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Toys R Us have revealed a list of the top selling toys from the past 25 years, including POGS, Transformers, Bratz Dolls and Go Go Pet Hamsters.

The store, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in the UK this month, looked back over sales figures to find the most popular toy from each year.

The toy giant say they have witnessed a dramatic shift. Two decades ago children were nagging their parents for football stickers, Sylvanian Families and Transformers Robots.
But in recent years some of the biggest sellers have been high-tech toys such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.
One thing which has remained consistent over the years… the increased nagging parents experience in the build-up to Christmas.

Women get better value for money from pairs of jeans than any other item of clothing and they cost on average just 9p per wear, a study has found.

Experts studied every item of an average woman's wardrobe and found that the cost-per-wear ratio for a pair of denims was lower than that of any other piece of regularly worn clothing.

They concluded that the typical pair of jeans, which cost around £40, are worn around 428 times before they are thrown out - which works out as just nine pence every time they are worn.

By comparison, a pair of leggings, which cost an average of just £9.97, will only be worn 68 times before being binned - which averages 15p per wear.

The odd news will no doubt be popular with women who can now buy a new outfit and legitimately claim when asked if it is new, "It only cost 78p".

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