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The set-up to this video is that the amateur lumberjack featured has decided to chop down a tree in case it at some point fell onto his home… can you guess what happens next?

That's right, the giant evergreen tree comes clattering down onto the house in question -- prompting the axe-wieldling would-be lumberjack to shout "my house!" and a few seconds later, "my bedroom!"

It's not known exactly where or when the video was shot, but that hasn't stopped armchair lumberjacks on YouTube from sharing their opinions on what he should have done.

275x250.jpg Online shoppers couldn't believe their eyes yesterday when they saw that Tesco was selling the new Apple iPad for just £49.99 rather than £659.

And it looks like they were right to think it was too good to be true… because despite taking orders, the supermarket giant is now refusing to honour the offer.

Social media websites had been set ablaze when the 'offer' first appeared on the Tesco website, with some people claiming it was a publicity stunt.

But it looks like those insisting it was a glitch were right, because Tesco have since emailed all those who placed an order an told them they won't be getting new iPad.

This isn't the sort of hard-hitting interview that the this TV news reporter had intended to broadcast… but it certainly was hard-hitting.

The reporter had been chasing a lawyer and asking questions like "You've failed to prove it the first time around, what have you got up your sleeve to be more successful this time?"

But it appears that he got too distracted by his own performance, because as the lawyer said "I've already said I will not be making any comment." the interview came to an abrupt ending.

The unfortunate microphone-wielding journalist had walked straight into a lamppost. The accident was so bad even the man he'd just been badgering turned round to ask: "Are you alright?"

A Fox News reporter has been left red-faced -- after apparently falling asleep just before  the cameras cut to him on live TV.

Doug Luzader had been due to be appear live from Washington to give a run down on the Republican race for the presidential candidacy.

But when news station KTBC Fox 7 in Austin tried to link up with him, the DC correspondent was slumped in his seat and not quite ready to give his insight.

Anchor Joe Bickett was left saying: "Hello Doug, hi Doug…I guess not" as he tried to rouse
snoozing Luzader. Unsurprisingly the clip has become a hit online.

Every bride wants her big day to be a memorable affair and one which people can't stop talking about… though probably not like this.

A embarrassing wedding video is currently doing the rounds which shows a bride being left red-faced after her skirt falls down to the tune Bittersweet Symphony.

The unnamed bride had been walking down the aisle when she tripped on the carpet and unintentionally (assuming the video is not a fake -- which it probably is*) exposed her rear.

After picking up the discarded wedding attire the bride can be seen running back away from the ceremony -- as the photographers aim their lenses at her and cameras keep rolling.

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