BBC weather forecaster Kate Kinsella halted a live broadcast on Three Counties radio … after spotting a mouse in the studio.

When a man pulled up at a petrol station in Texas and offered Jalonta Freeman a new $800 iPad for just $200, she should have know it was too good to be true.

Instead she thought it was too good to pass up and handed over the cash … it was only later she discovered the iPad was actually a mirror wrapped up to look like an Apple iPad.

275x250.jpg A mobile phone insurance website has uncovered its top 10 weirdest insurance claims of the past 12 months… including a farmer whose mobile ended up inside a cow.

Whilst many people break their phones by dropping the handset and smashing the screen, data released by has revealed the top ten weirdest mobile insurance claims.
1. A farmer in Devon claimed his phone had disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows when he’d been using the torch on his iPhone whilst assisting the cow during calving. The phone later made an appearance, but was damaged.

2. A lady in her early 40s from Nottingham claimed that she’d baked her Nokia 6303i into a Victoria Sponge she’d been making for her daughter’s birthday. It didn’t endure the heat of gas mark 5.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump into a frozen swimming pool? Well this man did… and something tells us he won't be doing it again.

Wearing his swimming trunk despite the chilly weather the would-be stuntman pull a series of poses worthy of Usian Bolt before dive-bombing on the ice.

But despite his best efforts, the man failed to break the ice and landed with a big thump before painfully sliding across the pool.

275x250.jpg Ever wondered how cooking a squirrel for dinner could end up worse than it sounds? How about setting fire to your apartment block and causing a massive fire!

That's what happened in Michigan recently when a man was preparing his squirrel meal by removing the animal’s fur using a propane torch.

As a result of the blaze, which started on the third floor, twenty people were evacuated from the building as flames spread to the roof.

It's not known whether the man had enjoyed flame-grilled squirrel before, but the chances are he won't be trying that particular delicacy again any time soon.

This man apparently got a little too close to two stags which were facing up to each other Bushy Park in London … and ended up having to climb a tree to escape them.

One of the testosterone-fuelled stags chased the man who tried hiding on the other side of the tree to the stag, before deciding the best idea was to climb out of its way.

An elderly couple in Bedford received a visit from police after unwittingly growing a ginormous cannabis plant in their back garden.

Officers had been called to the house after the pot plant was spotted over a fence, growing in the back garden.

It turned out the pensioners had bought the plant as a small shrub from a car boot sale and carefully tended to it until it was the luxuriant specimen shown in this photo.

That's right, this being 2012 the police officers Tweeted a photo of the plant … but don't try to find it, it's already been seized by cops.

Lorry driver walks away from dramatic crash

There are lucky escapes, very lucky escapes, and stupidly lucky how on earth did that happen escapes. This lorry driver in Russia definitely had one of the latter.

The driver had just been minding his own business when an oncoming HGV swerved into his path. While this would 99 times out of 100 end badly, this time it didn't.

Despite the crash causing all the damage, flying glass and metal you'd expect, the driver was not injured - as this dash cam footage shows.

In fact the lucky driver was somehow thrown from the vehicle, but still managed to land on his feet and walk away from the bizarre accident.

275x250.jpg A teenager accidentally shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning his new gun. Oops!

Michael Smeriglio had reportedly not had the gun for longer than a month when the bizarre (and painful) accident happened.

While cleaning his weapon, we men the gun, 18-year-old Smeriglio somehow pulled the trigger and fired a shot which went through his penis and left testicle.

Doctors say the bullet ended up getting lodged in his thigh, though Smeriglio is now recovering from the ordeal.

During their investigation of the incident, police reportedly found marijuana in the house … who would have thought that could be involved.

275x250.jpg RSPCA officers were called to the University of Hertfordshire recently, after builders discovered a fox which was trapped with just his head poking out of the floor.

The hapless fox had somehow managed to get inside the office area, which was being refurbished, and then under the flooring.

Unfortunately, while he was able to get his head up into the hole - which he would have hoped   was a way out - he couldn't get back down and was jammed stuck.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Kate Wright said: “When I arrived I was faced with a very odd sight. Here was this fox’s head poking out of a floor and he was so jammed he couldn’t move and I just had these big eyes staring at me. 

275x250.jpg When Randy Tenley decided to dress as Bigfoot and stand by the side of a road in northwestern Montana to provoke sightings of the mythical creature, he probably thought it would be funny.

But what he didn't consider what that his military-style "Ghillie suit" would also camouflage him as he stood in the right-hand lane of a highway.

As a result he was killed when he was knocked over by one car and hit by a second as he lay in the road.

Montana Highway Patrol say his motives of trying to get people to call in a Sasquatch sighting became apparent after they interviewed his friends.

It's not known whether alcohol was a factor … but we could have a guess.

Some people are more observant than others … but something tells us this man is not one of them. A bar worker accidentally fell down a 10ft hole behind a bare because he was distracted by a TV.

The man had apparently been doing the sound for bands which were performing and didn't notice the cellar access as he walked around behind the bar.

As a result he plummeted down the 10ft hole, leaving customers and staff wondering what had just happened as they scurried around trying to check that he was okay.

Luckily the man somehow escaped the incident with just a sprained ankle and knee.

When 81-year-old Cecilia Giménez thought that a painting of Jesus on the wall of her local church in the Spanish city of Borja needed restoring, she decided to offer her own artistic talents.

The problem, her artistic talent knows no beginning and the well-intentioned restoration saw the mural by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, ruined with bodge-job brushstrokes.

Described by some as "the worst restoration in history" the painting Ecce Homo at the church of la Misericordia de Borja has been said to now look more like a "bloated hedgehog" than the image of Jesus.

Professional restorers will now inspect the image to investigate whether it is possible to bring it back to its former glory. That said, the new version has gained more publicity than the original ever did.

275x250.jpg A woman was reportedly knocked unconscious when the portable toilet she was sitting in was pushed over by a group of young thugs.

The unfortunate woman had beed in Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway for the town's gala day celebrations when the need struck and she popped into the loo.

But as she was doing her business, a gang of youths toppled the loo before running off and the incident left the 27-year-old unconscious at around 22:45 on Saturday.

Luckily passers-by rescued her and she was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary where she was discharged, despite suffering from a severe bout of embarrassment.  

Police are currently trying to trace the toilet-tipping teens.

Everyone has got a favourite moment of the London 2012 Olympics so far, but ours isn't Bradley Wiggins taking gold … it's this moment with Borris Johnson.

The London Mayor had been appearing at Victoria Park and was due to make a grand entrance by speeding down a 320m long and 45-metre high zip wire towards a watching crowd.

But instead the PR stunt went wrong and he got stuck, and was left dangling over the crowd - waving a pair of Union flags - for nearly five minutes.

Speaking during the gaffe Johnson said: "Can you get me a rope. I think they need to test this on someone going a bit faster.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was taking part in the All the Bells celebration on HMS Belfast when he dropped a right clanger … his bell broke, flew off and hit bystanders.

To make the odd news even better, Hunt had just been talking to journalists about potential hitches to do with the London 2012 Olympics when the gaffe happened.

After the accident Hunt said: "Oh, oh dear! Are you all right? Health and safety! Are you OK? There we are, disaster averted."

We are pretty certain this wasn't a clip from the BBC comedy Twenty Twelve.

Bosses at a Dutch TV news show have been left red-faced after accidentally giving Angela Merkel 'Hitler' moustache in a background graphic.

Nos television's six o'clock news had been covering a meeting between the German Chancellor and French President Francois Hollande and used a suitable photo.

But because of the way the image merged with the studio background, a black line appeared on her top lip, making it look like she had a Hitler-stlye moustache. Oops.

Speaking after the gaffe, bosses of the show said: "It was an unfortunate coincidence."

The problem with being the fastest man in the world is that sometimes it takes time to slow down … like when Usain Bolt recently crashed into a flowergirl at end of 100m sprint.

Bolt had just won the race at the Diamond League in Oslo with a time of 9.79 seconds when he found himself hurtling towards a flowergirl - there to give the gift to winners.

Despite still moving at some speed, the Jamaican did his best not to knock the blonde girl to the floor, somehow holding her up as he continued to move.

275x250.jpg When BBC News needed an image to represent the United Nations Security Council on the News at One bulletin they presumably did an image search to find the logo … unfortunately they didn't do it too well.

We know this because rather than used the actual logo for the United Nations Security Council, they ended up using logo of the fictitious United Nations Space Command from Microsoft's Halo computer game.

So while Sophie Raworth talked about Amnesty International's criticism of the UN, the image behind her was one for United Nations Space Command. Oops.

A BBC spokesperson said: "BBC News makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all images broadcast, however very occasionally mistakes do happen."

Loud toilet noises prompt 911 call

275x250.jpg A Canadian man has been left red-faced after his excessively loud toilet grunting prompted a neighbour to call emergency services because she thought something serious was wrong.

Police rushed to the scene in British Columbian capital Victoria after receiving a 911 call reporting a yelling and shouting coming from a basement at 5am.

And when they got there, officers say they could hear low moaning and babbling coming from inside the suite.

Eventually after repeated and knocks and announcements by the officers a man opened the door.

When questioned about the amount of noise he was making the man explained that he had been essentially (in his own different words) on the toilet having his morning constitutional but he was done now.

A TV news reporter has been left red-faced after accidentally appearing on live TV with her skirt hitched up around her thighs.

Financial expert Sara Eisen was called upon to talk to camera when her Bloomberg TV colleague's microphone stopped working, but she wan't exactly ready … and neither was her red dress.

The blonde reporter had her skirt hitched up around her thighs and she was fiddling to make a microphone adjustment. After giving the camera a bunny-in-the-headlights look she blamed the gaffe on 'technical difficulties'.

However, despite the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, Eisen quickly launched into a professional report on the eurozone crisis.

275x250.jpg If you think you've had a bad day recently, spare a thought for a 53-year-old man in Madrid who was struck by lightning… in his scrotum.

The unfortunate gent is said to have been walking down a street in the Spanish capital with his son when he was hit by a bolt of lightning and left unconscious.

The lightning is reported to have travelled down his leg before striking the ground. His son called for paramedics who took him to Hospital de la Paz.

Doctors say his heart and brain functions were not affected in the incident and that the man is now in a stable condition.

While we're glad about his heart and brain, we'd also like to know whether other body parts survived the lightning strike unscathed.

275x250.jpg When a man in Birmingham spotted a deadly-looking corba slithering on his patio he called the RSPCA for help… but he soon wished he hadn't.

That's because in his blind panic he hadn't noticed the 'slithering' snake was in fact a harmless plastic toy.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said the snake-phobic man had been so scared that he hadn't got close enough to realise how daft he was being.

The red-face gent from Moseley is said to have been incredibly apologetic about his gaffe. It's not known where the fake snake came from.

A teenage girl in China had to be rescued after falling into a sinkhole which opened up on a Xi’an pavement and swallowed her.

Video footage shows the moment the girl -- who was busy making a call on her mobile -- disappeared through the ground and into a 6m deep hole which had just opened up.

A taxi driver who witnessed the bizarre accident and ran to the rescue said the girl was unconscious when he found her and that he patted her to wake her.

Firefighters were called and lowered a ladder down to the pair. The girl was taken to hospital for treatment and is said to have recovered.

275x250.jpg When an Egyptian man decided he was going to watch his first bit of online porn, he probably thought the worst thing that could happen was for his wife to catch him.

However, what actually happened was that he discovered the movie he was watching stared his wife of 16 years who he had four children.

It's been reported that the man -- known only as Ramadan -- went on to find that his unfaithful wife had appeared in 11 different films.

After being shown the movie, the woman confessed to being the online porn star and told Ramadan she never really loved him, before adding that the man in the films was her pre-marriage boyfriend.

Speaking in Egyptian newspapers Ramadan insisted that this was the first time he had watched online porn… and that he'd gone to an internet cafe to do so. Yuk.

The set-up to this video is that the amateur lumberjack featured has decided to chop down a tree in case it at some point fell onto his home… can you guess what happens next?

That's right, the giant evergreen tree comes clattering down onto the house in question -- prompting the axe-wieldling would-be lumberjack to shout "my house!" and a few seconds later, "my bedroom!"

It's not known exactly where or when the video was shot, but that hasn't stopped armchair lumberjacks on YouTube from sharing their opinions on what he should have done.

275x250.jpg Online shoppers couldn't believe their eyes yesterday when they saw that Tesco was selling the new Apple iPad for just £49.99 rather than £659.

And it looks like they were right to think it was too good to be true… because despite taking orders, the supermarket giant is now refusing to honour the offer.

Social media websites had been set ablaze when the 'offer' first appeared on the Tesco website, with some people claiming it was a publicity stunt.

But it looks like those insisting it was a glitch were right, because Tesco have since emailed all those who placed an order an told them they won't be getting new iPad.

This isn't the sort of hard-hitting interview that the this TV news reporter had intended to broadcast… but it certainly was hard-hitting.

The reporter had been chasing a lawyer and asking questions like "You've failed to prove it the first time around, what have you got up your sleeve to be more successful this time?"

But it appears that he got too distracted by his own performance, because as the lawyer said "I've already said I will not be making any comment." the interview came to an abrupt ending.

The unfortunate microphone-wielding journalist had walked straight into a lamppost. The accident was so bad even the man he'd just been badgering turned round to ask: "Are you alright?"

A Fox News reporter has been left red-faced -- after apparently falling asleep just before  the cameras cut to him on live TV.

Doug Luzader had been due to be appear live from Washington to give a run down on the Republican race for the presidential candidacy.

But when news station KTBC Fox 7 in Austin tried to link up with him, the DC correspondent was slumped in his seat and not quite ready to give his insight.

Anchor Joe Bickett was left saying: "Hello Doug, hi Doug…I guess not" as he tried to rouse
snoozing Luzader. Unsurprisingly the clip has become a hit online.

Every bride wants her big day to be a memorable affair and one which people can't stop talking about… though probably not like this.

A embarrassing wedding video is currently doing the rounds which shows a bride being left red-faced after her skirt falls down to the tune Bittersweet Symphony.

The unnamed bride had been walking down the aisle when she tripped on the carpet and unintentionally (assuming the video is not a fake -- which it probably is*) exposed her rear.

After picking up the discarded wedding attire the bride can be seen running back away from the ceremony -- as the photographers aim their lenses at her and cameras keep rolling.

A news assistant didn't know what to do with herself when she realised she was standing in the background of a TV broadcast -- and became a YouTube star in the process.

Dubbed 'Awkward Kristin' the woman looks like a rabbit caught in headlights after seeing the University of Florida TV news camera as she was doing her photocopying.

She suddenly froze and then, after contemplating what to do next, she decided to crouch down in a desperate bid to move out of shot.

But it didn't work and Kristin can be seen sitting on the floor… and has been by 1,900,000 people on YouTube.

This sports presenter probably felt like a right fool (or should that be stool) after suffering and embarrassing blunder on live TV.

James Bates had been broadcasting from a basketball game between the Xavier Musketeers and the Dayton Fliers when the gaffe happened.

After yelling "we're ready to rock!" at his co-presenter Steve Wolf, CBS man Bates toppled  off his buckling stool and was left sprawled on the floor.

While crew members scurried to help the presenter back to his feet, Wolf tried to stay calm… just like the players who didn't even notice.

The boobs of a Princess of Denmark almost caused a diplomatic incident recently -- when the Finnish president's husband got busted ogling them on TV.

Princess Mary of Denmark was attending a state banquet and had been seated next to Pentti Arajarvi who is married to Finnish president Tarja Halonen.

And when the princess was looking to her side, Arajarvi decided to have a sneaky look at her cleavage.

Only it wasn't that sneaky, he was caught by TV cameras and judging by the way she spun around and looked at him, the princess knew he wasn't just admiring her neckless.

275x250.jpg Most teenagers can barely bring themselves to contemplate the idea that their parents are still sexually active.

So spare a thought for the 15-year-old German girl who is reported to have seen her folks visiting a sex club on a TV show.

That's right, she's said to have been watching the report on swinging on the website of TV channel RTL when her mom and dad popped up.

The sex club attending parents have since tried seeking damages from RTL -- they only agreed to the filming because they thought they'd be pixelated -- but a judge threw out the claim.

Speaking at the hearing the judge is understood to have told the parents 'I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. That's simply embarrassing.'

Wildlife rescue teams have been called out 27 times to help save a swan in East Sussex which members of the public think has been stuck in ice.

Rescuers from the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service say they have even sent out ambulances three times in one day over the bird -- which was actually just resting.

A spokesperson said: "Most calls have been reporting the swan to have a leg stuck in the ice. The leg is actually tucked up under their feathers to keep warm.

"The most common reports are that the swan has been sat in the same position for many hours – swans do not move around the ice much if they don't have to, in order to keep warm."

275x250.jpg A bungling police officer spent 20 minutes chasing himself after being mistaken for a burglar on CCTV, it's been revealed.

The unnamed officer from Sussex Police had been monitoring an area hit by a series of burglaries when a CCTV operative reported seeing someone 'acting suspiciously'.

That someone was the undercover officer, but failing to realise this, the operator proceeded to direct the officer to follow the "suspect".

Unsurprisingly the officer was unable to catch himself during a 20 minute chase -- but he did tell colleagues he was "hot on his heels".

The Keystone Kops-esque gaffe only came to an end when a sergeant came into the CCTV control room, recognised the “suspect” and started laughing.

When TV news presenter Lisa Dutton was asked to be a judge a local sausage-tasting competition, she accepted, probably thinking, 'What's the worst that could happen?'

Well when she tried to give the event a bit of on-air to the event in Saskatoon, Canada, she got her answer, she accidentally said a rude word… well she was talking about sausages.

Her Freudian slip has since gone viral and videos of her blunder have been viewed more than one million times.

275x250.jpg US TV news station CNN has issued a red-face apology after accidentally locating London in Norfolk on a news illustration graphic.

The geography gaffe appeared during a report covering a story about the phone hacking scandal and a map tried to show Cornwall and London.

However, the arrow identifying London was actually pointing miles away, pinpointing it in Norfolk.

Unsurprisingly the blunder was spotted and soon tweeted where it went viral -- prompting the apology.

Writing on Twitter CNN said: "CNN apologises for a map error which shifted London from its correct location! We have corrected this & are looking into how this occurred."

A team of ice hockey players in Slovakia must have been glad their training session didn't last a bit longer recently -- because the roof of the rink collapsed seconds after they'd finished.

The players had just finished their training session at the rink in Námestovo and left the ice when the roof began to rumble and cracks began to form.

Seconds later -- with the players thankfully having moved to safety -- the snow laden roof then collapsed onto where they had previously been skating.

Anthony Albanese is the Australian Transport Minister -- we think it's also safe to say he's a big Michael Douglas and Aaron Sorkin fan.

We say this because he has been accused of recently using a speech from the 1995 film The American President to attack a political rival.

Speaking at the National Press Club in Canberra he said: "In Australia we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious people to solve them.

"Unfortunately Tony Abbot is not the least bit interested in fixing anything. He is only interested in two things, making Australians afraid of it and telling them who is to blame for it." … which sounded rather familiar.

This bank robber shot himself in the foot during a recent raid in Brazil, and not just metaphorically… but in a very painful bullet in the foot way.

CCTV footage shows the robber walking into the bank in northern Paraná, Brazil, along with two other gunmen and demanding that staff hand over cash.

And it was all going to plan until the hapless crook -- who was standing lookout at the door -- got an itchy-trigger finger.

He accidentally pulled the trigger and proceeded to shoot himself in the foot. He can then be seen in the footage limping behind he less bungling colleagues.

This dog is lucky to be alive after his hapless owner got into a lift and forgot his pooch -- which had his leash attached -- was still outside.

CCTV footage shows the horrified button-punching reaction of the dog owner when he realises what's happened and that his pet could be seriously injured.

As he travelled towards his Chicago apartment, the man realised that he is still holding the lead but that his 18-month-old bulldog cross is not in the lift with him.

Luckily, video from another camera shows that while the dog was lifted from the ground as the lead travelled upwards, it snapped and he survived the ordeal relatively uninjured.

TV magician Paul Daniels has revealed how he accidentally made one of his fingertips vanish… in a circular saw accident.

The 73-year-old had been working in his garden shed creating new props for his act when he accidentally sliced through his left hand.

Doing so he chopped off top of his ring finger and also injured his forefinger and little finger -- requiring him to dash to Towlands Hospital for emergency surgery.

Luckily doctors were able to reattach his index finger and it's hoped he will be back to his quick-fingered magical ways soon.

Speaking of his upcoming tour Daniels said: "I decided that I had best write a plan A and a plan B. Plan A is that everything is working fine and plan B is that we take that trick out, because I physically cannot do it yet."

A US man accidentally shot a three-inch nail into his brain -- and didn't realise until the following day.

Dante Autullo had been working in his Chicagow orkshop when a nailgun recoiled near his head, not feeling anything, he carried on.

It was only when he started suffering nausea the following day that he went to the hospital and doctors took an X-ray.

The X-ray revealed a three-inch nail had entered his brain, but because the brain doesn’t have pain-sensitive nerves he didn’t feel a thing.

A TV showing a sex scene -- which appeared in the background of a live news broadcast -- has horrified viewers… well eagle-eyed ones anyway.

The STV broadcast, which was people debating Ed Miliband's Labour leadership, featured a political blogger talking to Scotland Tonight from ITN's London studio.

But as Dan Hodges spoke, some viewers were distracted by the TV over his left shoulder which was screening images of a topless blonde woman having sex.

It's thought the raunchy footage was from an episode of Channel 4 drama Shameless and apparently no-one in the newsroom realised the blunder had happened until it had aired.

275x250.jpg It's happened on Countdown before, and it will happen again, but this was the first time new host Nick Hewer came up against a rude word on the Channel 4 show.

A contestant recently spotted the word w**ker among the letters "R, A, E, P, K, W, A, E, N" and was only too happy to point it out for six, even though bosses beeped it out.

Hewer, looking for guidance on what to do when confronted by a rude word asked Dictionary corner: "Where does Mark stand on this....?"

But Susie Dent pointed out that as the word is in the dictionary, he was fine.

A BBC weather presenter has been left red-faced after being tricked into using a rude phrase during a live TV broadcast.

Reading out a supposedly weather-related tweet, Carol Kirkwood said viewer Alan from North Yorkshire had commented that it was "wetter than an otter's pocket" where he was.

Oblivious to the rude sexual reference meaning of the phrase -- we'll leave the explaining to the Urban dictionary -- Kirkwood added that it had made her laugh.

BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams then said: "Wetter than an otter's pocket.. I love that."

A red-faced TV news cameraman inadvertently became the story while filming David Miliband -- by falling over and dropping his camera.

Footage shows the newsman running alongside David Miliband -- brother of Labour leader Ed -- as he crosses a street.

But because he is having to walk backwards to get the shot, the blundering cameraman didn't see a traffic island in his path and toppled over it.

As such his resulting video show a brief shot of David Miliband, before deteriorating into a wobbly recording of the approaching ground.

275x250.jpg Anti-terror officials in Canada have been left red-faced after a floating barrier designed to prevent a harbour from attack was ruined… by mussels.

A 1.6km fence had been installed to protect navy ships in Halifax harbour from terrorist attack in 2007 at a cost of more than £2.2milllion.

But the Royal Canadian Navy have now confirmed the structure had to be removed after it was weighed down by mussels and kelp.

It had been hoped the fence would foil small boats carrying explosives and prevent them from causing any damage.

The fence will be dismantled for maintenance… and the mussels interrogated under anti-terror laws.

Former football ace turned TV pundit Martin Keown received quite a shock while broadcasting during the recent FA Cup game between Arsenal and Leeds.

And it wasn't just the late winner by Thierry Henry -- it was the ball which smacked him in the side of the head.

Keown had been chatting on ESPN with Robbie Savage when a ball was whipped in by a Leeds United player during the warm-up and hit him hard.

Despite catching him by surprise, Keown showed his toughness by carrying on with the job as fans cheered. It's not known if the player had targeted Keown or it was accidental.

275x250.jpg Police have released an image of a would-be thief's bum in the hope it could help them crack (sorry) an armed robbery case.

Officers from Durham Constabulary say the man threatened staff at a petrol station with a kitchen knife and demanded cash.

However the woman at the Total Garage in Newton Aycliffe refused to comply and the crook was forced to flee empty-handed.

Because the man had been wearing a black balaclava, the CCTV footage didn't show his face, so police hope someone will recognise him from his bottom.

Anyone with information should call Newton Aycliffe CID on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800-555111 to help cops get to the bottom of it.

Deer crashes into US charity store (VIDEO)

A deer caused quite a fuss in a Philadelphia charity store -- when it crashed through the door and charged around inside.

As this security video footage shows, some shoppers quickly fled the store as the doors were pinned open in the hope it would leave.

Eventually the animal did dash back out into the car-park, where another five dee were apparently waiting outside.

The manager of the store said he initially thought a car had crashed through the window when he heard the bang… but in that case why did he utter "Oh deer!"

Truck driver John Nettifee had a bad day at work recently -- when he lost control of his rig and crashed into a frozen pond.

As this video shows, the accident in Minnesota left the vehicle -- which had crossed over lanes of oncoming traffic -- part submerged in the icy water.

Luckily Nettifee was able to crawl out of his cab and across the ice to safety before he was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The truck however is still stuck in the frozen pond and efforts are underway to extract it.

This lovestruck man hoped a popping the big question to his girlfriend on the big screen at a basketball game would win him a wife… WRONG!

The man had gone down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him after appearing on the "mistletoe cam"  at a UCLA game

But rather than see the moment a couple decided to get married, fans (and now the internet) saw her take one look at the ring and say "Is this a joke?"

She then grabbed her bag and left the would-be groom on his knees as other fans jeered him. Harsh.

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has become the fourth goalkeeper to score in the Premier League after this amazing (albeit wind-assisted) goal

32-year-old Howard saw his clearance go in the back of the net after high winds carried it towards the Bolton net.

It flew straight over visiting keeper Adam Bogdan and ended up in the back of the net, prompting team-mates to mobbed him in celebration.

But Howard didn't celebrate the accidental goal, because he knows how it feels to be at the wrong end of a freak gaol, something similar happened to him in 2005.

American footballers had a lucky escape recently, when a camera which had been suspended above the field fell and almost hit them.

During the Insight Bowl between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Oklahoma Sooners, the ESPN camera became tangled in its own wires.

This meant that it fell as it was being repositioned after a kickoff and came plummeting down narrowly missing a huddle of players.

After hitting the ground it nearly took out Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt who dodged the bouncing the camera equipment.

Shower blunder left blondes with hair green

275x250.jpg A group of Swedish blondes have been left with green hair after a problem with the showers in new homes in Anderslöv.

When the blondes saw their hair take a turn for the green it was thought that water supplies to the homes could have high copper levels.

But after tests were conducted it was discovered that the water delivered to the houses was fine, but that copper levels shot up overnight.

It turned out that hot water was peeling copper from uncoated pipes and then reacted to become an involuntary dye when took showers.

As a possible solution the Swedish blondes will now have to wash their hair in cold showers.

Runaway golf cart mows down football coach

An American football coach and several supporters were ploughed down by a runaway electric golf cart as he celebrated a championship win.

The bizarre accident happened at the end of the high school championship football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Willie Amendola had been giving an interview to reporters when the runaway cart shot across the field and hit him from behind.

A stadium worker then managed to jump on board and turn the engine off as it carried the bemused Spring Dekaney head coach.

A US police officer has been left red-faced after accidentally crashing his patrol car UP a utility pole.

The cop had been driving in Miami when he became distracted and somehow managed to drive onto a telephone wire.

This meant the vehicle rode on to the tension rod of this pole -- rather than the pole itself -- until it was at a 45-degree angle.

While he managed to escape the accident without physical injury, his pride was a little dented -- he had to wait for emergency workers to free him.

MythBusters is a US TV show where the hosts perform scientific experiments to prove or disprove commonly-held misconceptions or myths… usually.

But the hit Discovery Channel show took an unusual turn recently, when they accidentally shot a cannonball into a home in California.

The team, lead by special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, were measuring the speed of projectiles fired from a cannon when a cannonball missed the target.

The errant cannonball instead bounced off a hillside and shot through the wall of a house, hit the roof of another and smashed into a van.

275x250.jpg The London Dungeon has become a bit more spooky with the discovery that a fake skeleton on display there is actually real.

The grim discovery -- the bones are thought to have be on display in the  'creepy crypt' exhibit since 1975 -- was made after bosses realised real bones have to have a licence.

Experts were called in to examine skeletons at the attraction (because they didn't know if any were real) and it was confirms that one set of bones were real.

Because the skeleton -- thought to date from the early days of anatomical research -- is real, it must now be licensed by the Human Tissues Authority at a cost of £2,000 a year.

It was meant to be a special moment for children with Santa making an impressive entrance at a shopping centre in Florida.

But it didn't quite turn out that way, because as Father Christmas descended on a rope, he fumbled and got tangled in it.

After initially struggling to get going, the rope rappelling equipment got caught on his faux beard and red hat.

This meant he was left suspended mid-air for about three minutes as children (and the occasional elf) watched on. Maybe he's more used to chimneys.

275x250.jpg A 46-year-old hunter from Utah has been left red-faced (and sore arsed) after being shot in the rear by his dog.

Police say the unfortunate man had been duck hunting when the accident happened as he exited a boat.

While he did this his pooch stood on a 12-guage gun shotgun and fired the weapon, directly at the man.

This unloaded 27 pellets of birdshot into his bottom and left him needing to be taken to hospital to have them removed.

However, docs say he'd been lucky -- if he hadn't been wearing his waders, he would have been seriously injured.

Marmite spill causes sticky situation on M1

275x250.jpg A major clean-up operation had to be launched on the M1 near Sheffield -- when a tanker carrying more than 20 tonnes of Marmite overturned.

The accident happened overnight between junction 32 and 33 and the yeasty spill caused delays for rush-hour commuters.

And while we feel sorry for anyone stuck in the traffic backlog, we're more interested in the puns and jokes the accident prompted on Twitter.

Our favourites include: "Did it affect the yeastbound carriageway?" by @suthers, "My mum's driving down the M1 to see me. I'm worried marmite be late" by @malcolmcoles and Getting a bit bored of all the #Marmite jokes now across the media. At yeast the M1 is open again..." by @garethherincx

275x250.jpg When 16-year-old Luke Stillman bought a "deactivated" shell from a military memorabilia website, he hoped it would be a good example.

What the military-mad lad didn't expect, was for the 81mm mortar round to explode in his hand as he examined it.

But that's exactly what did happen, blowing off the tip of his thumb and requiring Luke to be rushed to hospital in Northants.

There doctors treated the weapon injuries and police have apparently now launched an investigation into what happened.

While it's thought the vendor had since been banned from trading it won't matter to Luke… his dad says he's not buying any more shells.

An 18-year-old student who bizarrely became trapped in a clothes horse after falling out of bed had to call the fire brigade to free her.

Danielle Morgan ended up with her neck and shoulders wedged between the bars in the odd accident and initially called friends to free her.

However, they seem to have been more interested in taking photos and videos to upload to YouTube and eventually the fire brigade and bolt cutters were required.

A team attended the incident at Sir Peter Hilton Court, Derby University and freed the red-faced first-year student.c

A New Zealand helicopter pilot has somehow escaped from a horror crash which happened as he was putting up a seven-story Christmas tree.

Greg Gribble had been using the copter to install the massive Telecom Christmas Tree at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour and the moment was being broadcast on live TV.

But as the pilot with 20 years of experience descended, the B2 Squirrel became tangled in cables attached to scaffolding and the helicopter was put into a spin.

As the back of the helicopter snapped, Gribble was thrown out and terrifyingly close to the spinning blades and everything came crashing down to the ground.

The captain of a flight from North Carolina to New York has caused a terror scare -- by accidentally locking himself in the toilet.

Fighter jets were even put on alert after the captain of the Chatauqua Airlines flight disappeared to the loo and didn't come back.

And what made it worse was that the co-pilot became suspicious when the captain sent a foreign-sounding passenger to the cock-pit to explain the situation.

"The captain disappeared. What I'm being told is he's stuck in the toilet and someone with a thick foreign accent is giving me a password to access the cockpit," the co-pilot said to air traffic control.

Prime Minister David Cameron's attempt at putting on a funny Aussie accent at a recent event was so bad some commentators say it "it could cause a diplomatic row."

Cameron had been making a speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London when he recounted his trip to Australia for the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

"After the meeting, I turned to the Australian prime minister and said, 'Thank you very much Julia for allowing us to have this meeting in Australia.',"

"And she said - I can't quite do the accent but I'll try - 'Not a bit David, this is good news for Sheilas everywhere.'"

A near-miss which saw a man using a chainsaw fall towards the blade and nearly cut his face open was caught on live TV in the US.

WTVW man Drew Gardner had been reporting on storm damage in Illinois as a worker used the chainsaw on a downed tree in the background.

But then in a moment which will have had eagle-eyed viewer terrified, the man -- who wasn't wearing protective clothing -- fell in a ditch and towards the chainsaw he was holding.

Luckily he somehow managed to avoid cutting off his face and corrected his fall at the last second… depriving the news show of a scoop.

A gaffe at a firework display in Scotland saw pyrotechnics which should have lasted 30 minutes launched in a matter of seconds.

The result was that Oban Community Firework display went off with quite a bang -- or rather several at the same time.

While the display should have lasted half an hour, the technical hitch meant they were all launched within 60 seconds.

Apologising for the pyrotechnic premature-ejaculation Councillor Roddie McCuish told the crowd: "I have some terrible news -- the fireworks have all gone off at once." 

This video shows the terrifying moment a Boeing 767 was forced to touch down in Warsaw without wheels when its landing gear failed to open.

The flight from Newark, New Jersey was carrying 230 passengers onboard and circled above the airport for about an hour before crash landing.

None of the passengers were injured in the emergency landing which saw the plane slide along the ground with sparks flying.

Firefighters had sprayed the landing strip with fire-fighting substances before the plane came down and then sprayed it as passengers disembarked.

When Brittany Hillards' boyfriend decided to pop the question, he probably wanted to sweep her off her feet -- is so mission accomplished.

That's because after blindfolding her on their one year anniversary of dating he got down on one knee… and she promptly fainted and joined him on the floor.

Cameron had taken a blindfolded Brittany to a state park a few minutes away from their home after arranging for friends and family to be there.

Then after taking the blindfold off he dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. When she finally came round after passing out, she said yes.

275x250.jpg A young man in California was recently left red-faced when he got stuck in a baby swing and had to be cut free by firefighters.

The unnamed 21-year-old had apparently made a $100 bet with friends that he could fit in the little kiddie swing.

And after lubing himself up with liquid detergent, he had managed to squeeze himself in… he just couldn't get back out.

Then at about 9pm his pals disappeared (without paying him) and he was trapped overnight in the park.

It was only at 6am when a groundskeeper heard him screaming for help that firefighters were called to free him.

A Russian paraglider who was doing his stuff above the Indian Himalayas had a lucky escape after being struck by an eagle.

The bird collided with his Axis Mercury 2008 paraglider and got tangled in the cables - sending them both hurtling towards the ground.

But luckily the man was able to deploy the reserve parachute and despite bumpy landing (through a tree) he survived without injury.
And even more luckily, so had the eagle and after the crash pilot had cut it loose the bird flew off… hopefully being a bit more eagle-eyed about where it was flying.

When this man saw a giant object hovering in the night sky he decided to best thing to do was call 999 -- then he realised it was the moon.

Police in Hertfordshire have released embarrassing audio from a recent 999 call from a man who wanted to report seeing a UFO.

He started off by saying the mysterious object -- which wasn't making recognisable engine noises -- was flying above his house with lights blazing and that is was getting closer.

But a couple of minutes later he called again, this time to admit that he'd made a mistake and had been looking at the moon. Oops.

A baby in Australia has survived a terrifying accident which saw a car plough into a newsagents and the pram he was lying in.

Remarkably, the 17-month-old baby boy was uninjured in the crash which saw his pram knocked upside down in the Sydney store.

The boy's mother -- who had been standing nearby -- raced to the pram after the smash and scooped the boy up clutching him in horror.

Police say the driver had veered off the road to avoid another car… but apparently not the newsagents.

It's always embarrassing when you fall over, but it must be even worse when you are on a live TV news show… while talking about climaxing.

Just ask WPIX 11 anchor Sukanya Krishnan who recently toppled during a segment about Christian Louboutin's claim that high heels can help women orgasm.

After showing off her own footwear while talking about the pain some shoes can inflict, he turned to go back to her desk.

But right after saying "My arch helps me to climax," Krishnan fell over and grabbed at the set as she fell in a heap on the floor. Oops.

US singer and actor Harry Belafonte was left red-faced after arranging to be interviewed on an early-morning TV show… and then falling asleep in front of the camera.

The 'King of Calypso' had been due to promote his HBO documentary with a satellite TV tour -- but wasn't prepared when a show in Bakersfield, California cut to him.

In fact it appeared he was dozing and despite the presenter's best efforts to rouse him with calls of: "Wake up, wake up… this is your wake-up call." he did not stir.

However, his PR people claim he wasn't sleeping but meditating, and that a technical error meant the 84-year-old couldn't hear the host.

A US family who got lost while navigating a corn field in Massachuestts ended up calling 911 when they couldn't find the way out.

The navigationally challenged family had gone into the seven-acre halloween maze at Connors Farm for a bit of fun, but it ended up being anything but.

As darkness drew in, the frightend parents worried about getting their three-week-old baby to safety and resorted to calling 911.

After a distressed phone call officers were dispatched to the maze and the family were found just 25ft from the exit.

A team of nine firefighters in the US were recently involved in a odd rescue operation involving a 1,800lb swimming-pool-crashing moose.

The beast had been found taking an impromptu dip in the pool of a New Hampshire home after wandering over from nearby woods.

When the shocked home-owner made the discovery he called for assistance and firefighters (known for their swimming-pool/moose skills) were dispatched.

They then had to get the moose out of the pool by pulling it up the pool steps by ropes attached to its antlers… which makes it sound easier than t was.

Mountain biking can be dangerous with all that hurtling around on rough terrain at high speeds… especially when charging antelope are added into the mix.

Just ask 17-year-old mountain bike racer Evan van der Spuy who was recently competing in a event in South Africa when a 30mph Red Hartebeest wiped him out.

In this video -- which was shot on a camera mounted to fellow rider Travis Walker -- Evan can be heard shouting "Watch the buck!"

A split-second later the 150kg Red Hartebeest can be seen charging across the plain and straight into the rider who is unsurprisingly knocked from his bike.

An ice hockey cheerleader (we didn't know they existed either) has been left red-faced after wiping out on live TV.

A Fox 5 news crew had been chatting to the New York Islanders cheerers during coverage of the team celebrating their 40th season in the NHL.

And while a jersey wearing reporter stood on the ice and spoke to one, the idea was that the others kept it entertaining by doing their stuff in the background.

Unfortunately for one ice girl she was a little too entertaining and has become an online hit -- after embarrassingly taking a tumble as the live camera followed her.

A police officer in Belarus has had a more than lucky escape after being thrown from a crashing van… as this CCTV shows.

The unnamed officer had been travelling in the police van as it was involved in an accident with a car on a junction.

As the black and white van rolled over, one of the doors opened and the officer was thrown from the vehicle.

Amazingly not only did the rolling van somehow miss the cop and leave him uninjured… but he was back on his feet before the van had stopped moving.

275x250.jpg Two people have been hospitalised after taking part in a "world's hottest chilli" competition at an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

The duo -- who were bidding to become Scotland’s 2011 Kurry King or Queen --
were battling it out by eating progressively hotter dishes.

Organisers of the charity event said the 'Kismot Killer' curry was of "nuclear strength" and made with some of the worlds hottest chillies.

Unfortunately it was too strong for some contestants taking part in the charity event and they suffered a violent reaction.

While the British Red Cross had been on hand at the event, the Scottish Ambulance Service had to be called to deal with the fallout, so to speak.

Council bosses in the US were recently left red-faced after suffering a Bart Simpson style childish prank when an amusingly named speaker was called.

During a typically boring Los Angeles City Council meeting Councilman Dennis Zine called for a listed speaker… and Mr Mike Hunt!

"Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt in the audience? It says Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt here?" he said over the speaker system.

Unsurprisingly there was no Michael Hunt waiting to speak… you could almost hear Bart Simpson laughing on the phone.

275x250.jpgA US woman required hospital treatment recently -- after she was injured by an exploding toilet in Washington.

The unnamed woman had reportedly been doing her business in the federal government building when the accident happened.

Bosses say the bog blast at the GSA regional office was caused by a mechanical failure with high air pressure in the domestic water system.

This was triggered by her flushing and left herwith serious but non-life-threatening injuries, say doctors.

Other employees have been warned not to use the restrooms until engineering staff had completed work to correct the issue.

A baseball fan in Taiwan was so desperate to catch a foul ball that he accidentally dropped his young daughter in the process. Oops.

Embarrassingly, not only did he not get the ball -- but the moment of dubious parenting was caught on camera, as this footage shows.

The butter-fingered father can be seen jumping from his seat as the foul ball comes towards him, seemingly forgetting that he had the young girl on his lap.

As such she was flung into the row of seats in front of him and he had to recover her by pulling her back up by the legs. Let's hope her mom hasn't seen this.

ITV bosses have been left red-faced after it was revealed a documentary mistakenly used a clip from a computer game as footage of the IRA shooting down a helicopter.

The documentary 'Exposure, Gaddafi and the IRA' -- which aired on ITV1 on Monday -- had looked at links between the former Libyan leader and the Irish terrorist group.

During it, a pixelated-looking clip was played which was said to show an 1988 IRA attack on a British Army helicopter.

But it turned out the footage was actually from a military simulation game called Arma II -- as was quickly pointed out by the hundreds of gamers who contacted ITV about the gaffe.

A Copa Sudamericana football match in Uruguay had to be called off recently -- after a linesman was hit in the head with a roll of paper.

Crowd problems flared during the clash between Universidad de Chile and Nacional, and with the score at 2-0  several fans started hurling projectiles.

Then, as this footage shows, a roll of till receipt paper struck one unfortunate soccer official on the head, knocking him to the ground.

The battered linesman received medial treatment for several minutes before the match was eventually called off by the referee… who presumably feared getting hit with something himself.

Rock-eating dog wins annual dumb pet award

275x250.jpg A pug named Harley who ate, and subsequently passed, more than 100 rocks has the dubious honour of having won an annual dumb pet award.

Each year bosses of a US pet insurance form like to celebrate their most unusual claim of the year by shortlisting unfortunate pets for a pubic vote.

And this year the honour was bestowed on rock-eating Harley, a pug who decided to munch on stones while his owner was away and ended up filling half of his stomach.

After X-rays revealed what had happened, vets discussed what action to take… but as the rocks were small they decided to let him pass them naturally.

275x250.jpg A dumb would-be armed robber was caught by police after he returned to the scene of his attempted crime -- to get his coat back.

Anthony Gorman, 21, is said to tried robbing a store by threatening staff with a gun, but fled empty-handed after being fought off.

During the tussle, his grey jacket was ripped off and left on the floor when he ran away from the scene.

But a few minutes later the dopey gunman sheepishly returned to the store and asked if he could have his £200 coat back.

Unfortunately for him the shopkeeper said "Are you stupid? No, you can’t have it – get out."

275x250.jpg Three people have been arrested after a stunt they were recording for a TV comedy series sparked a major security scare at a New Zealand airport.

The TV stunt gone wrong had seen an actor dressed as a pilot try to gain access to a secure part of the airport, but he was stopped by police.

When he was unable to provide suitable forms of identification he left -- but not before airport staff contacted police, who in turn issued a national alert.

CCTV footage of the man was released and airports across the country were put on high alert with officials fearing a terrorist attack.

But it was later revealed the attempted security breach had been pat of a hidden camera TV comedy series. Surprisingly not many people were left laughing.

275x250.jpg Organisers of the Road Cycling World Championships in Denmark were shocked when, hours before the start of the race, they realised part of the course had disappeared.

It turned out an overly keen road sweeper thought someone had gratified the road outside Copenhagen city hall and cleaned it off.

A spokesperson said: "We went to sleep yesterday with a good feeling of being all and well prepared.

"But we woke up facing the challenge of a road sweeper by accident having destroyed the finish line."

It took two hours to re-establish the finish line and clean oil which had been spilt over other part of the course… oddly the road sweeper had ignored that.

He's a World Cup winner and one of the best strikers in the world -- but that didn't stop Fernando Torres from missing a howler against Manchester United this weekend.

The £50m Chelsea man had played well, scored a goal and had a good game, but all anyone will remember from the match will remember is his gaffe in the 82nd minute.

With a well-paced ball coming to him six yards from an empty net, it looked like there was no way he could miss.

But never one to shy away from a challenge, Torres somehow managed to slice  the ball wide in what's being described as the worst miss ever.

Man buries pet cat… uncovers C4 explosives

275x250.jpg When Adrian Ayers tried to bury his recently deceased pet cat in Ohio, it's safe to say things didn't exactly go as planned.

That's because as he dug a final resting place for the kitty he unearthed a metal box containing C4 explosives and bullets -- prompting a bomb scare.

Bomb squad officers were called after the discovery and residents were evacuated from a two city block radius until the explosives were removed.

Firemen were also needed to block traffic and keep unsuspecting pedestrians out of harms' way.

It was later revealed the box contained five three-quarter sticks of TNT -- which could have seen the remains of the cat blown high into the sky.

We don't know the Portuguese for "never work with children or animals" -- but something tells us these TV presenters could have done with hearing the phrase.

That's because a children’s show in Brazil recently suffered its own Blue Peter elephant moment, when a horse pooped on stage.

The horse had been led out into the middle of the brightly coloured stage when it lifted its tail and proceeded to poop on live TV.

Hosts held their heads in their hands, some children screamed, others laughed while some… well they whipped out their mobile phones 

275x250.jpgA man who was having a fish pedicure-style treatment at a Chinese spa had to be rushed to hospital when an eel swam up his penis.

The unlucky 56-year-old had been hoping that having the fish munch on his dead skin would leave him looking younger.

But as he was lying in the spa bath he felt a sharp pain in his penis and looked down to see a six inch eel working its way up his urethra.

He reportedly tried pulling it out, but it slithered up his penis and into his bladder and he was rushed to hospital.

There he underwent a three-hour operation to remove the six-inch critter - which had died inside him… you can stop cringing and unfold your legs now.

Think your football team has a bad keeper? Well we'd like to bet he's better than Torpedo Zhodino's Artem Gomelko… just look at this howler he recently let in.

Gomelko was standing by the net when rival Belarusian Premier League defender Anton Matveenko decided to have an audacious attempt from 70 yards out.

And thanks to being off-target and not very powerful, it never looked likely to going in or troubling the keeper, until he tried to keep the ball in play.

Reaching out he touched the ball and diverted it from going out… sending it straight into the back of the net. The game ended 1-1. Oops.

275x250.jpgUnfortunate and stupid pets who've done dumb things like eat more than 100 rocks and chase a fly onto a hot wood stove are in the running for a 'prestigious' prize.

A US insurance firm is looking for an animal to award their Hambone award to, for the most unusual claim of the year -- and they have plenty to pick from.

The 12 pet shortlisted for the title -- named after the inaugural winner, a dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a refrigerator -- all made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for their daft accidents

Previous winners include Labrador retriever who gobbled up an entire beehive and a bulldog who swallowed 15 baby pacifiers, a bottle cap and piece of a basketball.

275x250.jpgAn author has been left red-faced after an embarrassing typo made it through to the ebook version of her romantic novel.

Susan Andersen had meant part of her novel 'Baby, I'm Yours', to read: "He stiffened for a moment but then she felt his muscles loosen as he shifted on the ground"

But unfortunately for her, the 'f' in shifted was replaced by a 't' -- meaning he did something altogether different on the ground.

Speaking of the blunder, Andersen said:" "Shifted - he SHIFTED! I just cringe when I think of the readers who have read this.

"Hopefully, it's only in the iBook version that I bought, but if it's in yours as well, please let me know. I've contacted the editor and pray this will be promptly fixed.

275x250.jpg We didn't think it could get much worse for Happy Feet, the penguin which got lost, swam 3,000 miles in the wrong direction and then needed surgery after eating sand in New Zealand.

But experts now fear the 3-year-old emperor penguin has now been eaten by a shark or a whale after being being taken back to Antarctica on a research vessel.

A transmitter had been attached to the 80cm bird in a bid to monitor his movement and development, but on Friday the transmitter fell silent.

The firm monitoring the transmissions say this means it either fell off, or that the unlucky bird has become lunch for a predator… we really hope it fell off.

275x250.jpgA man in Florida was left with a serious gun-shot wound to his hand when he tried to kill a snake, but accidentally shot himself.

The 75-year-old is said to have found a large water moccasin snake near his front door and decided the best thing to do was shoot it.

After retrieving his .38 caliber handgun he fired a shot at the slithering snake, but missed.

As he fiddled with the weapon it once again fired, once again missing the snake… but this time his hand was not so lucky, and he shot two fingers on his left hand.

The elderly man was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital -- police say it's understood that the snake got away unharmed.

We can only imagine the pressure a professional footballer feels when taking a penalty (forwards or backwards) -- they're expected to score, and know they should.

It's embarrassing if they kick it wide, over the bar or directly at the keeper… or just make a huge gaffe of the entire thing like this guy.

Al Ahly striker Amir Sayoud recently showed what NOT to do from the penalty during a match against rivals Kima Aswan. And not even science can explain what he did.

Running up to the ball, he tried to do a wiggle and put the keeper off, but instead ended up kicking the ground, falling over and feebly nudging the ball towards the net. Oops.

275x250.jpgA hospital trust has been left red-faced after a job advert for a position with them included the phrase "usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc..."

The jobs as a Regional Anaesthetist Fellow with Broad Green hospital had been advertised online and the ad looked as you would expect… until you got the the bottom.

There is included the somewhat unpolitically correct line "Usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc..." rather than the actual equal opportunities text.

While the advert was swiftly changed after the gaffe was noticed, it clearly left the organisation behind it embarrassed.

A hospital spokesman said: "The wording on this on this advert in no way reflects the NHS Trust's position in relation to equal opportunities."

275x250.jpgA Canadian office workers accidentally made several of her colleagues 'ill'  after giving them chocolate brownies laced with cannabis.

The mix-up happened what the unnamed woman found the bag of brownies in her freezer -- not knowing they'd been made by her son and contained cannabis.

In fact, the blunder only came to light when workers at the office in Victoria started noticing strange symptoms and, thinking they'd been poisoned, contacted police.

Officers investigating the poisoning soon established the brownies could have been to blame for the dizzy and disorientated feelings suffered, and the son later owned up to what he'd done.

Police say that because there had been no criminal intent, they would not be pressing charges, though the son may be ordered to do community work… probably not baking.

A Chinese TV reporter was left red-faced and drenched after a massive wave crashed down on her during a live report.

The journalist had been reporting on tropical storm Nanmadol which was hitting Haining, in Zhejiang Province, with heavy rain and strong winds.

But as she was chatting to camera, it appears she was unaware that there was a 20-metre-high wave heading straight for her.

Luckily, the wave did not injure the reporter or knock her off her feet and drag her out to sea… tough we bet she dresses a bit more appropriately next time she reports on a storm.

275x250.jpg An 86-year-old American man has been treated in hospital after accidentally impaling his pruning shears through his eye socket.

Leroy Luetscher had been working in the garden of his Arizona home when he slipped and dropped then into the ground, luckily they landed blade side down.

However, less luckily he then lost his balance and fell face first onto the handle which penetrated his eye socket underneath the eye.

Doctors at Arizona University Medical Centre -- where the shears were removed and his eye was saved -- said the handle had penetrated down into his neck… but you can probably see that from the x-ray.

A bad day for a pole vaulter might be not quite making the height they'd hoped for… which makes this a very bad day for Dmitry Starodubtsev.

The Russian athlete was recently taking part in the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, when his pole snapped in half.

He was attempting a height of 5.75 meters when the accident happened and it had looked good as he made his approach.

But after planting the pole and beginning on a upwards trajectory it snapped like a trig and he fell embarrassingly to the mat. But don't take our word for it, click play.

TV journalists reporting on Hurricane Irene were subjected to some pretty harsh conditions being battered why heavy winds and strong winds.

But none suffered more than Tucker Barnes of WTTG-TV who got covered in what he thought was "plankton or something" -- only to find out later it was probably raw sewage.

Barnes had been standing in front of a sea wall in Maryland as winds carried in a sandy foam which he told viewers "smells like ocean" and "doesn't smell great."

At the time he said it was "some sort of organic matter, plankton or something, mixed in with sand and salt", but it was later claimed to be the remnants of raw sewage. Yuck!

275x250.jpgA team of bungling thieves who thought they'd successfully stolen £240,000 of rhino horns from a museum actually made off with worthless replicas.

The gang had smashed their way into the Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire before using hammers to remove horns from two stuffed animals, an Indian rhino and a white rhino.

They probably thought they'd swiped valuable ivory horns in the break-in -- during which nothing else was taken -- but police have now revealed all they got away with were fakes.

Faux rhino horns made out of resin and with no commercial value had been fitted to the stuffed animals after a series of rhino horn raids on auction rooms, galleries and private collections.

Real rhino horns, sought after because of a belief it can cure cancer, are worth more than diamonds, gold and cocaine… fake ones, not so much.

false legSecurity bosses have been left red-faced after it was revealed they'd put a electronic tag on an offender's false leg.

This meant 29-year-old Christopher Lowcock was able to break a court-imposed curfew simply by leaving his leg at home.

It's understood the gaffe happened when Lowcock - who had the curfew imposed for offences involving drugs - wrapped his faux leg in a bandage.

Staff from security firm G4S then attached the electronic tag to the prosthetic limb and set up the curfew system at his Rochdale home.

The error was only discovered after Lowcock was returned to custody accused of another driving-related offence… presumably a driving-with-one-leg-related offence.

275x250.jpgA paintball venue in Croydon has started offing extra protection for surgically enhanced women -- because one was reportedly injured after being shot in the chest.

Bosses at the UK Paintball centre in Whyteleafe say a 26-year-old woman recently suffered a ruptured implant after paintballs were fired at her boob.

The unnamed woman is said to have required medical treatment after the bizarre accident - thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

In response to this the centre had added a line in its disclaimer stating that paintballs have the potential to rupture breast implants.

Women with breast implants are also now being asked to notify staff so that they can be give additional padding… like they don't have enough already.

Did you hear the one about the traffic reporter who got stuck in traffic and missed his broadcast? Well that's what we'd like to think is going on here.

This 30 second video appears to show as viewers of Fox 17 in the US were left minus their traffic and weather presenter after a commercial break.

While the traffic and weather screens popped up as usual, there was no presenter standing in front of them… unless he was wearing a green suit in front of the green screen.

Bumbling news hosts gasped their way through the gaffe before a member of the production crew appeared, pulled a 'I-don't-know-where-he-is face' and then gave a brief audition for the job.

275x250.jpgA Finnish ferry has run aground, apparently while the captain was trapped in the toilet thanks to a jammed lock.

Coastguards say the island-hopping tourist ferry was carrying 54 passengers  when it smashed into a rock near the shore of Helsinki.

It's understood that the accident happened while the captain was trapped in the bathroom (where he was shouting for help) thanks to a broken lock.

While other members of the crew were able to slow the vessel, they were unable to prevent the accident, which luckily didn't leave anyone injured.

Officials say they captain could now be charged with criminal endangerment… which is one serious trip to the toilet.

275x250.jpgWhen angler John Goldfinch felt a tug on his fishing line, he thought he'd caught a massive fish… but when his line surfaced, he realised he'd hooked a scuba diver between his legs.

61-year-old John said he couldn't believe his eyes when the diver emerged at the end of his line 50ft offshore at Budleigh Salterton, Devon.

Almost before he realised what had happened. the diver’s girlfriend also appeared from the water, carefully removed the the tackle from his tackle and handed it back to a bewildered John.

The pair reportedly then disappeared underwater to continue their dive, without the safety buoy which they should have been using to signal to other people where they were.

John - who was fishing from the beach with friends - says he's glad the frogman was able to set himself free… because he's not sure he would have fitted in his net.

275x250.jpg A confused cow had to be rescued from a tight squeeze by animal welfare officials… after somehow getting its head stuck in a ladder.

The blundering Belgian Blue bovine had been reported to the Scottish SPCA by members of the public who spotted the odd sight in a field in Troon, Ayrshire.

Inspectors promptly contacted the farmer who owned the cow and rounded up the rest of the herd before helping liberate the cow form the wooden jewellery and return the bewildered beast to the them unharmed.

The farmer says he has no idea how the ladder ended up in his field - let alone being worn as a neckless by the unfortunate cow - but it's thought it could have fallen off a passing van or lorry.

Sometimes we'd rather be hit in the face than listen to sports pundits - and if this baseball coach is anything like us, he just got his wish… on live TV.

Eagle-eyed ESPN viewers noticed that Colorado Rockies 3rd base coach Rich Dauer took a ball to the face before Sunday Night Baseball.

While presenter Bobby Valentine talked about the upcoming game the action behind him was far more interesting than he could be.

As the Rockies were working on a double play drill the ball was thrown from second base and smashed Dauer in the face, breaking his nose. He was then taken to hospital for observation.

275x250.jpgA Russian aviation-enthusiast is said to have accidentally killed his wife with a homemade missile as she watched him launch the makeshift rocket from a field.

Shortly after the DIY missile blasted off, it's reported to have veered off-course and straight towards her head.

Police in Vologda, northwest Russia say that while she was taken to hospital, she died shortly after the accident, which happened earlier this month.

The 42-year-old husband - who works for an aviation firm - could now face charges of manslaughter and up to two years in prison if found guilty.

And that's why we don't think it's a good idea to take an interest in your partner's hobby, even shopping can be deadly.

The phrase 'news blooper' is possibly one of our favourites within the weird news field… and after seeing this clip you'll see why.

Eric Young was recently caught on camera giving the two-finger salute to camera while talking about a rugby match, thinking a video of the action was being screened.

The Prime news man was reading a sports news clip about the game between Auckland and Counties Manukau and made the gesture to a producer who supports Counties Manukau.

But the video clip finished early and cut back to Young, who was seen waving the Vs directly into the camera… and at the viewing New Zealand audience.

275x250.jpg A $300m hypersonic aircraft which was designed to fly at 13,000mph has gone missing as US military officials conducted a test flight, which is embarrassing.

The Falcon HTV-2 super-plane - which could fly from London to Sydney in just an hour - was being tested over the Pacific after being launched from a Californian rocket pad.

Taken to the edge of space, the unmanned HTV-2 was launched on the desired trajectory… and that's when it all began to go wrong for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Within ten minutes communications were lost to the hypersonic aircraft and it's thought to have crashed into the sea… and given some fish one hell of a shock.

275x250.jpg Lifeboat crews were called out to rescue a spooked horse which had thrown off his owner and then swam out more than half-a-mile into the English Channel.

The unseated owner had resorted to calling coastguards after being thrown off in shallow water then watching the beast swim off from Sandwich in Kent.

Walmer RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched after numerous 999 and by the time they caught up with the horse it half a mile offshore and was starting to tire.

Luckily the crew managed to attach a line to its bridle and then coax it back towards the shore. It's not known if the animal was actually trying to get to France.

275x250.jpg Bungling council workers have been left red-faced after making a glaring mistake when painting these new road markings.

Rather than paint the words 'Keep Clear' on this road in Kingswinford, West Midlands, they wrote the somewhat garbled 'Keep Claer'.

Local residents say they can't believe the stupidity of the workmen who made the error on the road at the junction with a foot and cycle path.

Irene Willis, 76, who lives nearby, said: "I can’t believe they could be so stupid – a child could spell that." -- which makes it a good job it wasn't painted outside a school.

Tourists in Alaska were left shaken when a huge glacier disintegrated next to their tour boat and left it rocking in the sea at Tracy Arm Fjord.

The boat had been travelling along the 30 miles long fjord when a large chunk of ice fell from a glacier.

As it fell into the sea, the mass of ice caused a large wave which caused a (very brief) moment of panic from the sightseers before they realised there was no danger.

At that point any fear was instantly replaced by an urge to capture the moment on camera and get it uploaded to YouTube… which as you can see they managed.

Visitors to a US aquarium got a bit of a surprise the other day -- when a deer took an impromptu dip in the seal tank.

Staff at Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk were feeding the seals when they noticed an animal swimming around which didn't belong.

It was a small deer which had swim across a river to get to the aquarium and then hopped into the seal display -- luckily the seals were safely in the inside part of the display at the time.

A 30-minute rescue mission was launched and after attempts to net the deer failed, they placed a ramp in the water so the deer could get out himself, which he did.

275x250.jpgEveryone needs a hobby, but maybe not like this. A Swedish man has been arrested after he was caught trying to split atoms in his kitchen… as a hobby.

31-year-old Richard Handl is said to have spent several months trying to build his own nuclear reactor at his apartment and even kept a blog about his exploits.

Unfortunately for Handl, after acquiring the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium he accidentally created a "small meltdown" on his stove. As you do.

Realising it could have been a lot worse, this prompted him to write to Sweden's Radiation Authority and ask them about the legality of what he'd been doing.

Their reply pretty emphatic… they sent around the police who arrested the would-be nuclear boffin who could now face fines or up to two years in prison.

275x250.jpg In good news for fans of irony, a group of rowers raising money for lifeboat charity RNLI got into trouble on rough water recently... and had to be saved by coastguards.

The team of four guys had been completing a row, run and cycle from Fort William to Barmouth in Wales when they ran into trouble.

Rough seas off the Mull of Galloway meant the rudder line on their 10 metre vessel snapped and despite spending several hours trying to carry out makeshift repairs - they failed.

So, drifting further and further away from their target destination the guys from 3 Peaks Row were forced to make the embarrassing call for assistance.

We've seen so many daredevils pulling amazing stunts, it can be all too easy to forget just how dangerous some of them are. But thanks to Travis Pastrana - who we previously saw do this - we just remembered.

That's because the 27-year-old recently broke his foot while trying to complete a ludicrous-looking spin/jump thing on his bike at the ESPN X Games.

While it all looked very impressive as he flew through the air, the landing was distinctively less so and he clattered to the ground and off his bike.

And that's why we always tell you not to try this stuff at home… like you have your own motorbike, arena and jumps there anyway.

275x250.jpg Firefighters were called to help rescue a man after his flailing legs were spotted sticking up from a drain in California.

21-year-old Jared Medeiros had apparently climbed into the manhole head first after dropping his wallet and found himself unable to climb back out.

Police were first on the scene - after Jared had been in there about 40 minutes - but despite their best efforts the "slightly intoxicated" man could not be removed.

It then fell to firefighters to rescue him and pull him free from the tight spot. He was soon released to his mother with minor scrapes and bruises. There was no news on the wallet.

We think Mario Balotelli may have read our post about Awana Diab's back-heel penalty last week, and fancied getting himself on Newslite… though probably not like this.

The Italian striker was playing for Manchester City in a recent friendly against David Beckham's LA Galaxy when he found himself in an ideal striking position.

But rather than simply smash the ball into the back of the net, show-boating Balotelli tried a pirouette and back-heel -- which failed spectacularly and went wide.

So, to a chorus of boos, from home and away fans alike, City boss Roberto Mancini immediately replaced the £24 million signing with James Milner… at least he can dress himself.

275x250.jpgA dodgy forklift truck has malfunctioned and dropped 462 cases of Australian wine worth more than £650,000.

The error happened as the Mollydooker wine was being loaded for shipment to the USA at Port Adelaide and the bottles all fell almost 20 feet to ground.

As such it's thought 5,544 bottles of 2010 Velvet Glove shiraz (worth £120 each) were destroyed when the bottles smashed and poured their contents on the ground.

Winemaker Sparky Marquis said the incident had left him "gut-wrenched" and that the container was left looking" like a murder scene.

The shipment had represented one-third the winery's annual production and it's not know if the winemakers used 5,544 bottles of white wine to remove the stain.

Motorcross ace Chad Reed has not only survived a terrifying spectacular crash, which saw him fly 20ft into the air, but he also finished the race he was in.

The Australian daredevil had been competing in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Minnesota when he lost control on a jump and was sent skywards.

After being launched 20 feet into the air, he separated from his bike and then clattered back to the ground with a nasty bump which looked like it could have left him seriously injured.

But within seconds Reed was back on his bike - much to the shock of the commentators - and not only that, he ended the race 34th of 35 riders and went on to finish 14th by the end of the moto. Seriously impressive stuff.

275x250.jpg There's a sure fire way to tell that your dog isn't exactly the world's best guard dog… like when it gets stolen itself.

And that's just what happened to Rocky the Rottweiler, a guard dog who was recently snatched from his home in Gloucestershire.

Thieves are understood to have lifted the fencing into the area where Rocky was kept and stolen him, nothing else was taken.

As such the home owners, who'd hoped the dog would be an active deterrent to would-be burglars, were forced to make an embarrassing call to police to   report that he'd been stolen.

275x250.jpgIn a bid to overcome his fear of heights William Mancera was persuaded by his fiancé to complete a 150ft bungee jump ride… it didn't work and he's now more scared than ever.

That's probably because he got stuck 50ft off the ground and had to wait for three hours before he was rescued by firefighters.

The incident, which was caused be tangled wires, happened on the 'Texas Blastoff' ride at the Zero Gravity amusement park in Dallas.

While the ride slingshotting riders in racing seats to 150ft in the air was only meant to take 60 seconds, the man and his fiancée were trapped for three hours.

Speaking after the ordeal, Mancera said that he fear of heights had "won again" and he is "never riding anything of that sort ever again," … we hope the wedding is still on.

If this woman hoped people on the internet would see her attempt at planking and find it funny, mission accomplished… though probably not in the way she intended.

The unnamed US woman wanted to get in on the latest internet craze of planking which involves lying facedown in an unlikely setting and chose her kitchen.

Unfortunately for her, she accidentally grabbed the cooker door handle and it flung open causing her to hit her chin on the cooker before falling to the floor.

Despite the oven toppling down on top of her, the woman - who only suffered a bruise - dusted herself off and completed a successful plank in a reverse position. At least she got that we fame she was after. 

It sounded like a great way to begin a news broadcast from a boat show, the reporter would introduce his friend, who'd rise spectacularly powered by a water jet-pack.

Unfortunately it didn't all go to plan and a severe jet-pack fail almost knocked the journalist into the water and left his colleagues unable to do their job because they were laughing so hard.

Matt Johnson had been reporting live from the San Diego yacht and boat show for affiliate Fox 5 when the blunder happened and rather than shooting skywards, the jet-pack-wearing man fell and disappeared under the water.

This meant that when the cameras cut back to the studio the lauhging hosts were left holding their heads and open-mouths in disbelief at what had just happened. Oops.

275x250.jpgA Taiwanese man has apparently been conned out of £200,000… after trying to buy a mail order croissant. Yes, £200,000 for a pastry.

The unfortunate pastry lover is said to have seen an online advert for a croissant which was "so delicious that it will make you cry."

But after paying the £2.00 for the french bread, he was contacted by the company and told there'd been a problem with the payment and he needed to process it again, so he did.

And this is where it gets weird. He received another series of calls asking him for money claiming that there had been an issued with his earlier payments and that unless he paid, he could be charged with money laundering.

In total he's reported* to to have shelled of 12-million Taiwan dollars (£200,000) over seven payment before he realised it was a scam. The never go the croissant, though the advert was true… it did make him cry.

After a series of 'monster shark' sightings' in an Australian lake, the morning news TV show Today, decided to dispatch a fishing expert to go and investigate.

Unfortunately not everything went to plan when they linked to Paul Burt who was at Evandale Lake, on the Gold Coast, and the segment ended up being a rather awkward moment of live TV.

It started off badly enough when, after a big build up, Paul simply said "Hi Karl", causing the studio host to crack up laughing. But it got considerably worse when he asked the fisherman to have a go at catching the 'monster'.

That's because after casting off, Paul soon caught something… a duck which had been peacefully swimming on the lake. Oops. As he pulled it in he said to camera: "I'd go to another shot."

Suzi Theodory was reporting on a wildfire in Los Angeles. She'd mentioned the 10 acres of burning brush, the thick ash in the air and the helicopters dropping water.

Then that last one got handily demonstrated to viewers… when one of the helicopters unloaded directly above her, drenching the reporter and the rest of her TV crew.

But the Time Warner Cable pro wasn't going to be put off by a bit of falling water. After calming down a shrieking colleague the journalist said: "That's how close we are to the flames."

Despite giggling herself, Theodory added: "It's not a funny thing, but we definitely did not expect for the water to get dropped on us." Now even though you do expect to see that, it's still worth clicking play.

275x250.jpg Owls are known for their exceptionally good vision. But not all can see exactly where they are going… as this owl-shaped imprint on a window shows.

Sally Arnold, from Kendal says she recently returned home to see the huge bird imprint on her bedroom window.

And after contacting the RSPB her suspicions were confirmed and experts said that a tawny owl had flown directly into the window pane and bounced off.

The marks on the window are said to have been left by ‘powder down,’ a substance that helps birds protect growing feathers. We just hope the bird didn't get into too much of a flap after the accident.

A gun expert who uploads instructional videos to YouTube has produced his most compelling argument for gun safety yet… by accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Tex Grebner had been recording a video of himself practicing a quick-draw and pulling his gun from a holster to shoot a target just feet from him.

But the blundering gun enthusiast accidentally fired his gun and shot a round into his leg - it entered at the top of his thigh and exited near his knee.

Grebner say he suffered the "negligent discharge" because he had been practicing with a Glock and "thumbdrive holster" earlier in the day and forgetting which weapon he was using, unintentionally took the safety off.

TV cars at the Tour de France have two main responsibilities, one is to record footage of the action, and the other is to keep out of the way.

Unfortunately this French television car failed during stage nine of the race, when it ploughed into a group of riders causing a horrific crash.

Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland had been storming along 38km from the finish, when the car swerved around a tree at the side of the road.

Despite being knocked to the ground (via a barbed wire fence) and suffering horrific-looking injuries both riders were soon back in the saddle… though it wasn't as comfortable.

This couple clearly wanted to make an big impression at their wedding reception by arriving on a zip line… but maybe not like this.

The bride had led the way by flying along on the zip wire over a lake and wedding guests towards the reception, and the intention was she'd be joined by the groom.

But the parachute effect of her dress meant she slowed down to quickly and didn't quite reach the end of the line.

Unfortunately the groom had already set off by this point and ploughed into the back of her before falling to the floor. There's nothing like starting a marriage as you mean to go on.

If there's one thing more embarrassing than having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're watching, it's got to be having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're taking part in.

Just ask French tennis ace Alize Cornet, this exact thing happened to her as she was taking on world number one Caroline Wozniacki at a recent WTA event in Bastad, Sweden.

To make matters worse, it was match point when the then mystery phone started ringing and Wozniacki looked around in a bid to identify the inconsiderate tennis fan before serving.

Then she realised it was her rival who'd left her phone on in her kit bag
at the side of the court and started laughing as Cornet sheepishly made her way to turn it off. 

275x250.jpg Little Rachel Warren was trying to copy her pet dog when she shoved her head through the garden gate… but unlike the rottweiler Tess, Rachel couldn't get back out.

As a result the four-year-old had to be rescued by firefighters who pried the black gate apart to release her.

Mom Carlene, from Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, says she was taking Rachel to nursery and had just put her reins on when she started pretending to be a dog and ran outside.

The next thing she knew, she heard a loud noise, went out to investigate and found her daughter lodged between the black railings.

A TV presenter has been hospitalised after being run over while he recorded a show… aiming to find the worst driver in the Netherlands.

Ruben Nicolai -- who was filming the 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?' -- suffered the accident at contestants were being put through their paces.

The driver, known as  was completing a task where he was meant to drive along a track between traffic cones when he suffered an 'accelerator-as-brake' mistake which sent him speeding off the track.

His car then hit a cameraman and Nicolai, who was taken to hospital with a torn lip, and a sore shoulder and foot. At least he can now safely answer the question 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?'

275x250.jpgA biker who was taking part in a protest ride against mandatory helmet laws has died… after crashing and hitting his head on the pavement.

Philip Contos had been riding in a New York anti-helmet rally when the accident happened and he flew over the handlebars of his Harley-Davidson.

He hit his head and though the 55-year-old was taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival having suffered a fractured skull.

The bike-fan had been taking part in the event backed by an organisation which encourages the voluntary use of helmets but opposes mandatory helmet laws.

And yes, police say the chances are Contos could have survived the accident had he been wearing a helmet. Talk about an ironic way to go.

A baseball mascot had to be given emergency medical treatment and taken to hospital after being hit in the head by a speeding foul ball.

Phillie Phantaic had been doing his stuff in the stands at a Phillies recent game when a stray ball flew over the dugout and hit him in his green throat. But that meant it hit Tom Burgoyne - the person wearing the costume - squarely in the face.

Despite being in agony from the accident and falling to the floor, Tom continued to put a show on for kids - many of who'd gasped when the ball hit him - and tried to get them laughing again.

However, all of his good work was quickly been undone. We're guessing it's still fairly traumatising for children to learn that their favourite mascot has been rushed to hospital.

275x250.jpgA Russian man is said to have accidentally killed his wife as the couple attempted to slaughter a pig.

The pair were trying the kill the animal in Russia's Tula region with a homemade firearm, when the they had a problem loading the weapon.

As the 60-year-old was holding the gun, it inadvertently went off and shot his wife, killing her instantly.

It's been reported that the man now faces charges of negligent homicide and could be jailed for two years as a result of the accident.

But while it was certainly bad news for the man and his wife, animal lovers will be pleased to know the pig was uninjured in the accident.

Maybe it was an intentional stunt to get publicity (we don't normally cover the launch of new football kits) - but more likely this was just a moment of fail for FK Partizan.

The Serbian football team had decided to unveil their new black and white Adidas kit and gone to the effort of hiring singers and glamourously dresses women to add to the glitz.

But the evening took a turn to the fail when the moment finally came to take a cover off a kit-wearing mannequin and show the new outfit for the first time.

That's because as press cameras flashed the upper half of the mannequin fell clattering to the floor and the choir were forces to try to continue singing through their sniggers.

275x250.jpgA security guard who tried using a shotgun to remove an itchy wart from his hand has found the weapon to be a very effective treatment.

However, it might have been a bit too effective, because Sean Murphy lost most of his left middle finger after firing the 12-bore Beretta.

The 38-year-old said he resorted to the shotgun surgery after trying several creams without success (and after drinking several pints) he'd pointed the weapon at the offending digit.

But when he pulled the trigger, the gun recoiled and he shot off most of his finger. He said there was nothing left to even consider reattaching it.

And if losing his finger wasn't bad enough, the 'treatment' also landed him in court for possessing an illegal firearm where he received a 16-week suspended sentence. At least the wart has gone.

It's safe to say this is not the spectacle 'The Great Moodini' had in mind -- instead of impressing fans by escaping from a set of handcuffs he ended up getting dragged behind a car.

The magician - real name Michael Mooney - had been performing before a recent drag race in the US and was fastened into a set of handcuffs which were tied to the back of a car.

The idea was that he would free himself from the restraints in the time it took for the car to pull away and the chains become taut.

But when he failed to free himself in time, he was almost dragged to his death and suffered a broken ankle, wrist and finger… and pride, don't forget his broken pride.

In our opinion, it's never good to get run over by a car, but we guess there must be some sort of odd kudos in getting hit by a Formula One car.

At least we hope so for the sake of this F1 fan in Japan, who appears to run out in front of a Toro Rosso car driven by Sebastien Buemi during a Red Bull promotional event.

The man - understood to be a marshall at the event in Chiba, eastern Japan, to raise money for tsunami victims - seems unable to see the F1 car approaching, and tries to dash across the road.

But before he knows it there is a speedy car heading towards him and he's forced to try jumping over it. As you can see from these videos, that didn't quite work.

275x250.jpgBrave US police officers have successfully neutralised the threat posed by a deadly alligator, shooting it twice in the head.. then they realised it was a garden ornament.

The officers had been called to the Kansas City home after an alligator sighting had been reported by a member of the public.

And when they saw the powerful-jawed creature lurking in the grass, they were quick to reach for their rifle and shoot it twice in the head.

It was only when the second shot bounced of the stationary creature the officers realised it was made out of concrete and a garden ornament.

Homeowner Rick Sheridan said the 'reptile' was there to keep people off his land… maybe a creepy gnome would have been better.

275x250.jpgA pricing blunder on a supermarket beer promotion sparked such a stamped of shoppers that police had to be called to deal with the situation.

Computer errors are said to have caused some Tesco supermarkets in Scotland to start selling 45 bottles of lager, or 36 cans, for just £11.

The actual offer had meant to be "Buy three boxes of beer and save £11," - so when shoppers started getting it considerably cheaper, they quickly told friends.

This prompted other beer-lovers to go and try their luck and so many bombarded some stores that police were called to deal with congestion in and around the car parks.

Something tells us the officers may have wanted to pop into the supermarket and try the offer for themselves too… how many crates of beer can you fit in a police van?

No, no it's not. But seeing airport staff hurling what appears to be luggage into the back of a rubbish truck still isn't the most reassuring way to start your holiday.

This video was shot by a holidaymaker at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand and appears to show baggage handlers hurling unclaimed suitcases into a garbage truck.

In fact, after it was uploaded to the internet, the video sparked outrage from many flyers who feared this could be what happened to their lost luggage.

But not all is quite what it seems, a spokesperson for the airport says the binned bags were ones which had been used to test their new baggage handling system.

For TV journalists, the benefit of pre-recording a report is not fearing being made to look a fool on live TV… usually.

But Erica Grow has been left red-faced after the show she works for played the wrong clip during a broadcast -- an outtake in which she declared "I'm stupid".

Grow had been reporting on an injured child at a local school, but rather than play her polished report during the show they loaded her out-takes.

This meant they saw her fluff her lines, apologise to the cameraman and then say "It’s a lot to remember. Because I’m… Stupid."

Personally we think she was being too hard on herself… it's the person who clicked play on the wrong file which is stupid.

It's designed to withstand a terrorist attack - but it turns out Barack Obama's bullet-proof limo 'The Beast' has more of a problem with the humble speed bump.

Yesterday as President Obama was leaving the U.S. Embassy in Dublin in his custom General Motors Cadillac, en route to his ancestral home in County Offaly, the £400,000 vehicle got wedged on a ramp.

The car - which has eight-inch thick armour-plating and weighs 8 tons - was leaving the building, when crowds who had gathered heard a loud bang and saw the car come to a swift halt.

It then became clear the impressive vehicle was stranded and Barack Obama was forced to abandon it… though given it boasts its own oxygen supply he must have been tempted to sit it out rather than make the embarrassing walk of shame.

275x250.jpg Police in Hampshire launched a major operation which involved dispatching armed officers and scrambling the force helicopter… because of a cuddly toy.

Of course they didn't realise it was a cuddly toy when they received reports of a live white tiger in a field close to the M27, near Hedge End.

As a result they contacted animal specialists at nearby Marwell Zoo, prepared a team of officers armed with tranquiliser darts and dispatched a police helicopter.

But when the helicopter approached it became clear this was no real tiger, firstly because it didn't move… and then because the downward force of the chopper knocked it over.

275x250.jpg Staff at an aquarium in Blackpool say they were shocked to discover there was a unknown shark swimming around their tank.

Bosses at the Sea Life centre only realised the presence of the mystery shark when they spotted two shark eggs in the massive half-a-million litre tank.

Because the sharks known to be in the tank only give birth to live young, they concluded there was another hidden one somewhere in there.

Experts think the still undiscovered shark is an easily camouflaged tropical carpet shark which may have been introduced by one of several former aquarium curators.

Fashion model Lindsey Wixson has been left red-faced after falling over THREE times at an show for Japan earthquake survivors in Cannes.

The 17-year-old American had been strutting her stuff on the catwalk at the Fashion for Relief event organised by Naomi Campbell.

And it was all going well until she tripped on the hem of a ball gown and embarrassingly fell on all fours in front of the assembled crowd.

While she was quick to jump up and give a big thumbs up, it was all a bit premature… because as she made her way backstage she fell over another two times. Oops.

French climber Alain Robert is known for illegally climbing some of the world's tallest buildings, often without any protection.

Luckily that wasn't the case when he scaled Istanbul's Sapphire building… because he slipped and fell while around 260 metres in the air.

Robert had made it most of the way up Turkey's highest building when he reached a section where there was grease and oil inside the grove where he put his foot.

This meant he slipped fell about 10ft, but he was soon caught by his safety harness and continued the remaining small climb to the top… in a slightly less cocky mood than usual.

A goalkeeper who is said to be a Manchester United target might not be the safe pair of hands Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping for -- he dropped a trophy off the top of a bus.

Coming hot on the heels of the Real Madrid, Copa del Rey open-topped bus debacle, Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg showed he was just as clumsy as Sergio Ramos.

Parading through Amsterdam with the newly-won Eredivisie league trophy, Stekelenburg had been waving the dish-like trophy from the top of a coach.

But then the vehicle passed under overhead tram wires, which knocked it out of his hands, sending the trophy crashing to the floor… where fans promptly picked it up and celebrated like they'd won it themselves.

275x250.jpgA man became trapped inside a women's prison in Germany after accidentally mistaking it for a shortcut to a nearby park.

The 24-year-old is said to have been walking in the city of Hildesheim when he strolled through a gate, thinking he was heading to a nearby park.

But he soon discovered he'd walked into a women's prison and turned around in a bid to get back out. However, in the 20 minutes it took him to  return to the gate, it had been locked, trapping him inside.

It was only when the local mayor, who happened to be walking past, heard his screams for help that police were notified and dispatched to free him.

It's understood the security blunder happened as repair work was being carried out on the gate and that a loose screw had briefly prevented it from shutting properly.

275x250.jpgA man has somehow survived after apparently driving his car off the rim of the Grand Canyon and plunging 200ft, authorities have said.

Despite motoring off the South Rim of the tourist destination the 21-year-old is said to have climbed back to the rim of the canyon to seek help.

After flagging down another driver, the man was taken to hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

National Park Service officials say his car was found lodged against a tree 200ft below the road and that there was another precipice about 10ft beyond the tree.

We know the Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights on the Earth, but promise us that if you ever visit, you'll keep your eyes on the road while driving, right?

275x250.jpgWhen residents in Berlin heard a strange constant electric drilling-like noise coming from a neighbour's house late one night, they reported it to police.

And though some passers-by say the odd noise was so loud it could even be heard on the street, no-one could work out what was causing it.

So when officers arrived at the scene and were unable to get any response from the 23-year-old who lived there, they smashed the door down.

And at that point they discovered what had been buzzing away… a sex toy vibrator which had turned itself on and was rattling around on the wooden floor.

After 'neutralising' the offending device the cops left the scene and the woman will return home to find a bill for the smashed door… and some strange looks from her neighbours.

After beating Barcelona 1-0 to win the Copa del Rey - the Spanish equivalent of the FA cup - it was all looking great for Real Madrid… then this happened.

Taking the silverware on a celebratory open-topped bus tour of the capital, players including Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were doing the usual waving of scarfs to cheering fans.

But as Ramos held the trophy aloft at the front of the bus - in a bid to get fans cheering even more - the butter-fingered defender somehow lost his grip and it fell.

Because the driver didn't see it fall, he promptly drove over the famous cup as on-lookers gasped in disbelief and emergency services ran to see if they could help.

While police and security officials were seen picking up pieces of the squashed trophy, it's not been confirmed how much damage was caused… though next year team could be competing for the Plate del Rey.

Dame Helen Mirren has been left red-faced after accidentally swearing during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Mirren had been on the BBC1 show promoting the remake of Arthur - where she co-stars with Russell Brand - when she made the blunder.

Discussing John Gielgud's part in the original movie, and the language he used, she couldn't help herself from doing an impression.

And that's when Mirren said: "Well, in that sort of wonderful voice he had... You little s**t." Drawing gasps from Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull.

Instantly recognising her blunder, the 65-year-old actress gasped and covered her mouth… which even though she's an Oscar-winner, we think was a genuine response.

A blooper which saw an Australian news anchor silently fixing her hair on live TV rather than reading the headlines, has become an online hit.

Kate Collins was waiting to go live on 9 News Adelaide earlier this week… while she was actually on air.

That meant viewers at home saw the usual intro graphics and music before the camera cut to Collins who was staring at herself on a monitor. She then proceeded to check her hair.

And that was it, no words, no news, but YouTube gold. Though given this was the same team who brought us the classic 'small but impressive' quip, we can't help but wonder if they just have a taste for the viral.

275x250.jpg Postal bosses in the US have been left red-faced after it was discovered the Statue of Liberty featured on a new stamp was in fact a replica.

Rather than displaying the face of the iconic New York landmark, a photo had been used of a 1997 replica which stands outside a casino in Las Vegas.

The blunder was spotted by an eagle-eyed stamp collector after he noticed several detail differences between the stamp and the original statue - including the fact that windows in Liberty's crown were painted on.

Unfortunately the find was made a little too late for any changes to be made… because three billion of the 44-cent (27p) stamps have already been printed.

275x250.jpgWe've all been there, you've taken a phone call while sitting on the loo and hope the person you're talking with won't notice.

Well here's a bit of Newslite advice, don't flush the toilet… especially if you happen to be a politician giving a live radio interview from your home.

Unfortunately this warning comes a bit late for Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman who is said to have recently made this exact mistake - much to the amusement of radio listeners.

The foreign minister had been talking about the issue of a flare-up of violence with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas when his point was punctuated by impromptu flushing.

Which has got to be em-bare-assing. In face we bet he's hoping rival politicians don't kick up a stink about his gaffe, otherwise he could have flushed away his career.

We had a pretty good April Fool's Day, not only did our Facebook filter story go down well, but we also managed to avoid being taken in by any pranks ourselves.

Unfortunately the annual day of enforced japery didn't go as well for TV news presenter Shally Zomorodi… she was tricked into licking an iPad on live TV.

The presenter had been on air on KSWB when her co-host Raoul Martinez introduced an item about a new iPhone and iPad app which allows users to smell and taste food on their device.

And then she was encouraged to sniff and lick an iPad which was handed to her, which she did,  prompting a "Happy April Fool's Day" message to flash up… and for her to run off set red-faced.

275x250.jpg We've all experienced that horrible moment when you realise you've sent an email to the wrong person. Luckily our gaffes have never been so bad it made made international headlines.

Unfortunately - according to an email exchange which is currently doing the rounds - the same can't be said for for this property surveyor.

Harry Fildes had apparently been chatting to one of his mates when the subject of his "hot" ex girlfriend came up, and he was asked if he minded his pal pursuing her.

He replied that is was okay, but went on to give a rather forthright and unflattering impression of her. The problem was, he also accidentally copied her in on the email. Oops.

A red-faced man had to visit hospital after superglueing a tiny hat to his head for a party… and then being unable to remove it.

Luckily (for us, but not necessarily him) a BBC TV crew happened to be recording a show at the hospital when he arrived and caught the whole thing on camera.

Shawn Merter resorted to using the superglue to attach his little black sequinned top-hat after fabric glue which he'd tried using wasn't adhesive enough.

But the following morning he realised his error and went to his local accident and emergency department, still wearing the tiny hat.

Doctors cut the top off the hat and sent Merter home to soak the bizarre headwear until it fell off… all while trying to hide their sniggers.

A laptop-thief has found out the hard way why you should never mess with a geek after his techno-savvy victim decided to humiliate him online.

Internet entrepreneur Mark Bao was understandably not happy when his MacBook Air was stolen earlier this year, and the 18-year-old assumed he would never see it again.

However a couple of months later he realised a remote backup program he'd installed on the laptop was still running and backing up files… presumably belonging to the crook.

After looking through the files Bao was able to discover the identity of the person in possession of the computer and reported them to the police.

But he didn't stop there. He also looked at photos and videos of the alleged crook, including a cringe-worthy one of him dancing in front of the webcam and uploaded it to YouTube

275x250.jpgA group of friends playing cricket in Manchester say they were bowled over when a team of armed police turned up at their practice session.

It turned out a passerby had mistaken the sound of the cricket balls hitting metal shutters on a industrial park as gunfire, and called 999.

Responding to this, a team of specially-trained firearms officers were rushed to the scene -- scaring the life out of the cricket players.

After ordering the cricketers out of the factory where they were playing, it soon became apparent there was no crime being committed, other than those against good batsmanship.

Once the officers were convinced they'd have been better off with cricket pads than bullet-proof vests, they left.

A sports reporter almost got run over on live TV when a car accidentally reversed into him as he was busy talking to the camera.

ABC 10 reporter Ben Higgins was talking about San Diego State’s recent win in the NCAA basketball tournament when the accident happened.

As the studio hosts cut to Higgins, he started his broadcast… but in the far left of the screen a over-sized SUV could be seen backing up towards him.

And it soon got closer. Within the twelve seconds it took Higgins to get his introduction out, the car was right next to him and still moving.

It was only when a member of the production crew bang on the back of the car it stopped… impressively Higgins did not, after a brief "Whoa" he calmly finished his report.

There was a bit of a balls up during a Comic Relief competition... when a toddler accidentally released hundreds of balls into a shopping centre.

Bosses at St John’s Shopping Centre in Perth had filled a car with red balls and hoped to raise money for Comic Relief by charging people to guess how many there were.

But it turns out they'd forgotten to lock the doors - as this inquisitive three-year-old discovered when he pulled the handle and released the play pools balls.

Hundreds of the plastic balls fell out of the Alfa Romeo MiTo prompting passersby to cheer as security guards were forced to scurry around picking them up.

However, we think the wiser shoppers were the ones who took advantage of that time to enter the contest. Well there were a lot fewer balls in the car to count.

275x250.jpg It was installed in Trafalgar Square as a countdown to the 2012 London Olympics and was designed as a focus for the build-up to the big event.

But the Olympic countdown clock which was due to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the the opening ceremony, has stopped… 499 days too early.

A suitably red-faced spokesperson for Omega, the Official Olympic timekeeper, today confirmed a "technical issue" caused the countdown clock to stop only a day after it was unveiled by Lord Coe and London mayor Boris Johnson.

They added Omega are currently trying to work-out what happened and get the 6.5m high and 4 tonnes clock running again. Hopefully they'll get it fixed before the London games are due to begin… if only we knew how long away that was.

We don't know too much about this video -- but we do know this man is very lucky to be alive.

That's because he narrowly avoided getting crushed by a car as it careered into a wall in Los Angeles at about 50mph.

The fortunate pedestrian had just walked around a FedEx truck when a car swerved off the busy road an into his path.

As this CCTV footage show the car missed him by a matter of inches as it smashed into the wall.

Amazingly the man and the passengers in the car all escaped uninjured… and don't worry, that's oil or coolant pouring out, not blood.

275x250.jpgWhen a suspicious package was identified at a post office in Russia, anti-terrorist bomb squad experts were promptlt called to investigate.

But instead of a discovering a bomb inside the ticking box, they found… and accidentally activated vibrator.

Police say the sextoy-scare had prompted the building in Petrozavodsk to be evacuated and a security cordon installed.

It's not known exactly how the sex toy had been activated while in delivery or who the intended recipient had been.

But we're sure to find out when the some vibrator manufacturer starts claiming their sex toys are so good they can evacuate entire neighbourhoods.

275x250.jpgA boss at fast-food chain Burger King has landed himself in hot water after describing English women as ugly.

Speaking to students in Chicago, Burger King chief executive Bernardo Hees went on to dismiss the quality of food in the UK as "terrible".

The 40-year-old had been talking about time he spent studying at the University of Warwick when he is reported to have said: "The food is terrible and the women are not very attractive."

He also said that his time in Britain had offered few distractions beyond work -- but he was later forced to issue an apology for any offence caused.

While we wouldn't claim the UK has the world's best cuisine, it's worth remembering a Double Whopper contains 950 calories. As for defending English women, two words, Kelly Brook.

275x250.jpgIf it all goes wrong for Premiership referee Peter Walton, he could always pursue a career as a mime artist.

That's because forgetting his cards didn't stop him booking players in the clash between Everton and Birmingham last night -- he simply waved an imaginary one.

Walton only realised his blunder after midfielder Jordon Mutch committed a foul and he reached into his pocket to pull out the yellow card.

After a couple of seconds of fumbling he obviously decided the best thing to do would be carry on and hope no-one would notice.

So he held up his arm as if brandishing a card booked the player… well if they can be injured by imaginary fouls, why can't they be punished by imaginary cards.

275x250.jpgEveryone thinks the potholes on their street are worse than those anywhere else… but we think residents on Patshull Road in Shropshire might be right.

That's because a 4x4 pickup truck recently became trapped in a massive water-filled pothole as it was driving down the country road.

Chris Nedic had been driving home along the road in Albrighton on Monday evening when his front wheels of his Nissan Navara sank into the 4ft deep hole.

He and his brother luckily managed to leap from the the vehicle shortly before the road collapsed and the car was left sticking up from the hole.

Police say it was only the size of the vehicle which prevented it from becoming fully submerged.

275x250.jpgDavid Davis is probably feeling rather embarrassed about now, he was arrested mid-haircut and become the subject of one stupid-looking mugshot.

The 21-year-old from Stamford was getting his hair cut when he is said to have been approached by another man and got into an argument.

During the fight it's been reported that he picked up a pair of scissors and slashed the man across the back. Prompting cops to be called.

Davis was subsequently arrested by Stamford Police Department - who released this photo - while the victim was taken to hospital where he received treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

He's now due to appear in court on March 22 charged with first-degree assault… we wonder if he will be getting his hair cut especially for his day in court.

Ryan Shaw used to say the most interesting thing to happen when he was working at the gas station was seeing the odd drunk customer. Not any more.

That's because over the weekend an irate customer - who was reported to be angry at new pre-pay rules - ploughed his car into the Oregon garage.

The vehicle smashed through the window, knocked displays flying and shunted serving counters into each other narrowly missing the 27-year-old worker.

Amazingly he escaped with just a bruised thigh, a scraped knee and a knocked elbow… we suffered more injuries than that just watching the video.

It's safe to say a 3am news broadcast on a local Australian radio station wouldn't normally get the biggest of audiences.

But when newsreader Kate Wilson suffered a hiccuping fit during a recent report, it made it a viral hit all around the world.

Wilson had only just started the early morning report on 3AW when she first hiccupped while giving the time as "three o'clo-HIC".

Over the next three minutes she proceeded to hiccup another 20 times as she spoke about Gaddafi, the New Zealand earthquake and the sports headlines.

While a lesser newsreader would have given up or burst out laughing, Wilson tried to carry on… and listening to this we are glad she did.

Being in the front row and with a great view of the action, these people were probably pretty pleased with their rodeo seats… until this happened.

Butch Trimnal and his wife had been enjoying a North Carolina rodeo when one of the bulls began running towards them.

The beast continued to get closer and closer until it leaped up and over hoardings, landing in the stands right next to them… making the outing a little more exciting than the pair may have wanted.

While the couple were briefly thrown around by the irate bull, they were not injured even though they did go to the hospital to be checked over.

The bull was also uninjured and was used again later in the show… no bull.

Stefan Ager had climbed to the top of a mountain and was just planning his route his route back down, when he lost his footing and ended up taking an altogether different trip.

Footage shot from his helmet cam shows that after making it to the top he celebrated by taking a look around, capturing a clip of himself and putting his skis on.

But as the skier clipped himself into the skis, he tripped backwards and tumbled down the rocky-looking mountain.

After the 15 second fall, Ager let out an audible gasp of pain before looking up at the route he had just fallen. Amazingly he escaped unscathed… we've got bruises just from watching it.

Sometimes we wish we could drive straight into our favourite coffee shop on the way to work… a bit like this woman.

A hapless motorist says she doesn't know what happened to cause her to accidentally crash straight into the front of a coffee shop.

As this CCTV footage shows, one minute 42-year-old Joan Herrity was parking her car in Boston -- the next she was parked in the middle of a coffee store.

After smashing through the glass entrance, her Toyota Sienna came to a halt and Herrity staggered to the counter. It's not know if she ordered a coffee.

Luckily for the driver, the store was empty of customers at the time and no-one was injured… luckily for us, they had well positioned CCTV cameras.

275x250.jpgBBC's The One Show was yesterday taken off air… when someone warming up a cup of tea accidentally triggered the fire alarm.

As hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones interviewed actress Tamsin Greig, the alarm started to sound, leaving them with bemused looks on their faces.

But just after Jones halted the interview and said: "Oh, I think that's our fire alarm." it stopped… briefly.

Within seconds the alarm was ringing out again after several minutes of confusion the show was pulled from air and replaced with cookery show.

Which is ironic… because Jones later revealed on Twitter: "Somebody was warming their tea up and the microwave set off the alarm!" Oops.

275x250.jpgNot wanting to be outdone by recent on-air double entendre, the team at Australia's Today show have got in on the action… and then some.

The discussion started off innocently enough with one of the hosts talking about an item he keeps by his bed in case of a home invasion.

But when Karl Stefanovic asked co-host Lisa Wilkinson if she kept something similarly 'long and stabby' in her bedroom, it all became a bit carry-on.

Wilkinson said she had 'swordy thing' before newsreader Georgie Gardner added that 'Tim’s my long stabby thing' - talking about her husband,

But the inadvertent innuendo was later turned up to 11 when Ben Fordham said he kept golf club for protecton, adding: "I’d want to be standing back and whacking them off from a distance."

275x250.jpgA team of 25 firefighters were recently dispatched to rescue a stranded swan from a frozen pond… only to discover it was plastic.

The 999 call had come in when a passer-by in Straubing, Germany saw the bird and assumed it was trapped in frozen ice.

Attending firefighters say they then had to search for ages to find the 'bird' and get to the middle of the lake where there was dangerously thin ice.

And it was only then that discovered the bird was actualy made of plastic and had been left there by fishermen to scare away other birds.

Lucking on the bright side, officers said that no-one was hurt in the wasted rescue mission and that they were glad to have got a bit of training in.

275x250.jpgThis wine store worker is probably still feeling a little red-faced (and red-footed) after having an accident with a stack of wine filled shelves.

That's because he was carefully placing bottles of wine on the shelves when they collapsed sending hundreds of bottles of red crashing onto the floor and into him.

As this CCTV video shows, the unfortunate worker had been loading the shelves with bottles of wine but as he walked away they began to slowly fall.

Despite his best efforts to hold it up the bottles were soon falling onto the floor and smashing - leaving a sea of wine pouring forward.

Given the best way to stop red wive from staining is to pour white wine on it, we hope he was able to find 500 bottles of Chardonnay. 

Just because you can walk around while playing a game on your PSP or Nintendo DS doesn't mean you should… as this young lad recently found out.

The boy had been playing on his Sony PSP as he walked along the platform at a subway station in Milan when he became distracted by his game.

He was so engrossed in the action on the screen, he didn't even notice he was walking off the edge of the platform and fell onto the track below.

Luckily help was at hand in the form of an off-duty police officer who leapt into action and onto the track, lifting the boy out of the way of oncoming trains.

As the pair got back onto the platform other commuters cheered… well if it had hit him it would have caused delays.

275x250.jpgWe think it's safe to conclude from this mugshot that Jerome Smith isn't exactly what you would describe as a criminal mastermind.

And that's not only because the 27-year-old has been caught after allegedly pistol whipping a pregnant woman, but because of his facial tattoos.

It's not even just the fact he has a collection of various eastern symbols tattooed on his cheeks… but the giant misspelt word on his forehead.

Smith - who was arrested earlier this week in Ohio - had meant to get a tattoo claiming to be a 'Genius'… but actually says reads 'Jenius'.

But it almost doesn't matter if it's spelt correctly or not… we think it's highly unlikely anyone with an above average IQ would want the word inking on their head anyway.

We've seen enough car crashes to know they're no laughing matter… usually.

But on this occasion we think it's okay, because a US driver has skidded off a snowy road and ended up parking vertically.

It all happened in New Hampshire where snowfall has been causing chaos for motorists and Interstate 93 in Salem was no exception.

While there were several accidents, the most interesting has to be
this one where a driver careered off the road and upended their car in the snow.

Despite the precarious-looking nature of the vertically parked car, police say no-one was injured… though many are still trying to work out exactly how this happened.

A bungling burglar broke into a bakery, found himself trapped in a locked store room and then struggled to get back out.

As this CCTV footage shows, the youngster had entered the Melbourne building via a skylight but soon discovered he wasn't where he wanted.

After a moment of panic he tried to climb back out by stacking a pile of containers, but they toppled and he fell.

He then tried using some shelves to get out… but again ended up on the floor when they too collapsed.

While he did eventually manage to get out, it wasn't before looking directly into a security camera. After the image was released by police a 19-year-old handed himself in.

275x250.jpgIt's not too often you can refer to someone who fell 1,000ft down a mountain as 'lucky' -- but Adam Potter certainly is.

The 36-year-old had been out climbing on Sgurr Choinnich Mor, five miles east of Ben Nevis, this weekend, when he lost his footing and suffered a potentially perilous  plunge.

Potter fell some 1,000ft down the 3,589ft Scottish slope, causing mountain rescue teams to fear that he could have been killed.

But when a nearby Royal Navy Sea King helicopter went to look for him, they could only see another standing near to where the accident had happened, or so they thought.

It was actually Potter, who had miraculously only suffered cuts and bruises and was stood up looking at a map, probably trying to plot the route he had fallen down.

A horse racing event in Australia had to be postponed last week, after the track was invaded by a group of kangaroos.

Due to be held on Australia Day, thousands of racing fans had turned up to watch the action at Hanging Rock Cup raceday

But just before the first event was due to take place, jockeys noticed a couple of kangaroos near to the track and officials were dispatched to shoo them off.

Despite initially leaving the track, about six kangaroos soon reappeared, jumped over a five-foot fence and began bounding around the track.

Race bosses say they eventually had to abandon the event… because it was either that or start betting on the roos.

275x250.jpgA serving soldier who tried to make a phone-call proposal to his girlfriend, accidentally left a voicemail popping the big question on a wrong number.

Now the unintentional recipient of the emotional answer phone message, is trying to find the woman he intended to propose to, in case she doesn't know.

Diane Potts says that in the message the soldier refers to a 'Samantha' and starts off telling her about a friend of his who has been blown up.

Presumably speaking from Afghanistan, he goes on to say how much he is missing her and then asks her to marry him. Only he didn't, because Samantha didn't get the message.

Diane has now revealed the message in the hope someone will recognise the voice and get let Samantha know her clumsy-fingered boyfriend wants to marry her... let's just hope he's not out there defusing bombs.

A man who'd been arrested in Utah on suspicion of burglary tried to escape from cops by jumping out of a moving police car.

As this footage shows, Nicholas Duffy was still handcuffed as he dubiously leaped from the speeding car and onto the highway.

The 20-year-old had complained to officers that he felt like vomiting and asked them to crack the rear window open a bit for for him.

But when they did he unbuckled himself before jumping out of the window as the car travelled along Interstate 15 at 30mph.

Unsurprisingly flying head-first from a car while his hands were cuffed behind his back didn't end well… he was soon back in custody and in need of a trip to hospital.

He'd already suffered an injury and needed to be stretchered off - so this footballer probably didn't think it could get any worse.

Boy was he wrong. Gladstony had picked up an injury during a Sao Paulo Youth Cup match between Desportivo Brasil and Flamengo.

But as he was loaded onto a stretcher to be whisked off the pitch, the stretcher bearer accidentally dropped the 17-year-old and fell backwards.

After picking himself up from sitting on the face of the injured player, he gave it another go, before falling back to reinstate the ass-face blunder.

Desportivo went on to lose the match in a penalty shoot-out… not that that's what Gladstony will remember the game for.

Tennis courts come in a variety of different surface types, but one thing they have in common is that when a ball hits them, it bounces… or at least that's the theory.

But that wasn't the case at the Australian Open recently, when Maria Sharapova found a dead-spot on one of the courts.

The Russian ace says that as she was warming-up ahead of her third round clash with Goerges, she felt a noticeably bouncy spot on the court.

When umpires checked it out they discovered a heat bubble under the surface of the court which caused balls to seemingly defy the laws of physics land flatly rather than bounce.

Workers solved the problem by drilling a series of small holes in the court to release the trapped air… but not before this great video was filmed.

275x250.jpg A Tory MP has apologised after interrupting himself in the Commons by accidentally triggering a musical tie he was wearing.

Nadhim Zahawi was speaking about education cuts when the tune started blaring out of his brightly coloured neck tie, which also features flashing lights.

To make matters worse, the muffled sound from the £10 Beating Bowel Cancer 'Loud Tie' was picked up by a microphone hanging in front of him.

After a few seconds on fumbling, the Stratford upon Avon MP was able to silence his tie and apologised to the deputy speaker like a naughty schoolboy.

275x250.jpg Is this a foul-mouthed toy singing profanity-filled songs to toddlers -- or are over protective parents hearing swear words where there aren't any? You decide.

A mother says she was left shocked when a cuddly toy which she had bought for her baby daughter started singing a song littered with the F-word.

It's claimed the innocent-looking My Pal Violet toy sings: "If you're happy and you know it f*** with me, if you're happy and you know it f**k with me."

But makers insist it is actually singing: "If you're happy and you know it bark with me" and that there might be a misunderstanding in the UK due to the American accent. Listen to the clip after the link and tell us what you think. Unfortunately we hear bark.

275x250.jpg A dog had to be rescued after becoming sandwiched in a six inch gap between two walls in the US, after it tried to chase a rabbit down the narrow passageway.

Animal rescue workers had been called out when residents in California heard strange noises coming from a space between two buildings.

When they got there, they found a dog wedged in the tiny six-inch space between two 6ft tall walls, and they say it's thought he became stuck after trying to chase a rabbit.

Because there was so little space, the only way to release the dehydrated Shar-Pei mix was to knock down one of the walls, but not before rescuers decided he should be called Wally.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been left red-faced after falling to the floor as she boarded a plane in Yemen.

Clinton had been visiting Yemen to talk about security issues and the growing al-Qaeda threat in the country when the blunder happened.

After climbing the stairs to enter the plane, she turned around had turned to wave before walking inside.

But as she did, she tripped and fell embarrassingly to her knees, in front of a horrified flight stewardesses.

The lights were quickly switched off to prevent photographers taking pictures of her being helped from the floor… but luckily this video had already been taken.

275x250.jpgBosses of a pantomime staring Jim Davidson have been forced to change the costume of a nurse in the show… because the original one broke the Geneva Convention.

Producers of Pavilion Theatre were informed the outfit worn by Nurse Poltis in their Robin Hood show could see them landed in court.

The British Red Cross said the use of red crosses on her comedy hat and tunic were unauthorised use of their emblem and the theatre was in violation of the Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

Because this was also breaking the law and could see bosses face prosecution the costume was quickly changed to feature a green cross.

It sounds to us like someone at the British Red Cross has always fancied themselves as a panto villain. Oh yes they do!

275x250.jpgAn accidentally spilled cup of coffee is said to have activated a hijacking alert on a flight from Chicago to Germany.

Earlier this week, United Airlines Flight 940 made an unplanned landing in Canada with the airline claiming it was because of a "communication issue".

But it's now thought the impromptu landing was made because a hijacking alert was activated when a pilot's coffee was spilled on radio equipment during turbulence.

Reports claim the pilot could have inadvertently hit the transponder knob sending out a signal indicating the Boeing 777 had been hijacked. Meaning a landing had to be made.

Federal aviation authorities are currently investigating… and they won't be happy if they find he landed in Toronto to top up his Mocha at the airport Starbucks.

A terrified deer has been rescued by firefighters in Poland after drifting out to sea on a chunk of ice.

The deer is thought to have became stranded on a floe when it ran onto ice near the village of Ustronie Morskie after being scared by dogs.

Luckily passersby spotted it drifting around 200 meters from the shore in the Baltic Sea and called fire services who launched a rescue mission.

Rescuers say their team faced serious risks navigating sharp ice sheets to save the animal, but managed to reach it at the "last moment".

Once recovered the deer was wrapped in a blanket and carried back to shore… and given a pair of ice skates and an inflatable rubber ring.

275x250.jpg A brave/stupid penguin escaped from a pool at Münster Zoo in Germany and ended up waddling around the lion enclosure.

Three-month-old African Penguin Leona is said to have somehow strolled out of her ice-covered pool and onto visitors paths and an ice-covered moat.

From there she climbed a snow-capped bank and jumped onto some nearby ice… which just so happened to be in the middle of the the lion enclosure.

Luckily staff at the German zoo noticed the feathered intruder before the lions - who were sleeping - and lured her to safety by throwing a trail of herrings.

Lidia Camon thought she was doing well. She'd delivered a live TV report from a snowy park without being hit be snowballs or knocked over by a wayward sledge.

But then the Spanish reporter got on a sledge of her own and didn't notice that the cable from her microphone was wrapped around her leg. Oops.

This meant that as she slid down a snowy hill to end her report, she took the cameraman with her.

Footage shows Camon get halfway down the hill before the wire becomes tight and pulls on the camera which rolls down after her.

We think it's just a shame we didn't get to see the face the cameraman pulled as the camera was yanked from his hands.

275x250.jpg Animal rescue workers have saved an inquisitive dog who got his head stuck in a hole in a wall and ended up looking like a hunting trophy.

Rebel the German shepherd had become curious about a hole in a 18-inch block wall in California and stuck his head though to take a look.

But the eight-month-old was instantly unable to get back out and when a friend of the owner heard him whimpering the sent for help.

Officers from Riverside County Animal Services say it took 30 minutes to gently pull him back through the wall. He's now feeling a hole lot better.

Did Usher plagiarise a Homer Simpson song?

R&B star Usher has found himself in the middle of an bizarre plagiarism claim -- with people saying he's ripped off a song by Homer Simpson.

DJs in the US have noticed a striking similarity between lines in his single 'OMG" and a ditty sung by Homer in a Simpsons episode from 2003.

Usher's song, which features from the Black Eyed Peas, includes the lines: "Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow. Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow."

This compares to Homer singing ""Christmas in December, wow wow wow. Give me tons of presents, now now now," in the episode Dude, Where's My Ranch?

Handily someone has already uploaded the two clips to YouTube for you to compare. As a warning, on once listened to, this cannot be unheard.

A man had a lucky escape after being hit by a lorry as he crossed a road in Turkey -- he somehow managed to outrun it.

Bekir Ozcan had been crossing a road in the city of Adiyaman when the driver of a lorry failed to spot him and as he pulled away from a red light.

CCTV footage shows the fuel lorry hitting the 53-year-old before he is able to make it to the other side of the road and pushing him along.

Fearing for his life, Ozcan then turned to face the same direction of the lorry and tried to outrun it rather then end up under the wheels.

As he ran along, other pedestrians waved at the driver and managed to get him to slow down… giving Ozcan what we think was an unfair advantage.

A police officer picking up CCTV footage of robbery, accidentally stumbled into the scene of another robbery.

The cop had been called to an Ohio pharmacy to collect security footage of a robbery which had taken place earlier that evening.

But as CCTV footage shows, when Officer Joshua Campbell got there he was required to do more than pick up a DVD… because another robbery was taking place.

As he got to the counter he saw another robber leaning over and grabbing money from the till - so he quickly drew his gun and wrestled with the man.

Speaking after the incident Officer Campbell said he'd thought: "This can't be happening"… which we guess is also what went through the mind of the robber.

A coyote which found itself stranded on a block of ice floating on Lake Michigan had to be saved by rescue workers.

Passersby had notified Chicago Fire Department when they first spotted the trapped animal floating on a sheet of ice on the lake.

And for more than an hour the coyote floated around the lake as a rescue operation was mounted with animal control officers.

At one point the critter even tried jumping into the zero-degree celsius water to get back to shore, though it soon thought better of it and scrambled back onto the ice.

Eventually rescue workers on board a fire department boat pulled the shivering coyote to safety… presumably the snow meant there were no real fires which needed extinguishing.

275x250.jpg Given some of the profanity filled shows on TV, the word 'largebaps' seems fairly innocent -- but that's not the case for Countdown viewers.

Viewers were left stunned during the show yesterday when the final conundrum was revealed to be an anagram of the letters L-A-R-G-E-B-A-P-S.

But both host Jeff Stelling and contestants on the afternoon quiz managed to control themselves as they worked out the solution.

After it was revealed to be "graspable" Stelling said simply: "That's quite brilliant." To which we would like to add: "Largebaps, graspable, get it? see what they did there?"

sleeping at the office deskOne third of the British workforce have nodded off at their desk, a study has found.

Researchers predict millions of employees have craftily grabbed a few minutes by pretending to concentrate or read paper work.

And many have been caught out, more than one in ten admitted they had been found snoring on the job, while 16 percent have even been caught dribbling.

After conducting the study of 3,000 UK adults it was also found that Mondays at 1.40pm is the time most will have a cheeky snooze.

Which is funny… because if we hadn't been having a brief kip that's probably when we would have published this.

Heavy snowfall in the US has caused the inflatable roof on a stadium in Minneapolis to collapse.

Over the weekend, much of the midwest was hit by massive snowstorms with some areas receiving as much as 20 inches of snow in just one day.

And in Minneapolis - which got about 17 inches of snowfall - this weighed down the Teflon-coated fibreglass roof the Metrodome stadium.

Initially the snow caused the roof to collapse in on itself - before splitting open and flooding onto the football pitch.

Unsurprisingly a scheduled game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants was moved to another venue… where the Giants received an equally icy reception.

A pair of dubiously-skilled DIYers accidentally caused a mini-avalanche on the roof of a house in Fife… while trying to make it safer.

The men had set out to clear their gutters of ice which was causing the pipes to sag and they feared could cause structural damage.

But as they tried to break some of the ice from the weighted down pipes, a piece of guttering attached to a satellite cable broke off.

At this point one of the men - being filmed by a pal - started to hit the ice-laden TV cable to break it off. And oh boy did it work, kind of.

Part of the guttering fell from the building, causing all of the snow on the roof to slide off avalanche-style… something tells us they won't be watching satellite TV for a while.

This is probably not what the 100 tourists on-board had expected when they booked a nice leisurely Antarctic cruise.

Dramatic footage show the moment a cruise ship broke down when it was battered by 30-foot waves as it sailed through Drake Passage towards Argentina.

The rough sea knocked out an engine and communications on the Clelia II,  as giant waves lashed onto the deck and smashed windows.

Looking at the clip, which was filmed from another ship, it's hard to believe, but non of the 100 passengers and 60 staff onboard were injured.

Repairs were made to the ship and it proceeded to limp back to Argentina an reduced engine power… by the time it gets to port the passengers might have dried off.

No matter how grown-up and sophisticated you think you are, there are some things guaranteed to make you laughing like an eight-year-old.

For us it's TV presenters making a fool of themselves - for Matt Lauer it's apparently the phrase "size of the package" -- as this clip shows.

The morning show anchor has been interviewing the show's financial editor, Jean Chatzky about food prices when he made a comment about package size.

That was it. As she responded while smiling, he cracked up, eventually causing her to also start laughing until the point neither of them could speak.

Eventually Lauer making the apology "Oh, I'm sorry, something struck me as funny there." We can't possibly imagine.

A man who fell onto the track at a Madrid subway had a lucky escape when he  was dragged to safety seconds ahead of an incoming train.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened on Friday when an unnamed passenger fell backwards onto the track and injured himself.

As the 41-year-old lay there fellow travellers saw an incoming train which looked certain to hit him and started waving and shouting at the driver to stop.

But it was the brave action of an off-duty police man which saved him when he jumped down onto the track and then lifted the man out of the way.

Dramatic footage shows the train then only missed the pair by inches… luckily there wasn't one coming in from the other direction at the same time.

A barber in Alaska would have been forgiven for stopping what he was doing when a SUV smashed through the window of his barbershop.

But while Han Song simply paused to check the driver of the car was okay, he then continued to finish his haircut.

CCTV footage shows the moment the out of control driver dramatically smashed through the window into the store - luckily not injuring anyone.

And while Song stopped briefly to survey the damage with his hands on his hips, just seconds later he instructed his client back into the chair.

Song says he wanted to finish the job rather than send the man away with half a haircut. If that's not worth a tip we don't know what is.

275x250.jpgTeachers often seem to delight in the errors made by some students. Which is why sometimes it's particularly enjoyable to see a learned teacher come a cropper.

A head-teacher has been forced to make a grovelling apology after a teacher sent a school report to a pupil littered with FOURTEEN grammatical errors*.

The short report sent by the schoolgirl's form tutor at Gleed Girls’ Technology College, Spalding, was strewn with misspellings, incorrect apostrophe use and even had letters missing.

Shockingly, the first error can be instantly found in the subject line of the e-mail, titled: ' form tutor report for parents everning'.

But even more shockingly… we don't think it was a PE teacher who sent the error-laden email.

275x250.jpgA seven-year-old girl has racked up a £250 bill for her parents -- after playing a game on their Facebook profile for just one hour.

Paramedic Mathew Fox, from Birmingham, says he was completely unaware daughter Megan was costing him a fortune as she played 'Petville'.

Mathew had let the youngster use his account to play the popular game because he does not think she's old enough to have an account of her own.

But as she bought virtual clothes and furniture for a colourful make-believe pet, he didn't know it was all being charged to his PayPal account.

That was until he received an spate of emails confirming the £250 virtual spending spree… we probably shouldn't repeat the status update he made shortly after.

A video of an audience member vomiting into a plastic bag during the recording of a Spanish TV show has become an online hit.

Despite being filmed over a year ago the clip, from 'Know How To Live' has recently shot to internet fame.

The 42 second video shows a presenter talking to camera about how to achieve healthy skin as the audience member vomits into a clear plastic bag.

It's only when other members of the audience start waving their arms and calling for help that the camera zooms in to a point the puking can't be seen.

We can sympathise with the vomiter… watching This Morning leave us feeling in much the same way.

275x250.jpg19% of British blokes men believe George Orwell's classic novel Animal Farm is a blue movie and that Charles Darwin wrote Oliver Twist.

The worrying level of literature knowledge was revealed by a poll into the reading habits of 2,000 men under the age of 30.

Almost 25% also have no idea that Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, and a staggering 67% think the Scottish poet Robert Burns invented the haggis.

The survey also discovered that the average chap takes between eight and 12 months to read a SINGLE paperback.

Going on that statistic, it probably took them about two and a half weeks even to read the survey questions.

It's good to keep an eye on world politics… if only so you can have a laugh when otherwise calm politicians resort to fisticuffs, just like this MP in Argentina.

During a recent budget debate in Argentina’s parliament MP Graciela Camano flipped out at a rival MP, Carlos Kunkel.

But she didn't limit her attack to a verbal assault, after standing beside him and shouting for several seconds, she then slapped him around the face.

It's said Camano had lost her rag after Kunkel made aspersions about her private life, rather than it being a policy-based disagreement.

Whatever happened, all we know is that Kunkel didn't retaliate… and this sort of thing could certainly liven up Westminster. 

An enraged bull had matadors and bullfighting fans running for their lives when it jumped from the ring at an event in Mexico.

The 1,000-pound bull ran straight at the barriers before jumping up and landing amongst the crowd at Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.

Suddenly fans, who'd been watching from the 'safety' of second row of seats, found themselves with a closer view than they would have liked.

One man even leaped into the ring to escape the beast… and then quickly remembered that's where the bull would be returning.

While no fans were hurt in the incident a picador -- the guy responsible for spearing the animals during the fights -- was injured. It's almost like the bull knew what it was doing.

275x250.jpgFor most footballers, putting in a performance which gains world-wide attention can only be a good thing for their career.

But that's because not many players have had the dubious honour of making what is being described as the world's worst miss.

And as such, we can only advice Qatari footballer Khalfan Fahad to keep off the internet for a couple of days.

During a recent match against Uzbekistan at the Asian Games, Fahad chased a backpass and found himself unchallenged inches from goal.

But he somehow ended up hitting the post by committing a howler of such proportions we'd be surprised if he can ever look at a football again without breaking out in a cold sweat.

TV news broadcasts are normally slick, uber-professional affairs… but not always, as this blunder-filled minute of disastrous television proves.

The clip from Channel 10 in San Diego has become an online hit for packing so many gaffes into a short space during a live broadcast.

The 11am newscast begins with a shot of a weather-girl caught unaware, before panning to hosts who promptly bungle their lines as the introduce a news item.

After cutting to the outside link, there's an uncomfortably long pause before the reporter starts talking and the cameraman seems to get distracted by a pensioner on a mobility scooter.

In fact it's all so blunderful, we can't help but question whether it's fake… though we really hope it's not, because it almost makes us look competent.

275x250.jpgA bug in the iPhone operating system meant thousands of people were late for work today -- when their alarm clock went off an hour late.

While Apple iPhone 4 users saw their gadget automatically update when the clocks went back at the weekend, an apparent bug meant this did not synchronise with alarms.

As a result, people all across Europe who rely on their phone as an recurring alarm clock, found themselves waking up an hour later than expected.

Twitter was flooded with messages from disgruntled iPhone owners who'd had an unexpected lie-in.

iPhone users are now being advised to delete all recurring alarms and creating new alarm alerts… or just keep turning up late and using the same excuse.

275x250.jpgA man who robbed a bookmakers in Manchester has ended up in jail -- because he didn't know when to take his mask off.

Lorenzo Mason had waved gun around and demanded cash from scared staff, but on his way out the robber made a school-boy error.

While in the store he had disguised himself with a scarf, but on his way out he took it off.

Unfortunately for him, he decided to reveal himself (so to speak) right in front of CCTV cameras and police were able to identify him.

In fact his mother recognised the image of him in the local paper and made him turn himself in… she probably wanted them to use a cuter photo.

A US man was left shocked when he went outside and found a runaway buffalo in his swimming pool.

Chris Nonnemaker had noticed a couple of holes in the cover on his swimming pool in Georgia and went to investigate.

When he got to the outdoor pool he realised there was something moving under the cover and pulled it back -- revealing the wet buffalo.

Nonnemaker called police and filmed them rescuing it as officers tied ropes to the beast and pulled it towards the shallow end.

It turned out the buffalo had escaped from a neighbour's property… he probably hadn't got a pool.

200x190.jpgA bomb squad was called out to investigate a suspicious package left outside a Social Security office in Florida - and found it contained kittens.

Officers closed off the area surrounding the Social Security office east of Orlando, after staff there reported a suspicious package wrapped in tape.

The ten-man team, wearing protective suits, then proceeded to scan the white cardboard box with X-ray equipment to assess whether it was a bomb. It wasn't.

In fact, the scan revealed there were two kittens inside -- though that didn't stop one of bomb squad experts jumping as they opened the box and a kitten leaped out.

Only one of the two kittens was recovered as the other made a bolt for it and ran off… but that is still better than blowing them both up which almost happened.

275x250.jpg A US weatherman has been left red-faced after realising the storms he was warning TV viewers about appeared on his map as a giant penis.

The blooper was broadcast on KLST in Texas as meteorologist Nick Kraynok told people about incoming thunderstorms hitting the region.

What he didn't realise at the time -- or if he did, he managed to keep a straight face -- was the 'suggestive' phallic weather graphic he was waving his hands over.

However a video of the forecast has become a hit on YouTube where one commenter said: "Don't worry, the whole thing shrinks down when that cold weather hits it."

A TV cameraman filming the action at a US baseball game had the front of his camera smashed by a wayward bat which flew out of a player's hands.

Steve Angel had been shooting at the recent match between the Rangers and Yankees when Brett Gardner stepped up to the plate and smashed the ball.

Unfortunately for the cameraman it wasn't the only thing getting smashed -- the bat snapped off from the handle and came flying towards him hitting the front of his camera.

It knocked a hole straight through the front of the camera and left him (and viewers at home) looking through a snowflake/spiderweb effect of broken glass.

Angel, proving he is a consummate professional, continued to shoot the game on his broken HD camera and tried to line the action up with the hole.

275x250.jpg Sometimes it's reassuring to know we're not the only ones who get lost -- it looks like it can even happen to the Google team in charge of mapping.

This photo - which appears on Google Street View - seems to show the driver of a Google car pulling over in Amsterdam to check where he is on a map.

Taken in the south east of the city, it shows three Google cars, each with a roof-mounted 360-degree camera, pulling over at the side of the road.

One of the drivers is pointing at the map as he talks on his mobile phone trying to locate himself… you'd have thought they could've given him an Android phone with Google Maps on it wouldn't you?

A Peruvian police officer had an amazingly lucky escape after being knocked off her motorcycle by a huge truck.

The female cop is said to have only suffered a broken shoulder and bruises
in the horror smash where she was a split second from death.

Identified locally as special forces officer Sonia Nalvarte, the cop had been crossing a major roadway when she found herself in the path of an 18-wheel truck.

As she collided with the front-right side of the cab she was knocked off the bike and almost ended up under the wheels.

While it's not too often you can refer to someone with a broken shoulder as being lucky, we think it's fair in this case.

Most firms dream of having their product become an online hit… but probably not if the whole internet is laughing at it.

But that's what has happened to clothes company J Crew after a picture of a pair of lace tights on their website made it look like the model had hairy legs.

Pictures of the £14 tights have been forwarded frantically around the internet and the product has been dubbed "Hairy Tights" because of the unshaved appearance.

However, fashion experts claim the tights are "An essential ingredient in the season's textural mash-up" and that the hairy effect only happens if views at a certain distance.

Normally they appear as a 'normal' pair of lace tights… which is a shame for women who thought they could get this seasons mush-have by not shaving.

A Finnish newsreader has been sacked after he was caught drinking beer on live TV -- during a report about alcohol licensing laws.

As producers cut back to the studio camera from footage about Finland's alcohol licensing laws, host Kimmo Wilska was seen swigging from a bottle of beer.

After the footage was aired, his bosses were apparently quick to sack the boozy news reader, but he insists it was just a joke.

Kimmo claims he was pretending to drink from the bottle as a joke for colleagues in the studio and had not intended for it to be broadcast.

Fans of the news anchor have now started a Facebook campaign to get him his job back which 23,000 people have already joined… many of who think the news should be presented by a drink host anyway.

275x250.jpg A Dutch man has interrupted a current affairs talk-show on live TV...  by asking the hosts where the toilets were.

Student Barry Creemer shocked producers of the 'Pauw en Witteman' show when he stood up from his seat in the audience and walked in front of the cameras.

But it was when he then proceeded to ask the presenters of the show where the nearest toilets were, that really left them flabbergasted.

While the hosts calmly answered and pointed him in the right direction, their discussion soon descended into a round-table giggle-fest and they look like they might wet themselves laughing.

A man who was told he had terminal cancer and would die within six months, sold most of his possessions and was then informed doctors had got it wrong.

Malcolm McMahon had got rid of family heirlooms, cashed in premium bonds and even given away his dog before finding out he was okay.

When the 55-year-old from Birmingham was told he had severe liver cancer in February last year, he says his mind quickly turned to ensuring his girlfriend was financially secure.

He tried to raise as much cash as he could by selling antique rings, china ornaments and plates left by my parents. He also put his house up for sale.

But three months later he says the doctor called him back with some good/bad news - the scans actually showed harmless lesions on the liver, not cancer.

A worrying number of British kids reckon Buzz Lightyear was the first person to walk on the moon and 24's Jack Bauer blew up the Houses of Parliament.
The terrifying statistics emerged from a study of 2,000 schoolchildren where they were asked about key events in history and the people involved.
Twenty percent of kids believe Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear was the first person to set foot on the moon rather than Neil Armstrong while others thought it was Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

One in twenty thought Jack Bauer was behind the Gunpowder plot and a third didn't know Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone (9% said it was Deal or No Deal's Noel Edmonds).
It also emerged one in twenty thought Christopher Columbus discovered liposuction, NOT America, while one in ten wrongly believe Rolf Harris painted the Mona Lisa.

275x250.jpg Barack Obama was left red-faced when the presidential seal fell off his lectern as delivered a speech in Washington.

Obama was mid-speech as he addressed the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit when there was a large clunking sound.

Leaning forward over the top of his lectern he said: "Oops. Was that my err… " before shrugging his shoulders.

Dismissing the prop failure the president then added, "It's alright. All of you know who I am." He has a point.

A woman in Arizona required emergency treatment after accidentally mistaking a bottle of superglue for her eye-drops -- and using it.

Irmgard Holm, who had cataract surgery last year, said she reached for her eye-drops and applied them without paying much attention to the bottle.

It was only when she felt a burning sensation that she was aware something was wrong - the next thing she knew her eye was stuck closed.

The unfortunate woman quickly phoned for an ambulance and paramedics were able to wash her eye out before the glue caused any major damage.

Irmgard now says she'd like to see glue makers change the shape of their packaging to avoid others being involved in similar accidents -- she should be glad she can see anything.

Firefighters were called in to help rescue a clumsy cow which accidentally fell down a three metre well in Wiltshire and become trapped.

Emergency bosses say they were contacted after the 12-month-old bovine had fallen through the cover of the 10ft deep well and could not be easily recovered.

Luckily for the cow, she had somehow remained upright and the impact of the fall had been softened by the water at the bottom of the well meaning she was okay.

Vets used a ladder to climb down into the cramped space and sedate the cow before attaching ropes which were used by firefighters to lift her out with a JCB teleporter.

They then turned the hose reel jet on the dozy cow in a bid to wash the worst of the thick mud off… they say cats in trees are easier to deal with.

275x250.jpgVisitors to a Las Vegas hotel claim they have been left with burns and singed hair -- because its design creates a powerful 'death ray'.

It's said the concave shape of the plush Vdara hotel is reflecting sunlight into a powerful beam, which is directed at the swimming pool area.

The beam - which moves along the poolside as the sun moves - can increase temperatures by around 20 degrees.

One guest said the design of the building acts 'like a magnifying glass' and another cliamed it has melted plastic bags.

A spokesman for MGM Resorts said they're aware of the issue and designers are working to come up with a solution. It's worth noting they are not too keen on the 'death ray' name.

A journalist has been caught picking her nose on live TV and eating the contents - because she didn't know she was on camera.

As CBS 2 News anchor Dorothy Tucker wrapped up a report on bed bugs, the unfortunately positioned journalist was sitting behind her at her desk.

The unnamed journo didn't appear to think she could be seen by the camera (or anyone else) and reached up into her nose and had a good rummage around.

After examining her haul she then proceed to eat it - all while absent-mindedly looking directly at the camera - before quietly getting back to work.

Meanwhile Tucker, unaware of what was happening behind her, must have thought the cameramen were just grossed out by her bed bugs report.

Bosses at car manufacturer Volvo were left red-faced when a demo of their new pedestrian avoidance system didn't exactly go as planned.

Journalists had been gathered in Verona, Italy, to see the technology which Volvo claim could save the lives of hundreds of pedestrians each year.

The system is supposed to detect pedestrians in the direct path of the vehicle and automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

But in several of the tests the test dummies were knocked flying when the automatic breaks were applied too late. Bosses say this was because the test dummy was not recognised as human.

We're just glad Volvo didn't decide to show off their system by driving AT the journalists… not all of who would have been easily recognisable as human either.

A pilot has been branded a hero after somehow managing to land a plane safely despite one of the three landing gear wheels being stuck.

The Delta Airlines flight 4951 had been arriving at JKF airport in New York when the pilot noticed one of the landing wheels had failed to come down.

But after speaking on the radio to air traffic control, he managed to land the CRJ 900 twin-engine jet by balancing on two wheels before scraping a wing to come to a stop.

Footage shot by one of the 64 passengers flying from Atlanta shows sparks flying from the wing - which was full of fuel - as it dragged against the ground.

While it normally annoys us when clap-happy Americans applaud something like a movie ending or a pilot landing a plane… we think we will let them off on this occasion.

Parliamentary bills about meat imports must be much more entertaining in Switzerland than they are in the UK.

How else could you explain the amusing reaction from finance minister Hans-Rudolf Merz in this video?

The politician became tongue-tied with the bureaucratic legalise used in the bill he was reading and started laughing.

After his initial verbal stumble he tried to go on, but he just couldn't stop himself laughing and was soon joined by most of the parliament.

When he was finally able to get through all of what he had to say he received a round of applause from other politicians. In odd news, no-one cares how they voted.

Wine blunders: Top 10 mispronounced wines

275x250.jpgBrits claim to be a nation wine buffs -- but regularly embarrass themselves by making basic mistakes in restaurants.

A survey of 3,000 drinkers found three-out-of-ten adults have tried to pass themselves off as wine connoisseurs, but failed spectacularly.

Most common faux pas include mispronunciation of brands or wines and complaining
the waiter hasn't poured enough when the intention was for them to taste it.

Other excruciating wine errors include complaining about red wine being served warm and swilling the wine around in the glass so fast they spill it over themselves.

16% of people also admit to buying an expensive bottle just so it looks like they know their wine… which doesn't work if they ask for a Pea-not Noi-er.

275x250.jpgA golfer accidentally started a 12-acre fire when he hit his club on a rock in California causing sparks and the resulting blaze.

The hapless golfer had been playing at the Shady Canyon golf course in Irvine, when the accident happened.

It's said he'd taken a swing at the ball but that his club struck a rock causing a small spark.

But this was enough to start a fire in the parched area and the blaze soon covered a massive 12 acres of the densely wooded hill.

Almost 200 firefighters attended the scene and the fire burnt for over seven hours… and we thought our golfing endeavours had been embarrassing.

Sky Sports presenter Jessica Kastrop was hit on the head by a stray football during a live pre-match broadcast.

In the clip - which has already become a hit on YouTube - Kastrop can be seen talking to her co-presenter about the pre-season clash in Stuttgart

But then all of a sudden a ball is whipped in by Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz smashing Kastrop on the back of her head.

The force of the 100mph ball knocked her head forward so fast Kastrop almost head-butted the desk she was stood at.

Boulahrouz insists the battering ball was an accident… and Chelsea fans will tell you he can't normally shoot with that accuracy.

A shocking crash which saw a driver launched into the air and smash into a bridge has been caught on police camera.

19-year-old driver Brendan Eden had been speeding along the Ohio highway when he hit the protective barrier in the middle of the road.

Footage from a police car shows how this launched his 1995 Pontiac Firebird high into the air and it smashed into a bridge.

The car then broke into three pieces and the driver was thrown from the wreckage.

A police spokesperson said "He is very lucky to still be alive" -- and it's only after watching the footage you realise what an understatement that is.

275x250.jpg Beaches on the English Channel were closed after a killer crocodile was seen swimming in the sea… and then it turned out to be a chunk of wood.

The alert had been raised by holidaymakers when they spotted the 12ft 'croc' swimming in the port of Boulogne, France, yesterday.

As a result a major search involving lifeguards, firefighters and even the army was launched in a bid to find the beast, and swimmers were advised to keep out of the water.

But today red-faced coastguards have revealed there was no crocodile and the razor-sharp toothed creature spotted was actually a chunk of driftwood. Oops.

275x250.jpg BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been caught out giving the finger to a fellow BBC news host... on live TV.

Schafernaker had been preparing for his bit on BBC News at 10.54 this morning, when host Simon McCoy joked that his "Of course 100% accurate" weather forecast would be on shortly.

But apparently taking offence to the comment Schafernaker stuck his middle finger up -- not realising the camera was pointing at him and broadcasting his obscene gesture.

When he saw the gaffe on in-studio monitors red-faced Schafernaker tried to pretend he was only scratching his chin. Yes, just like a primary school pupil who's been caught swearing by the teacher.

275x250.jpgAn unlucky 13-year-old boy was hit by lightning on Friday the 13th… at exactly 13:13.

The teen had been visiting an air show in Suffolk when the incident happened where he and two others were struck by lightning at 13 minutes past one, according to witnesses.

Fortunately the boy - who had been holding an umbrella - only suffered minor burns from the lightning strike which can cause serious burns and even cardiac arrest.

A spokesperson for St Johns Ambulance service said the lad had been conscious and breathing when their team arrived and took him to hospital to be checked over.

Unfortunately the unlucky 13-year-old has not been identified… if he had we could make sure we never got on the same bus as him.

275x250.jpgA daredevil motorcross rider was thrown into the crowd at an event in London after he hit a ramp awkwardly.

Andre Villa had been competing at the Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station when he was propelled from his saddle.

Despite the huge fall into watching spectators, Villa was luckily not seriously injured and (even more luckily) his bike had not made it over the audience barrier.

A spokesperson for the event said no-one had been seriously hurt in the  accident and that three fans suffered minor injuries.

One fan said: "I know this was a dangerous sport. But I thought it was only dangerous for the riders, not the audience too."

275x250.jpg An image on Google Street View of a girl's body lying face down on the pavement sparked panic among local residents that crime had gone undetected.

Families in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, feared something terrible had happened to a young girl on their doorstep, when they saw the shocking image online.

But they needn't have worried and contacted police -- because it was just a youngster playing a prank on her friend by pretending to be dead and not realising the Google car was passing.

Nine-year-old Azura - who says she didn't know the Google car was passing - had fallen over and was 'playing dead' as a prank on her friend… and inadvertently the internet.

A 'cowardly' US baseball fan has become an online hit after chickening out and dodging an foul ball… which went on to hit his girlfriend.

The man, known only as Bo, had been watching the Astros v Atlanta Braves game in Houston, when a foul ball came flying towards him.

But after jumping up to catch the wayward ball he changed his mind at the last minute and dived out of the way.

If bailing on the catch in front of thousands of fans wasn't bad enough then speeding ball then stuck his girlfriend on her right arm.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral online… and earned Bo the unenviable nickname of "The Bailer".

275x250.jpgThe word 'separate' is the most commonly misspelt one in the English language, a study discovered.

The eight-letter description of people or objects which are set apart from each other came top due to the regular placing of an 'E' where the first 'A' sits.

Second in the list was 'definitely', which often falls victim to a string of mistakes including mixing up the second 'I' with an 'A'. Another common error is dropping the final 'E'.

'Manoeuvre' which is problematic due to the unusual combination of OE and U in its midst, came third and 'embarrass', in which an R or an S often falls by the wayside, was fourth.

'Occurrence' emerged as the fifth most commonly misspelt word due to the confusing double C and double R… obviously WE would never make mistaks like these, we promisse.

275x250.jpg A gorilla appeared to be having great fun with a Nintendo DSi XL games console which had been accidentally dropped into a US zoo enclosure be a clumsy gamer.

The young butter-fingered computer game fan had been fiddling with his handheld console when he slipped and dropped it at San Francisco Zoo.

Unfortunately for the poor lad, the game dropped into the gorilla enclosure and, being bright red, soon attracted the attention of the big apes.

One picked it up and started playing with it but staff soon persuaded him to give it back in exchange for an apple. That's the fruit… he wasn't upgrading to a laptop.

275x250.jpgBBC laptops and mobile phones worth over £240,000 have been accidentally lost or stolen during the past two years, the Beeb has revealed.

The corporation made the embarrassing announcement after a Freedom of Information request was lodged about lost tech.

It's said 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 Blackberry devices went missing between April 2008 and March 2010.
While 19 items worth £23,450 were later recovered, this leaves the final bill for lost gadgets at a still massive £217,569.

And to put this into perspective… that's probably about seven seconds of Top Gear.

A clumsy kiwi bird with two broken legs is being given rehabilitation treatment -- including treadmill sessions.

The runtish bird was originally taken to vets when it was found in a bad condition in New Zealand in December.

Dubbed Piwi, the bird had a broken leg that had healed badly and vets were left with no option other than to re-break it and straighten it.

But shortly after it was taken to a wildlife park for rehabilitation the dopey bird somehow broke it's other leg resulting in a visit to Massey University's Wildlife Ward.

Once there it was given rehabilitation treatment including 'running' on a treadmill… and it didn't even need to pay an excessive gym joining fee.

275x250.jpgRad-faced aquarium bosses have been forced to put a bikini on an underwater statue of a mermaid -- because her boobs were too big.

Staff at Sea Life Chessington said the noticed a number of young male visitors to their underwater tunnel were not giving the marine life their full attention.

Instead the boys (and a few older visitors) were said to be ogling a particularly buxom mermaid statue.

So in a bid to save her modesty and get the guys looking at the fish again, they dispatched a diver to cover her breasts with a bikini.

A spokesperson for the attraction said: "It’s a bit of a boob on our part, really." -- something tells us she'd been for waiting ages to use that one. 

275x250.jpgA benefits cheat who claimed he was crippled by arthritis has been caught out after being filmed performing jazz dance routines.

Cheating Terence Read had, for 15 years, claimed arthritis meant he could hardly walk and received disability benefits of £19,915 during this time.

But after being tipped off he was considerably more mobile than he let on, benefits bosses caught him red-handed by videoing him dancing.

Undercover officers secretly filmed Read as he competed in dance contest where he twirled his partner around during an elaborate five minute routine.

Yesterday the footage of his moves were reviewed by a different kind of judge… one sitting at Manchester Crown Court where he was given a 12-month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work.

275x250.jpgA paintball course in Montana has been forced to shut down -- because it was proving too popular with bears.

The grizzly and black bears were said to be attracted to the area by the smell from paintballs which have been fired.

It turned out the paintball resort had used organic paintballs which included vegetable oil, which the bears thought was food.

Some particularly hungry bears had even been caught munching on unexploded paintballs which had been found on the ground.

Bosses say they are now looking for a paintball which won't attract bears… or give them blue teeth.

275x250.jpgA 6ft long boa constrictor has escaped from an Essex home and is now said to be on the loose in the local area, police have warned.

Experts say Diego the pet snake - who slithered out of a bathroom window in Barnfield two days ago - could pose a danger to children and small animals.

Police have conducted searches in the area but have so far been unable to find the snake, as a result they are now warning anyone who sees it to call 999.

Leaflets have also been distributed to neighbours warning them to be on the look-out for the baseball-bat thick creature, which kills prey through asphyxiation.

It's thought warmer weather could have prompted the snake to go out hunting… though after one night out in Essex, we'd have though it would have gone home.

275x250.jpgA Facebook page called "I'm lost. Help me find my family" has been set up in a bid to reunite a tatty teddybear with his owner.

Cafe owner Liz Everett started the page after the lost bear was accidentally left in her Suffolk tearoom.

She said the threadbare bear was so adorable she knew he'd be missed and felt a Facebook page would be the best way of tracking down his owner.

And after posting pictures of 'Meare-Kat' on the beach and enjoying an ice-cream more than 1,000 people have joined the search and are asking their friends to help.

It's now hoped someone who know the forgetful family will see the campaign and Meare-Kat can be reunited with them… if he's not having too much fun at the seaside.

275x250.jpgITV has caused outrage among soap fans following an Emmerdale episode showing a shopping list featuring 'jam rags and 'piles cream'.

The crude reference to sanitary towels and hemorrhoid cream appeared on a blackboard shopping list in Marlon Dingle's house.

Fans of the soap were stunned by the slang term appearing in the 7pm show and the reference has been labelled 'inappropriate and unnecessary' by media watchdogs.

Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch, an independent campaign for family values in the media, said: "Clearly whoever wrote that knew exactly what they were doing, and they certainly didn't need to."

A spokesperson for Emmerdale was unavailable for comment… maybe they're out doing the shopping.

A fighter jet pilot in Canada had a miraculous escape when he ejected from his CF-18, seconds before it crashed to the ground in a huge fireball.

Brian Bews had been practising low-flying aerial manoeuvres in advance of and upcoming air-show when sparks started coming out of his engine.

The quick-thinking pilot ejected from the plane as fast as he could and despite it being so close to the ground he was able to get out.

And it's a good job he did, because his £20million Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet smashed into the ground in a ball of flames.

Amazingly Brian only suffered a sore back and a scratch on his are in the incident -- though he also has to tell his boss he destroyed a £20million plane.

275x250.jpgScientists have investigated the popular belief that dropped food is okay to eat unless it spends more than five seconds on the floor.

After repeatedly hearing the claim a team from Clemson University decided to test how quickly harmful bacteria could be transfers to food from a dirty surface.

Food scientists from the human nutrition department conducted a series of tests by dropping samples of food onto both dirty floors and work-surfaces.

It was discovered bacteria could be transferred a lot faster than five seconds and therefore it shouldn't be used as a rule for healthy dining.

This is just the latest in a line of vital research done by the team… they've previously looked at what happens when someone double-dips or drinks from a carton. Really!

A greyhound race in Australia has been declared a 'no race' -- after a real-life hare ran across the track and distracted the dogs.

The dogs had been chasing the traditional faux bunny at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, when the hare invaded the track.

It sprinted in front of the racers and crossed to the outside of the track - distracting the dogs, one of which chased after it.

Because third-placed Ginny Lou (20/1) rejected the robot rabbit for the real thing the race was voided.

After a hare-y few minutes the £19,000 of bets which had been placed was refunded to punters.

275x250.jpg A couple on a whale-watching trip near Cape Town, got a closer view than they expected when a massive 40-ton whale jumped from the sean and onto their yacht.

Amazingly, as they looked for whales, a massive 10 metre one leapt from the water off the coast of South Africa and headed straight for their diminutive yacht.

The Southern Right whale then smashed into the 33ft boat and snapped the mast before eventually sliding back into the water an swimming away.

Luckily the accident was caught on camera by a nearby tourist… otherwise no-one would have believed their whale of a tale.

Thrill-seekers at a Russian theme-park had a more exciting time than expected when a cable snapped on a rocket ride and left them dangling 70m in the air.

Ten unfortunate 'cosmonauts' had been on dubious-looking 'Rocket' ride at Divo Ostrov theme park on Krestovsky Island, St Petersberg, when the accident happened.

As the ride spun around, the cable supporting the rear of the ten-seater rocket snapped and the back plunged -- leaving the riders screaming and in fear for their lives.

Luckily rescue teams were quickly on the scene to free the riders from their 70m dangling position and no-one was seriously hurt.

And there was us thinking the joy of theme-parks is that while scared to within an inch of your life, you are always entirely safe. Guess Russia has a slightly different approach.

275x250.jpg A drunk man broke into an Australian wildlife park because he wanted to ride and pat a giant 16ft long crocodile -- amazingly he wasn't killed.

The sloshed 36-year-old had just been chucked out of a local pub in Broome when he decided his night wouldn't be complete without a ride on a croc.

He proceeded to climb over a fence and into the wildlife park where he was confronted by the 800kg saltwater crocodile called Fatso (pictured above), which he then tried to ride.

Unsurprisingly Fatso snapped at the drunk fool, tearing a chunk of flesh from his leg. But he didn't kill him, as might have been expected, and let him escape… maybe he doesn't like his meat marinated in beer.

275x250.jpgA forgetful tourist accidentally left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery when she checked out of a luxury London hotel room.

The woman, who had been staying at London's Westbury Mayfair Hotel, checked out as normal last Monday... but when a chambermaid went to clean her room, she was left shocked.

That's because she found what could only be called a glittering treasure trove of jewels - including diamond-encrusted rings, a glitzy necklace and earrings - all lying in a chest of drawers of the £2,500-a-night suite.

The honest member of staff immediately reported the find to her boss who stashed the jewels in a safe while they tried to locate the woman who was thought to be American.

Because she had not left any contact details the hotel were unable to find the woman who was only reunited with her gems five days later when she phoned up in tears… much like the chambermaid who'd hoped they wouldn't be claimed.

275x250.jpgA Halloween-style joke fake arm was caused a motorway to be closed for several hours after it was spotted by drivers.

Dozens of motorists traveling on the M62 in Merseyside had seen the faux arm lying at the side of the road and assuming it was real, called police.

As a result a search was launched and the road was closed while officers looked for the bloody arm and any other body parts.

After an extensive several hour hunt the joke arm was recovered and the road reopened -- but only when council workers contacted police to say they'd picked it up earlier in the day.

Officers say they don't know how the plastic arm ended up in the road… and if anyone could give them a hand finding out they would appreciate it.

275x250.jpgA distracted baseball fan who was using his mobile phone during a recent game got hit in the face by the ball.

The New York Yankees fan has been chatting away on his phone during the game against the Mariners when the accident happened.

As Seattle's Rob Johnson hit the ball into the stands everyone in the stadium seemed to be watching the ball.

Well everyone except for the poor fan who as talking on his phone and didn't notice it until it hit him in the face - much to the amusement of commentators.

"Oooh... he got hit in the face," said one of the announcers… who was glad something interesting had finally happened in a baseball game.

275x250.jpgApple iPhone 4 users have been given official advice on how to deal with a problem of dropping signal -- "don't hold it like that.'

After the new phone launched yesterday many users complained they lost signal strength when holding it by the bottom left corner.

The problem is thought to be because holding the £500 in this way connects two parts of the case which also act as antennas.

Particularly bad for left-handers, the signal reduction can even mean the iPhone 4 stops working as a basic phone.

But when one users emails Apple boss Steve Jobs for advice he wasn't expecting the blunt reply which simply said: "Just avoid holding it in that way."

275x250.jpgMotorists who drive black cars are significantly more likely to be involved in an accident, it has been found.

In fact, university researchers claim they are 47 percent more likely to be involved in a crash -- and that's after excluding commercial vehicles.

The team from Monash University in Australia claim it's all because of the visibility of the vehicles (or lack of) against the background of the road.

Other coloured cars which merged with the road and other traffic included grey, silver and blue ones - with these suffering even more accidents when it's dark.

The safest colour cars to drive are orange and white one… which explains people don't crashes into police cars more often.

A man who was loading his clothes into a washing machine had a lucky escape when a van crashed in through the wall of the laundrette.

CCTV shows John Osambo, from New Hampshire, was forced to jump out of the way of the vehicle, which came to a stop next to him.

The van had been driven by a woman who was trying to park her car outside while chatting on the phone.

She says her foot slipped off the break and the van shot forwards and through the wall of the Lee Laundermat.

Still, at least John now has an excuse not to do the washing -- he has claim he's suffering flash backs to his near-death experience.

275x250.jpgA team of window cleaners were left dangling outside the 44th floor of a US tower-block when a piece of scaffolding fell from the device that moved the cleaners.

The trio had been cleaning the (many) windows on the Wells Fargo Plaza building in Houston, when the accident happened.

When their device broke it meant the platform they were standing on fell, snapped and left the men clinging on.

They were then left hanging by their harnesses for over two hours while rescuers removed a window from above them and pulled them to safety.

When they were finally yanked in from their precarious position one of the rescuers said: "you missed a bit".

275x250.jpgNews magazine is reporting on zombie attacks in New York -- but only after you enter the Konami Code on their homepage.

While the site looks zombie-free to most visitors, those pressing the buttons familiar to 80s Nintendo gamers are treated to alternative articles.

After pressing the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter) all normal articles are replaced with ones about a zombie invasion.

The lead article has the very un-Newsweek headline of "ZOMBIES ATTACK!" and others detailing their quest for brains and the cause of the invasion.

We can't decide which is more surprising the fact a coder hid this in the new site… or that people are still typing the Konami Code everywhere they go.

275x250.jpgA four-man mountain rescue crew were called out to save the life of a dog which became tired on a Snowdonia mountain walk.

Nero, a 10-year-old black labrador had been trekking above the Ogwen Valley near Bangor, when he became tired and the stoney path caused him to suffer sore paws.

His owner, a woman in her 30s, didn't know what to do and dialled 999 for mountain rescue - asking them to help the poor pooch back down.

A team was dispatched and located the dog and owner before taking it in turns to slowly carry Nero down on their shoulder

The mountain heroes say it took three hours to get off the mountain -- and that the phrase 'rescue dog' is normally a description rather than an instruction.