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275x250.jpgVisitors to a Las Vegas hotel claim they have been left with burns and singed hair -- because its design creates a powerful 'death ray'.

It's said the concave shape of the plush Vdara hotel is reflecting sunlight into a powerful beam, which is directed at the swimming pool area.

The beam - which moves along the poolside as the sun moves - can increase temperatures by around 20 degrees.

One guest said the design of the building acts 'like a magnifying glass' and another cliamed it has melted plastic bags.

A spokesman for MGM Resorts said they're aware of the issue and designers are working to come up with a solution. It's worth noting they are not too keen on the 'death ray' name.

A journalist has been caught picking her nose on live TV and eating the contents - because she didn't know she was on camera.

As CBS 2 News anchor Dorothy Tucker wrapped up a report on bed bugs, the unfortunately positioned journalist was sitting behind her at her desk.

The unnamed journo didn't appear to think she could be seen by the camera (or anyone else) and reached up into her nose and had a good rummage around.

After examining her haul she then proceed to eat it - all while absent-mindedly looking directly at the camera - before quietly getting back to work.

Meanwhile Tucker, unaware of what was happening behind her, must have thought the cameramen were just grossed out by her bed bugs report.

Bosses at car manufacturer Volvo were left red-faced when a demo of their new pedestrian avoidance system didn't exactly go as planned.

Journalists had been gathered in Verona, Italy, to see the technology which Volvo claim could save the lives of hundreds of pedestrians each year.

The system is supposed to detect pedestrians in the direct path of the vehicle and automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

But in several of the tests the test dummies were knocked flying when the automatic breaks were applied too late. Bosses say this was because the test dummy was not recognised as human.

We're just glad Volvo didn't decide to show off their system by driving AT the journalists… not all of who would have been easily recognisable as human either.

A pilot has been branded a hero after somehow managing to land a plane safely despite one of the three landing gear wheels being stuck.

The Delta Airlines flight 4951 had been arriving at JKF airport in New York when the pilot noticed one of the landing wheels had failed to come down.

But after speaking on the radio to air traffic control, he managed to land the CRJ 900 twin-engine jet by balancing on two wheels before scraping a wing to come to a stop.

Footage shot by one of the 64 passengers flying from Atlanta shows sparks flying from the wing - which was full of fuel - as it dragged against the ground.

While it normally annoys us when clap-happy Americans applaud something like a movie ending or a pilot landing a plane… we think we will let them off on this occasion.

Parliamentary bills about meat imports must be much more entertaining in Switzerland than they are in the UK.

How else could you explain the amusing reaction from finance minister Hans-Rudolf Merz in this video?

The politician became tongue-tied with the bureaucratic legalise used in the bill he was reading and started laughing.

After his initial verbal stumble he tried to go on, but he just couldn't stop himself laughing and was soon joined by most of the parliament.

When he was finally able to get through all of what he had to say he received a round of applause from other politicians. In odd news, no-one cares how they voted.

Wine blunders: Top 10 mispronounced wines

275x250.jpgBrits claim to be a nation wine buffs -- but regularly embarrass themselves by making basic mistakes in restaurants.

A survey of 3,000 drinkers found three-out-of-ten adults have tried to pass themselves off as wine connoisseurs, but failed spectacularly.

Most common faux pas include mispronunciation of brands or wines and complaining
the waiter hasn't poured enough when the intention was for them to taste it.

Other excruciating wine errors include complaining about red wine being served warm and swilling the wine around in the glass so fast they spill it over themselves.

16% of people also admit to buying an expensive bottle just so it looks like they know their wine… which doesn't work if they ask for a Pea-not Noi-er.

275x250.jpgA golfer accidentally started a 12-acre fire when he hit his club on a rock in California causing sparks and the resulting blaze.

The hapless golfer had been playing at the Shady Canyon golf course in Irvine, when the accident happened.

It's said he'd taken a swing at the ball but that his club struck a rock causing a small spark.

But this was enough to start a fire in the parched area and the blaze soon covered a massive 12 acres of the densely wooded hill.

Almost 200 firefighters attended the scene and the fire burnt for over seven hours… and we thought our golfing endeavours had been embarrassing.

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