Simon Crisp: July 2010 Archives

275x250.jpgMen are more likely to be involved in a car accident over the summer - because they're distracted by scantily-clad women, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that in 2009, men made 16.4 percent more car insurance claims during the summer than women.

25 percent of blokes also admitted to having had a summertime crash at some point in the past and being more prone to road rage in hot weather.

However it isn't just the rising temperature getting men hot under the collar, it's also what women are wearing.

29 percent of men say they are distracted by women's summer attire (or should that be lack of it) while only 3 percent of women say the same.

275x250.jpgA British band are set to become record breakers when their new single is released -- because it's 43 minutes long.

This means 'Stop Giving Me Verses' by The Hoosiers will be the longest pop song ever to be released as a single in the UK.

It's thought the release will also be the longest downloaded single in history.

The lengthy ditty was written with the help of fans who were able to submit a suggested verse and it will be released in August.

Earlier this week the trio also recorded a music video for the song -- where hopefully they didn't have to do too many run-throughs. 

275x250.jpg A poll of 20,000 consumers has found the average Apple iPad owner is a self-centred workaholic who doesn't care about others.

The study looked at what type of person is likely to have bought the £429-£699 Apple device, and what characteristics they share.

It was found that people who were wealthy, highly educated, sophisticated and selfish were six times more likely to own an iPad.

And iPad users were also said to be workaholics who have an overwhelming interest in business and finance… as well as shiny gadgets.

A pair of drivers have survived a dramatic truck race crash in Brazil.

As one of the speeding truck drivers lost control during the Formula Truck series event at Interlagos, he ploughed straight into a competitor.

The accident saw Bruno Junqueira drive his truck 'over' Diumar Bueno's ripping off the entire cockpit.

But while both vehicles were ruined, Bueno was able to walk out of his cab and while Junqueira was taken to hospital he only suffered minor injuries.

However, this isn't the most remarkable thing about the story… that has got to be that so many people turn up to see speeding trucks.

275x250.jpgA Dutch brewer has revealed what they claim is the world's strongest beer -- with a whopping 60%ABV.

That's even stronger than 'The End of History' by Scottish firm BrewDog, which was named the world's strongest beer with 55%ABV just seven days ago.

Brewery 't Koelschip say their new "Start the Future" beer is so strong because because of the way it's brewed in three parts and later combined.

Initially they say they will produce just 50 litres of the strong stuff, which will be sold for £29 per 330ml bottle.

However they warn would-be drinkers the brew should not be consumed like a 'normal' beer and instead treated more like a spirit. Yes, they've heard about you. 

275x250.jpgA Facebook page called "I'm lost. Help me find my family" has been set up in a bid to reunite a tatty teddybear with his owner.

Cafe owner Liz Everett started the page after the lost bear was accidentally left in her Suffolk tearoom.

She said the threadbare bear was so adorable she knew he'd be missed and felt a Facebook page would be the best way of tracking down his owner.

And after posting pictures of 'Meare-Kat' on the beach and enjoying an ice-cream more than 1,000 people have joined the search and are asking their friends to help.

It's now hoped someone who know the forgetful family will see the campaign and Meare-Kat can be reunited with them… if he's not having too much fun at the seaside.

275x250.jpgA man who constantly pops up in the background of live TV broadcasts has now invaded over 100 live news reports.

Paul Yarrow, a 42-year-old community worker from London can often be seen lurking in the background as reporters talk to camera.

Sometimes he's talking on his phone, sometimes he's reading a newspaper, but he always stands in front of the camera.

In fact his plump frame, balding head and trademark beige jumper made Yarrow and online sensation and sites were even set up to chart his appearances.

So far he's appeared on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, Al  Jazeera… and now NewsLite, which means he has really made it.

275x250.jpg A set of false teeth designed and custom-built for Sir Winston Churchill have been sold at auction for £15,200.

The teeth - mounted on a gold structure - were constructed by dentist Derek Cudlipp and designed to preserve Churchill's natural lisp.

One of only three sets ever made, the dentures had been owned by the son of the dental technician, until the sale where they were expected to fetch £5,000.

But nine bidders all wanted to get their teeth into the odd piece of World War II memorabilia and the drove the price up to £15,200 at the Keys Auctions sale.

275x250.jpgA US newspaper has hired a marijuana critic who is paid to get high and write about his experiences like a restaurant reviewer.

The Denver Westword will run a regular column by "William Breathes" as he goes around reviewing local medical marijuana dispensaries.

The writer, who goes by the pen-name so he is not recognised while 'working', will offer his insight into the quality of service and the quality of the marijuana served.

In Colorado, where medical was legalised 10 years ago, more than 100,000 have applied for medical marijuana licenses, including the critic who suffers from chronic stomach pains.

After the marijuana critic job was advertised earlier this year the paper was inundated with applications. Bosses say he stood out because he "could punctuate and he could spell".

275x250.jpgShy, Unity and Bean are just some of the unusual names British parents have given their children over the past 10 years, it's been revealed.

The bizarre monikers emerged after researchers trawled through the millions of recorded names given to newborns since the year 2000.

Other off-beat names in the top 20 list (which will no doubt haunt their owners their entire lives) include Zowie, Puppy and Ice.

There are also a handful of unusual hippy-style names such as Stone, Gift, Heaven and Echo, while the fashion world might have inspired the names Denim, Diesel and Armani.

In what can be the only solace in having one of these odd names, at least you're less likely to meet too many people with the same name as them. That would just be embarrassing. 

275x250.jpg An asteroid has been identified which might collide with the Earth, but impact isn't due until 2182... and even then there's only a 1-in-1000 chance of it hitting.

But a team of international space experts say the 560m wide asteroid poses a threat to the Earth and could even destroy a city as large as London.

The rogue space rock, now said to be a "potentially hazardous asteroid" was first discovered ten years ago and given the catchy name of '1999 RQ3'.

Since then they've plotted its cosmic trajectory and discovered close it could come to hitting us. Worrying… well it will be for your great, great, great, great grandchildren.

275x250.jpgResearch into the psychological well-being of pigs has found they are capable of feeling optimistic or pessimistic about life.

Boffins from Newcastle University say the environment a pig lives in can have a massive impact on how they feel.

They came to this conclusion after devising an experiment in which pigs were split into two groups, one half in plush surroundings, the others in basic environmemnt.

Each group were then repeatedly played a note on a glockenspiel with those in the better surrounding given a treat each time, and the others something less pleasant.

Both sets were then played a new sound and those who had lived better lives expected another treat while the others shied away pessimistic about what might happen to them… like find themselves in another scientific study.

275x250.jpgThe typical mobile phone can harbour up to 18 times more bacteria than the average toilet handle, it has been found.

Hygiene experts working for consumer guide Which? tested a selection of 30 mobile phones to see how dirty they were.

They found seven were covered in high levels of environmental bacteria which could act as a breeding ground for other bugs.

One of the seven was even (rather worryingly) harbouring faecal coliforms and could have given any user a serious stomach upset.

The findings suggest 15 million mobiles in the UK today could be potential health hazards… something to think about next time someone hands you their phone to look at a photo.

275x250.jpg A video of a man walking across America - which was made using stop-motion photography and 2,770 images - has become a massive online hit.

Since it was uploaded a week ago, over a million people have already watched the video of Michael Johnson walking his way from New York to San Francisco.

Producers took thousands of still photographs of Michael walking during a 14-day trip
from one side of America to the other, then carefully put them together the create the dramatic effect.

The result is so impressive it almost doesn't matter that the production was paid for by Levi's which features prominently at the end. Almost.

275x250.jpgAn American who bought a set of photographic plates for £30 from a garage sale over a decade ago has been told they could be worth £128m.

Rick Norsigian had snapped up the 65 glass negatives at a sale in California and had even bartered the seller down from the initial asking price.

But soon after the purchase he began to suspect they could have been taken by rated US nature photographer Ansel Adams and tried to get then authenticated.

So began a verification process involving hand-writing analysis, meteorology for evidence of weather at the time Adams took his famed landscapes, and consultations with equipment specialists.

Now the images have been confirmed as genuine Ansel Adams works and valued at £128m Norsigian is one very happy shopper -- we just hope whoever sold them to him doesn't read this.

275x250.jpgBrits are more trusting of the internet than their own friends and colleagues, when it comes to handing over personal information, it has been found.

Researchers discovered that while the average adult freely divulges a string of personal details on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, most would not give friends or colleagues their PIN number.

One in twenty people have their home address visible on social networking sites yet 86 per cent would not hand over their PIN to someone they know.

And while only five per cent of people would let their best mate have access to their PIN number, 50 per cent of respondents have their relationship status visible online.

Nearly two thirds of people also have their date of birth on networking sites which is always a security question when telephoning banks or building societies -- though many women have changed the year.

275x250.jpg A dozen huge grass sofas have been installed at tourist attractions around the UK -- in a bizarre bid to get couch potatoes out of the house.

The sofas - some of which are 30ft long - are the idea of the National Trust and are made from a base of straw which has been watered and trimmed to size, and covered in a green grass blanket.

Bosses came up with the odd idea after it was revealed the average family spends 43 hours a week sat on their sofa, even in the summer.

Each sofa is also positioned in a 'outdoor living room' and took just over a month to grow… meanwhile, your sofa at home has probably got something growing behind it.

275x250.jpgA canine obesity epidemic is currently sweeping the UK with one-in-three dogs already considered overweight by vets.

Animal group the PDSA say poor diet and a lack of exercise are the main reasons for the podgy pooches.

In a study of 35,000 dogs, 35 percent were heavier than they should have been, mostly due to being given fatty foods including cheese, chips and biscuits.

If the growing trend of overly fat dogs continues, experts thin 50 percent could be overweight by 2015 with many suffering from diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

So if you think your dog could be one why not take it out for a walk now, while you still can.

275x250.jpgITV has caused outrage among soap fans following an Emmerdale episode showing a shopping list featuring 'jam rags and 'piles cream'.

The crude reference to sanitary towels and hemorrhoid cream appeared on a blackboard shopping list in Marlon Dingle's house.

Fans of the soap were stunned by the slang term appearing in the 7pm show and the reference has been labelled 'inappropriate and unnecessary' by media watchdogs.

Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch, an independent campaign for family values in the media, said: "Clearly whoever wrote that knew exactly what they were doing, and they certainly didn't need to."

A spokesperson for Emmerdale was unavailable for comment… maybe they're out doing the shopping.

275x250.jpg A university professor has returned from holiday to find his research students had 'foiled' him with an elaborate prank -- they'd covered his entire office with foil.

Chemistry Prof Scott Bur couldn't believe his eyes when he opened the door to his office at Gustavus Adolphus in Minnesota and was confronted by the mass of aluminium.

His research students had covered everything, from walls and furniture to books and his computer with the kitchen foil. They'd even gone to the effort of separately wrapping pens on his desk.

Scott says he later found out they'd used 10, 200ft rolls of foil and spent almost an entire week on the stunt. Well you know what they say: "When the cat's away, the mouse will decorate with foil".

Artists have created a massive image of Marilyn Monroe using more than 5,000 cups of coffee.

The team used the different shades of lattes, long blacks and flat whites to produced the caffeine-filled artwork at a coffee festival in Sydney.

Different drinks were carefully lined up in a 80 x 65 cup grid, to recreate the classic image of the Some Like It Hot star, in surprisingly good detail.

Organisers say they used milk and (where possible) coffee which was on its expiry date to produce the image, to cut down on wastage

And while it took several hours to finish, none of the coffee artists needed a break… that will be the 5,200 cups of coffee for you.

275x250.jpgHolidaymakers in France are being warned to be on their guard after a group of aggressive mountain cows launched a series of ferocious attacks on tourists.

A number of visitors to the Pyrenees have recently been attacked by irate bovine, including a German man who is currently in critical condition in hospital.

A herd of cows is said the have set about the man as he walked with his wife and two children trampling and biting them.
As a result local mountain police, who say the cows "knew exactly what they were doing", have issued a warning for tourists.

It's warned holidaymakers should, under no circumstances, look the mountain cows in the eye, or approach them… even if you are out of milk for your cup of tea.

275x250.jpgA pair of competitive eaters have munched their way to a new Guinness World Record -- by eating as many chocolate bars as they could in 60 seconds.

The competition - held at San Diego Comic-Con - saw stomach-based athletes battle it out in a two stage Mars Bar eating event.

It started off by seeing how many they could eat in one minute, with rules stating each bar had to weigh 49 grams, be wrapped as the event began and that no fluids could be drunk to aid swallowing.

During this section, which was observed by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti tied on three Mars Bars.

The contest then continued to see how many they could eat in total with Bertoletti managing to consume 38 without stopping… which should mean he can work rest and play for over a month.

275x250.jpg Pampered pussies could soon be enjoying better holidays than their owners after a luxury hotel opened which is purr-fect for felines.

Bosses at The Luxury Cat Hotel in Hertfordshire say they pride themselves on offering cats with the ultimate holiday when their owner jets off abroad.

Each cat at the hotel gets its own luxury heated chalet which has an exercise area, themed decoration and jazz music playing via a £5,000 sound system.

There's also an‘A La Cat’ food menu which includes dishes such as fresh tuna and all come served on silver platters and bone china plates… something to think about as you sit on an EasyJet flight.

A fighter jet pilot in Canada had a miraculous escape when he ejected from his CF-18, seconds before it crashed to the ground in a huge fireball.

Brian Bews had been practising low-flying aerial manoeuvres in advance of and upcoming air-show when sparks started coming out of his engine.

The quick-thinking pilot ejected from the plane as fast as he could and despite it being so close to the ground he was able to get out.

And it's a good job he did, because his £20million Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet smashed into the ground in a ball of flames.

Amazingly Brian only suffered a sore back and a scratch on his are in the incident -- though he also has to tell his boss he destroyed a £20million plane.

275x250.jpgWomen who are desperate to lose weight will spend a staggering £25,233 on diets over their lifetime, it has been found.

Researchers found the average female will diet on three occasions every year - each time shelling out £180.81 on gyms, fitness magazines, slimming clubs, exercise clothes and diet branded foods.

That means they waste a total of £542.43 every 12 months - with most not getting down to their ideal weight and the only pounds they shed are the ones from their purse.

It also emerged that each diet lasts on average just 19 days, with chocolate, crisps and wine being the most common diet breakers.

And in odd news the majority of diets end at either 3pm or 8pm -- with a sneaky chocolate bar being the chief temptation for 58 percent of women.

275x250.jpgYouTube has added a secret version of the classic arcade game Snake, which can now be played while videos are loading.

The game - a hit on early mobile phones - can currently be unlocked on the video site by pressing a series of buttons as a video buffers.

When the flashing circle of dots appear to signify the clip is loading, users wanting the play the game need to press the up and/or left cursor button.

At that point the game appears over the top of the video screen and you have to guide the growing snake around the screen, eating dots and avoiding running into your own body.

For the full 1990s/early 2000s effect the game should probably be played over the top of a video showing the screen of a Nokia phone. 

275x250.jpgA boat made out of 12,000 recycled plastic bottles has been used to sail from San Francisco to Sydney.

The crew of the Plastiki set off on their 9,000 mile voyage in a bid to make people aware of plastic pollution levels in the world's oceans.

Environmentalist David de Rothschild, 31, wanted to highlight the sea waste - particularly plastic debris - they encountered as they travelled.

And there was plenty of it, they sailed via the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of floating waste five time the size of the UK.

Luckily this recycled boat won't end up there itself - the Plastiki will now go on display in the Sydney Maritime Museum.

A hungry bear climbed into a car in the hope of finding food -- but ended up 'stealing' the vehicle and crashing it into a tree.

The bear had got into the car, in Colorado, after being attracted by a peanut butter sandwich which had been accidentally left on the back seat.

But after getting to the food, the bear became stuck and as it angrily thrashed about in a bid to get out, it knocked the car's automatic transmission into neutral.

The 2008 Toyota Corolla was sent rolling 40m backwards and down an embankment into a nearby tree -- where the bear then destroyed the car interior before police arrived to free it.

This car stealing bear just goes to show how criminal activity increases… we remember when bears only stole picnic baskets, Yogi Bear was a documentary, right?

275x250.jpgA study of 3,000 Brits has seen the Apple iPhone named as the 'Coolest Thing on the Planet'.

To take top slot in the poll, the must-have phone beat off competition from things like the Aston Martin DB9, the internet and Johnny Depp.

Since it was launched in 2007, the iPhone has been seen as the epitome of cool, with the new iPhone 4 selling almost two million in the first three days on sale.

And Apple dominated the list with second place going to the Steve jobs brand and their iPod coming in fourth overall.

Other items which were seen as being cool by Brits included, Cheryl Cole, the Wonderbra and the Nintendo Wii -- which sound's like a quite good night in.

275x250.jpg Police in New York are hunting for an armed robber who dressed in a Darth Vader costume to rob a bank.

The 6ft tall Star Wars movie character walked into the Chase bank branch on Long Island yesterday and demanded staff hand over cash.

But rather than brandishing a lightsaber or using a force grip to get what he wanted, the man was waving a handgun as he told staff what he wanted.

After being given the money 'Darth' ran out of the bank before escaping on a bicycle. Yes, a cycling Darth Vader bank robber is wanted by police, these are the sort of moments Newslite was made for.

A group of daredevil skateboarders have become an online hit after filming themselves hurtling down busy road at speeds of 60mph.

But police in New Zealand are not quite as impressed with the stunt, which even saw the men overtake a lorry, and say the men must have a death-wish.

The clip - shot using a helmet camera - was filmed on a hilly stretch of road south of Auckland and shows six longboarders joining the motorway and building up speed.

Amazingly no-one was injured in the stunt, but cops say if the boarders are located they could now face charges of failing to keep left or careless driving.

So you could say the wheel-y stupid thing wasn't riding the board, but uploading the clip to the internet.

275x250.jpg Staff at a museum in New Zealand are currently thawing a crate of whiskey which was buried under Antarctic ice for over 100 years.

The spirits had been buried under the hut of Brit Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1908 - presumably to hide them from fellow explorers.

But after being discovered by restoration workers conducting work on his hut in 2006, an expedition was launched to recover it.

Five crates were liberated from the ice, but despite having all that ice to hand, the whiskey was not sampled.

275x250.jpgIt takes the average holidaymaker two days and 17 hours before they can finally relax and enjoy their holiday, it has been found.

A study found the stress of packing, planning and travelling to the chosen destination makes for a gruelling first day

The second day is then spent recovering from the journey, unpacking and settling in, meaning it takes until well into the third day to finally relax.

And 20 percent of those polled say they NEVER fully relax on their holiday with 1-in-10 worried about their empty home and 1-in-5 thinking about work.

So how long does it take you to relax? Personally we're normally pretty chilled for our last couple of days of work.

A unfortunate news presenter on Taiwanese TV suffered an asthma attack on live TV -- after choking on a mosquito.

Huang Ching had been reading the news when a rogue mosquito entered the studio and headed straight for her mouth.

Being a true professional, Ching carried on despite the bug flying into her mouth and continued to read the headlines.

But the tiny bug set off a asthmatic reaction and TV bosses were forced to cut to adverts as while Ching was given medical treatment and rushed to hospital.

Experts say she would have been fine if she'd simply spat the bug back out, but Ching said it would have been rude to do that on TV.

275x250.jpgThe world's new strongest beer has gone on sale… in controversial bottles made using the bodies of dead animals.

Brewery BrewDog's 'The End of History' beer - which has a 55% ABV and sells for £500 per bottle - is the strongest and most expensive beer in the world.

It's a blond Belgian ale infused with nettles and juniper berries to give unique taste.

But it will be the bottle which stands out for most people, they're encased in the bodies of animals which have been specially produced by a taxidermist.

Stoats, squirrels and hare have been used… and just in case it wasn't odd enough already, some of then are dressed in eccentric outfits.

275x250.jpgIt looks like a car wash, but this 'cow wash' machine is actually the latest must-have gadget for farmers wanting to boost milk production.

Designed by Swedish firm DeLaval, the swinging cow brush was created to act as a 'self grooming' device for cows to help keep themselves clean, healthier and happier.

This is because a happy cow is said to produce as much as 3.5 percent more milk and therefore be much more valuable for the farmer.

The device works by starting to rotate when a cow makes contact with it, and then spinning at a speed which is pleasurable for the cow as it moo-ves under it.

Given the success of cow wash machines - more than 30,000 have been sold - it can't be long until the cows also start getting a pre-milking pedicure and makeover.

275x250.jpgA horse called George Baker competed in a race at Leicester yesterday, ridden by a jockey called George Baker.

But the name-based oddness it doesn't end there, George Baker (the horse) was also trained by a man called George Baker... and is owned by another Mr George Baker.

And amazingly, all four George Bakers are different people. George Baker (the horse) was initially named by owner Harry Findlay as a joke because he wanted to send it to George Baker (the trainer).

But even he couldn't have expected that when he sold the three-year-old gelding, it would be snapped up by George Baker & Partners.

Unfortunately the 20/1 horse didn't win the race… much to the annoyance of the countless George Bakers who had presumably placed a bet on it.

275x250.jpgScientists have investigated the popular belief that dropped food is okay to eat unless it spends more than five seconds on the floor.

After repeatedly hearing the claim a team from Clemson University decided to test how quickly harmful bacteria could be transfers to food from a dirty surface.

Food scientists from the human nutrition department conducted a series of tests by dropping samples of food onto both dirty floors and work-surfaces.

It was discovered bacteria could be transferred a lot faster than five seconds and therefore it shouldn't be used as a rule for healthy dining.

This is just the latest in a line of vital research done by the team… they've previously looked at what happens when someone double-dips or drinks from a carton. Really!

A greyhound race in Australia has been declared a 'no race' -- after a real-life hare ran across the track and distracted the dogs.

The dogs had been chasing the traditional faux bunny at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, when the hare invaded the track.

It sprinted in front of the racers and crossed to the outside of the track - distracting the dogs, one of which chased after it.

Because third-placed Ginny Lou (20/1) rejected the robot rabbit for the real thing the race was voided.

After a hare-y few minutes the £19,000 of bets which had been placed was refunded to punters.

275x250.jpg A couple on a whale-watching trip near Cape Town, got a closer view than they expected when a massive 40-ton whale jumped from the sean and onto their yacht.

Amazingly, as they looked for whales, a massive 10 metre one leapt from the water off the coast of South Africa and headed straight for their diminutive yacht.

The Southern Right whale then smashed into the 33ft boat and snapped the mast before eventually sliding back into the water an swimming away.

Luckily the accident was caught on camera by a nearby tourist… otherwise no-one would have believed their whale of a tale.

275x250.jpgWomen are more organised in the workplace than men and are generally better at keeping to deadlines and turning up on time, it has been revealed.

A recent study looked at the the differences in the organisational skills of men and women, to see who made the better employees.

It was discovered women are the better prepared with 43 percent rating themselves as "very organised" compared to just 32 percent of men.

This means men are more likely to forget to phone people back and lose documents on their messy desks… while 40 percent of women say their desk is spotless.

1-in-10 men also admitted they have no structure to their work life -- which could explain why so many have lost an important document (17%) missed a deadline (44%) or been late for work (41%) in the past month.

275x250.jpgSteve Bolton wanted to prove he was the world's biggest Toy Story fan… so he officially changed his name to Buzz Lightyear.

The mechanic from West Bromwich says he loved the first two movies so much, he wanted to do something special for the launch of Toy Story 3.

But rather than simply getting in line to be one of the first to see the Pixar movie, 26-year-old Steve decided to officially change his name.

He contacted UK deed poll service and paid to have his name altered so it can now say "Buzz Lightyear" on his credit cards, bills and passport.

Yes, that means he now gets to tell staff at airports he's going "to infinity and beyond." We're sure that won't get old anytime soon.

275x250.jpgA weird new variety of apple, which has a bright red centre and looks more like a watermelon, is set to go on sale in the UK.

The Redlove apple has been created by botanists who cross-pollinated normal-looking apples with a secret variety which looks impressive but has no taste.

It's said the process took over 20 years to perfect on a fruit farm in Switzerland, and that the resulting fruit has a hint of berry taste and is rich in antioxidants.

While Redlove saplings have already been been planted across Europe and will produce fruit for UK supermarkets within five years, the young trees are also going on sale in the UK.

However, they won't start producing fruit for a couple of years, so there's plenty of time to think of a good recipe.

Guests at a US wedding were provided with unusual entertainment when the groom challenged his new bride to a cake eating contest.

In his defence, Hall Hunt is one of the world's top competitive eaters and has earned over £40,000 thanks to his digestive powers.

On top of that, Joey Chestnut, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world was a guest at the wedding and joined in the fun.

A video of the event posted to YouTube shows the hungry-looking trio attacking plates of wedding cake during the 30 second bout.

Despite being able to much through 63 burgers in eight minutes, Hunt says his wife won the contest… well he couldn't upset her on the big day could he?

275x250.jpg British astronomers have discovered the biggest star ever seen in the universe - a whopping 250 times the mass of the sun.

Using the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Very Large Telescope which is located in in Chile they say the star R136a1 is a massive find, in more ways than one.

The gargantuan star is said to shine millions of times brighter than the sun, burn seven times hotter and goes beyond what was thought to be physically possible.

Spotted in the R136 cluster around one hundred thousand light years away it is twice the size of any object ever seen -- which makes you wonder how they missed it for so long.

275x250.jpgSanta Clauses from around the world have gathered in Copenhagen for the annual World Santa Claus Congress.

Each year the event sees the Santa Clauses meet to network with each other and share their experiences of the last Christmas.

But it's not all fun and games, the conference covers issues concerning their trade such as standardisations and regulations.

This isthe 53rd year of the congress which will be attended by Santas from Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In odd news the organisers of the three-day event say they have to ship in additional mince pies -- yes he enjoys them all year around.

275x250.jpgOne in three men claim they don't feel safe when their other half is driving, it has been found.

Millions of blokes find themselves pushing their feet down into the footwell because their wife or partner brakes late.

Others say they regularly spend large chunks of the journey gripping the edges of the passenger seat and are in constant fear of crashing.

One in ten even said they've been forced to grab the steering wheel as the missus took her eyes off the road and careered towards the central reservation.

Other common complaints included flicking the accelerator, braking too hard, fiddling with the stereo... and generally just not being a man.

275x250.jpg A new service is being launched in the UK for lonely people to hire a "strictly platonic" friend to go to the movies or a restaurant with them.

The 'Rent a friend' service has already become a hit in the US where more than 218,000 people have signed up to spend time with strangers.

Now UK members can pay £15 to join the site and browse potential friends in their area before hiring them out for a friendship session.

However, don't get the wrong idea, you really are only hiring a platonic friend to spend time with… if you turn up expecting more you might need to call a lawyer.

275x250.jpgScientists have discovered what is thought to be the world's oldest doodle, carved into a rock by a bored caveman over 4,500 years ago.

The etching - which probably bares a striking resemblance to your doodles when you're on the phone - was etched into the rock.

The crude concentric circles can clearly be seen on the 17cm sandstone slab which was unearthed in the Cambridgeshire village of Over during an archaeology 'fun day'.

Experts think the Neolithic rock art could date back to 2,500 BC and might have belonged to a prehistoric Picasso, or it could just be an aimless inscription.

Okay, we are going to say it, does anyone else think the "concentric circles" could be an early caveman attempt at drawing boobs?

275x250.jpgIndonesia's top Islamic body is set to rule on whether Muslims are allowed to drink a rare coffee which is harvested from the faeces of civet cats.

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, due mostly to the odd production method which includes the coffee being eaten by a civet cat first.

Lucky workers then have the job of sorting through civet cat poop and hunting for the hard beans which have fermented in the cat's stomach, before roasting their harvest.

For years the drink has been a delicacy, prized to the tune of £250 per kg for its smooth taste but now local Islamic leaders are considering whether to forbid followers from drinking it.

It is understood the possible ban centres around whether the beans are cleaned before they are ground. Wait, what… sometimes the poop covered beans aren't washed?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a parasailing donkey flying over the sea in Russia, obviously.

A Russian leisure firm is being investigated by police on animal cruelty charges after using a flying donkey in a stunt to promote their parasailing service.

Beach-goers looked on in a mixture of intrigue and horror as staff at the private beach club in Golubitskaya led a unwitting donkey towards their parasailing equipment.

The ass was then attached to the parachute harness, and before many sunbathers had worked out what was happening, it was launched high into the air.

Shocked holidaymakers watched as the terrified donkey spent the next 30 minutes flying over the the Sea of Asov… and wondered if they'd had one too many holiday cocktails.

275x250.jpg A supercar fannatic has launched the world's most expensive and exclusive carwash and detailing service -- which costs up to £12,000 for each individual motor.

Gurcharn Sahota, 30, prides himself on offering the world's best car wash and uses a computerised microscope to spot the tiniest blemishes not visible to the human eye.

The detailer can then spend 250 hours using over 100 cleaning fluids and buffing every inch of the car five times to please his mega-rich clients who include royalty, musicians, sports stars and actors.

If you don't think you clapped out old Fiesta is quite worth the £12,000 price-tag of his top-of-the-range cleans why not go for his basic option… like the 'typical' £700 service.

275x250.jpgWomen are consistently better at multitasking than men, it has been claimed by psychology experts.

Boffins from the University of Hertfordshire say they've conducted a study into multitasking ability and found women come out top.

While men and women performed equally when they multitasked on simple maths and map reading tasks - as the tasks became harder the women far excelled the blokes.

In one test where people were asked to 'search for the lost key' by drawing on a piece of paper how they would search a field 70 per cent of women performed better than the average male.

However, this could just be because women have had much more practice looking for lost keys... and they know they are actually always in the bottom of their handbag.

275x250.jpg As races go it was not the most action-packed, and despite taking 3m 41s to complete the finely honed athletes only covered 13 inches. Welcome to the World Snail Racing Championship 2010.

The obviously prestigious event takes place annually in Norfolk and sees more than 200 of the world's speediest snails compete in the races which each start with a ref saying: "Ready, steady, SLOW!"

The racers are started at the centre of a circular table and sprint to the circular finish line 13 inches away. After a series of round the winner scoops a silver tankard filled with lettuce.

This year the honour went to Sidney the snail (and 62-year-old owner Claire Lawrence) took the title in a leisurely 3m 41s… that's longer than the 1500m race at the Olympics.

275x250.jpgWomen are at their most beautiful and attractive at the relatively mature age of 31-year-old, it has been revealed.

A study of 2,000 men and women from the UK looked at a variety of aspects of beauty including, confidence, looks and style, in a sample of women.

Overall it was found that a fresh-faced look was rejected in favour of women who also backed their beauty up with confidence and life experience.

This meant women were considered their most beautiful at the age of 31 - good news for current 31-year-olds Katie Holmes and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

However not all responses agreed, when asked when a woman was her most attractive one man said: "After my sixth pint."

275x250.jpg An ice cream van for pampered pooches is opening in London -- with bizarre icy flavours including gammon and chicken.

Scientists created the ice cream treats to be ideal for doggy tastes by finding the perfect combination of temperature, texture and taste for them.

Now the K99 van will appear at parks across London over the summer, starting with the Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park this Saturday.

While bosses appear to have planned the 99p charity donation doggie delights down the the smallest detail there's one thing they forget… dogs have nowhere to carry change.

275x250.jpgTen percent of British workers cannot stand the people they work with, it has been found.

A study of 4,000 workers discovered the majority are unhappy in their job with reasons ranging from feeling unappreciated to hating colleagues.

A third claim they are unhappy because they feel 'completely unappreciated' in their job while 40 percent say they're bored.

But another one-in-ten blamed their dislike of their job on a hatred of work colleagues, and many even admitted being deliberately unhelpful to a manager or colleague.

So what about you? Do you hate anyone you work with? Why not let us know in the comments… or even better forward this article to the colleagues you dislike as a 'subtle' reminder.

275x250.jpgTopped with pink icing and copious sprinkles, it's safe to say most cupcakes are not the most manly of snacks, but all that is about to change.

A New York firm call the Butch Bakery has given the humble cupcake a manly makeover so that blokes won't feel embarrassed munching one as they walk down the street.

Rather than delicate and girly-looking pale frosting, the cakes are topped with camouflage inspired chocolate disks on a layer of icing.

Flavours such as strawberry and raspberry have also been ditched in favour of options including beer, whisky and peanut butter.

Makers say 500 of the £2.50 cupcakes are currently flying off the shelves each week… though they admit most of the buyers are still women.

275x250.jpgA team of divers in the Baltic Sea have discovered 30 bottles of what's believed to be the world's oldest drinkable Champagne.

The 200-year-old bottles were recently found by divers exploring a shipwreck and are thought to part of a cargo destined for Russia in the 1780s.

Experts say the shape of the bottle indicates they were produced in the 18th Century and are understood to be from Clicquot (now Veuve Clicquot).

After sampling one of the bottles (before even reaching dry land) diver Christian Ekstrom has sent a bottle to France for analysis.

If confirmed, the bottles will be valued at around £50,000 each… and Christian will regret taking that early sip.

German autobahns are often seen as the promised land for motorists with a taste for speed. But not this weekend -- there were 3 million people picnicking on there.

A 37 mile stretch of A40 autobahn between Duisburg and Dortmund was closed over the weekend with massive picnic installed as part of a cultural celebration.

The 'Still Life' event was held in celebration of the Ruhr region of Germany with regional music and dance performances taking place throughout the day.

It's thought the 20,000 connected tables broke a world record as the longest table and with 3 million atendees it's also likely to have been the world's biggest picnic.

One lane of the motorway was kept clear for the one million cyclists and skaters who travelled along the autobahn -- considerably slower than vehicles normally do. 

275x250.jpgA bizarre bra has gone on sale which is designed to help women hide a bottle of wine in their underwear during a night out.

The 'Wine Rack Bra' looks like a normal sports bra, but actually holds 750ml (an entire bottle of wine) inside the cups.

In addition to giving wearers bigger-looking boobs, there's also a straw which allows them to covertly dink the contents.

Makers claim the 'Wine Rack Bra' is perfect for sneaking booze into movies, concerts, sports events and clubs.

However, users should consider that while a fluid filled bra can boost breast size from an A to a D -- the more drunk you get the smaller your boobs will appear.

275x250.jpgResearchers claim they have discovered a formula for perfect handshake... and it's much more complicated than you would think.

Despite shaking hands nearly 15,000 times in the average lifetime, 70 percent of people say suffer a crisis of confidence every time the lock hands.

As a result experts from the University of Manchester set out to calculate the perfect handshake and a way of repeatedly recreating it.

Professor Geoffrey Beattie came up with a mathematical formula which takes into account 12 aspects of a hand-shake including vigour, eye contact, hand temperature and positioning.

Beattie then converted this to a five-step process and claims his findings mean everyone can now enjoy worry-free hand shaking… if they have a mathematics degree.

275x250.jpg An army 4x4 which can change into a helicopter in less than a minute and is capable of flying for 250 miles could soon be used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AVX TX has been offered as the futuristic solution to problems faced by the US Army, which asked designers to come up with a vehicle which could fly into location and then proceed on ground.

Designers Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company say the AVX TX could carry four fully equipped soldiers and travel at 140mph in the air and 86mph on the road

They add the SUV could switch between modes in just 60 seconds and cover 250 miles on a single tank of fuel… which is so impressive it almost makes us wish we weren't flower-waving pacifists.

275x250.jpgBlonde-haired women may have an 'airhead' reputation, but they must be doing something right -- they earn more than brunettes and red-heads.

A recent salary survey found the average blonde in the UK takes home £1,018.19 each month after tax and national insurance.

This compares with £937.19 for brunettes and an meagre £887.97 for red-heads (who are unlucky in income and hair colour).

However it's not all good news for blondes, they are also the frivolous with their cash, with 35 per cent going into their overdraft every single month.

Blondes were found to be more likely to splash out on shoes, chocolate and clothes… thought they don't need hair dye.

275x250.jpgA firm has revealed a set of robotic legs which they claim will soon allow previously wheelchair-bound people to walk again.

Rex Bionics claim their 'Robotic Exoskeleton' can be used by paralysed people and allows then to walk and even traverse steep slopes and stairs.

The brains behind the giant gizmo are a pair of Scottish guys who are now living in New Zealand and have spent £5m developing it since 2006.

Richard Little and Robert Irving say the REX device will go on sale later this year for £100,000 each and that users can master control within a couple of hours.

While we think allowing previously wheelchair using people to walk is a great thing, let's just hope this doesn't speed up the impending robot uprising and cataclysmic destruction of mankind.

Thrill-seekers at a Russian theme-park had a more exciting time than expected when a cable snapped on a rocket ride and left them dangling 70m in the air.

Ten unfortunate 'cosmonauts' had been on dubious-looking 'Rocket' ride at Divo Ostrov theme park on Krestovsky Island, St Petersberg, when the accident happened.

As the ride spun around, the cable supporting the rear of the ten-seater rocket snapped and the back plunged -- leaving the riders screaming and in fear for their lives.

Luckily rescue teams were quickly on the scene to free the riders from their 70m dangling position and no-one was seriously hurt.

And there was us thinking the joy of theme-parks is that while scared to within an inch of your life, you are always entirely safe. Guess Russia has a slightly different approach.

275x250.jpgNearly half of all women are so body conscious they prefer to keep their clothes on during sex, it has been found.

48 percent of women say they like to wear items of clothing including a bra, negligee or high-heels while having it away with their partner.

The overriding reason is to 'improve body confidence' with a third of women who wear a bra during sex saying they do so because their breasts look better while 24 percent claimed they just felt ‘sexier’.

However, 61 percent of women claim they always enjoy sex more with the lights off because it allows them to hide their bodies.

Bras where the most commonly worn item during sex (68%) followed by a negligee (59%) high heels (40%) dresses (36%) knickers (31%) -- surprisingly few owned up to a nurses uniform.

275x250.jpg A red-headed music fan has become the latest unlikely internet hero after being filmed singing along to an Eminem performance at T in the Park.

The young fan - believed to be named Robbie Snowden - now even has his own Facebook fan page with over 11,500 fans after he was spotted on TV coverage.

In the clips - which are surging on YouTube - he can be seen staring wide-eyed into the camera, singing along with Eminem and waving his fists 'gangsta-style'.

Commenters and fans are now calling for Robbie to become a star in his own right -- and he's already more entertaining than many of the acts at T in the Park.

275x250.jpgHeavy rain today means the UK will be 'cursed' by 40 days of constant downpours -- if you're inclined to believe 1,000-year-old folklore.

Legend has it the weather on 15th July - also known as St Swithin's Day - predicts what it's going to be like for the next 40 days.

The odd forecast dates back to 15 July 971, when the body of a Saxon Bishop was removed from his preferred burial spot outside Winchester Cathedral.

This coincided with 40 days of continuous storms and from then on the old wives' tale has said rain on the 15th July predicted 40 days of rain.

However, the MET office have dismissed the claim after analysing their records of rainfall… but then again, are they any more believable than a 1,000-year-old myth?

275x250.jpgWomen who struggle losing weight and have pear-shaped bodies are predisposed to suffer from poor memory, scientists have found.

Researchers say women with wide hips are significantly more likely to experience memory loss and mental decline as they get older.

The team from Northwestern University in Chicago conducted a study of 8,745 women aged 65 to 79, testing memory and brain function along with weight.

A connection between brain function and body-shape was found, with each increase in BMI resulting in a loss in memory score points.

At least the study give those women with pear-shaped bodies a reason their diet isn't working -- they probably keep forgetting they are on it.

275x250.jpgAn environmentalist diver has become an online hit after recording a video of himself serenading a man-eating shark.

Andy Brandy Casagrande started off by scuba diving into shark-infested waters off Guadeloupe Island, Mexico while clutching his guitar.

He then started singing and playing his shark friendly ditty "The Great White Shark Song" as a pal filmed him swimming next the giant beasts.

The resulting music video has become an internet hit. But how could it not with classic lyrics like: "If I was a great white I wouldn't bite you, but I'd swim right next to you".

Andy says he recorded the song to prove sharks are not as fearsome as most people think… unless they don't like the music you're playing.

275x250.jpgNot content with their little darling only having one birthday each year, many parents have started celebrating 'half birthdays' too.

The half birthday celebration - which includes the usual parties and gift giving - is said to be the latest odd parenting trend.

Celebrated 182.5 days (half a year) after the real anniversary of a child's birth, the parties have become a hit with middle-class families.

And firms cashing in on the trend have even started producing special 'Happy Half Birthday' cakes and cards.

Let us know in the comment section if you're tempted to start celebrating half birthdays -- and if Queen Elizabeth II is reading this (and we know she does) your second birthday doesn't count.

275x250.jpg An animated avert which showed Queen Mary turning into a gruesome zombie has been banned for scaring young children on the tube.

The London Dungeon ad had been appearing on digital displays at London tube stations with a regal portrait of Queen Mary quickly transforming into a terrifying ghoulish image.

But after a series of complaints, bosses from ASA have ruled the  Bloody Mary Tudor exhibition ads should be pulled -- because they are too scary for the public.

We can only imagine how Queen Mary would have taken the news that her image was to be removed from display… during her reign from 1553 to 1558, she had more than 300 people burned alive.

275x250.jpgThe average woman will work her way through more than 100 hairstyles in her lifetime, it has been found.

Researchers discovered the typical female will have her hair layered, shortened or coloured twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 - or 104 times in her life.

The main reasons for a shift in style are 'boredom' with their current look or the end of a relationship.

It also emerged the average female tries out three different colours over the years.

But the change isn't always for the better, almost three quarters of women admit they've deeply regretted at least one style, and no, it's not always a mullet.

Researchers have discovered gorillas often play games of tag, in much the same way as school-children in a playground.

Experts say they observed the games - where the apes would hit a playmate and then run away - between infant and teenage gorillas in a series of German zoos.

During the hit-and-run games the apes would swap roles, with the chaser becoming the chased and trying to get away.

Behavioural biologists from the University of Portsmouth say this shows how apes test the limits of what is acceptable behaviour and to test their peers and even their parents.

However, we think it shows our dreams inter-species games of tag could yet become a reality.

275x250.jpgA Segway rider has become the first person in Britain to be prosecuted for driving the self-balancing electric vehicle on the pavement.

Phillip Coates was just popping to the shops on his £5,000 gizmo when he was stopped by police, quizzed about it, and then charged.

They say the high-tech device breaches the Highways Act of 1835 and constitutes a 'motor vehicle' which can't legally be used on footpaths.

But Phillip says he will challenge the charge and hopes to see the motorised scooter reclassified and allowed on pavements as in much or Europe and the US.

Let's just hope for his sake his legal case is as stable as his 21mph vehicle.

275x250.jpg A drunk man broke into an Australian wildlife park because he wanted to ride and pat a giant 16ft long crocodile -- amazingly he wasn't killed.

The sloshed 36-year-old had just been chucked out of a local pub in Broome when he decided his night wouldn't be complete without a ride on a croc.

He proceeded to climb over a fence and into the wildlife park where he was confronted by the 800kg saltwater crocodile called Fatso (pictured above), which he then tried to ride.

Unsurprisingly Fatso snapped at the drunk fool, tearing a chunk of flesh from his leg. But he didn't kill him, as might have been expected, and let him escape… maybe he doesn't like his meat marinated in beer.

275x250.jpgDentists in the US say they are currently dealing with a surge in young patients who want tempory vampire-style fangs installing.

Twilight fans are each paying around $200 (£130) for the 'Vampire Veneers' - an aesthetic enhancement of the canines, making them longer and sharper.

The undead vampire-esque teeth are, thanks to the Twilight craze, one of the most popular procedures carried out by cosmetic dentists this summer.

During the 15-minute procedure veneers are attached to the top of existing teeth, using a tooth-coloured resin which is shaped to look like fangs.

Dentists warn the vampire veneers can take some getting used to, but add they are compatible with most eating habits… so no need to switch to blood just yet.

275x250.jpgPaul the psychic octopus - fresh from a string of correct predictions at the South Africa World Cup - is retiring from the soothsaying business.

Correctly predicting the result of eight football games in a row, Paul - known as 'oracle of the deep' - became a bigger star than Wayne Rooney.

But now bosses at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, where he lives, say he's retiring from making predictions, despite his uncanny ability.

A spokesperson said the two-year-old cephalopod will go back to his old job of "making children laugh" ratherr than the "oracle business".

She added they'd received several offers for Paul from betting firms, but insisted he was not for sale… we wonder if he can foresee being kidnapped by a gambling ring any time soon.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of Americans have dropped their trousers and bared their bottoms at passing trains as part of a weird annual event in California.

Each July for the past 30 years up to 10,000 people have gathered at the city of Laguna Niguel to expose their rears at passing trains - with some even traveling from as far as Europe to take part.

Mooning Amtrak lasts all day and even into the night, with evening mooners advised to bring a torch to help those on passing trains to see their bums.

According to Wikipedia bottom-baring dates back almost 2,000 years… which in our opinion makes these fine folks some sort of cultural heritage protectors.

275x250.jpgA forgetful tourist accidentally left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery when she checked out of a luxury London hotel room.

The woman, who had been staying at London's Westbury Mayfair Hotel, checked out as normal last Monday... but when a chambermaid went to clean her room, she was left shocked.

That's because she found what could only be called a glittering treasure trove of jewels - including diamond-encrusted rings, a glitzy necklace and earrings - all lying in a chest of drawers of the £2,500-a-night suite.

The honest member of staff immediately reported the find to her boss who stashed the jewels in a safe while they tried to locate the woman who was thought to be American.

Because she had not left any contact details the hotel were unable to find the woman who was only reunited with her gems five days later when she phoned up in tears… much like the chambermaid who'd hoped they wouldn't be claimed.

275x250.jpgArchaeologists say they have uncovered the oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem, dating from the 14th century BC.

The tiny clay fragment is believed to be part of a tablet from a royal archives and was found in excavations outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

Experts from the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology say the 2-by-2.8cm document contains symbols in ancient Akkadian and predated the previous 'oldest' document by 600 years.

Assyriology scholar Wayne Horowitz - who has been trying to decipher the text - says it was in all likelihood prepared tablets for the royal household of the time.

However, so far they've only managed to interpret the symbols for the words "you," "you were," "later," "to do" and "them" -- which could also make this the world's oldest "to do" list.

275x250.jpg A £143 million prototype of an unmanned combat aircraft which could be capable of attacking targets in another continent has been revealed by the Ministry of Defence.

The futuristic-looking Taranis craft - named after the Celtic god of thunder - is the creation of BAE Systems who say it's the future of unmanned flight.

They claim the device - which began development in December 2006 - will provide the UK MoD with "critical knowledge" about the capabilities of Unmanned Combat Air Systems.

Stealthy, fast and able to carry a number of weapons, Taranis could even be controlled by trained troops operating at a safe distance… let's just hope they don't get the report mixed up with their PS3.

275x250.jpgA teenage fugitive dubbed 'the Barefoot Bandit' has been caught after two years on the run from the police.

During his crime spree, 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore stole fast cars, powerboats and more than five planes - always keeping one step ahead of the authorities.

As his thefts became more audacious, so his popularity grew online and at the time of his arrest the cult hero had thousands of fans online.

Colton - who originally snuck out of Juvenile detention centre - even featured on a FBI wanted poster as legend of his crimes grew.

However, he was eventually captured in the Bahamas in a boat-chase with the Royal Bahamas Police Force... well if there's a cool way to get caught that's it.

275x250.jpgMost Brits think that to have the 'perfect life' they need a £100,000 salary, a house worth £1.6million and an Aston Martin on the driveway.

A survey of 3,000 people also found most would want two children, two foreign holidays a year and a working week which lasts just 21 hours.

However most of us are far from it, a worryingly hight 85 percent saying they are currently fed-up with their lives and far from where they want to be.

The majority of Brits also claim a pay rise of £32,000 and a holiday home in Cornwall would only go 'some way' to making them content with their lives.

Many said they would also want better health, more holidays and to be their own boss… but if they got to make a 'perfect life' wish, why do they want to work at all?

275x250.jpgBlundering bosses at CBS News have accidentally published a article claiming Holland won the World Cup final against Spain.

The article entitled 'The Netherlands Win World Cup' looks like it was written in advance of the big game - where Spain won by one goal after extra time.

It started off by saying "The Netherlands wins first World Cup and ends 22-year streak without a title of any kind." before giving a more detailed account of the game.

Spaces had been left in the copy to enter correct details, such as where it said "The Netherlands defeated Spain by a score of SCORE to SCORE to win its first World Cup title."

CBS have now corrected the article to tell of a Spain win… though being football coverage most American readers will have either not noticed, or not cared.

275x250.jpgSpanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas celebrated his World Cup victory by snogging his girlfriend Sara Carbonero live on TV - much to her surprise.

Carbonero had been interviewing the World Cup winner for Spanish TV station Telecinco when he appeared to get tongue-tied and emotional.

As the keeper broke down in tears Carbonero - who is dating the Real Madrid goalie - asked him if he wanted a moment to compose himself.

He didn't. Instead he simply said: "No, this is what I want to do," before grabbing her and snogging her - much to her surprise and embarrassment.

The clip has since become a hit online -- let's just hope it doesn't set a president for all post football match interviews.

A Spanish pitch invader who tried to get his hands on the World Cup trophy was floored by a single punch from a security guard.

Jaume Marquet Cot - also known as Jimmy Jump - had run across the pitch ahead of the Holland v Spain final towards the famous trophy which stood on a podium on the halfway line.

But as Barcelona fan Jimmy tried to place a Catalan hat on the World Cup, a security guard stepped up and landed a right hook around his face, knocking him to the floor.

The red-faced 36-year-old - who has previously invaded countless football pitches, the Spanish Grand Prix and even the Eurovision Song Contest - was then carried shamefully off down the tunnel.

While the serial pitch invader has previously been let off easily for his stunts he is now in custody waiting to be charged… and still wondering where that fist came from.

275x250.jpgThe humble bath is disappearing down the plughole - with busy Brits now opting for showers instead, it has been found.
Research revealed hectic lifestyles and heavy work schedules means six out of ten adults have ditched the traditional bath in favour of a shower.
One-in-six of those said they couldn't remember the last time they ran the taps and enjoyed a soak while one-in-ten said it had been longer than a year since they took a dip.

The study of 3,000 people also found those who do have time for a bath are often in and out within just 15 minutes - despite taking a book in with them, or listening to music.

15 percent said that even when they do have a bath they get interrupted by kids bursting in… hopefully they are talking about their own children.

275x250.jpg An inflatable version of the traditional-looking English pub has gone on sale for people to install in their garden.

The blow up boozer, which measures 15m by 7.5m and is 8m tall, includes details such as a tiled roof, brick stone wall and two chimney pots.

Given the size you are probably best using the air fans to inflate it rather than trying to blow it up with lung power and makers say it can be ready for a pint within 10 minutes.

Inside there's a welcoming fire place feature and enough room for 50 drinkers with a fully stocked bar… though after spending £27,815 on the pub you might be on budget booze.

275x250.jpgA kleptomaniac kitty has been reported to police after owners realised he was stealing underwear from their neighbours.

Each day Oscar the cat burglar would return to his Southampton home with socks and knickers as gifts for his new owners.

But they began to worry the missing underwear could get reported to police as a theft and decided to contact themselves and report their pet.

Owner Peter Weismantel says he was forced to make the move when their daily  10 kitty-nicked items began to include children's underpants and sexy lingerie.

It's not known how Oscar's criminal tendencies will be curbed… or whether Peter's neighbours believe his stories.

275x250.jpg A carpenter from Sussex is currently trying to break a World Record -- by living for four months with a group of 40 venomous snakes.

Snake-loving David Jones, 44, has set up a room in South Africa with everything he will need including a kitchen, bed, bathroom… and dozens of snakes.

He plans to spend a total of four months in the room, part of the Chameleon Cultural Village, in a bid to break the 'living with snakes' record which currently stand at 113 days.

Worryingly David says someone else tried to break the record last year, but was hospitalised twice after being bitten by a puff adder and them a cobra.

275x250.jpgTiny telescopes designed to be implanted in the eye to help solve vision problems have been approved for use in the US.

The 'implantable miniature telescope' can be used on people with a specific macular degeneration problem which causes blind spots in their central vision.

It works by magnifying the central part of what a person can see onto a healthy portion of their retina, improving their vision.

But makers say the implant can only be used in one eye because the other will still be needed for peripheral vision.

They added it can take a while before users are able to make a coherent image out of their new vision… which normally coincides with they getting bored of making cyborg jokes.

275x250.jpgA psychic octopus dubbed 'oracle of the deep' has predicted Spain will win the World Cup final against Holland on Sunday.

Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen - currently has a 100% prediction record after correctly foreseeing all the Germany results.

He predicts winner by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thinks will win, sometimes taking as long as an hour to pick.

But this time the canny cephalopod took just ten minutes to predict Spain will win the South Africa World Cup final.

The news will no doubt go down well in Spain… much like a squid paella. 

275x250.jpgThe humble jacket potato has been given a gastronomic make-over by a foodie chef who is selling them for £40 each.

Ben Kingdon says his 'Tuxedo spud' creation - which is topped with a spoonful of luxurious Italian caviar - justifies the cost with an unbeatable taste.

It comes served on a wooden board with roasted vine tomatoes and features creme fraiche, lemon, chives and spring onions in addition to the pricey caviar.

And bosses at Cary Arms, in Torquay, Devon - which launched the dish to weeks ago - say several people have already splashed the cash on the lavish spud.

Customers are described as being "affluent people wanting to try something different" -- we have a gold-plated tin of baked beans with their name on.

275x250.jpgA metal-detector fan and treasure hunter has found a hoard of 52,503 Roman coins in the UK, one of the largest finds of its kind ever.

Dave Crisp has been running his trusty metal detector over a Somerset field in April this year when he stumbled on the find.

After digging up a dozen or so bronze and silver coins dating from the 3rd century AD, he called in archaeologists who today revealed the extent of his discovery.

Careful excavation of the site found thousands of coins weighing about 160kg (the same as two fully grown men) say the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

It's said the hoard would have been worth about four years' pay for a legionary soldier and could have been an offering from a farming community… to metal-detecting enthusiasts.

275x250.jpg A dating website which launched exclusively for fans of Apple computers and gadget has signed up over 22,000 members in just two months.

Cupidtino say Apple-fans tend to have more in common than people paired on many dating sites and have similar personalities, professions and sense of style.

Their logic was that a shared love of Macs, iPhones and iPads could therefore help romance grow to set up the site which can only be accesed on Apple devices.

And it seems to have worked, in only two months more than 20,000 Apple users have signed up -- though bosses haven't said how many are women.

275x250.jpgSure it looks like a luxurious leather chair, perfect for lazy summer afternoons, but this sofa is actually made out of CONCRETE.

The wacky couch - based on the model of the iconic 'Chesterfield' - was created with nearly 100kg of specially-mixed ultra fine cement by Steve Jones.

He took a mould from a genuine couch and casting it into the hollow concrete sofa in a process which took a week to complete.

Steve now hopes the 7x3ft concrete creation will go on sale at garden centres across the country and insists to potential buyers it is comfortable.

The authenticity of the design has even seen a concrete 50p coin stuck down the back of the concrete cushions, really.

Two people have been gored, and four more injured, during the second day of the Pamplona bull-running festival in Spain.

One of the men is said to be in serious condition after being gored in the thorax, while the other is doing better having only taken one to the leg.

The pair are just the latest to be injured during the San Fermin event in which thousands of people dash to escape bulls charging from a holding pen to the northern town's bull ring.

Yesterday two people were said to have been injured with locals blaming "clumsy tourists" for the accidents - many more injuries are expected by the end of the nine-day festival.

However, rather than constantly update you with the ongoing number of gorings and injuries let's just say now there will be more and leave it at that.

275x250.jpg A solar-powered plane has completed a record breaking 26h flight using batteries to fly at night.

Solar Impulse HB-SIA set off yesterday from the Payerne airbase in Switzerland before  ascending to an altitude of 8,500 metres.

During the day 12,000 solar cells along the massive 7-foot (63-meter) wingspan harnessed solar energy which was used to fly the plane while also recharging batteries.

This allowed pilot Andre Borschberg to stay in the air when it got dark -- however it also meant there wasn't enough spare power to keep his iPhone charged.

275x250.jpgDuring her lifetime, the average woman will spend a boyfriend-terrifying £16,000 on pairs of new shoes.

A study has found girls pay for their own shoes from the age of 14 and then continue to snap up seven pairs per year for the rest of their lives.

This means the average woman will have owned an Imelda Marcos-esque 469 pairs of flip flops, heels, boots, pumps, sandals, wellies and wedges.

With the average pair costing £34.99 the shoe addiction will cost £244.93 annually and £16,410.31 over a period of 67 years.

The study of 3,000 women also revealed that most women have 19 pairs of shoes at any one time -- meanwhile men (who weren't surveyed) just have one pair of shoes and one pair of trainers. 

275x250.jpgPaul the 'psychic' octopus has done it again, he correctly predicted the result of the World Cup clash between Spain and Germany.

Dubbed 'oracle of the deep' Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany - kept his 100% record if foreseeing the results of his homeland.

Earlier in the week the eight-legged mystic made his prediction by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thought would make it into the final.

And last night, as a Carlos Puyol goal sealed the 1-0 win for the Spanish, Paul notched up yet another correct prediction, reaffirming his position as the real star of this World Cup.

In fact, his predictions have been so much better than pundits like Gary Linekar and Adrian Chiles we think Sky Sports should snap him up to front their Premier League coverage, what do you reckon?

275x250.jpgMore than one million foreign holidays will end in tears this year due to reasons like flight delays, illness or bad weather, it's been found.

Arguments with a partner or friends, lost luggage and dirty accommodation were also discovered to regularly ruin our holidays.

The average Brit says they've been on at least two holidays abroad which were a total disaster. Four-out-of-ten have even been so upset there they've ended up in tears.

Another fourteen percent of British tourists have cut a holiday short and gone home early because they were having such a terrible time.

Other common reasons holidays were ruined included sunburn, noisy neighbours and drinking too much -- but without any of those things how would you know you had been on holiday?

275x250.jpg Feeding sheep curry spices could drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help save the planet, claim experts.

Boffins from Newcastle University say a trial has shown the level of methane produced by sheep can be reduced by 40 percent if they eat certain spices.

It's said munching coriander and turmeric – traditionally used in curries – works like an antibiotic killing off methane producing bacteria in the stomach.

The impact could be huge when considering Defra say there are currently 30 million sheep in the UK, each producing around 20 litres of methane a day… and you wondered what that smell was in the countryside.

Israeli troops who were filmed dancing while on patrol and wearing full combat gear are to be investigated by military bosses.

The clip - in which the six gun-totting men perform a choreographed routine to Kesha's "Tik Tok" - became an instant hit online.

Not surprising given it showed the soldiers walking down a street in Hebron before pausing, getting into position and then dancing.

While other videos of troops doing similar stunts have been laughed off by bosses these men were in the field and presumably on duty.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Force said there was an investigation happening and that the officers commanders had been contacted -- something tells us it wasn't to book them for the Christmas party.

275x250.jpg A solar powered plane - which makers hope will soon be able to fly around the world - has begun a 24-hour test flight.

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA is being tested by pilot Andre Borschberg to see if it can fly at night using energy stored from solar cells in its wings.

It took off from the Payerne airbase in Switzerland at 6.51am and will ascend to an altitude of 8,500 metres, while charging its batteries in preparation for the night flight.

Andre will then slowly descend through the night, aiming for a dawn landing… but he won't  have travelled too far, the plane currently has a top speed of just 28mph.

275x250.jpgSweaty and smelly armpits are seen as the worst preventable body etiquette crime, it has been found.

A recent survey found 46 percent of people say dodgy armpits are the biggest hygiene no-no, followed by yellow teeth with 11 percent.

Other body turn-offs included greasy hair with nine percent of the vote, and smelly feet, four percent.

43 percent of Brits said they're worried about body odour at work and 65% considered applying deodorant as the most important part of their morning routine.

However, the French were billed as the ‘wiffiest’ in Europe, followed by Germans and then the Greeks… not that this was come as news to anyone.

275x250.jpgA brave 16-year-old schoolgirl has raised money for charity by 'growing' a beard made from hundreds of bees.

Nellie Odam-Wilson got the bees to land on her chin and neck by placing a Queen Bee on her face and therefore attracting the rest of the swarm.

The youngster - who works part-time at Quince Honey Farm in Devon - completed the feat to raise £400 for a charity trip where she will work at a Ugandan orphanage.

She says the bees were incredibly itchy and though they were only on her face for around seven minutes it felt like much longer.

Slightly worryingly farm owner Ian Wallace added that it was the first time someone had done the stunt without getting stung… we wonder if he told her that beforehand.

275x250.jpgA "psychic" octopus with an uncanny ability to predict the result of World Cup football matches has tipped Spain to beat Germany in the semi-final.

Paul the octopus, from he Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany has so far correctly predicted all the  games involving the national team.

His predictions involve handlers at the attraction putting two boxes of tasty mussels into his tank, each with the flag of one team on the front.

The mussels he goes for first are then taken to be his "psychic" prediction and bookies claim many people even place bets on the back of them.

However, the creature has a less then perfect record when these two teams meet - during Euro 2008 he wrongly picked Germany as the victor against Spain. If he is right this time he could end up in a paella.

275x250.jpg Space boffins have used a telescope 930,000 miles away to take an image of the universe showing the oldest light in the cosmos.

Europe's Planck telescope recorded a series images at very long wavelengths meaning they showed the furthest reaches of space and time.

The resulting image - which took six months to assemble - shows everything from the Milky Way to relic radiation and even the universe's oldest light.

It's hoped the image could even reveal what happened moments after the Big Bang… and not just end up as a screensaver for geeks everywhere.

Police in Florida have found an unusual way of deterring crime -- riding through busy bars on horseback.

Officers say entering bars and clubs on horseback shows a stronger police presence and makes people less likely to commit crimes.

And looking at this video we think it could work, you wouldn't want to get busted at the bar by this guy would you?

However, some businesses in Tampa are said to be worried that when it's busy over a weekend someone could get hurt or even trampled by a horse.

Unsurprisingly videos of the horses walking into bars have also become an online hit -- and prompted one too many 'a horse walks into a bar' jokes.

275x250.jpgA London hospital hired out one of its wards to porn producers who wanted to film a "big budget" movie there, it has emerged.

The unusual use of the hospital - which hired out the ward fully-equipped - came to light yesterday as Tory MP Penny Mordaunt spoke in the House of Commons.

She said that while working as director of Kensington and Chelsea Council she'd learnt a hospital was hiring space for use as a film set, and had been shocked to discover it was a porn movie.

Despite it earning the hospital a "substantial income" she said the activity was not adding to the objectives of the primary care trust.

Mordaunt added that she had not seen the movie. "I understand, these things are no longer claimable on parliamentary expenses," she said.

There's been a sharp increase in the number of couples hiring dance instructors to help them perform choreographed routines at their wedding, it has been claimed.

Exerts say a 30 percent increase in rehearsed dancing is due in part to the popularity of shows like Strictly Come Dancing - but also seeing other couples on YouTube.

Given some examples of extravagantly choreographed and rehearsed routines have as many as 12 million views online, it's not surprising many brides-to-be want to get in on the act.

It's even said the average couple now spends around £250 on dance lessons and choreography for their big day.

And in odd news, it's not all Dirty Dancing style moves on the dance floor, one of the most common requests is learning how to Moonwalk -- at least it stops him getting cold feet.

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of men have no idea the lengths their wife or girlfriend goes to look her best, it has been found.

Research revealed most men are oblivious to the extensive beauty routines -- which average 5 hours per week in the bathroom plucking, fake-tanning and waxing.

It was also found 28 per cent of men are unaware any women do things like pluck hairs from their chin, wear false eyelashes or file their nails.

A sneaky 18 percent of women say they purposely keep their partner in the dark about their gruelling beauty regime and amazingly 1-in-20 claim their bloke has NEVER seen them looking 'au natural'

However, this is probably a good thing... because looking at this beauty routine list  - those ones must off looking like the incredible hulk.

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpgA tiny chick which was born with curled toes has been given a pair of specially made slippers to allow him to walk.

When the baby African Crowned Crane was born at a wildlife centre in Cornwall staff noticed a defect with his feet.

Because his toes were curled he couldn't walk and bosses at Paradise Park in Hayle were worried for the bird, which had been abandoned by his mother.

Staff started hand-rearing him and put bandages on his feet to allow him to walk upright. When that worked, they decided to make the tiny 2.5cm slippers.

The little bird - which should grow to 4ft tall - is now happy running around with his other furry friends… which are all jealous of his footwear.

275x250.jpgA Bugatti Veyron has been used to set a new world record for the fastest ever production sports car - by hitting 268mph.

Bosses say the record bid was conducted at the VW test facility at Ehra-Leissien and using a new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

In front of Guinness World Record Book adjudicators, driver Pierre Henri Raphanel jumped into the car to show what it can do around the 13 mile track.

After seeing a blur of black and orange whizz by, it was confirmed the quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter 16-cylinder supercar had recorded an average speed of 268mph.

Makers say the first five Veyron 16.4 Super Sport will come shipped with the same configuration as the record-breaker… buy you probably shouldn't try to beat it not the school run.

275x250.jpg A grandfather who was inspired to give his humble shed a makeover after seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean has won Shed of the Year 2010.

Reg Miller of Southend-on-Sea in Essex says he's spent years perfecting his ornately decorated shed - which has barrel seats, a flag pole flying a pirate flag and even a parrot.

The 65-year-old - dubbed Jolly Reg - beat off stiff competition from over 1,000 other shed owners for the annual title of Shed of the Year 2010 - which is organised by ReadersSheds.

Reg added that he and his wife love sitting in the shed over the summer - thought he didn't comment on rumours he spends many an hour hoping Keira Knightley will turn up.

275x250.jpgSomeone who spends far too long staring at their computer has claimed they've found an image of Jesus... on Google Earth.

Zach Evans, from Southampton, says he was looking at possible holiday destinations when he stumbled upon the christ-like image in a Hungarian field.

He insists he's not the sort of person to look for religious icons everywhere he goes, but found the image on farmland near Puspokladany too striking to ignore.

Obviously this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, that Jesus is spotted in everyday items with previous examples including toast, irons and drainpipes.

However, if you have a pareidolia predilection we want to see what you see -- feel free to send us photos of any odd sighting in everyday objects.

275x250.jpg Dozens of the world's top sand artists (no, we didn't know that category existed either) have created works in Germany as part of a sand sculpture festival.

Sandsation, held at the O2 World in Berlin, will see the artists compete by creating massive sand sculpture on the theme “Head in Sand“.

The sand-loving creatives have come from as far as India and Russia to do battle with their intricate 4.5 metre tall sculptures, which it expected thousands of tourists will flock to see.

Let's just hope they don't come out one morning soon to find that their works have been covered with towels by sunbathers securing their spot on the sand.

275x250.jpgA Halloween-style joke fake arm was caused a motorway to be closed for several hours after it was spotted by drivers.

Dozens of motorists traveling on the M62 in Merseyside had seen the faux arm lying at the side of the road and assuming it was real, called police.

As a result a search was launched and the road was closed while officers looked for the bloody arm and any other body parts.

After an extensive several hour hunt the joke arm was recovered and the road reopened -- but only when council workers contacted police to say they'd picked it up earlier in the day.

Officers say they don't know how the plastic arm ended up in the road… and if anyone could give them a hand finding out they would appreciate it.

275x250.jpgKylie Minogue surprised GMTV viewers this morning -- by becoming a weathergirl and delivering a forecast in front of an Australian map.

The pint-sized Aussie singer was appearing on the morning programme to plug her new album Aphrodite by taking over all aspects of the show.

Title sequences were changed from 'GMTV' to 'KMTV' and Kylie had a go at previewing the weekend’s entertainment, directing the show and then being a weathergirl.

Wearing a blue leopard-print dress she stepped in front of an Australian weather-map to deliver the forecast for her hometown Melbourne.

But she wasn't quite sure and said "The weather down under is going to be…" before asking the normal weather presenter "What is it going to be?"

275x250.jpg Swimmers would be forgiven for being a bit nervous diving into this pool -- they'e at the top of a 55 floor hotel and it looks like the could swim off the edge.

But they are actually perfectly safe in the Singapore infinity pool and should probably just  try to enjoy the view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The 150m pool - which charges £10 per dip - sits 800ft above the ground and is the highlight of the £4billion development.

Water which spills over the edge of the infinity pool is caught in in a secondary ledge and is pumped back in… though we don't know what would happen to falling swimmers.

275x250.jpgA distracted baseball fan who was using his mobile phone during a recent game got hit in the face by the ball.

The New York Yankees fan has been chatting away on his phone during the game against the Mariners when the accident happened.

As Seattle's Rob Johnson hit the ball into the stands everyone in the stadium seemed to be watching the ball.

Well everyone except for the poor fan who as talking on his phone and didn't notice it until it hit him in the face - much to the amusement of commentators.

"Oooh... he got hit in the face," said one of the announcers… who was glad something interesting had finally happened in a baseball game.

275x250.jpgA US man bought two 30 second advertising spots on his local TV station, to air an advert in which he proposed to his girlfriend.

David Newquist, from California, even hired a former news presenter to star in the professionally produced advert, which went out on KBAK-TV.

As images of David and girlfriend Patricia appeared on-screen, the presenter said: "I just learned that David Newquist of Bakersfield, at this very moment is asking Patricia for her hand in marriage."

At this point David - who was watching at home with Patricia - reached behind the sofa, produced an engagement ring and asked her to be his wife.

Luckily she hadn't popped out to make a cup of tea during the commercial and said yes - they have now set a date for the big day.

275x250.jpg An Olympic sprinter who can run 100m in a speedy 10 seconds has competed in a weird 'Man v Horse' race -- and comprehensively lost.

Jamie Baulch - who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics - took on Peopleton Brook in the odd £10,000 race at Kempton Park last night.

Despite taking an early lead over the 16 hands thoroughbred, Baulch - who hasn't run competitively in years - was easily passed with 40m to go and ended up well behind.

Peopleton Brook finished in 10.06 seconds and immediately started talking about wanting a race against Usain Bolt -- well we think he would have done if he could speak.

275x250.jpgA woman who was told by doctors it was impossible for her to get pregnant says she's now due to give birth -- thanks to fertility statues.

Rachel Taylor and her husband Jon, from New Jersey, had been trying to have a baby for over three years when she first read about fertility statues on the internet.

Impressed by what she saw, Rachel decided to make a visit to Wisconsin where a pair of five-foot tall wooden statues from West Africa were on show at a Ripley’s Odditorium.

Because it was claimed the statues had helped over 1,000 women get pregnant Rachel said she didn't feel conspicuous about rubbing them.

And she says she was right not to -- because she is now due to have a baby boy in August… hopefully he won't look like the statues.

275x250.jpg Designers have revealed plans to create a habitable island out of 44,000tonnes of rubbish which is currently floating in the Pacific Ocean.

It's claimed 'Recycled Island' could house up to 500,000 people and would be created by recycling plastics in the North Pacific Gyre into interconnected hollow blocks.

The Dutch team say the island would be able to generate power using solar and wave energy would also help to clean the oceans of plastic pollution.

Different areas of the 3,861 square mile would have designated roles such as accommodation, farming, and tourism… because this sounds like the ideal holiday destination, right?

275x250.jpgPolice in New York are hunting for a woman who robbed a store while wearing a Catwoman mask -- and have released comic book inspired wanted poster.

In fact the wanted image looks like it could have come straight from a DC comic and can't be too helpful in tracking down the crook.

Officers say the woman went into a high-end shoe store and spent over half an hour looking and shoes while wearing the feline mask.

She then went to the till and handed over a note which said Give me the money. I have a gun.’ before grabbing the cash, stuffing it into her bag and leaving.

Cops have now released CCTV of the incident and the less than purrfect photofit in the hope someone can help locate her -- we think they are hoping Batman is around.

275x250.jpgPeople who use Twitter are more likely to have a good CV and therefore get shortlisted for job interviews, employment experts have claimed.

After analysing 500 CVs from UK-based jobseekers they found there's a great deal of repetition in what people write, with certain phrases and words being used again and again.

One-third (37%) used exactly the same opening phrase; while the three most popular first-line words are ‘experience’ (27.1%), ‘skills’ (23.2%) and, ironically, ‘individual’ (22.6%).
But it was noted that people who listed Twitter as a contact tended to write more interesting, eye-catching and succinct CV summaries which appeals to recruiters.

Obviously it could go against you if a potential employer checks out you Twitter page only to find you are constantly tweeting when you should be working.

275x250.jpgA Cambodian Buddhist monk has been charged with secretly filming women bathing in a temple's holy water.

Net Khai is said to have filmed hundreds of woman as they stripped off and bathed in the holy water - before sharing his clips with others.

Police in Phnom Penh say the 37-year-old was arrested after a woman discovered she had been filmed in a bathroom and reported the incident.

Officers then visited the temple where the monk confessed he had secretly filmed 'hundreds' of women since 2008.

Net Khai has been stripped of his religious status and now faces a year in jail where he will get plenty of time to meditate.

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