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275x250.jpgWasteful Brits needlessly spend £1,213-a-year each on unused gym memberships, clothes they don't wear and even food and drink, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that subscriptions to unread magazines, gadgets which don't get used and CDs and music downloads which never get played, add to the total.
With New Year's resolutions just around the corner, the biggest waste of money was said to be on gym memberships, slimming clubs and exercise classes (£303-a-year).
Night classes or courses which see Brits get bored and lose interest account for another £172-a-year, while unused sports clothes and equipment sees £158 thrown down the drain.

Other wastes of money include unwatched and unplayed DVDs or computer games and TV channels that don't get watched… because people are too busy avoiding going to the gym.

regreted purchasesHave you eve bought something only to later regret the purchase? Of course you have… a recent study found Brits will waste more than £49,000 in their lifetime.

In fact, researchers discovered we spend £68.44 each month on items which we later wish we hadn’t bought.

That adds up to £821.28 a year or more than £49,687 from the age of 18… suddenly all those shoes don't look so good do they?

Surprisingly, researchers found men are the worst offenders frittering away more than £968 a year compared to the £649 wasted by women.

And that's a statistic men will now hear quoted at them if they dare to suggest their partner has wasted money by buying a £800 handbag.

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