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A news assistant didn't know what to do with herself when she realised she was standing in the background of a TV broadcast -- and became a YouTube star in the process.

Dubbed 'Awkward Kristin' the woman looks like a rabbit caught in headlights after seeing the University of Florida TV news camera as she was doing her photocopying.

She suddenly froze and then, after contemplating what to do next, she decided to crouch down in a desperate bid to move out of shot.

But it didn't work and Kristin can be seen sitting on the floor… and has been by 1,900,000 people on YouTube.

This sports presenter probably felt like a right fool (or should that be stool) after suffering and embarrassing blunder on live TV.

James Bates had been broadcasting from a basketball game between the Xavier Musketeers and the Dayton Fliers when the gaffe happened.

After yelling "we're ready to rock!" at his co-presenter Steve Wolf, CBS man Bates toppled  off his buckling stool and was left sprawled on the floor.

While crew members scurried to help the presenter back to his feet, Wolf tried to stay calm… just like the players who didn't even notice.

The boobs of a Princess of Denmark almost caused a diplomatic incident recently -- when the Finnish president's husband got busted ogling them on TV.

Princess Mary of Denmark was attending a state banquet and had been seated next to Pentti Arajarvi who is married to Finnish president Tarja Halonen.

And when the princess was looking to her side, Arajarvi decided to have a sneaky look at her cleavage.

Only it wasn't that sneaky, he was caught by TV cameras and judging by the way she spun around and looked at him, the princess knew he wasn't just admiring her neckless.

275x250.jpg Most teenagers can barely bring themselves to contemplate the idea that their parents are still sexually active.

So spare a thought for the 15-year-old German girl who is reported to have seen her folks visiting a sex club on a TV show.

That's right, she's said to have been watching the report on swinging on the website of TV channel RTL when her mom and dad popped up.

The sex club attending parents have since tried seeking damages from RTL -- they only agreed to the filming because they thought they'd be pixelated -- but a judge threw out the claim.

Speaking at the hearing the judge is understood to have told the parents 'I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. That's simply embarrassing.'

Wildlife rescue teams have been called out 27 times to help save a swan in East Sussex which members of the public think has been stuck in ice.

Rescuers from the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service say they have even sent out ambulances three times in one day over the bird -- which was actually just resting.

A spokesperson said: "Most calls have been reporting the swan to have a leg stuck in the ice. The leg is actually tucked up under their feathers to keep warm.

"The most common reports are that the swan has been sat in the same position for many hours – swans do not move around the ice much if they don't have to, in order to keep warm."

275x250.jpg A bungling police officer spent 20 minutes chasing himself after being mistaken for a burglar on CCTV, it's been revealed.

The unnamed officer from Sussex Police had been monitoring an area hit by a series of burglaries when a CCTV operative reported seeing someone 'acting suspiciously'.

That someone was the undercover officer, but failing to realise this, the operator proceeded to direct the officer to follow the "suspect".

Unsurprisingly the officer was unable to catch himself during a 20 minute chase -- but he did tell colleagues he was "hot on his heels".

The Keystone Kops-esque gaffe only came to an end when a sergeant came into the CCTV control room, recognised the “suspect” and started laughing.

When TV news presenter Lisa Dutton was asked to be a judge a local sausage-tasting competition, she accepted, probably thinking, 'What's the worst that could happen?'

Well when she tried to give the event a bit of on-air to the event in Saskatoon, Canada, she got her answer, she accidentally said a rude word… well she was talking about sausages.

Her Freudian slip has since gone viral and videos of her blunder have been viewed more than one million times.

275x250.jpg US TV news station CNN has issued a red-face apology after accidentally locating London in Norfolk on a news illustration graphic.

The geography gaffe appeared during a report covering a story about the phone hacking scandal and a map tried to show Cornwall and London.

However, the arrow identifying London was actually pointing miles away, pinpointing it in Norfolk.

Unsurprisingly the blunder was spotted and soon tweeted where it went viral -- prompting the apology.

Writing on Twitter CNN said: "CNN apologises for a map error which shifted London from its correct location! We have corrected this & are looking into how this occurred."

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