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275x250.jpg A 72-year-old man from Nepal who stands at just 55cm tall has been named by Guinness World Records as the world’s new shortest living man.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi (all 21.5in of him) takes the record from 59.9 cm (23.5in) Junrey Balawing of the Philippines, who was crowned world’s shortest man last June.

Weighing 14.5kg Dangi has spent his entire life in the remote Nepalese mountain village of Rhimkholi, about 250 miles west of Kathmandu.

It was only after being spotted by a forest contractor cutting timber in the remote village that the little 72-year-old was brought to the attention of Guinness World Records which invited him to London to be measured.

275x250.jpg Keith Martin has the dubious honour of having been named as the world’s fattest man... after the previous record-holder went on a diet.

Martin, of North West London -- whose diet includes eating eight hotdogs for breakfast -- has 18 carers and has not got out of bed for 10 years.

When the 42-year-old, who says his weight got out of control in his teenage years when his mom died, goes to hospital it takes eight ambulance staff to lift him.

He will take the title from Manuel Uribe of Mexico, who once weighed 90 stone but is now close to 30 stone. Luckily Martin will not need to go anywhere to collect his title.

275x250.jpg Edith Ritchie and Evelyn “Evie” Middleton have been named by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living twins… well they are 102-years-old

Born on 15 November 1909, the pair from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, whose maiden name was Rennie, were born on a farm near Newburgh when Edward VII was on the throne.

After leaving school, the non-identical twins worked on farms before leaving to start their own families and had a total of 32 grandchildren between them.

The sisters say they have remained close throughout their life and now live together at Bonnyton House care home in Aberdeenshire, adding that they are still the best of friends.

A team of water skiers from Australian have all become record breakers after becoming the most people ever to water ski together from a single boat.

The group managed to stay upright and afloat for one nautical mile, as they travelled behind the boat in Macquarie Harbour in Strahan, Tasmania.

A 114ft catamaran -- which normally takes tourists on tours -- had to be specially  modified for the task and five miles of rope was needed.

While nine of the 154 water skiers fell during the attempt, 145 was still plenty to beat the previous record of 114.

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