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275x250.jpg A student at New York University has created a camera which prints out text descriptions of what it sees rather than photos.

Creator Matt Richardson said he came up with the idea for his 'Descriptive Camera' after thinking about the metadata cameras produce: date, time and camera settings and wishing they could do more.

But because the technology isn't there yet to produce a text description of a scene his gizmo uploads images to the web and they are described by users on Amazon's Mechanical Turk -- where users are paid to complete basic tasks.

Speaking about his Descriptive Camera, Richardson said: "The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene.

An Australian MP has become an online hit after showing the sort of blind loyalty to his Prime Minister in a Sky News interview that could only normally be prompted by a Malcolm Tucker rant.

Bill Shorten was being interviewed about a statement made by PM Julia Gillard about whether the Australian Speaker should return to his role while there was an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

But rather than give his opinion he said: "I haven't seen what she's said, but let me say I support what it is that she said."

Bemused interviewer David Speers replied: "Hang on, you haven't seen what she said?" and then it got even more bizarre as Shorten added: "But I support what my prime minister said".

275x250.jpg An extremely rare camera lens which is so wide it's capable of actually seeing behind itself, has sold for a massive £100,000 in London.
The lens -- described as the world’s most extreme wide-angle lens -- had been up for sale at Grays of Westminster which specializes in Nikon photography equipment after co-founder Gray Levett found it on a trip overseas.

Weighing a whopping 5.2kg, the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 is 171mm long has a diameter of 236mm and offers a 220 degree view. It is understood to be one of only a few hundred produced after being revealed at Photokina in 1970
Levett said, "The background of this immense lens is that our vintage camera buyer Toni Kowal spent six months tracking it down from overseas, and we were fortunate to be able to find this example in such pristine condition. 

A confused tourist in Paris was left red-faced after attempting to drive down into a Paris Metro station… after mistaking it for a car park.

The driver -- identified only as 26-year-old Johan -- had been hoping to find himself in a car park for the nearby Haussmann shops when he drove towards the entrance.

Instead he found his 4x4 Ducia Dustin mounting the pavement and heading down a flight of stairs into the Chaussee d'Antin-Lafayette stop.

Amazingly no-one was injured in the bizarre accident and as no damage was caused to the Metro or the public road Paris traffic police say he will not be prosecuted.

We've seen more than our fair share of escapee cows here at Newslite Towers, from ones on the run in New York to ones which ended un in swimming pools, but this is about the most bizarre yet.

After not getting the attention she wanted, Darcy the cow recently escaped from her pen in Colorado -- an a family-run farm -- and hoofed it down the road.

The four-year-old award-winning cow later turned up at a drive-thru window of a McDonald’s half a mile away where workers took photos and boasted about how fresh there meat was.

A video of a spider devouring a snake has become a YouTube hit… and no we didn't get the words snake and spider the wrong way around.

Filmed by Cairns kite surfer Ant Hadleigh in the forest of Cape York, the video shows a mid-air battle between a golden orb spider and a brown tree snake which was caught in a web.

Hadleigh says he thought the snake was going to be an easy winner, given its size advantage, but despite managing to attack the spider a couple of times, the arachnid’s had the advantage.

As the spider ate the snake one bite at a time Hadleigh was brave enough to hold his hand behind the attack to give a sense of scale… we hope all of his fingers are still intact.

A TV weatherman had to abandon plans to broadcast from an outside studio in Pennsylvania -- when two bears interrupted a live broadcast.

WNEP meteorologist Kurt Aaron was due to be give his forecast from the studio backyard during the 11pm show... and then the bears appeared.

So instead Aaron (quite sensibly) decided to hide out inside the studio and explain tp viewers what had happened.

"I walked out there, and I turn around and I hear the sound - and the bear's literally ten feet from me! And I ran like I stole something, I'm not gonna lie!" he said.

A teenage girl in China had to be rescued after falling into a sinkhole which opened up on a Xi’an pavement and swallowed her.

Video footage shows the moment the girl -- who was busy making a call on her mobile -- disappeared through the ground and into a 6m deep hole which had just opened up.

A taxi driver who witnessed the bizarre accident and ran to the rescue said the girl was unconscious when he found her and that he patted her to wake her.

Firefighters were called and lowered a ladder down to the pair. The girl was taken to hospital for treatment and is said to have recovered.

Don't you just hate it when you're reading the new in a TV studio and a dog pops up and makes an impromptu appearance?

Well while it's never actually happened to us, it did recently happen to Toronto newsreader Leslie Roberts.

As he was introducing a story, the pooch -- Storm the weather dog who belongs to weather man Anthony Farnell -- appeared over his desk as the show cut from the studio to a video clip.

After the gaffe Roberts said: "People may have noticed a few minutes ago I was reading the news when a dog suddenly popped up.

275x250.jpg When police in Utah were called to a man trying to break into a car and apprehended a man carrying lock picks and bolt cutters, they assumed he would own up to it.

But instead, the 31-year-old -- who was also carrying a glass pipe for smoking methamphetamine -- tried telling officers he was actually just practicing to be a locksmith.

However, after requesting a search warrant they seized stolen items from a truck which included purses, wallets, a gun an gems worth an estimated $5,000.

The man, who admitted to using methamphetamine, has now been charged with breaking into the vehicle, possession of burglary tools, theft and drug possession.

We're guessing his lock-picking tools were taken from him before he was put in handcuffs.

Of all the things we expected to see today, a rubber chicken wearing a knitted NASA suit and floating at the edge of space, wasn't one of them. Luckily High School students in California had other ideas.

Kids from Bishop Union High School used a helium balloon to send the bird, called Camilla (the mascot of the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory), to an altitude of 120,000ft in her lunchbox spaceship.

As part of their science project they wanted to test the levels of radiation during a proton storm -- a M8-class solar flare early on March 10, 2012. And Camilla, who was just the job.

She was joined on her mission by several insects and sunflower seeds and after rising to the edge of space the balloon which had been carrying her expanded so much it exploded and  came hurtling back to Earth at 500 mph.

275x250.jpg Earning a big salary is bad for your waistline – with those who pocket £45,000 a year among the unhealthiest wage bracket, it emerged yesterday.

A study of 2,000 Brits found bigger earners are more likely to see their waistline balloon amid a dizzy round of boozy lunches, nights out, take-aways and ready-meals. They are also more likely to smoke and avoid any form of exercise wherever possible.

By contrast the report also found the healthiest people are those earning a modest £16,000 salary, because they lack the funds to binge on booze and dine out.

The study revealed Brits in the £45,000 salary bracket enjoy an average of three boozy lunches at work each month, and sup an alcoholic drink two lunchtimes each week.

Almost one in ten regularly head to a restaurant for an unhealthy meal during their lunch hour, while another 21 per cent tuck into a fat-filled sandwich.

275x250.jpg Eating competition normally include things like hot dogs or burgers, but a competitive eater in Russia has just won the world's first caviar speed eating contest.

49-year-old Alexander Lavrov munched his way through £3,000 worth of luxury black caviar in just 86 seconds and was the first person to finish their 500 grams of the delicacy.

His prize for munching his way through the expensive fish eggs, 10,000 rubles (£215) -- and even more caviar to take home.

The promotional event was held by a Moscow restaurant called Apartment which is said to have spent two million rubles on the contest.

275x250.jpg Land Rover and Victoria Beckham have worked together to produce a luxury Range Rover which has been launched in China.

The Range Rover Evoque Special Edition is described as "bespoke luxurious, hand-finished" and will cost around £80,000 --- twice the price of the standard model.

Victoria was appointed Creative Design Executive in July 2010 and has worked with the Land Rover design team over the past 18 months create the car, of which just 200 will be made.

The Evoque Special Edition features a hand-finished matt grey paint, unique 20" gloss black forged alloy wheels along with a vintage tan leather interior, 'baseball' stitching and and ultra-luxurious floor mats.

You might not recognize the name Jesper Bruun, you might not even recognize his face, but it's almost certain you have seen him.

That's because Bruun one of the most photographed and featured men in the world and stock images of the Danish model have been used in countless advertising campaigns around the world.

Brun has been a happy tourist in Australia, a rockstar in France, a family man in Bolivia and worked in a German bank -- or rather that's what photos of him have been use to portray.

Upset that stock images of Bruun were being used by firms rather than specially commissioned photos Câmera Clara Photography Studio recently set out to meet hims and find out a bit more about him.

275x250.jpg A group of models have taken park in a catwalk show with a difference… the catwalk was suspended vertically down the outside of a Boston hotel.

Each had to be strapped into a harnesses while wearing their Ted Baker outfits before rappelling down the 24-storey catwalk in the vertigo-inducing show.

The models -- actually climbers from Boston Rock Gym -- also showed off Revere hotel uniforms designed by students at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

275x250.jpg When an Egyptian man decided he was going to watch his first bit of online porn, he probably thought the worst thing that could happen was for his wife to catch him.

However, what actually happened was that he discovered the movie he was watching stared his wife of 16 years who he had four children.

It's been reported that the man -- known only as Ramadan -- went on to find that his unfaithful wife had appeared in 11 different films.

After being shown the movie, the woman confessed to being the online porn star and told Ramadan she never really loved him, before adding that the man in the films was her pre-marriage boyfriend.

Speaking in Egyptian newspapers Ramadan insisted that this was the first time he had watched online porn… and that he'd gone to an internet cafe to do so. Yuk.

275x250.jpg A Canadian artist has created a range of shoes which leave bizarre footprints which look like predatory creatures (and the occasional Bigfoot) have been stalking urban areas.

Maskull Lasserre says he came up with the project because having moved to the city from the Canadian woods and countryside he found the fact there were only human shoe prints in the puddles and snow a bit lonely.

So for the past two years he has been making moulds of animal footprints, casting them in urethane rubber and attaching them to the soles of shoes which he wears.

He then leaves prints in the snow in the hope that they will be seen by other people who will think they have been left by real animals.

275x250.jpg Residents in an Austrian village are apparently set to vote on whether to change its name… well it is called of Fucking (yes really).

The 104 residents have become annoyed by the constant ridicule and attention the name attracts the hamlet -- and the fact their road signs are constantly being stolen.

Locals also say it is a common sight to see semi-naked women posing for photographs beside the Fucking signs.

One option being considered is to readopt its 16th-Century spelling which would see the village called Fugging.

The modern spelling was adopted in the 18th Century and the name is said to have derived from Focko, a 6th Century Bavarian nobleman.

When Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands started using electric scooters they were presumably worried the silent engines could be hazard to pedestrians, because they added a sound effect.

But rather than record a traditional engine noise, they used the sounds of a man "Domino’s!" and "pizza!" between revving noises. Genius!

The result a scooter guaranteed to make you laugh when you hear it motoring by… however, that's go to be annoying for the delivery guy.

275x250.jpg Exercise equipment isn't normally the most attractive of objects, but a design firm aims to change that by reimagining the exercise bike as a piece of art.

The resulting VELA from Lunar Europe in Munich looks like it would be as at home in an art gallery as a gym despite begin a fully functional piece of exercise equipment.

A spokesperson for the design firm said: "Home fitness equipment usually looks as if it belongs in a torture chamber – chunky and heavy, it often leads a shadowy existence in the guest room or basement.

"Our goal was to create highly functional fitness equipment which, besides its sporting uses, will adorn any living room in the same way as an aesthetic sculpture. The objects thus combine ‘life’ and ‘style’ in the best possible sense."

275x250.jpg Taking inspiration from Willy Wonka, Heston Blumenthal and Damien Hirst the people charged with advertising Jaffa Cakes have created a lick-able lift.

The elevator in a London office block on Great Portland Street was covered with artwork featuring 1,325 lick-able Jaffa Cakes on the walls to give city workers a treat.

The bizarre campaign took food technicians and artists four weeks to plan and is said to have been enjoyed by the 800 staff who work in the building.

Philippa Tilley from McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, said: "We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers. 

It's never too early to start exercising. That's clearly what this baby thinks -- either that or he is desperate to watch cartoons on YouTube.

Little Jonas has become an online hit after being filmed doing chin-up exercises on a desk, despite only being nine-months-old.

Then nappy-wearing youngster is seen repeatedly lifting himself off the floor to get a better view of a clip from The Jungle Book playing on the computer screen.

Writing on YouTube his mother joked "We're working on teaching him to rock climb now." At least we THINK she was joking.

275x250.jpg Police in California say a burglar made himself comfortable after breaking into a family's home -- he drank their champagne and then took a shower.

In fact the naked burglar was still in the shower when the family returned home and called 911 and he was still in the shower and lathered up when officers arrived.

Officers -- who arrested the 25-year-old at gunpoint -- say he had also helped himself to a meal at the Mojave Desert community home before jumping in the shower.

A spokesperson for San Bernardino County sheriff reportedly said the man was jailed with bail set at $25,000. You could say he is in hot water.

Babies find the strangest things amusing, from ripping paper to bubble popping dogs… and now even a vacuum cleaner is apparently enough to leave them in fits of hysterics.

A video which is currently surging on YouTube shows a cute baby giggling as his mother used a vacuum cleaner on the floor and his T-shirt.

275x250.jpg Exercise is normally good for you, but not when you do it like this. A weightlifter has reportedly shot himself by accidentally dropping a weight on a bullet.

The 56-year-old claims he was left with a 'gunshot' wound to his shoulder after dropping the dumbbell onto a rimfire .22 caliber bullet.

He says this caused the bullet to shoot towards him and leave him with the wound which required medical attention.

Police have confirmed they found no gun at the home, but that they come across a shell casing from a .22 caliber bullet.

They added that officers found the man's story suspicious, but not impossible.

Machines might not be capable of emotions (yet) but that doesn't mean they don't like hug -- this one will even give you a free Coke for a wide-armed squeeze.

The hug for Coke vending machines have been installed across Singapore as part of an 'Open Happiness' campaign.

They feature the words "Hug Me" on the front in the traditional Coca Cola font and when a user squeezes them from both sides they spring into action, delivering an -cold Coca-cola can.

A spokesperson for the stunt said: "The Coca-Cola Hug Machine is a simple idea to spread some happiness. Our strategy is to deliver doses of happiness in an unexpected."

275x250.jpg The change in our pocket is suddenly feeling somewhat inadequate after we discovered Canadians not only get coins with dinosaurs on… but dinosaurs which glow in the dark.

The Royal Canadian Mint has created a series of four 25 cent coins featuring dinos, starting with a Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai.

In normal light the coins, approved by the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, show how the dinos would have looked in the outside, but once in the dark their glowing skeleton is revealed.

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mint said: "For best effect, place the coin in sunlight, fluorescent, or incandescent light for 30 – 60 seconds then bring the coin into the dark to reveal the skeleton of the dinosaur!"

A big red button in the middle of a sleepy Belgian town square, it would be hard not to push it wouldn't it? Especially if there was a big 'Push to add drama' sign hanging over it.

Well luckily for the people behind the promotional video 'A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square' the urge was too great for people in this Flemish town.

And when they did all sorts of chaos were unleashed starting with a man being carried out of building on a stretcher by ambulance workers toppling to the floor.

Then a cyclist hits the ambulance and brawls with a paramedic before a gang are involved in a shootout with police... oh yeah, there's also an American football team in there somewhere.

275x250.jpg Scientists have discovered that people think men who are carrying a weapon are bigger than they actually are.

Researchers from UCLA asked hundreds of people guess the size and muscularity of four men based solely on photographs of their hands holding a range of objects.

It was found that brandishing a weapon makes men appear bigger and stronger, with boffins concluding an unconscious mental mechanism recognises a threat and makes us think it is worse.

On average, participants judged pistol-packers to be 17 percent taller and stronger than those judged to be the smallest and weakest men.

"There's nothing about the knowledge that gun powder makes lead bullets fly through the air at damage-causing speeds that should make you think that a gun-bearer is bigger or stronger, yet you do," said Daniel Fessler.

Vietnamese traffic cop Nguyen Manh Phan was determined to get his man. How determined? you ask. Well let's put it this way, he clung onto the windshield wipers of a moving bus for nearly a mile.

The unstoppable traffic officer had ordered a driver in Hanoi, Vietnam to stop for driving on the wrong side of the road. But after being told to produce his papers the driver jumped back on the bus.

In a bid to stop him, Phan stepped in front of the vehicle. However that didn't work and the driver started the vehicle… so Phan grabbed the windscreen wipers as the bus started moving.

As this video shows, he was then left clinging onto the vehicle as it drove for about a mile before the driver eventually pulled over and was arrested.

A sports firm have created an impressive viral video by attaching 100 tiny video cameras to the equipment of sports players.

Equipment maker Easton deployed the 100 GoPro cameras to capture the actions from baseball matches, ice hockey and lacrosse games.

The resulting footage was then edited together to create an amazing first-person view of the sports which even manages to make baseball look interesting.

999 crews rush to model train accident

275x250.jpg Two ambulance crews and a police car rushed to the scene of a model train accident after reportedly mishearing a 999 call.

It's claimed the 999 teams turned up at Canvey Island, Essex thinking they were attending a military railway not a miniature railway.

Staff at Canvey Railway had called for an ambulance after three passengers fell from the model train and suffered minor injuries.

But the train enthusiasts were shocked when the police and ambulance turned up to deal with the minor situation.

A spokesman for the attraction told the Telegraph: "The emergency crews said they thought they had been called to a military railway, which is why there was such a big response."

Don't you just hate it when you are walking down the road sending a text message and come fafe to face with a bear? What do you mean this has never happened to you?

Residents of La Crescenta in California had recently been warned about a 500 pound black bear wandering the neighbourhood… but it appears this guy hadn't got the memo.

A news crew from KTLA5 have been flying over the area to get footage of the bear when they spotted local resident Vaz Terdandenyan walking down the road.

Terdandenyan was so distracted by his mobile that he didn't notice the bear until he was fafe to face with it. Then he noticed it.

275x250.jpg Caffeine-crazed crooks in Austria could be wired for some times after apparently making off with a 1814kg haul of of coffee.

Police say the gang broke into a wholesaler and coffee-roaster's warehouse where they proceeded to load a van with beans and drive off.

It's been reported that the vehicle and contents were worth more than £45,000… so about the same as two coffees from Starbucks.

Japanese brewery Kirin have come up with a solution to the beer-drinkers summer problem of a warm brew -- a drink which is served with a frozen foam head.

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft features a frozen foam head which makers claim will act as an insulating lid and keep a drink cold for 30 minutes.

The foam is made by cooling the beer to -5C and then pumping it out Mr Whippy style on top of the glass.

275x250.jpg A team of engineers at Purdue University have created a machine to accomplish the simple task of popping a ballon... in the most over-engineered way possible.

The machine was an entry in this year’s Rube Goldberg Machine Contest -- where teams compete to design a machine that uses the most complex process to complete a simple task.

While some put a stamp on an envelope, screw in a light bulb or made a cup of coffee in 20 or more steps, this winning beauty takes a convoluted 300 steps to pop a balloon.

It was built by the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers and took 5,000 hours over six months to design and build. They should have got Wallace and Gromit in to help.

A video of a golden retriever saving a puppy from a swimming pool has become an online hit… and rightly so.

In the clip, a distressed little pup can be seen doing doggie paddle (obviously) in the middle of the pool after apparently being thrown in.

But within seconds the lifeguard dog mother has jumped in and helped the pup reach the side of the pool by supporting her above the water with her snout.

Then, as the little dog struggled to get out the mother climbed out of the pool ran around and grabbed it by its scruff before dragging it to safety.

275x250.jpg The perfect man eats meat, drives an Audi and phones his mum twice a week, a poll of women has revealed.

The ideal fella also drinks lager or beer, not wine or spirits, and earns a comfortable £48,000 a year whilst being clean shaven and with a smooth chest.

He will also be six feet tall, have short dark hair and smart dress sense. However, vegetarians were a no-no,, according to the poll of 2,000 women.

The study also found the ideal man should also have a degree and hold down a decent job. A demanding 15 per cent said they would insist on a suitor having at least a master’s degree or a PHD.

But 70 per cent of girls said they would prefer to date a man who earned more than them.

Footage of a UFO darting across the sky over Seoul in South Korea has divided the internet with some insisting it heralds the arrival of little green men, and others repeatedly shouting "FAKE" at their computers.

The video was apparently recorded by a passenger flying over the city and zooms in and out to get a better view of the spherical object.

Moving at a similar pace to the plane, the object eventually shoots out of shot.

But online critics suggest all is not as it seems and that the UFO has simply been added onto the original footage.

275x250.jpg A businessman has reportedly crashed his beloved Ferrari Testarossa and caused £30,000 worth of damage by swerving to miss a hedgehog.

Joerg Daecher was travelling home from work at Eschershausen in Germany when he spotted the creature and tried to drive around it.

Unfortunately -- thanks to leaves on the road -- he lost control of the sports-car and crashed into a barrier after he spun out of control.

It has been estimated that damage to the car could cost £35,000 to repair.

On a more positive note, it's understood that the hedgehog managed to escape the accident uninjured… which we're sure makes Joerg feel better. 

275x250.jpg A typical Easter Egg hunt sees children running around and finding copious amounts of chocolate, but kids in Somerset found a hand grenade instead.

The event organised by a pre-school group near Holford -- and attended by more than 20 two to five-year-olds -- came to a bizarre end when the explosives were spotted.

One of the children had been seen standing on the device as the eggs were being counted, and organisers moved the kids calmly away from the hand grenade.

Police were called and after an evacuation and closing a road, the grenade was destroyed by bomb disposal teams who later declared the area safe.

It's not thought that they found any more chocolate eggs either.

A teenage burglar has been arrested after he was caught strutting his stuff on CCTV… and he dance moves were recognised.

The 16-year-old from Texas was apparently filmed as at scene of a burglary, during which an amphibious duck tour vehicle was broken into.

Police released the footage and soon received a call from a local high school… where the suspect was recognised from his dancing in school corridors.

The smooth criminal was later arrested after his mother was shown a copy of the dancing video and called him out of his bedroom.

275x250.jpg Five people have been arrested in China after a teenager who sold his kidney so he could buy an iPhone and iPad, suffered renal failure, it's been reported.

It's claimed the 17-year-old was last April recruited online for the illegal trade and received about $3,000 for his kidney -- while the gang made $35,000.

The dumb donor was only discovered when his mother noticed the new gadgets and asked he how he could afford them.

But now the gang involved have been identified and charged with causing intentional injury and illegal organ trading/

Prosecutors in Hunan say the lad, identified only as Wang, issuffering renal failure… it's not known if he's upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad 3.

275x250.jpg A hermit crab has moved into a bizarre new home… a shell made entirely of LEGO bricks. Well he does live in an aquarium at Legoland.

Harry, who lives in a rock pool at the Windsor attraction, is said to have surprised keepers by opting for the red, yellow and blue shell over more traditional abodes.

Senior Aquarist, Liane Riley explained; “Hermit crabs have soft bodies which need protecting, but they don’t have their own shells.

"They solve this problem by salvaging for empty sea shells and literally moving in but we decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special LEGO house just for him. 

A two-year-old has become an online hit after being filmed strutting his stuff to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock.

Little William Stokkebroe was attending a dance event in Denmark when he took to the floor in his check shirt and jeans and proceeded to show off his moves.

The pint-sized dancer even threw in a theatrical bow as he received a round of applause from the appreciative audience. If only he knew 5 million more would see him on YouTube.

But he should be good… his parents are world champion Latin dancers Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe and claim he learnt from watching them in the dance studio.

275x250.jpg With Brits sacrificing their diet for hectic lifestyles the tradition of eating three meals a day is fast becoming a thing of the past, it has been found.

Researchers, who conducted a study of 2,000 people, found that the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner template is dead, with the average person eating less than two meals a day.

Brits are adjusting their eating habits with half no longer eating a proper breakfast because of a lack of time, while many avoid the meal completely.

And fast-paced lifestyles and snacking culture mean a quarter of Brits manage just two properly cooked meals a week and only 11 full meals in a typical week.

Breakfast is the meal most Brits skip with a fifth claiming they never get hungry in the morning.

An "exquisitely preserved" woolly mammoth has been discovered in a frozen cliff in Siberia, giving a important insight into the animals.

Named 'Yuka' by scientists, the creature is thought have been three or four years old when it was killed lions and humans who took over the kill at an early stage.

Since then it has spent more than 10,000 years it an icy tomb -- but amazingly its foot pads and "strawberry-blonde" hair are still clearly visible.

"Already there is dramatic evidence of a life-and-death struggle between Yuka and some top predator, probably a lion," said Prof Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan.

275x250.jpg Because we think any day only gets better with the addition of racing miniature pig -- here's some little porkers doing their think at Pennywell Farm.

Bosses there say that it took months of planning the course and training the pigs, but that it was all worth it because miniature pig racing has been a massive hit with visitors.

With obstacles like Bacon’s Brook and the Trough to contend with the pint sized porkers have to be at the peak of their physical fitness and on sizzling good form and it was 9 month old Red Runt who triumphed in the first race.
Pennywell’s owner Chris Murray says: "The pigs have been hamming it up, the visitors have been all out in supporting them and it’s odds on we have a classic activity in the making."

A lorry driver in Norway has had a lucky escape when he survived an accident which saw his truck plunge 200ft down a snow-covered cliff.

The Lithuanian driver was being towed up a serpentine mountain road in Leirfjord, because it did not have the right tyres when it slid on the ice.

This caused it to tip over the guard rail and fall down the cliff taking the rescue vehicle with it.

While footage from another car shows the driver of the rescue truck jumping to safety at the last minute, the Lithuanian driver went down with the larger lorry and suffered several bone fractures.

275x250.jpg One in three women would rather be overweight than have bad skin, a survey has revealed.

Researchers found one third of females would rather face the prospect of putting on a few pounds than going out in public with spots, wrinkles or dry skin.

The poll of 2,000 women also exposed the top 10 beauty wish list – with good boobs, sparkling white teeth and a year-long tan accompanying good skin.

It also emerged when it comes to ageing, one in five women are more concerned about crow’s feet, furrows and facial creasing than developing middle aged spread or going grey.

The poll also found the average women would like to weigh eight stone nine pounds, be a dress size 10 and be just over five foot five inches tall.

A BBC business correspondent proved a hit with viewers to BBC Breakfast… when she forgot about the FTSE and performed an Irish jig on the morning show.

Steph McGovern -- a big fan of the movie Titanic which she has seen 11 times --  was apparently inspired by the dance moves Kate Winslet, a guest on the show, had shown in the film.

So she decided to show off her own skills and after kicking off her shows performed a quick-footed Irish jig which host Bill Turnbull said was 'brilliant'.

And her moves impressed viewers who took to social media websites to praise her dancing. Maybe in the future the BBC will re-release the jig in 3D.

275x250.jpg A 12-year-old skateboarder has achieved what many other, more experienced athletes have tried for years – to land their first ever 1080 on a skateboard.

Tom Schaar from Malibu recently became  the first skateboarder ever to complete three full  rotations in the air with the board beneath him and then land.

And we know that's impressive because skateboarding legend Tony Hawk -- who pulled off the first 900 degree spin on a half pipe at the 1999 X Games -- thinks so.

Tweeting after hearing of the stunt he said: "In the last year I've seen Shaun White try 1080s & Mitchie Brusco crash-land a few. Tom Schaar nailed it."

275x250.jpg An Austrian man was reportedly so desperate to avoid going to work that he sawed his own foot off.

The unemployed 56-year-old was due to attend the labor office to check whether he was fit to return to work.

It's been said that just before his appointment in Styria, he held his leg against a saw and severed his foot just above the ankle.

But it doesn't end there. Before calling for an ambulance the now hopping gent threw his detatched foot into an oven.

Unsurprisingly doctors were unable to reattach the foot.

Everyone knows dogs and cats fight… but did you know they sometimes do it with lightsabers? Well this video shows it so it must be true!

A video effects expert has taken a innocuous video of a cat and pitbull dog getting into a little scrape and added a helping of Star Wars weapons.

The result, a video which couldn't help but become a YouTube hit.

275x250.jpg While some scientists were busy trying to cure cancer, others were apparently more preoccupied by the question 'Can trees suffer jetlag?"

Researcher from say that the internal biological clock that gets altered in humans when travelling across time zones, leading to jetlag also applies to trees.

But it's not a wast of time, the team from the University of Western Sydney say their findings could be useful in an era of tackling climate change.

Dr Víctor Resco de Dios said: "If you could move a whole forest from Sydney to Barcelona all of the trees – in fact the whole ecosystem – would likely have the plant equivalent of jetlag.

"The research results provide a much better understanding of ecosystem function and its capacity to store carbon which is essential in an era of climate change and carbon accounting."

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, animal charity PDSA has announced the line-up of pet finalists in its annual slimming competition Pet Fit Club.

This year the overweight animal contestants include 11 dogs, 5 cats and 2 rabbits… who are currently carrying a combined excess weight of over 24 stone.

And the 18 finalists include a ‘custard cream loving’ dog called Alfie; a 10.2kg Scottish cat called Maverick who is 85% overweight.

There is also food thief, Deco - a canine who likes cake but is carrying 57% extra body weight; Romeo the Labrador who has a penchant for roast dinners who is 47% overweight.

275x250.jpg As Olympic fever hits the the UK even the penguins at London Zoo are apparently getting in on the act… after getting their very own diving board installed.

The diving board was installed to celebrate ZSL London Zoo being awarded LOCOG’s Inspired by 2012 mark for its summer Animal Athletes programme.

As such the colony of 64 penguins can now practice their spectacular diving skills and keepers say they have already perfected their penguin-stroke and mastered the flipper-crawl.

Head Bird keeper, Adrian Walls said: “The penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills and really play up to the audiences. I think they love having their very own diving board.

275x250.jpg A deliveryman who was dropping off a package of medical marijuana in California was ambushed by a pair of ninjas.

It's been reported that the men -- complete with black ninja costumes and batons -- frightened the deliveryman enough to cause him to drop his marijuana-filled bag.

He claims they then grabbed the bag, stole his cannabis and fled on foot.

It's understood the men, described by West Covina Police Department as being in their 20s and around 5 feet 8 inches tall, are still at large.

That is unless the whole ninja story was a drug-prompted hallucination.

275x250.jpg A little puppy called Beyonce -- which had to be revived by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions when she was born -- is thought to be the world's tiniest.

The Dachshund mix was part of a litter of five born earlier this month to a mother who had been taken in by The Grace Foundation, which takes in unwanted animals.

Bosses from the organisation have submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if Beyonce is the world's smallest puppy… or at least the smallest New York Times subscriber.

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