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275x250.jpgA man has somehow survived after apparently driving his car off the rim of the Grand Canyon and plunging 200ft, authorities have said.

Despite motoring off the South Rim of the tourist destination the 21-year-old is said to have climbed back to the rim of the canyon to seek help.

After flagging down another driver, the man was taken to hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

National Park Service officials say his car was found lodged against a tree 200ft below the road and that there was another precipice about 10ft beyond the tree.

We know the Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights on the Earth, but promise us that if you ever visit, you'll keep your eyes on the road while driving, right?

275x250.jpgWhen residents in Berlin heard a strange constant electric drilling-like noise coming from a neighbour's house late one night, they reported it to police.

And though some passers-by say the odd noise was so loud it could even be heard on the street, no-one could work out what was causing it.

So when officers arrived at the scene and were unable to get any response from the 23-year-old who lived there, they smashed the door down.

And at that point they discovered what had been buzzing away… a sex toy vibrator which had turned itself on and was rattling around on the wooden floor.

After 'neutralising' the offending device the cops left the scene and the woman will return home to find a bill for the smashed door… and some strange looks from her neighbours.

After beating Barcelona 1-0 to win the Copa del Rey - the Spanish equivalent of the FA cup - it was all looking great for Real Madrid… then this happened.

Taking the silverware on a celebratory open-topped bus tour of the capital, players including Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were doing the usual waving of scarfs to cheering fans.

But as Ramos held the trophy aloft at the front of the bus - in a bid to get fans cheering even more - the butter-fingered defender somehow lost his grip and it fell.

Because the driver didn't see it fall, he promptly drove over the famous cup as on-lookers gasped in disbelief and emergency services ran to see if they could help.

While police and security officials were seen picking up pieces of the squashed trophy, it's not been confirmed how much damage was caused… though next year team could be competing for the Plate del Rey.

Dame Helen Mirren has been left red-faced after accidentally swearing during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Mirren had been on the BBC1 show promoting the remake of Arthur - where she co-stars with Russell Brand - when she made the blunder.

Discussing John Gielgud's part in the original movie, and the language he used, she couldn't help herself from doing an impression.

And that's when Mirren said: "Well, in that sort of wonderful voice he had... You little s**t." Drawing gasps from Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull.

Instantly recognising her blunder, the 65-year-old actress gasped and covered her mouth… which even though she's an Oscar-winner, we think was a genuine response.

A blooper which saw an Australian news anchor silently fixing her hair on live TV rather than reading the headlines, has become an online hit.

Kate Collins was waiting to go live on 9 News Adelaide earlier this week… while she was actually on air.

That meant viewers at home saw the usual intro graphics and music before the camera cut to Collins who was staring at herself on a monitor. She then proceeded to check her hair.

And that was it, no words, no news, but YouTube gold. Though given this was the same team who brought us the classic 'small but impressive' quip, we can't help but wonder if they just have a taste for the viral.

275x250.jpg Postal bosses in the US have been left red-faced after it was discovered the Statue of Liberty featured on a new stamp was in fact a replica.

Rather than displaying the face of the iconic New York landmark, a photo had been used of a 1997 replica which stands outside a casino in Las Vegas.

The blunder was spotted by an eagle-eyed stamp collector after he noticed several detail differences between the stamp and the original statue - including the fact that windows in Liberty's crown were painted on.

Unfortunately the find was made a little too late for any changes to be made… because three billion of the 44-cent (27p) stamps have already been printed.

275x250.jpgWe've all been there, you've taken a phone call while sitting on the loo and hope the person you're talking with won't notice.

Well here's a bit of Newslite advice, don't flush the toilet… especially if you happen to be a politician giving a live radio interview from your home.

Unfortunately this warning comes a bit late for Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman who is said to have recently made this exact mistake - much to the amusement of radio listeners.

The foreign minister had been talking about the issue of a flare-up of violence with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas when his point was punctuated by impromptu flushing.

Which has got to be em-bare-assing. In face we bet he's hoping rival politicians don't kick up a stink about his gaffe, otherwise he could have flushed away his career.

We had a pretty good April Fool's Day, not only did our Facebook filter story go down well, but we also managed to avoid being taken in by any pranks ourselves.

Unfortunately the annual day of enforced japery didn't go as well for TV news presenter Shally Zomorodi… she was tricked into licking an iPad on live TV.

The presenter had been on air on KSWB when her co-host Raoul Martinez introduced an item about a new iPhone and iPad app which allows users to smell and taste food on their device.

And then she was encouraged to sniff and lick an iPad which was handed to her, which she did,  prompting a "Happy April Fool's Day" message to flash up… and for her to run off set red-faced.

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