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275x250.jpgA Facebook page called "I'm lost. Help me find my family" has been set up in a bid to reunite a tatty teddybear with his owner.

Cafe owner Liz Everett started the page after the lost bear was accidentally left in her Suffolk tearoom.

She said the threadbare bear was so adorable she knew he'd be missed and felt a Facebook page would be the best way of tracking down his owner.

And after posting pictures of 'Meare-Kat' on the beach and enjoying an ice-cream more than 1,000 people have joined the search and are asking their friends to help.

It's now hoped someone who know the forgetful family will see the campaign and Meare-Kat can be reunited with them… if he's not having too much fun at the seaside.

275x250.jpgITV has caused outrage among soap fans following an Emmerdale episode showing a shopping list featuring 'jam rags and 'piles cream'.

The crude reference to sanitary towels and hemorrhoid cream appeared on a blackboard shopping list in Marlon Dingle's house.

Fans of the soap were stunned by the slang term appearing in the 7pm show and the reference has been labelled 'inappropriate and unnecessary' by media watchdogs.

Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch, an independent campaign for family values in the media, said: "Clearly whoever wrote that knew exactly what they were doing, and they certainly didn't need to."

A spokesperson for Emmerdale was unavailable for comment… maybe they're out doing the shopping.

A fighter jet pilot in Canada had a miraculous escape when he ejected from his CF-18, seconds before it crashed to the ground in a huge fireball.

Brian Bews had been practising low-flying aerial manoeuvres in advance of and upcoming air-show when sparks started coming out of his engine.

The quick-thinking pilot ejected from the plane as fast as he could and despite it being so close to the ground he was able to get out.

And it's a good job he did, because his £20million Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet smashed into the ground in a ball of flames.

Amazingly Brian only suffered a sore back and a scratch on his are in the incident -- though he also has to tell his boss he destroyed a £20million plane.

275x250.jpgScientists have investigated the popular belief that dropped food is okay to eat unless it spends more than five seconds on the floor.

After repeatedly hearing the claim a team from Clemson University decided to test how quickly harmful bacteria could be transfers to food from a dirty surface.

Food scientists from the human nutrition department conducted a series of tests by dropping samples of food onto both dirty floors and work-surfaces.

It was discovered bacteria could be transferred a lot faster than five seconds and therefore it shouldn't be used as a rule for healthy dining.

This is just the latest in a line of vital research done by the team… they've previously looked at what happens when someone double-dips or drinks from a carton. Really!

A greyhound race in Australia has been declared a 'no race' -- after a real-life hare ran across the track and distracted the dogs.

The dogs had been chasing the traditional faux bunny at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, when the hare invaded the track.

It sprinted in front of the racers and crossed to the outside of the track - distracting the dogs, one of which chased after it.

Because third-placed Ginny Lou (20/1) rejected the robot rabbit for the real thing the race was voided.

After a hare-y few minutes the £19,000 of bets which had been placed was refunded to punters.

275x250.jpg A couple on a whale-watching trip near Cape Town, got a closer view than they expected when a massive 40-ton whale jumped from the sean and onto their yacht.

Amazingly, as they looked for whales, a massive 10 metre one leapt from the water off the coast of South Africa and headed straight for their diminutive yacht.

The Southern Right whale then smashed into the 33ft boat and snapped the mast before eventually sliding back into the water an swimming away.

Luckily the accident was caught on camera by a nearby tourist… otherwise no-one would have believed their whale of a tale.

Thrill-seekers at a Russian theme-park had a more exciting time than expected when a cable snapped on a rocket ride and left them dangling 70m in the air.

Ten unfortunate 'cosmonauts' had been on dubious-looking 'Rocket' ride at Divo Ostrov theme park on Krestovsky Island, St Petersberg, when the accident happened.

As the ride spun around, the cable supporting the rear of the ten-seater rocket snapped and the back plunged -- leaving the riders screaming and in fear for their lives.

Luckily rescue teams were quickly on the scene to free the riders from their 70m dangling position and no-one was seriously hurt.

And there was us thinking the joy of theme-parks is that while scared to within an inch of your life, you are always entirely safe. Guess Russia has a slightly different approach.

275x250.jpg A drunk man broke into an Australian wildlife park because he wanted to ride and pat a giant 16ft long crocodile -- amazingly he wasn't killed.

The sloshed 36-year-old had just been chucked out of a local pub in Broome when he decided his night wouldn't be complete without a ride on a croc.

He proceeded to climb over a fence and into the wildlife park where he was confronted by the 800kg saltwater crocodile called Fatso (pictured above), which he then tried to ride.

Unsurprisingly Fatso snapped at the drunk fool, tearing a chunk of flesh from his leg. But he didn't kill him, as might have been expected, and let him escape… maybe he doesn't like his meat marinated in beer.

275x250.jpgA forgetful tourist accidentally left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery when she checked out of a luxury London hotel room.

The woman, who had been staying at London's Westbury Mayfair Hotel, checked out as normal last Monday... but when a chambermaid went to clean her room, she was left shocked.

That's because she found what could only be called a glittering treasure trove of jewels - including diamond-encrusted rings, a glitzy necklace and earrings - all lying in a chest of drawers of the £2,500-a-night suite.

The honest member of staff immediately reported the find to her boss who stashed the jewels in a safe while they tried to locate the woman who was thought to be American.

Because she had not left any contact details the hotel were unable to find the woman who was only reunited with her gems five days later when she phoned up in tears… much like the chambermaid who'd hoped they wouldn't be claimed.

275x250.jpgA Halloween-style joke fake arm was caused a motorway to be closed for several hours after it was spotted by drivers.

Dozens of motorists traveling on the M62 in Merseyside had seen the faux arm lying at the side of the road and assuming it was real, called police.

As a result a search was launched and the road was closed while officers looked for the bloody arm and any other body parts.

After an extensive several hour hunt the joke arm was recovered and the road reopened -- but only when council workers contacted police to say they'd picked it up earlier in the day.

Officers say they don't know how the plastic arm ended up in the road… and if anyone could give them a hand finding out they would appreciate it.

275x250.jpgA distracted baseball fan who was using his mobile phone during a recent game got hit in the face by the ball.

The New York Yankees fan has been chatting away on his phone during the game against the Mariners when the accident happened.

As Seattle's Rob Johnson hit the ball into the stands everyone in the stadium seemed to be watching the ball.

Well everyone except for the poor fan who as talking on his phone and didn't notice it until it hit him in the face - much to the amusement of commentators.

"Oooh... he got hit in the face," said one of the announcers… who was glad something interesting had finally happened in a baseball game.

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