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275x250.jpg Between 1% and 5% of the population - including certain Bond villains - are said to have an additional nipple… but until recently none were recorded as having one on their foot.

However, that all changed with the discovery of this foot which belongs to a 22-year-old woman and was recently featured in a dermatology journal.

Researchers say the foot nipple is particularly rare because the condition (supernumerary breast tissue) is normally found above the waist.

Unsurprisingly the owner of the nipple-totting foot has chosen to remain anonymous fearing she'd be mocked with people asking her to put her breast foot forward and dodgy puns like that… some people would really milk it.

275x250.jpgResearchers have discovered men with index and ring fingers close to the same size are more likely than men with mismatched digits to have a long penis.

The odd findings were recently published in the Asian Journal of Andrology after being discovered by a study at Gachon University Gil Hospital in South Korea.

Boffins had recruited 144 volunteers who were undergoing urological surgery and when they were under anaesthesia measured their fingers and penis length (both flaccid and stretched).

It was then found that the smaller the difference between the two fingers, the longer the penis -- stretched penis length correlates to erect size.

But before you start staring at everyone's hands, it's worth noting the average size difference between fingers is just 0.97 cm… obviously ours is much smaller.

275x250.jpgCows not only have best friends, but also get stressed when they're not with them, academic researchers have discovered.

Boffins from the University of Northampton say they have found proof that cows are more social than previously thought after conducting a series of tests.

Doctoral student Krista McLennan looked at the heart rate and cortisol levels of cows when in a variety of environments, including a period of isolation.

It was found the cows were more relaxed when with a 'preferred partner' compared to being with a random other cow or alone.

The findings are said to be important to the dairy industry because the stress levels of cows can strongly impact their milk yield… more than whether they are finding something funny anyway.

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