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275x250.jpgThe average couple has sex 104 times while trying for a baby before falling pregnant, it has been found.

Research discovered it takes a typical woman six months to conceive her first child, during which she has sex around four times a week.

It was also found one in ten women have been so eager to get pregnant they have called their husband home from work when they were ovulating.

Despite this, 70 per cent of women polled said they wanted their baby to be conceived during a loving and spontaneous sex session, rather than a 'sex on demand' approach.

In odd news most men didn't mind… they were just happy to be having so much sex.

275x250.jpgA frisky kangaroo which has previously harassed female joggers in an Australian town, is said to be at it again.

The randy roo has now been spotted following women as they move around the outback town of Tennant Creek.

In the latest incident the 2m tall creature bounded along behind a woman who was out on a 5km outback walk, before circling her in a predatory manner.

The woman said it was clear what the kangaroo wanted because "his male pride on full alert" and she was desperate to get away.

She added that the macropod was well-endowed… though we are not asking how she knew he was bigger than average. You never saw that on Skippy. 

275x250.jpg60 percent of British couples always have sex in the missionary position, and the average sex session lasts just 24 minutes, it has been found.

A sex survey of 3,000 people has revealed the 'ins and outs' of sex in the UK  by asking couples intimate questions about their love-making.

It was said that most couples try out just three positions during the average sex session - but end up with the standard 'man on top'.

Two thirds of couples also admitted the 'doggy style' method of love making is their second favourite, followed by 'woman on top' with 57 percent.

The study also revealed the average sex sessions lasts a speedy 24 minutes… and worryingly, yes, that includes foreplay.

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