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Meet the miniature railroad which isn't so miniature. In fact this is the largest model railway in the world and measures a whopping 1,300 m².

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany and features more than a thousand moving trains, aircrafts, cars and ships.

This video -- released to promote the attraction in 2012 -- shows different sections which include America, Alps, Hamburg, Airport and Switzerland.

Superman comic sells at auction for $2.16m

275x250.jpg A rare comic which features the first appearance of Superman and was stolen and disappeared for 11 years, had sold at auction for a whopping $2.16m.

The pristine copy of Action Comics #1 became the world's most expensive comic in the process -- despite initially costing 10 cents in 1938.

While the comic was stolen from a collector in 2000, it reappeared earlier this year and (after being returned to its rightful owner) was listed on

CEO Stephen Fishler said: "After spending so many years looking for the book, I was blown away when it appeared."

And now, after receiving about 50 bids from around the world, the valuable comic (graded nine out of 10 for quality) has sold for $2,161,000.

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