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275x250.jpg We all know what a meteor shower looks like, we've even seen what they look like from space, but have you ever wondered what they sound like?

Well if so you're in luck, because this audio clip was recently captured by the U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas.

Boffins say this is the echoes of the Perseid Meteors passing over the monitoring facility which detects, tracks and catalogues artificial objects orbiting Earth

While we think it sounds a bit like aliens trying to make contact, the experts insist that it's not… and point out that we say the same everytime the radio isn't quite tuned in.

200x190.jpgWhile you might think sparrows' birdsong is a relaxing sound of the British countryside - but it's actually an aggressive exchange of insults, it's been claimed.

Academics say the soothing sounds are really more like an abusive rap battle between birds who are showing off and trying to appear macho.

The researchers from a number of Canadian universities discovered that when they're looking for a mate, male sparrows move away from their usual sweet tweeting.

Instead they become louder and more aggressive - often repeating the insulting noises of other birds - in a bid to attract attention and outdo other feathered rivals.

Personally we'd like to know what constitutes an insult for a sparrows, we're guessing it's all 'mother flapper' this and 'cockatoo' that.

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