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275x250.jpgA British woman has become the world fastest texter in the world by typing out a 26-word text message in a speedy 25.94 seconds.

27-year-old Melissa Thompson took the record bashing out a predetermined SMS a massive 9.6 seconds faster than the previous record holder.

The none too common phrase was: "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human' in just 25.94 seconds."

And Melissa - who used a Samsung Galaxy S phone with a 'SWYPE' key pad - put her speed down to a previous 40-a-day text habit when she used to chat with her boyfriend.

If you think you have got quick enough fingers to rival Melissa let us know in the comments… it's not like it would take you that long is it?

In what has to be the stickiest world record ever set, 2,433 people in Mexico City have simultaneously dropped Mentos into bottles of cola.

The resulting soda eruptions were enough to scoop the title for the largest number of simultaneously erupting Mentos geysers.

Each participant was given a 2-litre bottle of cola and a Mentos sweet to create an eruption which will be recognised by anyone who has ever been on YouTube.

Watched by Guinness World Records adjudicators they all dropped the Mentos at the same time, each sending the cola gushing several metres into the air.

Once the adjudicator had taken several showers to get the sticky stuff out of his hair he said: "All those fountains erupted it was just incredible to see."

275x250.jpg A basketball mad teenager has made what's thought to be the longest ever shot… after an hour and a half of misses.

17-year-old Evan Sellers hit the basket from the 134ft platform of the Vulcan Monument, Birmingham, Alabama, in the incredible record attempt.

After his heroic hurl, the ball took over four seconds to fall through the hoop and set the unofficial record.

Sellers is a member of the "Legendary Shots" group which makes amazing basketball trick shots and posts videos of them online… obviously they edit out the hundreds of misses first.

275x250.jpgA Kiwi adventurer has set off on a record-breaking four month and 31,000 km jetski journey from London to New Zealand.

Jeremy Burfoot says he will ride for up to 12 hours per day during the trip - and he knows you will probably think he is an idiot for doing it.

The 51-year-old airline pilot says he and pals came up with the idea after trying to think of ways to better his previous feat of circumnavigating New Zealand on a jetski.

Burfoot will be joined on his journey - which he's spent three years planning -  by four other adventurers also riding jetskis adapted to hold 250 litres of fuel.

When his mate first suggested the mega-journey Burfoot said his first response was to ask, "What kind of a fool would do that?" -- he's currently straddling his jetski somewhere in Europe.

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