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A woman who appeared on This Morning to talk about having two vaginas has now been offered $1 million to star in porn film.

27-year-old Hazel Jones has a rare medical condition (uterus didelphys) which means she has two vaginas and had to lose her virginity twice.

Speaking on the show Jones said that her "quirky condition" has not made her shy or hold her back -- something porn producer Steven Hirsch wants to put to the test.

The Vivid man has offered the duo-vaginaged Brit $1 million to star in an upcoming porn movie.

275x250.jpg Forget being green-fingered, gardening fans could soon be blue-fingered after a TV expert suggested the sex drug Viagra could perk-up their foliage.

On his website, David Domoney, the host of Garden ER on Channel 5, said chemicals in the little blue pill can stop flowers from drooping.

"Picture this, a vase a wilting cut flowers drop in a standard Viagra tablet.  Hey presto, it stiffens up your blooms a treat," he wrote.  

"Now it actually only needs 1 mg of an standard 50 mg tablet to do this but it does re-stiffen the blooms in a vase, believe it or not.  

"If you’re got wilting blooms, a touch of Viagra or a tablet of Aspirin and it re-stiffens your blooms for another day or so."

A TV showing a sex scene -- which appeared in the background of a live news broadcast -- has horrified viewers… well eagle-eyed ones anyway.

The STV broadcast, which was people debating Ed Miliband's Labour leadership, featured a political blogger talking to Scotland Tonight from ITN's London studio.

But as Dan Hodges spoke, some viewers were distracted by the TV over his left shoulder which was screening images of a topless blonde woman having sex.

It's thought the raunchy footage was from an episode of Channel 4 drama Shameless and apparently no-one in the newsroom realised the blunder had happened until it had aired.

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