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Sky Sports presenter Jessica Kastrop was hit on the head by a stray football during a live pre-match broadcast.

In the clip - which has already become a hit on YouTube - Kastrop can be seen talking to her co-presenter about the pre-season clash in Stuttgart

But then all of a sudden a ball is whipped in by Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz smashing Kastrop on the back of her head.

The force of the 100mph ball knocked her head forward so fast Kastrop almost head-butted the desk she was stood at.

Boulahrouz insists the battering ball was an accident… and Chelsea fans will tell you he can't normally shoot with that accuracy.

A shocking crash which saw a driver launched into the air and smash into a bridge has been caught on police camera.

19-year-old driver Brendan Eden had been speeding along the Ohio highway when he hit the protective barrier in the middle of the road.

Footage from a police car shows how this launched his 1995 Pontiac Firebird high into the air and it smashed into a bridge.

The car then broke into three pieces and the driver was thrown from the wreckage.

A police spokesperson said "He is very lucky to still be alive" -- and it's only after watching the footage you realise what an understatement that is.

275x250.jpg Beaches on the English Channel were closed after a killer crocodile was seen swimming in the sea… and then it turned out to be a chunk of wood.

The alert had been raised by holidaymakers when they spotted the 12ft 'croc' swimming in the port of Boulogne, France, yesterday.

As a result a major search involving lifeguards, firefighters and even the army was launched in a bid to find the beast, and swimmers were advised to keep out of the water.

But today red-faced coastguards have revealed there was no crocodile and the razor-sharp toothed creature spotted was actually a chunk of driftwood. Oops.

275x250.jpg BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been caught out giving the finger to a fellow BBC news host... on live TV.

Schafernaker had been preparing for his bit on BBC News at 10.54 this morning, when host Simon McCoy joked that his "Of course 100% accurate" weather forecast would be on shortly.

But apparently taking offence to the comment Schafernaker stuck his middle finger up -- not realising the camera was pointing at him and broadcasting his obscene gesture.

When he saw the gaffe on in-studio monitors red-faced Schafernaker tried to pretend he was only scratching his chin. Yes, just like a primary school pupil who's been caught swearing by the teacher.

275x250.jpgAn unlucky 13-year-old boy was hit by lightning on Friday the 13th… at exactly 13:13.

The teen had been visiting an air show in Suffolk when the incident happened where he and two others were struck by lightning at 13 minutes past one, according to witnesses.

Fortunately the boy - who had been holding an umbrella - only suffered minor burns from the lightning strike which can cause serious burns and even cardiac arrest.

A spokesperson for St Johns Ambulance service said the lad had been conscious and breathing when their team arrived and took him to hospital to be checked over.

Unfortunately the unlucky 13-year-old has not been identified… if he had we could make sure we never got on the same bus as him.

275x250.jpgA daredevil motorcross rider was thrown into the crowd at an event in London after he hit a ramp awkwardly.

Andre Villa had been competing at the Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station when he was propelled from his saddle.

Despite the huge fall into watching spectators, Villa was luckily not seriously injured and (even more luckily) his bike had not made it over the audience barrier.

A spokesperson for the event said no-one had been seriously hurt in the  accident and that three fans suffered minor injuries.

One fan said: "I know this was a dangerous sport. But I thought it was only dangerous for the riders, not the audience too."

275x250.jpg An image on Google Street View of a girl's body lying face down on the pavement sparked panic among local residents that crime had gone undetected.

Families in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, feared something terrible had happened to a young girl on their doorstep, when they saw the shocking image online.

But they needn't have worried and contacted police -- because it was just a youngster playing a prank on her friend by pretending to be dead and not realising the Google car was passing.

Nine-year-old Azura - who says she didn't know the Google car was passing - had fallen over and was 'playing dead' as a prank on her friend… and inadvertently the internet.

A 'cowardly' US baseball fan has become an online hit after chickening out and dodging an foul ball… which went on to hit his girlfriend.

The man, known only as Bo, had been watching the Astros v Atlanta Braves game in Houston, when a foul ball came flying towards him.

But after jumping up to catch the wayward ball he changed his mind at the last minute and dived out of the way.

If bailing on the catch in front of thousands of fans wasn't bad enough then speeding ball then stuck his girlfriend on her right arm.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral online… and earned Bo the unenviable nickname of "The Bailer".

275x250.jpgThe word 'separate' is the most commonly misspelt one in the English language, a study discovered.

The eight-letter description of people or objects which are set apart from each other came top due to the regular placing of an 'E' where the first 'A' sits.

Second in the list was 'definitely', which often falls victim to a string of mistakes including mixing up the second 'I' with an 'A'. Another common error is dropping the final 'E'.

'Manoeuvre' which is problematic due to the unusual combination of OE and U in its midst, came third and 'embarrass', in which an R or an S often falls by the wayside, was fourth.

'Occurrence' emerged as the fifth most commonly misspelt word due to the confusing double C and double R… obviously WE would never make mistaks like these, we promisse.

275x250.jpg A gorilla appeared to be having great fun with a Nintendo DSi XL games console which had been accidentally dropped into a US zoo enclosure be a clumsy gamer.

The young butter-fingered computer game fan had been fiddling with his handheld console when he slipped and dropped it at San Francisco Zoo.

Unfortunately for the poor lad, the game dropped into the gorilla enclosure and, being bright red, soon attracted the attention of the big apes.

One picked it up and started playing with it but staff soon persuaded him to give it back in exchange for an apple. That's the fruit… he wasn't upgrading to a laptop.

275x250.jpgBBC laptops and mobile phones worth over £240,000 have been accidentally lost or stolen during the past two years, the Beeb has revealed.

The corporation made the embarrassing announcement after a Freedom of Information request was lodged about lost tech.

It's said 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 Blackberry devices went missing between April 2008 and March 2010.
While 19 items worth £23,450 were later recovered, this leaves the final bill for lost gadgets at a still massive £217,569.

And to put this into perspective… that's probably about seven seconds of Top Gear.

A clumsy kiwi bird with two broken legs is being given rehabilitation treatment -- including treadmill sessions.

The runtish bird was originally taken to vets when it was found in a bad condition in New Zealand in December.

Dubbed Piwi, the bird had a broken leg that had healed badly and vets were left with no option other than to re-break it and straighten it.

But shortly after it was taken to a wildlife park for rehabilitation the dopey bird somehow broke it's other leg resulting in a visit to Massey University's Wildlife Ward.

Once there it was given rehabilitation treatment including 'running' on a treadmill… and it didn't even need to pay an excessive gym joining fee.

275x250.jpgRad-faced aquarium bosses have been forced to put a bikini on an underwater statue of a mermaid -- because her boobs were too big.

Staff at Sea Life Chessington said the noticed a number of young male visitors to their underwater tunnel were not giving the marine life their full attention.

Instead the boys (and a few older visitors) were said to be ogling a particularly buxom mermaid statue.

So in a bid to save her modesty and get the guys looking at the fish again, they dispatched a diver to cover her breasts with a bikini.

A spokesperson for the attraction said: "It’s a bit of a boob on our part, really." -- something tells us she'd been for waiting ages to use that one. 

275x250.jpgA benefits cheat who claimed he was crippled by arthritis has been caught out after being filmed performing jazz dance routines.

Cheating Terence Read had, for 15 years, claimed arthritis meant he could hardly walk and received disability benefits of £19,915 during this time.

But after being tipped off he was considerably more mobile than he let on, benefits bosses caught him red-handed by videoing him dancing.

Undercover officers secretly filmed Read as he competed in dance contest where he twirled his partner around during an elaborate five minute routine.

Yesterday the footage of his moves were reviewed by a different kind of judge… one sitting at Manchester Crown Court where he was given a 12-month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work.

275x250.jpgA paintball course in Montana has been forced to shut down -- because it was proving too popular with bears.

The grizzly and black bears were said to be attracted to the area by the smell from paintballs which have been fired.

It turned out the paintball resort had used organic paintballs which included vegetable oil, which the bears thought was food.

Some particularly hungry bears had even been caught munching on unexploded paintballs which had been found on the ground.

Bosses say they are now looking for a paintball which won't attract bears… or give them blue teeth.

275x250.jpgA 6ft long boa constrictor has escaped from an Essex home and is now said to be on the loose in the local area, police have warned.

Experts say Diego the pet snake - who slithered out of a bathroom window in Barnfield two days ago - could pose a danger to children and small animals.

Police have conducted searches in the area but have so far been unable to find the snake, as a result they are now warning anyone who sees it to call 999.

Leaflets have also been distributed to neighbours warning them to be on the look-out for the baseball-bat thick creature, which kills prey through asphyxiation.

It's thought warmer weather could have prompted the snake to go out hunting… though after one night out in Essex, we'd have though it would have gone home.

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