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rabbits having sexDid you know the barnacle's penis can be 30 times its body length, snakes are doubly endowed and roman snails enjoy S&M foreplay.

Neither did we, until the Natural History Museum announced their Valentine's Day exhibition looking at the sex lives of animals.

The Sexual Nature exhibition which will run from now until October offers a surprising exploration of the bizarre world of animal sex.

Bosses say it's the museum's first adult exhibition - aimed at over 16s - and shows that "anything goes in the animal kingdom."

It sounds to us like the ideal place to take your date this Valentine's Day… as long as they like discussing promiscuous chimps and looking at stuffed animals doing it.

275x250.jpgPeople who work in the IT industry are the most likely to consider sleeping with someone on a first date, it has been found.

A survey of UK workers found that a whopping 46% of randy IT people would consider sleeping with someone on their first date.

At the other end of the scale healthcare workers are the most prudish and only 6% say they would do the same. The average across all professions is slightly less than one in five (17%).

IT people were also found to be surprisingly hung up on looks, with 23% claiming it was the most important thing in potential partner.

Which is surprising, because in our experience most IT people don't normally have the option of being so fussy… and we think 'willing' should be changed to 'desperate' in the title.

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