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275x250.jpgThe average mum makes 11 new friends outside her original circle of friends at baby and toddler groups –- but can’t stand half of them.
Six-in-ten mums claim they have nothing in common with most new pals and are forced to talk about children 100 per cent of the time.
And 43 percent admit they would never have considered socialising with half of their ‘mum friends’ if they hadn’t started a family.
A third of mums say they get fed up with others thinking they know everything about raising children, and 32 per cent are frustrated they don’t share any hobbies or interests with their ‘mum friends’.

Mothers only consider two of the 11 new friends someone they will be long term pals with… though the odds are they don't feel the same way.

275x250.jpgOne in five parents REGRET the names they have chosen for their children, it has been found.

19 per cent of those quizzed in a recent study said they were fed up with the sheer number of other children sharing the same moniker as their little one.
In hindsight mums and dads claim they wouldn’t have chosen names such as William, Oliver and Jack - which tend to be the most common.
For girls popular names Chloe, Ruby and Olivia are the ones which parents wish they had come up with an alternative for.
15% regret the names they pick because it's laughed at by friends and family… we can only image this percentage increase for celebrities.

275x250.jpgThe average British couple doesn't get to put their feet up until 8:44pm, it has been found.

It's not until almost 9pm that most people say they are able to switch off after a hectic day of working, chores and childcare.
While the average couple ties to settle down in an evening at 8:05pm it takes a further 39 minutes to forget about the stresses and strains of the day.
Asked what their most common way of relaxing was, most people said it was sitting in front of the TV with a drink. However, it's not our favourite.

35 percent said that's a having a bath, followed by surfing the internet, 28 percent, checking Facebook 21 percent and then having sex, 21 percent… yes they'd rather check Facebook.

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