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Over half of singles say they will 'research' a potential date on social network sites such as Facebook before saying yes.

53 percent of men and 54 percent of women claim they use websites like Facebook, MySpace and Google to check up on would-be love interests before agreeing to go out on a date with them.

This means they can see who the person is friends with, look at pictures of what they get up to and some even claim to contact the persons previous partners to ask them what they are like.

Teacher stared in sexy web advert

A teacher at a top UK school who appeared in a saucy internet advert has been suspended from her job.

Sarah Green, who taught at £7,000 per year Stockport Grammar school starred in the ad where she simulates having sex with a workman two years before she started teaching.

But after the video - available on YouTube - was watched by pupils, Headteacher Andrew Chicken suspended her pending an investigation.


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