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275x250.jpg We've all experienced that horrible moment when you realise you've sent an email to the wrong person. Luckily our gaffes have never been so bad it made made international headlines.

Unfortunately - according to an email exchange which is currently doing the rounds - the same can't be said for for this property surveyor.

Harry Fildes had apparently been chatting to one of his mates when the subject of his "hot" ex girlfriend came up, and he was asked if he minded his pal pursuing her.

He replied that is was okay, but went on to give a rather forthright and unflattering impression of her. The problem was, he also accidentally copied her in on the email. Oops.

A red-faced man had to visit hospital after superglueing a tiny hat to his head for a party… and then being unable to remove it.

Luckily (for us, but not necessarily him) a BBC TV crew happened to be recording a show at the hospital when he arrived and caught the whole thing on camera.

Shawn Merter resorted to using the superglue to attach his little black sequinned top-hat after fabric glue which he'd tried using wasn't adhesive enough.

But the following morning he realised his error and went to his local accident and emergency department, still wearing the tiny hat.

Doctors cut the top off the hat and sent Merter home to soak the bizarre headwear until it fell off… all while trying to hide their sniggers.

A laptop-thief has found out the hard way why you should never mess with a geek after his techno-savvy victim decided to humiliate him online.

Internet entrepreneur Mark Bao was understandably not happy when his MacBook Air was stolen earlier this year, and the 18-year-old assumed he would never see it again.

However a couple of months later he realised a remote backup program he'd installed on the laptop was still running and backing up files… presumably belonging to the crook.

After looking through the files Bao was able to discover the identity of the person in possession of the computer and reported them to the police.

But he didn't stop there. He also looked at photos and videos of the alleged crook, including a cringe-worthy one of him dancing in front of the webcam and uploaded it to YouTube

275x250.jpgA group of friends playing cricket in Manchester say they were bowled over when a team of armed police turned up at their practice session.

It turned out a passerby had mistaken the sound of the cricket balls hitting metal shutters on a industrial park as gunfire, and called 999.

Responding to this, a team of specially-trained firearms officers were rushed to the scene -- scaring the life out of the cricket players.

After ordering the cricketers out of the factory where they were playing, it soon became apparent there was no crime being committed, other than those against good batsmanship.

Once the officers were convinced they'd have been better off with cricket pads than bullet-proof vests, they left.

A sports reporter almost got run over on live TV when a car accidentally reversed into him as he was busy talking to the camera.

ABC 10 reporter Ben Higgins was talking about San Diego State’s recent win in the NCAA basketball tournament when the accident happened.

As the studio hosts cut to Higgins, he started his broadcast… but in the far left of the screen a over-sized SUV could be seen backing up towards him.

And it soon got closer. Within the twelve seconds it took Higgins to get his introduction out, the car was right next to him and still moving.

It was only when a member of the production crew bang on the back of the car it stopped… impressively Higgins did not, after a brief "Whoa" he calmly finished his report.

There was a bit of a balls up during a Comic Relief competition... when a toddler accidentally released hundreds of balls into a shopping centre.

Bosses at St John’s Shopping Centre in Perth had filled a car with red balls and hoped to raise money for Comic Relief by charging people to guess how many there were.

But it turns out they'd forgotten to lock the doors - as this inquisitive three-year-old discovered when he pulled the handle and released the play pools balls.

Hundreds of the plastic balls fell out of the Alfa Romeo MiTo prompting passersby to cheer as security guards were forced to scurry around picking them up.

However, we think the wiser shoppers were the ones who took advantage of that time to enter the contest. Well there were a lot fewer balls in the car to count.

275x250.jpg It was installed in Trafalgar Square as a countdown to the 2012 London Olympics and was designed as a focus for the build-up to the big event.

But the Olympic countdown clock which was due to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the the opening ceremony, has stopped… 499 days too early.

A suitably red-faced spokesperson for Omega, the Official Olympic timekeeper, today confirmed a "technical issue" caused the countdown clock to stop only a day after it was unveiled by Lord Coe and London mayor Boris Johnson.

They added Omega are currently trying to work-out what happened and get the 6.5m high and 4 tonnes clock running again. Hopefully they'll get it fixed before the London games are due to begin… if only we knew how long away that was.

We don't know too much about this video -- but we do know this man is very lucky to be alive.

That's because he narrowly avoided getting crushed by a car as it careered into a wall in Los Angeles at about 50mph.

The fortunate pedestrian had just walked around a FedEx truck when a car swerved off the busy road an into his path.

As this CCTV footage show the car missed him by a matter of inches as it smashed into the wall.

Amazingly the man and the passengers in the car all escaped uninjured… and don't worry, that's oil or coolant pouring out, not blood.

275x250.jpgWhen a suspicious package was identified at a post office in Russia, anti-terrorist bomb squad experts were promptlt called to investigate.

But instead of a discovering a bomb inside the ticking box, they found… and accidentally activated vibrator.

Police say the sextoy-scare had prompted the building in Petrozavodsk to be evacuated and a security cordon installed.

It's not known exactly how the sex toy had been activated while in delivery or who the intended recipient had been.

But we're sure to find out when the some vibrator manufacturer starts claiming their sex toys are so good they can evacuate entire neighbourhoods.

275x250.jpgA boss at fast-food chain Burger King has landed himself in hot water after describing English women as ugly.

Speaking to students in Chicago, Burger King chief executive Bernardo Hees went on to dismiss the quality of food in the UK as "terrible".

The 40-year-old had been talking about time he spent studying at the University of Warwick when he is reported to have said: "The food is terrible and the women are not very attractive."

He also said that his time in Britain had offered few distractions beyond work -- but he was later forced to issue an apology for any offence caused.

While we wouldn't claim the UK has the world's best cuisine, it's worth remembering a Double Whopper contains 950 calories. As for defending English women, two words, Kelly Brook.

275x250.jpgIf it all goes wrong for Premiership referee Peter Walton, he could always pursue a career as a mime artist.

That's because forgetting his cards didn't stop him booking players in the clash between Everton and Birmingham last night -- he simply waved an imaginary one.

Walton only realised his blunder after midfielder Jordon Mutch committed a foul and he reached into his pocket to pull out the yellow card.

After a couple of seconds of fumbling he obviously decided the best thing to do would be carry on and hope no-one would notice.

So he held up his arm as if brandishing a card booked the player… well if they can be injured by imaginary fouls, why can't they be punished by imaginary cards.

275x250.jpgEveryone thinks the potholes on their street are worse than those anywhere else… but we think residents on Patshull Road in Shropshire might be right.

That's because a 4x4 pickup truck recently became trapped in a massive water-filled pothole as it was driving down the country road.

Chris Nedic had been driving home along the road in Albrighton on Monday evening when his front wheels of his Nissan Navara sank into the 4ft deep hole.

He and his brother luckily managed to leap from the the vehicle shortly before the road collapsed and the car was left sticking up from the hole.

Police say it was only the size of the vehicle which prevented it from becoming fully submerged.

275x250.jpgDavid Davis is probably feeling rather embarrassed about now, he was arrested mid-haircut and become the subject of one stupid-looking mugshot.

The 21-year-old from Stamford was getting his hair cut when he is said to have been approached by another man and got into an argument.

During the fight it's been reported that he picked up a pair of scissors and slashed the man across the back. Prompting cops to be called.

Davis was subsequently arrested by Stamford Police Department - who released this photo - while the victim was taken to hospital where he received treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

He's now due to appear in court on March 22 charged with first-degree assault… we wonder if he will be getting his hair cut especially for his day in court.

Ryan Shaw used to say the most interesting thing to happen when he was working at the gas station was seeing the odd drunk customer. Not any more.

That's because over the weekend an irate customer - who was reported to be angry at new pre-pay rules - ploughed his car into the Oregon garage.

The vehicle smashed through the window, knocked displays flying and shunted serving counters into each other narrowly missing the 27-year-old worker.

Amazingly he escaped with just a bruised thigh, a scraped knee and a knocked elbow… we suffered more injuries than that just watching the video.

It's safe to say a 3am news broadcast on a local Australian radio station wouldn't normally get the biggest of audiences.

But when newsreader Kate Wilson suffered a hiccuping fit during a recent report, it made it a viral hit all around the world.

Wilson had only just started the early morning report on 3AW when she first hiccupped while giving the time as "three o'clo-HIC".

Over the next three minutes she proceeded to hiccup another 20 times as she spoke about Gaddafi, the New Zealand earthquake and the sports headlines.

While a lesser newsreader would have given up or burst out laughing, Wilson tried to carry on… and listening to this we are glad she did.

Being in the front row and with a great view of the action, these people were probably pretty pleased with their rodeo seats… until this happened.

Butch Trimnal and his wife had been enjoying a North Carolina rodeo when one of the bulls began running towards them.

The beast continued to get closer and closer until it leaped up and over hoardings, landing in the stands right next to them… making the outing a little more exciting than the pair may have wanted.

While the couple were briefly thrown around by the irate bull, they were not injured even though they did go to the hospital to be checked over.

The bull was also uninjured and was used again later in the show… no bull.

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