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Parents will spend more than £5,000 on a baby before its first birthday, a study has revealed.

Nappies, clothes, nursery furniture and feeding equipment means mums and dads will part with a total of £5,213.25 during the pregnancy and the first 12 months.

And amazingly almost £1,500 of that is said to be splashed out on their baby… before it is even born on things like a pram, car seat and toys.

But the spending spree doesn't end there, the poll of 2,000 parents found nappies, clothes, toiletries and food see another £3,793 spent during the baby's first year.

The biggest chunk of the cash, £547, goes on buying furniture and a cot and getting the nursery decorated… and then redecorated when you find out it is a boy and not a girl.

275x250.jpgThe average British parent will have recently spent £1,000 kitting out their children to go back to school, it has been found.

A survey of parents discovered the cost of school uniforms, accessories and additional activities soon add up to a wallet-busting and surprising amount.

95% confessed to spending £500 on new school clothing and gear this summer and 81% said they'd spent as much as £500 on school trips and activities like music classes or swimming lessons.  

Almost half of of those polled also said they felt pressured into spending more money on 'branded' products for their kids to take to school.

25% say this is so their kids fit in with peers while 10% say it was to stop bullying… because everybody knows a pair of Nike trainers will stop a fat ginger kid from being picked on.

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