could only be used on the golf course.

But makers now say it can be used to drive "directly from your home to the golf course"… as long as you don't live too far away, because it can only do 35mph.

275x250.jpgA study into the dating habits of 3,000 women has found they prefer geeky, practical guys over athletic well-groomed men.

Of the women polled, almost three quarters said they were more attracted to men who know how to fix things over blokes who spend all their time keeping fit.

Almost nine-out-of-ten said they found men who spend their spare time down the gym a total turn-off and just a third said muscly bloke were their think.

Offering hope to geeks everywhere more than half even said they wouldn't consider dating a man who couldn't get his head around technology gadgets or home DIY.
Which all leaves one question… where can we get the phone numbers of the 3,000 women who were surveyed?

If skydiving gets boring, some jumpers try to come up with odd ways of keeping hurtling towards to earth exciting.

Some even do bizarre things like jump from a plane while sitting in a rubber dinghy.

Ludewig Kleiner recently made such a jump from 14,000ft... but he also tried solving a Rubik's Cube on his way down

The 29-year-old only released his chute after solving the puzzle, which he was able to complete it in 31.5 seconds, during which time he'd fallen 5,905ft.

Kleiner said he took on the barmy challenge because no-body else had ever attempted it -- we can't imagine why!

275x250.jpgThey many not look quite like Pamela Anderson in a red swimsuit, but dogs are being trained to work as lifeguards on Italian beaches.

Dozens of the pooches are currently undergoing training which will see them taught how to jump from helicopters or boats and save stranded swimmers.

In total the Italian Coast Guard uses 300 lifedogs - mostly golden retrievers and labradors - which each work with a human lifeguard.

Bosses say the dogs are great for taking inflatable rubber rings to swimmers who are in distress and act as an "intelligent lifebuoy".

The dogs are credited with saving the lives of some of the 3,000 people rescued each year -- not bad considering they can only swim doggie paddle.

275x250.jpgMarilyn Monroe has been named the greatest blonde of all time after beating off competition from Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson.

The 'Some Like It Hot' star - who died in 1962 - pipped other fair-haired women to take top slot judged be a poll of 3,000 people.

Actress Grace Kelly came second while French beauty Brigitte Bardot was third and Cameron Diaz was the highest placed modern day star, making it into fourth.

Other women named in 'Greatest Blondes of All Time' list were Holly Willoughby (5th), Madonna (11th), Tess Daly (18th) and Paris Hilton (20th)

The study also found men were significantly more likely to try and hit on a blonde haired women… and then rejected and go home with a brunette.

A shocking crash which saw a driver launched into the air and smash into a bridge has been caught on police camera.

19-year-old driver Brendan Eden had been speeding along the Ohio highway when he hit the protective barrier in the middle of the road.

Footage from a police car shows how this launched his 1995 Pontiac Firebird high into the air and it smashed into a bridge.

The car then broke into three pieces and the driver was thrown from the wreckage.

A police spokesperson said "He is very lucky to still be alive" -- and it's only after watching the footage you realise what an understatement that is.

275x250.jpg A giant burger which is cut into slices like a pizza and contains a whopping 2,500 calories has gone on sale in New York.

The nine-and-a-half-inch Burger King 'Pizza Burger' is the same size as four of their normal Whoppers and comes topped with pepperoni and  mozzarella.

It also contains 144g of fat - 59g of which is saturated - and has double the recommended daily allowance of salt.

While bosses insist the gargantuan burger is designed for sharing, there are sure to be plenty of people who try to munch their way through it on their own… this is America after all.

275x250.jpgThe BBC has revealed plans to create a detailed catalogue of all the programmes they have ever aired.

Thousands of copies of the Radio Times will be used to put together the list of all TV and radio shows ever broadcast.

Researchers will scour 400,000 pages of listings dating back to 1922, to gather as much information as possible about the shows.

Unfortunately the Beeb say they have not kept copies of all shows and many tapes were wiped after the were broadcast, meaning this catalogue could be all that remains of some.

In the interests of helping the BBC out we've just noticed that Bargain Hunt is currently showing on BBC1, should we write it down somewhere?

275x250.jpg Contestants have competed to pull their funniest, silliest and weirdest faces during an annual 'Face Off' event.

Dozens of would-be face-pullers arrived at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Atlantic City with many of them limbering up their facial muscles in preparation.

They then each pulled their most bizarre face for the judges with 37-year-old Franklin Hannatt from New Jersey winning with this eye-popping display.

Luckily, while there was heavy rain during the event, the wind didn't change direction… otherwise the contestants could have been stuck like this.

275x250.jpgMore than 20,000 children in America are injured each year when they go sledding, it has been found.

Research into sledging-related injuries from 1997-2007 found a shocking 229,023 under-19-year-olds had required hospital treatment.

Analysis of accidents found that the most common injuries were fractures (26%), followed by cuts and bruises (25%).

The study also revealed the majority of injuries occurred during a collision (51%), with the head was the most commonly injured body part (34%).

Use of motorised vehicles to pull sledges was also said to be one of the reasons for an increase in accidents… which is a shame given how much fun it is.

275x250.jpg Scientists have discovered they can make the humble spud more healthy for you... by subjecting it to electric shocks and ultrasound treatments.

The boffins from Japan say the 'potato torture' improves the nutritional content of the spud by boosting antioxidant levels.

In the tests potatoes were blasted with up to 10 minutes of high frequency sound waves and then submerged in saltwater and zapped with a electrical charge for up to 30 minutes.

It's claimed this could eventually be used to turn spuds into a superfood capable of preventing things like cancers and diabetes… otherwise they will be water-boarded too.

275x250.jpgA British woman has become the world fastest texter in the world by typing out a 26-word text message in a speedy 25.94 seconds.

27-year-old Melissa Thompson took the record bashing out a predetermined SMS a massive 9.6 seconds faster than the previous record holder.

The none too common phrase was: "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human' in just 25.94 seconds."

And Melissa - who used a Samsung Galaxy S phone with a 'SWYPE' key pad - put her speed down to a previous 40-a-day text habit when she used to chat with her boyfriend.

If you think you have got quick enough fingers to rival Melissa let us know in the comments… it's not like it would take you that long is it?

In what has to be the stickiest world record ever set, 2,433 people in Mexico City have simultaneously dropped Mentos into bottles of cola.

The resulting soda eruptions were enough to scoop the title for the largest number of simultaneously erupting Mentos geysers.

Each participant was given a 2-litre bottle of cola and a Mentos sweet to create an eruption which will be recognised by anyone who has ever been on YouTube.

Watched by Guinness World Records adjudicators they all dropped the Mentos at the same time, each sending the cola gushing several metres into the air.

Once the adjudicator had taken several showers to get the sticky stuff out of his hair he said: "All those fountains erupted it was just incredible to see."

275x250.jpgPunning comedian Tim Vine has been judged to have the funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The comic - who once set a world record for telling the most joke in an hour - beat  the likes of Jack Whitehall, John Bishop and Gareth Richards to take the annual title.

His one-liner: "I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again," won 40% of public votes from TV channel Dave after being shortlisted by comedy critics.

It comes from his quickfire 'Joke-Amotive' show which is currently on at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Speaking of his win Vine said: "I am very happy to win this award and I'm going to celebrate by going to Sooty's barbecue and having a sweepsteak."

275x250.jpg Beaches on the English Channel were closed after a killer crocodile was seen swimming in the sea… and then it turned out to be a chunk of wood.

The alert had been raised by holidaymakers when they spotted the 12ft 'croc' swimming in the port of Boulogne, France, yesterday.

As a result a major search involving lifeguards, firefighters and even the army was launched in a bid to find the beast, and swimmers were advised to keep out of the water.

But today red-faced coastguards have revealed there was no crocodile and the razor-sharp toothed creature spotted was actually a chunk of driftwood. Oops.

275x250.jpgCameron Diaz been awarded the dubious honour of being named the most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

Security experts warn that searching online for the Knight and Day star can frequently result in landing on sites laden with malicious software.

In fact searching for Cameron Diaz gives a 10% chance of landing on a website used by cyber-criminals to hit you with spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.

Other dangerous celebs to search for were said to include, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bündchen and Brad Pitt.

However, a risk the security bods didn't factor into their danger risk list was being caught by your girlfriend searching for Gisele Bündchen pictures.

275x250.jpgPolice officers have been told to think more carefully about the underwear they wear on duty and ditch brightly coloured pants.

Cops at West Midlands Police have also been told they should not be wearing particularly sexy undies which might get noticed.

A notice was recently issued which even told them they should avoid having a visible panty line (VPL) and undies should be "inconspicuous" under their uniform.

But while some officers say they feel like they're being treated as children the force insist the advice is just that and not a new underwear policy.

One WPC said the move was so nannying she was going to join the army -- at least that's what we think she meant about going commando.

275x250.jpg Designers have created a set of amazing faux vintage adverts for websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype.

Intended to capture the essence and enthusiasm of the golden age American advertising the ads are actually promote a series of 'Everything Aged Fast' media seminars.

Created by a Brazilian agency they take the modern sites and consider how they would have been advertised if they'd existed in the 1950s.

Slightly weird is the fact that while many people in the 50s had high-tech visions of the future, nothing like the internet, let alone Facebook was considered, though they did say we'd have jet-packs by now… WHERE ARE OUR JET-PACKS?

A Star Wars fan has re-made the sci-fi classic by getting hundreds of people to record 15 second sections of the movie and cutting them together.

Casey Pugh used clips submitted by fans to create a scene-be-scene remake of Star Wars: A New Hope, which can now be seen online.

Some tryed to replicate the big screen action as faithfully as possible usinf LEGO, animation and CGI while other embraced the more low-tech.

Highlights include a slice of pizza which doubles as a spaceship and the countless people wrapped in foil.

George Lucas must be sitting at home and wondering why he didn't use more food based spaceships in the original.

275x250.jpgAncient birds once lived in South America which used their powerful beak to jab prey like an agile boxer, according to a new study.

Experts say the ninety-pound flightless bird used its unusually large, rigid skull—coupled with a hawk-like hooked beak—for to fight like Muhammad Ali.

The agile creature - dubbed terror bird - is said to have repeatedly attacked and retreated, landing well-targeted, hatchet-like jabs until it made a kill.

Paleontologists say the birds evolved 60 million years ago and grew up to 7-foot-tall but because they no close analogs among modern-day birds their life habits have been shrouded in mystery.

But after using CT scans and advanced engineering methods to study they bird they know how it operated… and are pretty glad the only had fossils to work with.

275x250.jpgDog owners have stopped calling their pets names like Patch, Scamp and Lassie - and naming them after soap stars, it has been found.

Researchers discovered the days of dogs being called Shep, Lady or Blackie are long gone, with the number of pooches called Roxy, Alfie, Max and Molly is on the rise.

Names Roxy, Alfie and Max are familiar to fans of EastEnders while Molly is currently a character in Coronation Street.

The trend was found after a report was carried out looking at 80,000 names given to pets in the past 30 year.

But will the soap star naming of pets continue, or will traditional dog names like Rover return? See what we did there.

275x250.jpgWhile football fans hoped they'd heard the last of it at the World Cup, the vuvuzela has made it onto the latest Oxford Dictionary of English.

The South African horn - which makes a droning monotone note - is one of 2,000 new words and phrases in the book.

Other words to the the seal of approval include Tweetup (a meeting arranged over Twitter) and Staycation (a holiday spent in one's home country).

Cheesebal (something lacking taste) Toxic Debt (high risk assets) and Paywall(restricting a website to subscribers) also made the grade and earned a place in the book.

Some current words also gained a new meaning like Blitz (the action of a food mixer) and Boss (A tough opponent in a video game).

275x250.jpgWhen Craig Bellamy joined Cardiff City from Manchester City it took many people by surprise, including staff at the club shop.

Within hours of the shock announcement that Bellamy would play with the number 39 on his back, thousands of replica shirts were sold.

But the club shop soon ran out of Ys and 9s -- so fans started buying shirts with "Bellam 3" printed on the rear.

Many say they plan on returning to get the rest of the shirt printed once the store has more letters in stock.

Cynics have suggested the fans should pop into a Manchester City store and they would probably top it up for them.

275x250.jpgSome say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves... and it would make a great chapter in his autobiography.

But BBC bosses are said to be launching a legal challenge to prevent Top Gear's mystery driver The Stig from writing his memoirs.

They claim he's subject to a confidentiality agreement and unmasking himself in a book could spoil Top Gear for millions of fans.

Along with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May The Stig became a cult icon on the BBC show though his real name has never been revealed.

People have speculated that he could be racing drivers Perry McCarthy, Ben Collins or Damon Hill … all we know is we really don't care any more.

A police officer in the US was trapped in his squad car for more than three hours when 50,000 bees landed on the vehicle.

Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Jenkins had been called to a broken down lorry in North Carolina in the early hours of the morning.

However, when he got there he found the cargo - 60 boxes of bees had escaped - and as he approached they all swarmed towards him.

The officer ran back towards his car and managed to get inside but the thousands of bees proceeded to land on his car trapping him inside and forcing him to call for help.

He probably asked for a 'swat' team to come and free him in a 'sting' operation. 

275x250.jpgArmed police were called to investigate a student in Atlanta who'd been seen carrying a Samurai sword… which turned out to be an umbrella.

Officers were put on alert when a man was spotted wearing his umbrella - which has an authentic samurai sword handle - on his back and entering a building.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the college campus and, fearing a loopy student going on a sword rampage, the residence building was quickly evacuated.

But the student had already left (without the brolly) and it was only when he returned to show the heavily armed cops the umbrella, they believed him.

The umbrella, which is now being sold with a "May incite SWAT teams" warning, has now been banned on the campus.

275x250.jpgThe average family will endure 84 arguments over the summer holidays, it has been found.

Parental bust-ups over money, how to occupy bored youngsters and fall-outs between the kids themselves means the average family bickers twice every day.

That's 14 rows each week and 84 over the six-week week holiday. And more than half of parents admit they argue more with the family over the summer holidays than at any other time of the year.

Oddly the study also revealed there is a most common time for the fights, with 2.38pm said to be when most rows break out, with each argument lasting an average of 7.19 minutes.

But while the majority of arguments are between the children in the family, more than one in five involve mum and dad… though those can last for days.

275x250.jpgExperts claim humans didn't hunt woolly mammoths into extinction, but that the hairy giants died out because of climate change.

It had been thought the last woolly mammoths died out 4,000 years ago after  years of over hunting by pre-historic humans and retreating to northern Siberia.

But now scientists from Durham University claim their demise was more to do with rising temperatures and loss of vegetation it lived on.

They claim that at the end of the ice age, the grasslands woolly mammoths lived on were replaced by forests as carbon dioxide levels increased.

This left the mammoths with nothing to eat and means trees effectively killed them off… why couldn't they just leaf them alone?

275x250.jpgA video of Roger Federer serving a tennis ball and knocking a bottle off a man's head William Tell-style has become an online hit.

But is the clip real or fake? The internet is currently debating whether it was a great shot, or a great camera trick.

In the video -'leaked' from a Gillette shoot - Federer convinced someone to stand with a bottle on his head.

He then went to the other end of the studio and served the ball knocking the bottle to the floor. For good measure he then repeated the trick.

What do you think, is it a camera trick… or did the first 14 attempts  result in people breaking their nose? Let us know in the comments.

275x250.jpgIf you're going to lose your wallet, and we hope you don't, the best time to do so is while visiting a museum, it has been found.

Researchers discovered lost wallets are significantly more likely to be returned to the owner if they are found in a cultural centre than anywhere else.

The discovery was made by 'dropping' 100 wallets around the UK - each containing £10, a photo, receipts and contact details - to see how many were returned.

Over all, only one-in-five of the wallets were reunited with their owner -- but in museums this increased to 50 percent.

Wallets dropped in cafes were the least likely to be returned… and the £10s probably paid for a few extra lattes.

275x250.jpg A hotel chain has started installing 'living grass floors" in their meeting rooms -- in an odd bid to make workers more creative.

Bosses at Crowne Plaza say the rooms are designed to "stimulate creative thinking" among business guests by being radically different to the traditional office environment.

The idea is said to have came about after a study found 40 percent of professionals lose focus within the first 20 minutes of a meeting, often as a result of their uninspiring surroundings.

Lets see if they still think it's such a good idea in a fortnight when the gardener is disrupting guests by taking his lawnmower in the hotel lift.

275x250.jpgA billionaire has said he's willing to pay someone $1million is they accept his dare of standing naked in front of US President Barack Obama.

Alki David, who runs dare website, says he will pay the cash to the first person to streak Obama with "Battlecam" written on their chest while shouting "Battlecam."

To be in line for the payout, users must also stream the event live on the site and expect to use some of the money to pay for their inevitable fines and lawyers fees.

David had initially offered $100,000 for the stunt, but upped his bid after applicants said it wasn't enough given the audacity of the dare.

Something tells us Obama should get used to seeing naked people a lot more often from now on.

275x250.jpg A bizarre bath-mat which is made out of 70 balls of moss held together in a latex frame has gone on sale after a prototype creation became a hit online.

The £40 'Moss Rug' was created by Nguyen La Chanh over two-years-ago as part of her degree course, but as soon as she uploaded images to the web, she was besieged with requests to buy it.

Since then she has been perfecting the design and finding a firm capable of making the odd item which uses forest moss as a 'living' carpet.

Nguyen, from Switzerland, says the idea of having things growing it the bathroom came to her while she was a student… that's shared bathrooms for you.

A Hungarian priest who performs skateboard tricks in a bid to encourage youngsters to go to church has become an online hit.

Roman Catholic Zoltan Lendvai claims skateboarding is the ideal way in which God can communicate with young people.

The 45-year-old preacher from Redics, says he learnt to skateboard as a child, but only recently rediscovered it as a way of spreading the religious word.

More than 250,000 people watched him on YouTube and Lendvai claims his skateboarding skills have already encouraged a number of local teenagers to start attending church.

Our only question is, if skateboarding can be a religious tool, does that make Tony Hawks God?

275x250.jpg BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been caught out giving the finger to a fellow BBC news host... on live TV.

Schafernaker had been preparing for his bit on BBC News at 10.54 this morning, when host Simon McCoy joked that his "Of course 100% accurate" weather forecast would be on shortly.

But apparently taking offence to the comment Schafernaker stuck his middle finger up -- not realising the camera was pointing at him and broadcasting his obscene gesture.

When he saw the gaffe on in-studio monitors red-faced Schafernaker tried to pretend he was only scratching his chin. Yes, just like a primary school pupil who's been caught swearing by the teacher.

275x250.jpgA baker has created an amazing cake inspired by the Doctor Who villains the Daleks … and couldn't help calling it an 'EX-TER-MI-CAKE!'

The 2ft tall realistically detailed cake took 50 hours to make to scale and was based on the Dalek design from the BBC series between 2005-2009.

It's made from cherry chocolate, weighs around 20 kilos and even features fondant icing details like the 'plunger' weapons.

Makers say the cake was so heavy the base and head needed to be made from styrofoam or a forklift would have been needed to move it.

And being a typical Dalek that would have meant it had problems being taken up stairs.

275x250.jpgEight out of ten women admit regularly ripping the price tag off newly-purchased items before arriving home - to hide the true cost from their other half.

A recent study found millions of women try to cover their tracks after a spree by fibbing about the price of clothes, shoes and accessories.

The report revealed two thirds often describe new items as 'an absolute bargain' in a bid to throw their partner off the scent. Others regularly claim 'it was in the sale'.

A quarter said they hide new purchases in the wardrobe, while just under half wheel out the old 'It's not new - I've had it for ages' yarn.

But in odd news it turns out men tell just as many lies about clothes… like all those times he says "No, of course it doesn't make you look fat".

An impromptu pillow fight has broken out on a German airline flying at 20,000ft.

As the stewardess on the Lufthansa flight from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt handed out complimentary pillows, some passengers started to throw them at each other.

But rather than tell them to stop the feather-filled mutiny, or call for the plane to be turned around or grounded, the good-natured stewardess joined in.

Soon enough there was a mass pillow fight in the cabin, and passengers were screaming with joy as the pillows flew all over the place.

In the end the besieged stewardess was forced to jokingly run off to safety… fortunately (and proving this wasn't a US Airlines flight) she didn't return with an armed air marshall.

275x250.jpgCity bosses in Venice say they have granted a female gondolier with a full licence for the first time.

Giorgia Boscolo had to pass a year-long series of tests for her right to join the men in the gondoliers' guild and row tourists around the lagoon city.

The 24-year-old - whose father was also a gondolier - now joins the 424 men who are also qualified to navigate the narrow canals.

However, at the moment the mother-of-two is only allowed to fill in for one of the guys if he wants to take the day off.

And given they are allowed to charge £30 for each 20 minutes in the 11-metre long, black craft… it's probably not that often.

275x250.jpgAn unlucky 13-year-old boy was hit by lightning on Friday the 13th… at exactly 13:13.

The teen had been visiting an air show in Suffolk when the incident happened where he and two others were struck by lightning at 13 minutes past one, according to witnesses.

Fortunately the boy - who had been holding an umbrella - only suffered minor burns from the lightning strike which can cause serious burns and even cardiac arrest.

A spokesperson for St Johns Ambulance service said the lad had been conscious and breathing when their team arrived and took him to hospital to be checked over.

Unfortunately the unlucky 13-year-old has not been identified… if he had we could make sure we never got on the same bus as him.

A bear cub which had its head trapped in a jar for 10 days - earning itself the name 'Jarhead' - has finally been freed by rescuers.

It's thought the clumsy black bear had got his stuck in the jar while foraging for food in rubbish bins in Florida.

But despite several public sightings of the unusual hat-wearing bear wandering in Ocala National Forest, experts had struggled to locate it.

Eventually the six-month-old bear was finally found with its mother and two other cubs, and after its mother was shot with a tranquilliser dart the experts stepped in to help.

The were able to pull the jar off the head of the tired and hungry 25-pound cub… which is certainly not smarter than the average bear.

275x250.jpgA daredevil motorcross rider was thrown into the crowd at an event in London after he hit a ramp awkwardly.

Andre Villa had been competing at the Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station when he was propelled from his saddle.

Despite the huge fall into watching spectators, Villa was luckily not seriously injured and (even more luckily) his bike had not made it over the audience barrier.

A spokesperson for the event said no-one had been seriously hurt in the  accident and that three fans suffered minor injuries.

One fan said: "I know this was a dangerous sport. But I thought it was only dangerous for the riders, not the audience too."

275x250.jpg A giant flower carpet made from over 800,000 begonias has been installed in the centre of Brussels.

The biennial tradition started in 1971 and sees the the cobbled stone floor of the Grand Place covered in masses of flowers made into an intricate pattern.

This year's 2,000 m2 arrangement was said to be a tribute to the Belgian presidency of the European Union by including various logos.

The begonias were individually positioned by over 100 craftsmen… who probably also have rather bright-looking gardens now.

275x250.jpgThe average couple has sex 104 times while trying for a baby before falling pregnant, it has been found.

Research discovered it takes a typical woman six months to conceive her first child, during which she has sex around four times a week.

It was also found one in ten women have been so eager to get pregnant they have called their husband home from work when they were ovulating.

Despite this, 70 per cent of women polled said they wanted their baby to be conceived during a loving and spontaneous sex session, rather than a 'sex on demand' approach.

In odd news most men didn't mind… they were just happy to be having so much sex.

275x250.jpgLEGO has beaten off stiff competition from Barbie, Action Man and the Nintendo Game Boy to be named the most popular toy ever made.

The Danish building bricks - first launched in 1949 - have topped a poll to find the world's most cherished toy.

More than half of the 3,000 people aged between 20 and 40-years-old opted for the colourful bricks, which are still in demand today.

Men's top four toys were Lego, Game Boy, Transformers and Action Man, while women opted for the Barbie doll first, with Lego, My Little Pony, Game Boy and Sindy also scoring highly.

A spokesperson for LEGO said the win was something they hoped to build on… we bet it's not the first time they've used that line.

An Icelandic football team who shot to fame after a goal celebration video went viral online say they're now under pressure to come up with more.

Stjarnan FC became web heros when their celebration of pretending to be fishing and landing a player on an imaginary line was viewed by millions.

But now the players say they feel under as much pressure to make fans laugh as much as they are to score goals and win games.

As such they've been working on new routines and got the chance to try a few out during a recent 3-2 win.

In odd news the manager has hinted that rather than buying a new centre-back they are on the lookout for a good choreographer in the transfer market.

275x250.jpgThe average holidaymaker crams their suitcase with £3,000 worth of clothes, gadgets and toiletries, it has been found.

Researchers found the typical British traveller takes £325 of clothes, £119 of shoes and £75 of accessories such as scarves, sarongs and hats on holiday with them.

They will also pack sunglasses to the value of £94, jewellery to the tune of £236 and copious amounts of electrical equipment.

This means the average suitcase contains a total of £3,174.65 worth of stuff -- that's almost three times the cost of the typical holiday.

In odd news this could also explain why your shoulder always hurts when you return from holiday.

275x250.jpgResearchers claim they have discovered the science behind how to pour the perfect glass of champagne to retain fizz and taste.

The team from France (where else) say it is all about the angle at which you pour into the glass and the temperature of the bottle.

Boffins from the University of Reims tested a variety of pouring methods while measuring the impact of carbon dioxide loss on taste, aroma and fizz.

It was found pouring down the side of a glass (rather than down the middle) preserved up to twice as much carbon dioxide.

The researchers said serving champagne at exactly 39oF also preserves more of the tiny gas bubbles… though the declined to say how many bottles it had take to come to that conclusion.

275x250.jpg An engineer has spent three months and £10,000 creating the world's largest barbecue which weighs two tonnes and measures a whopping 16ft across.

The gargantuan BBQ - understandably dubbed 'God-grilla' - is so big makers say it could be used to simultaneously cook 1,000 sausages, 500 burgers or (if you prefer) two whole cows.

It's the brainchild of 31-year-old Jack Henriques who runs the Bespoke BBQ Company and says he already has plans to make a bigger one.

However you might want to think about it before ordering one to outdo your neighbours… it takes 14 bags of coal to ignite and can heat up to 500 degrees centigrade.

Scientists who analysed video footage of orangutans amassed over 20 years, claim the creatures are able to explain things to each other, and humans, via mime.

The boffins say they found 18 occasions in which orangutans used "elaborated gestures of pantomime" to get what they wanted.

Examples ranged from rubbing a leaf on their forehead and then passing it to a human as an instruction to clean them, to holding an object over their head because the want an umbrella passing to them.

Professor Anne Russon said the finding could offer new insight into the evolutionary origins of human language.

Which is all well and good… but what we want to know is when will the world's first inter-species charades tournament take place.

275x250.jpgPeople living in the city of Portsmouth are some of smartest people in the UK, it has been found.

Those living in the south coast city scored higher than any other city in a UK-wide general knowledge quiz.

The Portsmouth brain-boxes scored an average of 73 per cent in the test which asked things like, what is the longest river in the world? or what is the Orion constellation is also known as?

Oxford, famed for it's university scored an average of 72 percent to take second place in the 3,000 person study, followed by Newcastle with 71 percent.

Less smart were the people of Aberdeen who came last in the study with a score of just 53 percent… meaning we can say what we like about them as they probably can't read this anyway.

275x250.jpgAn annual meteor shower is due to light up the UK night sky tonight, as the celestial fireworks coincide with a moon-free night.

Each July or August the Perseid meteor shower sees a swarm of dusty particles from the Swift-Tuttle comet colliding with the earth's atmosphere.

Hitting at over 120,000mph the particles burn up leaving impressive shooting star trails of light dashing across the dark sky.

This year Perseid will coincide with a moon-free night meaning star-gazers will get a better than usual display which will peak at around 11.30pm.

While people in the countryside will see more than one shooting star every second, city-dwellers will only see the very brightest… but they do live near a McDonald's.

275x250.jpgAn Arctic explorer has been savaged by a polar bear which grabbed him by the head while  he was sleeping.

Sebastian Plur Nilssen says he woke up to find the bear's jaws around his head as it lifted him up and dragged him out of his tent on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

The 23-year-old's screams quickly alerted his expedition partner who reached for his gun -- but not before the polar bear was 25 metres away.

By then the bear had already pierced Nilssen's lung with it's teeth and was shaking him around 2.5m in the air in a bid to stun him.

Which you'd think was a bit unnecessary… I'd be pretty stunned already if I was woken up like that.

275x250.jpg An image on Google Street View of a girl's body lying face down on the pavement sparked panic among local residents that crime had gone undetected.

Families in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, feared something terrible had happened to a young girl on their doorstep, when they saw the shocking image online.

But they needn't have worried and contacted police -- because it was just a youngster playing a prank on her friend by pretending to be dead and not realising the Google car was passing.

Nine-year-old Azura - who says she didn't know the Google car was passing - had fallen over and was 'playing dead' as a prank on her friend… and inadvertently the internet.

275x250.jpgA driver faces what is believed to be the world's biggest speeding fine after he was caught doing 186 mph on a Swiss motorway.

The massive £640,000 fine is calculated on a combination of the 37-year-old's income and the speed at which he was clocked.

Police say the Swedish motorist was going so fast in his £140,000 Mercedes SLS that it even took him almost half a mile to stop.

And embarrassingly they claim he avoided a number of radars on his route between Bern and Lausanne because they are only capable of registering speeds up to 125mph.

When they were eventually able to apprehend him, the speedy driver claimed his speedo must be broken.

A 'cowardly' US baseball fan has become an online hit after chickening out and dodging an foul ball… which went on to hit his girlfriend.

The man, known only as Bo, had been watching the Astros v Atlanta Braves game in Houston, when a foul ball came flying towards him.

But after jumping up to catch the wayward ball he changed his mind at the last minute and dived out of the way.

If bailing on the catch in front of thousands of fans wasn't bad enough then speeding ball then stuck his girlfriend on her right arm.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral online… and earned Bo the unenviable nickname of "The Bailer".

275x250.jpgScientists have revealed a robot called Nao, which they claim is capable of developing and expressing emotions.

A team from the University of Hertforshire say they the robots can express anger, fear, sadness, happiness, excitement and pride.

And they've already successfully programmed Nao with the emotional skills of a one-year-old child.

Computer scientist Lola Canamero says the robot uses a series of sensors to determine how people are interacting with him and act accordingly.

Nao is currently set to become emotionally attached to people who interact with him in a way to helps him to learn… so don't expect him to do your housework any time soon.

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of British employees, both male and female, say they would rather work for a man than a woman, it has been found.

That's because female bosses were accused of being bitchy, hormonal and incapable of leaving their personal lives at home.

A third of 3,000 employees polled claimed women in charge are 'loose cannons' - ready to stab colleagues in the back at any time, and who constantly feel threatened by other people in positions of authority.

By contrast, both male and female workers believe male bosses were less likely to get involved in office politics, were easier to reason with and rarely suffered from mood swings.

Men were also said to be more straight-talking than women… and probably easier to distract from the fact you're not working, with either a chat about football or a flash of cleavage.

275x250.jpgResearchers looking at the mathematics behind the Rubik's Cube say that no matter how jumbled one is, it's only ever 20 moves from completion.

After a 30-year study (and borrowing a bit of computer processing power from Google) the boffins have calculated the secrets of the Rubik's Cube.

They have been trying to calculate the 'God Number' of the 1974 puzzle -- the optimal number of steps needed to solve the puzzle.

It's now claimed all 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible starting positions can be solved in just 20 moves.

Slightly worryingly (if you are as bad at Rubik's Cube as we are) this also means there are 43 billion billion ways of getting it wrong.

The father behind the infamous 'Balloon Boy' prank now claims he has found proof of alien life on Mars.

Richard Heene has presented his 'evidence' in a seven-minute ranting video which he has posted online.

During the clip Heene, who now introduces himself as a member of the 'Psyience Detectives' reviews various NASA photographs from the Mars lander.

In some he claims to see to see the heads of aliens, which in others he says he can see vehicles, fur, structures and bones.

Or as he so convincingly makes his scientific claim "That's a bone man, Bone!It's got to be a bone."

275x250.jpg Beatles fans are causing constant traffic chaos on the famous Abbey Road crossing where the Fab Four were shot their classic album cover, a new webcam has revealed.

A new HD webcam installed at Abbey Road Studios is now streaming live footage showing the dangerous lengths Beatles fans go to, in a bid to imitate the 1969 album cover.

Tourists and fans can be seen infuriating London cabbies and other drivers by posing as John, Paul, Ringo and George in the middle of the busy road.

Many fans (most of them Day Trippers) even keep dashing across the road and back again in a bid to get their picture just right.

275x250.jpgThe average woman will try on more than 21,000 items of clothing during her lifetime… but will only buy half of them.

On average, women are said to go shopping four times a month and on each trip they will try on ten tops, pairs of jeans, dresses or shoes.

That means they try on a total of 40 different items each month, which adds up to a staggering 480 a year.

However, only five of those items make it into to the tills during each shopping trip and one of those will later get returned and another never worn.

Top reasons for returning items include them not fitting properly or the shopper feeling guilty… though not about wasting time of their bloke sitting outside the changing room.

275x250.jpgA restaurant in New York say chefs have created a curry so spicy they even need to wear gas masks while cooking it.

Bosses at Brick Lane Curry House in Manhattan insist their Phaal curry is the world's hottest.. and gasping customers look like they agree.

The curry is made using ten of the world's spiciest chillies -- including the bhut jolokia chilli which is even being weaponised by the Indian military.

Each £13 Phaal is said to measure one million Scovilles on the Scoville scale and is available with chicken, lamb or goat.

It's also so hot diners are required by management to agree to a disclaimer before trying the dangerous dish… and are advised to order plenty of water.

275x250.jpgThe word 'separate' is the most commonly misspelt one in the English language, a study discovered.

The eight-letter description of people or objects which are set apart from each other came top due to the regular placing of an 'E' where the first 'A' sits.

Second in the list was 'definitely', which often falls victim to a string of mistakes including mixing up the second 'I' with an 'A'. Another common error is dropping the final 'E'.

'Manoeuvre' which is problematic due to the unusual combination of OE and U in its midst, came third and 'embarrass', in which an R or an S often falls by the wayside, was fourth.

'Occurrence' emerged as the fifth most commonly misspelt word due to the confusing double C and double R… obviously WE would never make mistaks like these, we promisse.

275x250.jpgStressed-out and bored Brits are being lured to Australia with the offer of wacky jobs including koala catcher and kangaroo poo harvester.

The mass recruitment drive was recently launched by the government of South Australia after they discovered 60% of Brits are bored with their jobs.

They've brought together a host of jobs all of which will be available to Brits visiting Oz on a one year 'working holiday' visa.

It's hoped one year will be enough to convince workers to move Australia - which is due to suffer a workforce shortage - permanently.

Other off-beat and odd jobs include beer taster, Little Penguin home remodeller and shark personality profiler… I know which one I don't want.

A woman has been charged with vandalism after flipping out when McDonald's staff told her they couldn't sell her McNuggets for breakfast.

Shocking CCTV footage shows Melodi Dushane attacking staff and even smashing a window at the Ohio fast-food store after hearing the bad news.

25-year-old Dushane had driven up to the drive-thru window and demanded the chicken pieces.

When she didn't get her way - because it was early morning and breakfast was still being served - she punched out at the manager.

The 'McIdiot' then tried to climb through the window before giving up and smashing it and driving off… she'd clearly not had a very happy meal.

275x250.jpg A gorilla appeared to be having great fun with a Nintendo DSi XL games console which had been accidentally dropped into a US zoo enclosure be a clumsy gamer.

The young butter-fingered computer game fan had been fiddling with his handheld console when he slipped and dropped it at San Francisco Zoo.

Unfortunately for the poor lad, the game dropped into the gorilla enclosure and, being bright red, soon attracted the attention of the big apes.

One picked it up and started playing with it but staff soon persuaded him to give it back in exchange for an apple. That's the fruit… he wasn't upgrading to a laptop.

275x250.jpgPsychological scientists who turned their eye to humour claim they've come up with a formula which explains how immoral behaviour can be funny.

The boffins from the University of Colorado-Boulder say it is all to do with how a violation or threat to the way the world ought to be, can also being benign.

They tested their hypothesis by presenting various situations to volunteers including ones like a firm hiring a rabbi as spokesman for their new line of pork products.

It was found people tended to find situations "seen as wrong" as also being funny. But that this increased when people were not connected with the subject.

People found jokes the funniest when the moral violation seemed benign to them… though the researchers jokes could do with a bit of work.

Normally when you see 'Cops' style reality TV show arrests people are hiding their faces and non-too-happy about being filmed.

But a US woman had an unusual reaction to police and a TV crew knocking on her door and arresting someone from the house -- she was ecstatic about it.

As soon as the elderly woman spotted the camera she quizzed officers about what it was for. When she was told it was "County Law' she couldn't hide her excitement.

After asking when the show would air she repeatedly whooped "County Law, County Law, County Law!"

So cringe-worthy was her outburst that her pal - who was (let's not forget) being arrested on TV - begged her to stop because it was embarrassing.

275x250.jpgModern children have ditched traditional outdoor games in favour of high-tech gadgets a new study has revealed.

Youngsters no longer participate in time-honoured pastimes like conkers, hopscotch and marbles with over half of kids saying their favourite game is the Nintendo Wii.

Nearly three quarters of kids aged four to 11 have never played the playground favourite hopscotch, with ten percent of kids thinking it was a soft drink.

A whopping 93 percent of children surveyed said they would never play marbles and half had never even heard of the small glass balls.

Other well known games modern kids are unaware of include, Rock, Paper, Scissors (80%) and Tiddlywinks (50%) -- which makes us feel depressingly old.

275x250.jpg You might not see Hells Angels' sporting these crazy helmets any time soon, but if Borat took up biking, you might see a walnut speeding down the motorway.

That's because tennis balls, haircuts and a globe are the latest in bicycle helmet fashion designs to come out of Kazakhstan.

The wacky helmets are the creation of a marketing agency who admit the initially created them as a laugh… but now they're set to go into production.

Designers say they were inundated by would-be customers wanting the wear the off-beat headwear and they should be on shelves (and shoulders) by 2011.

275x250.jpgBBC laptops and mobile phones worth over £240,000 have been accidentally lost or stolen during the past two years, the Beeb has revealed.

The corporation made the embarrassing announcement after a Freedom of Information request was lodged about lost tech.

It's said 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 Blackberry devices went missing between April 2008 and March 2010.
While 19 items worth £23,450 were later recovered, this leaves the final bill for lost gadgets at a still massive £217,569.

And to put this into perspective… that's probably about seven seconds of Top Gear.

275x250.jpgThe largest-ever painting by Pablo Picasso - measuring 10.4m by 11.7m - has gone on show in London for the first time.

Picasso created the monstrous cloth for a one-act ballet "Le train bleu"  by the Ballets Russes in 1924.

However, while he designed and signed the piece himself, it was actually finished by seven other artists.

The Victoria and Albert Museum snapped up the cloth in 1968 but have kept it in storage since then.

It's now going on show at the as part of a exhibition dedicated to the Russian ballet company and you can't miss it… quite literally.

275x250.jpg A group of dedicated drinkers have spent the last 26 years on a massive pub crawl which has seen them visit 15,000 boozers and drink 92,000 pints.

The four beer lovers have spent thousands of pounds and travelled 250,000 miles to every corner of the country during their epic beer quest.

Peter Hill, 54, John Drew, 46, Gary Mountain, 52 and Joe Hill, 79 set off in 1984 after getting bored of always drinking in the same pub, the Old Crown pub in West Bromwich.

They initially had a list of 'just' 300 pubs to visit, but this soon grew and the group kept finding new places to have a pint… now it's a surprise they can remember where they started.

275x250.jpgAn amateur wrestler from Russia has died after taking part in the World Sauna Championships in Finland.

Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy had made it to the final of the annual event where he had to see how long he could endure the 110C temperature.

But after six minutes Ladyzhenskiy - who has competed in previous years - was dragged out of the sauna by judges after collapsing. Her was later pronounced dead.

Timo Kaukonen from Finland, who had also made it to the final ahead of 130 others, was also pulled out and is currently being treated in hospital.

Organisers instantly cancelled the event… presumably to give everyone a chance to cool down.

275x250.jpgChildren who enjoy Popeye cartoons generally eat more vegetables than those who don't watch the classic show, it has been found.

Researchers at Mahidol University in Bangkok claim the type and amount of vegetables children eat can be directly linked to TV shows they watch.

Tests on four to five-years-olds found watching Popeye scoff spinach before beating up Bluto made kids want to eat more greens.

In fact the researchers claim the twenty six children in their study - which also saw them plant seeds and cook - doubled their vegetable intake as a result.

Next up the boffins will study the impact of watching Tom and Jerry on the level of infant frying pan attacks.

275x250.jpgMillions of men are still suffering the after effects of the recession - in the form of hair loss, it has been revealed.

The turmoil and anxiety of the biggest economic slowdown in modern history has left a large percentage of the male population with less hair than they had three years ago.

The phenomenon emerged in the wake of pictures showing premier David Cameron with a newly-developed barren patch on his crown less than three months after he secured power.

And now it's claimed there's been an 89 percent jump in the number of men seeking treatment for hair loss in the UK since the start of the recession.

So what do you think of the financially-challenged also being follicly-challenged. Is it hair-larious… or just a load of old bald-erdash?

A clumsy kiwi bird with two broken legs is being given rehabilitation treatment -- including treadmill sessions.

The runtish bird was originally taken to vets when it was found in a bad condition in New Zealand in December.

Dubbed Piwi, the bird had a broken leg that had healed badly and vets were left with no option other than to re-break it and straighten it.

But shortly after it was taken to a wildlife park for rehabilitation the dopey bird somehow broke it's other leg resulting in a visit to Massey University's Wildlife Ward.

Once there it was given rehabilitation treatment including 'running' on a treadmill… and it didn't even need to pay an excessive gym joining fee.

275x250.jpgLondon taxis have been rated as the best in the world thanks to having friendly drivers who know their way around the city.

A recent study found that despite being more expensive than their foreign counterparts, travellers believe London cabs are best.

The London cabbies topped the charts as both the friendliest and most knowledgeable drivers in the world-wide study.

Cabs were markes in terms of cleanliness, value, quality of driving, knowledge of the area, friendliness, safety and availability.

Drivers in Paris and New York were said to have the rudest drivers… though they will probably bicker about it amongst themselves.

275x250.jpg Tourists are often getting lost in London, but at least now they have an excuse - a temporary maze has been set up in Trafalgar Square.

The giant hedge maze has been installed as part of a marketing campaign to encourage visitors to the city to explore.

Tourism bosses hope the plat-based labyrinth - which features famous London  street signs - will get tourists off the beaten track.

Meanwhile Londoners say pedestrianised streets and ever-changing road works make the capital a maze most of the time anyway.

A Japanese baseball player has stunned fans by performing an amazing Spider-Man-esque jump to catch a ball.

Masato Akamatsu made the impressive catch during the Nippon Professional League game between the Yokohama BayStars and Hiroshima Carp.

After Shuichi Murata hit the ball it looked destined to fly over the wall and into the crowd - but Akamatsu was not having any of if.

The never-say-die fielder ran at the ball and jumped at and off the wall before plucking it out of the air some 15ft up.

Since the clip was uploaded to the internet it has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans and almost makes baseball look interesting, almost.

275x250.jpgRad-faced aquarium bosses have been forced to put a bikini on an underwater statue of a mermaid -- because her boobs were too big.

Staff at Sea Life Chessington said the noticed a number of young male visitors to their underwater tunnel were not giving the marine life their full attention.

Instead the boys (and a few older visitors) were said to be ogling a particularly buxom mermaid statue.

So in a bid to save her modesty and get the guys looking at the fish again, they dispatched a diver to cover her breasts with a bikini.

A spokesperson for the attraction said: "It’s a bit of a boob on our part, really." -- something tells us she'd been for waiting ages to use that one. 

275x250.jpgA US family who were facing having their home repossessed have been saved after finding a rare Superman comic in their basement.

The comic - a rare Action Comics No. 1 which features the first appearance of Superman - was only uncovered as they were packing up their home.

The unnamed family were facing foreclosure on their home and unable to come up with the cash to save it, were looking in their basement for boxes.

Realising it could be worth something the contacted comic book auction experts who said the comic could sell for $250,000.

The bank have agreed to wait until the sale on August 27… to see if Superman really can fly in and save the day at the last moment.

275x250.jpg A basketball mad teenager has made what's thought to be the longest ever shot… after an hour and a half of misses.

17-year-old Evan Sellers hit the basket from the 134ft platform of the Vulcan Monument, Birmingham, Alabama, in the incredible record attempt.

After his heroic hurl, the ball took over four seconds to fall through the hoop and set the unofficial record.

Sellers is a member of the "Legendary Shots" group which makes amazing basketball trick shots and posts videos of them online… obviously they edit out the hundreds of misses first.

275x250.jpgScientists have discovered the 105 million-year-old fossil of a creature which looks like a cross between a cat and a crocodile.

Palaeontologists in Tanzania, who unearthed the previously unknown croc, say it had mammal-like teeth and lived between 144 and 65 million years ago.

It's claimed the find suggests crocodiles were once far more diverse than they are today and dominated ecological niches in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dubbed Pakasuchus kapilimai experts say the cat-sized croc also had a extremely flexible backbone and was much smaller than crocodiles of today

In fact they say it's head would have fitted into your hand… though we're not sure about experts who would suggest putting a crocodile's head in your hand.

275x250.jpgSecret files revealed today show that Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a UFO cover-up - because he was worried people would panic.

The latest batch of UFO files released by the National Archives include a letter from the grandson of an RAF officer who was also one of Churchill's bodyguards.

In it he claims his grandfather overheard Churchill talking about aliens with US wartime General Dwight Eisenhower - in particular a UFO shadowing aircraft returning to Britain.

The letter goes on to claim Churchill said the incident needed to be classified because it would "create mass panic among the general population and destroy one's belief in the Church."

In odd news none of the documents have yet revealed whether Churchill really did have a hotline to the TARDIS and Doctor Who.

275x250.jpgA benefits cheat who claimed he was crippled by arthritis has been caught out after being filmed performing jazz dance routines.

Cheating Terence Read had, for 15 years, claimed arthritis meant he could hardly walk and received disability benefits of £19,915 during this time.

But after being tipped off he was considerably more mobile than he let on, benefits bosses caught him red-handed by videoing him dancing.

Undercover officers secretly filmed Read as he competed in dance contest where he twirled his partner around during an elaborate five minute routine.

Yesterday the footage of his moves were reviewed by a different kind of judge… one sitting at Manchester Crown Court where he was given a 12-month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work.

275x250.jpgSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter are costing the UK economy £14 billion per year in lost work time, it has been claimed.

Research has shown half of British workers accesses social media sites while at work -- with a third of those (roughly six million) spending more than 30 minutes doing so.

And a cheeky two million people claim they spend over an hour per day at work logging onto sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

In total all this 'lost time' means UK businesses are shelling out £14 billion for us to sit at the office chatting with friends online.

So, how long do you spend Facebooking while at work? Let us know... especially if you saw this story on Facebook or Twitter while you should have been doing something more productive.

275x250.jpgHadaway man. Geordies are the hardest people in the UK to understand and their accents frequently cause confusion, it's been found.

A team from the University of Bristol say 82 percent of us found it hard to comprehend what people from Newcastle saying because of their twang.

The psychologists found the Scouse accent was the second hardest to understand with 81% of people struggling, followed by Scottish tones with 75%.

The heavy accents of people like  Cheryl Cole mean many  Brits mishear words, or are simply confused and fail to comprehend what's being said.

A study of 6,000 people found other accents which pose a problem include Welsh (70%), Irish (69%) and Brummie (66%)… which means it's a good job we don't type like we speak.

275x250.jpgA frisky kangaroo which has previously harassed female joggers in an Australian town, is said to be at it again.

The randy roo has now been spotted following women as they move around the outback town of Tennant Creek.

In the latest incident the 2m tall creature bounded along behind a woman who was out on a 5km outback walk, before circling her in a predatory manner.

The woman said it was clear what the kangaroo wanted because "his male pride on full alert" and she was desperate to get away.

She added that the macropod was well-endowed… though we are not asking how she knew he was bigger than average. You never saw that on Skippy. 

275x250.jpg A classic car - a 1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster - once owned by Diana Dors is set to sell at auction for around £4 million.

The French powder-blue car was owned by Dors before she was even old enough to drive it and it was bought as a gift by Sir John Gaul, a friend of Monaco's Prince Rainier.

Only 51 of the 20ft-long vehicles - which has completely-enclosed wheels and a transparent steering wheel - were ever made and it won top honours at countless motor shows.

Auctioneer Alain Squindo, said the "curvaceous, sexy and flamboyant" model be sold at an auction in California on 14 August… he's still talking about the car, right?

275x250.jpgResearchers looking to answer a 100-year-old question posed by Charles Darwin about venus flytraps say the plants are not merciless killers.

Darwin had pondered why, when the carnivorous closed their traps, there were gaps between the 'teeth' at the edge of the trap, which a small creature could escape through.

Now experts think this is because the plant has developed to only kill victims which can offer it more energy than it will use digesting.

Scientists from Comenius University conducted tests on the toothy plants, using high-tech cameras to look at the amount of energy expended when closing a trap.

They had previously tried to make the calculation simply by watching Little Shop of Horrors, but those findings didn't hold up to peer review.

A US artist says she produces her artwork using an unusual method -- covering her 38DD boobs in paint and pressing them against the canvas.

Kira Ayn Varszegi says she first started breast painting almost ten years ago and that her works can sell for £600 each.

The 24-year-old from Connecticut creates each painting by coating her breasts with various coloured paints and then pressing and dragging them on the canvas.

She admits she was initially surprised by the level of commercial interest in the abstract breast works, and that she's now created and sold hundreds of painting.

However, not all of her fans are only interested in the final result… she admits she's constantly being besieged with requests for photos of the 'creative process'.

275x250.jpgBy shopping online tech-savvy families have each saved £27,024 since the millennium, it has been claimed.

A study of 3,000 online shoppers found they each spend £2,702.42 less per year on purchases than if they'd shopped on the high street.

The biggest saving is being made on the weekly food shop - which has gone down from £71.22 spent in-store - to a reasonable £48.98 online.

With savings from buying holidays, insurance, clothes and electricals online, canny shoppers are claimed to have saved £27,024 over the last decade.

However, while there's now doubt huge saving can be made shopping online, we're not sure you'd have had too muck luck doing it all online in 2001.

275x250.jpg A diver at a UK aquarium says he is getting unwanted attention from one of their female sharks -- because of a metal pin in his arm.

Whenever Martin Sutcliffe, 33, jumps into the tanks at Sea Life Centre in Blackpool to give a diving demonstration he's quickly joined by bowmouth shark Betty.

The 2 metre-long shark then constantly tries to rub against him and even nibble him. Initially other staff were confused, but then they found out he has a metal pin in his arm.

It's now thought the pin is causing little electrical discharges which attract Betty… not Martin's animal magnetism or how he looks in a wetsuit.

275x250.jpg60 percent of British couples always have sex in the missionary position, and the average sex session lasts just 24 minutes, it has been found.

A sex survey of 3,000 people has revealed the 'ins and outs' of sex in the UK  by asking couples intimate questions about their love-making.

It was said that most couples try out just three positions during the average sex session - but end up with the standard 'man on top'.

Two thirds of couples also admitted the 'doggy style' method of love making is their second favourite, followed by 'woman on top' with 57 percent.

The study also revealed the average sex sessions lasts a speedy 24 minutes… and worryingly, yes, that includes foreplay.

275x250.jpgAstronomers say a 'solar tsunami' is due to hit today, after a solar flare the size of the Earth was seen leaping from the Sun.

But while giant solar flares can destroy satellites, the most that's lightly to happen today is impressive displays of the aurora or northern and southern lights.

The flare, consisting of large clouds of charged particles, was spotted by the new NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory over the weekend and is the first Earth-directed eruption for some time.

When the expulsion reaches the Earth - after travelling 93 million miles - it will interact with the planet's magnetic field sparking spectacular displays of the auroras.

While some publications are suggesting you head down into a concrete bunker tonight, we'd suggest (depending on where you are int he world) standing outside an seeing if you can spot the once in a lifetime aurora display.

275x250.jpgArtist John O’Hearn has created an odd-looking portrait of Lady Gaga -- by using thousands of BB gun pellets.

The sculptor from Florida says can recreate any image using the odd medium which involves lining up red, green, blue, black and white balls in a grid formation.

His Lady Gaga creation measures 4 feet high and is 8 feet wide and contains a whopping 61,509 Airsoft BB pellets.

The image - which has been acquired by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! - took a month to complete.

But it won't be the oddest portrait on show, there's also a President Obama made from gumballs, an Elvis made from M&M and a  Marilyn Monroe of gummy bears.

275x250.jpgA paintball course in Montana has been forced to shut down -- because it was proving too popular with bears.

The grizzly and black bears were said to be attracted to the area by the smell from paintballs which have been fired.

It turned out the paintball resort had used organic paintballs which included vegetable oil, which the bears thought was food.

Some particularly hungry bears had even been caught munching on unexploded paintballs which had been found on the ground.

Bosses say they are now looking for a paintball which won't attract bears… or give them blue teeth.

A gang of robbers have found out the hard way that you can only push a geek gamer so far… trying to take his Nintendo DS.

The would-be robbers had stormed into a Hawaii gaming cafe and assaulted staff before making demands for cash from gamers.

And the robbery was all going to plan - with people begrudgingly handing over their money - until one of the raiders told a game fan to give him his Nintendo DS.

The irate gamer reacted like he'd just received a power-up and struck back, first by charging at the crook fists swinging, and pulling him to the ground.

At that point other members of the gang fled… probably to go back home and play GTA where it's a bit easier to get away with a crime.

275x250.jpgA Kiwi adventurer has set off on a record-breaking four month and 31,000 km jetski journey from London to New Zealand.

Jeremy Burfoot says he will ride for up to 12 hours per day during the trip - and he knows you will probably think he is an idiot for doing it.

The 51-year-old airline pilot says he and pals came up with the idea after trying to think of ways to better his previous feat of circumnavigating New Zealand on a jetski.

Burfoot will be joined on his journey - which he's spent three years planning -  by four other adventurers also riding jetskis adapted to hold 250 litres of fuel.

When his mate first suggested the mega-journey Burfoot said his first response was to ask, "What kind of a fool would do that?" -- he's currently straddling his jetski somewhere in Europe.

275x250.jpgScientists now believe the iconic Triceratops dinosaur - complete with three facial horns - 'never really existed' and was merely a young Torosaurus.

It had previously been thought the Triceratops and Torosaurus were two distinct types of dinosaur albeit with similar physical characteristics.

But now experts think dinosaur skulls underwent extreme changes throughout their life and that what's commonly known as a Triceratops was simply a juvenile form of a Torosaurus.

John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman say that as a Torosaurus aged its horns changed shape and orientation while its frill became longer and thinner.

However all is not lost for those who grew up as fans of the Triceratops (like most boys) -- as a result of the find Torosaurus will now be abolished as a species and specimens reassigned to Triceratops.

275x250.jpg Simply wearing the colour red makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, it has been found by researchers.

Psychologists conducted tests by getting women to rate the attractiveness of a variety of men and state their willingness to date, kiss, and engage sexual activity with them.

They then digitally altered the colour of the T-shirts the men were wearing and compared the responses, finding men in red were consistently scored as being more attractive.

Those who have been wearing red were seen as more "powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable" said professor Andrew Elliot… who only wears red from now on.

275x250.jpgResearchers say they've discovered the world's oldest creature, the tadpole shrimp, which is the same now as it was 220 million years ago.

Two colonies of the tadpole shrimp 'Triops cancriformis' have been found in Scotland which experts say is a massive wildlife discovery.

The tiny crustacean had been thought to be extinct before it was found at Caerlaverock on the Solway Firth after heavy rain.

The tadpole shrimps live in temporary water pools and when the water dries up the adults die but leave eggs behind which can remain dormant for years.

Comparisons with fossil finds show the shrimp is almost identical now to how it was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth… and boffins double checked by asking Bruce Forsyth.

275x250.jpgRapper Kanye West has given an unsuspecting fan a moment of fame - by choosing to follow him on Twitter.

The US star is followed by over 350,000 users on the social networking site but follows just one… a seemingly randomly picked man from Coventry.

Kanye started following Steven Holmes (@Ste_101) after the Coventry lad commented on a photo the rapper had uploaded of diamond teeth.

"Do you clean them with Colgate or polish?" said Holmes, prompting the US star to follow him and add the comment: "You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun."

Since receiving the Kanye seal of approval, Holmes has seen his own number of followers jump from 60 to over 1,800… I'm gonna let you finish, but Ste_101 has the best Twitter followers of all time!

275x250.jpgA mobile phone for those with hearing difficulties has been released -- capable of a blaring out an ear-splitting 100 decibel ring-tone.

Makers say the Amplicom M6000 is ideal for anyone suffering from hearing loss because it can ring as loud as a vuvuzela being blown next to your head.

And once users realise their phone in ringing they can boost the in-call volume to a level normally reserved for passing motorbikes.

The £120 handset also features extra-large buttons and an SOS panic button which can be set to call a predetermined number.

In odd news, while the phone is clearly targeted at older users it's also now expected to be a hit with younger concert-goers who can't normally hear calls.

275x250.jpgA 6ft long boa constrictor has escaped from an Essex home and is now said to be on the loose in the local area, police have warned.

Experts say Diego the pet snake - who slithered out of a bathroom window in Barnfield two days ago - could pose a danger to children and small animals.

Police have conducted searches in the area but have so far been unable to find the snake, as a result they are now warning anyone who sees it to call 999.

Leaflets have also been distributed to neighbours warning them to be on the look-out for the baseball-bat thick creature, which kills prey through asphyxiation.

It's thought warmer weather could have prompted the snake to go out hunting… though after one night out in Essex, we'd have though it would have gone home.

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