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Stefan Ager had climbed to the top of a mountain and was just planning his route his route back down, when he lost his footing and ended up taking an altogether different trip.

Footage shot from his helmet cam shows that after making it to the top he celebrated by taking a look around, capturing a clip of himself and putting his skis on.

But as the skier clipped himself into the skis, he tripped backwards and tumbled down the rocky-looking mountain.

After the 15 second fall, Ager let out an audible gasp of pain before looking up at the route he had just fallen. Amazingly he escaped unscathed… we've got bruises just from watching it.

Sometimes we wish we could drive straight into our favourite coffee shop on the way to work… a bit like this woman.

A hapless motorist says she doesn't know what happened to cause her to accidentally crash straight into the front of a coffee shop.

As this CCTV footage shows, one minute 42-year-old Joan Herrity was parking her car in Boston -- the next she was parked in the middle of a coffee store.

After smashing through the glass entrance, her Toyota Sienna came to a halt and Herrity staggered to the counter. It's not know if she ordered a coffee.

Luckily for the driver, the store was empty of customers at the time and no-one was injured… luckily for us, they had well positioned CCTV cameras.

275x250.jpgBBC's The One Show was yesterday taken off air… when someone warming up a cup of tea accidentally triggered the fire alarm.

As hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones interviewed actress Tamsin Greig, the alarm started to sound, leaving them with bemused looks on their faces.

But just after Jones halted the interview and said: "Oh, I think that's our fire alarm." it stopped… briefly.

Within seconds the alarm was ringing out again after several minutes of confusion the show was pulled from air and replaced with cookery show.

Which is ironic… because Jones later revealed on Twitter: "Somebody was warming their tea up and the microwave set off the alarm!" Oops.

275x250.jpgNot wanting to be outdone by recent on-air double entendre, the team at Australia's Today show have got in on the action… and then some.

The discussion started off innocently enough with one of the hosts talking about an item he keeps by his bed in case of a home invasion.

But when Karl Stefanovic asked co-host Lisa Wilkinson if she kept something similarly 'long and stabby' in her bedroom, it all became a bit carry-on.

Wilkinson said she had 'swordy thing' before newsreader Georgie Gardner added that 'Tim’s my long stabby thing' - talking about her husband,

But the inadvertent innuendo was later turned up to 11 when Ben Fordham said he kept golf club for protecton, adding: "I’d want to be standing back and whacking them off from a distance."

275x250.jpgA team of 25 firefighters were recently dispatched to rescue a stranded swan from a frozen pond… only to discover it was plastic.

The 999 call had come in when a passer-by in Straubing, Germany saw the bird and assumed it was trapped in frozen ice.

Attending firefighters say they then had to search for ages to find the 'bird' and get to the middle of the lake where there was dangerously thin ice.

And it was only then that discovered the bird was actualy made of plastic and had been left there by fishermen to scare away other birds.

Lucking on the bright side, officers said that no-one was hurt in the wasted rescue mission and that they were glad to have got a bit of training in.

275x250.jpgThis wine store worker is probably still feeling a little red-faced (and red-footed) after having an accident with a stack of wine filled shelves.

That's because he was carefully placing bottles of wine on the shelves when they collapsed sending hundreds of bottles of red crashing onto the floor and into him.

As this CCTV video shows, the unfortunate worker had been loading the shelves with bottles of wine but as he walked away they began to slowly fall.

Despite his best efforts to hold it up the bottles were soon falling onto the floor and smashing - leaving a sea of wine pouring forward.

Given the best way to stop red wive from staining is to pour white wine on it, we hope he was able to find 500 bottles of Chardonnay. 

Just because you can walk around while playing a game on your PSP or Nintendo DS doesn't mean you should… as this young lad recently found out.

The boy had been playing on his Sony PSP as he walked along the platform at a subway station in Milan when he became distracted by his game.

He was so engrossed in the action on the screen, he didn't even notice he was walking off the edge of the platform and fell onto the track below.

Luckily help was at hand in the form of an off-duty police officer who leapt into action and onto the track, lifting the boy out of the way of oncoming trains.

As the pair got back onto the platform other commuters cheered… well if it had hit him it would have caused delays.

275x250.jpgWe think it's safe to conclude from this mugshot that Jerome Smith isn't exactly what you would describe as a criminal mastermind.

And that's not only because the 27-year-old has been caught after allegedly pistol whipping a pregnant woman, but because of his facial tattoos.

It's not even just the fact he has a collection of various eastern symbols tattooed on his cheeks… but the giant misspelt word on his forehead.

Smith - who was arrested earlier this week in Ohio - had meant to get a tattoo claiming to be a 'Genius'… but actually says reads 'Jenius'.

But it almost doesn't matter if it's spelt correctly or not… we think it's highly unlikely anyone with an above average IQ would want the word inking on their head anyway.

We've seen enough car crashes to know they're no laughing matter… usually.

But on this occasion we think it's okay, because a US driver has skidded off a snowy road and ended up parking vertically.

It all happened in New Hampshire where snowfall has been causing chaos for motorists and Interstate 93 in Salem was no exception.

While there were several accidents, the most interesting has to be
this one where a driver careered off the road and upended their car in the snow.

Despite the precarious-looking nature of the vertically parked car, police say no-one was injured… though many are still trying to work out exactly how this happened.

A bungling burglar broke into a bakery, found himself trapped in a locked store room and then struggled to get back out.

As this CCTV footage shows, the youngster had entered the Melbourne building via a skylight but soon discovered he wasn't where he wanted.

After a moment of panic he tried to climb back out by stacking a pile of containers, but they toppled and he fell.

He then tried using some shelves to get out… but again ended up on the floor when they too collapsed.

While he did eventually manage to get out, it wasn't before looking directly into a security camera. After the image was released by police a 19-year-old handed himself in.

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