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For most of us, having a bad day means getting splashed by a car driving through a puddle. Not for this lot, they all almost died this year… and in ways we can hardly believe.

Winner: A helicopter pilot from New Zealand had people around the world asking "how is he still alive' after being involved in a dramatic crash which was broadcast on live TV. Greg Gribble had been using the copter to install a massive Christmas tree at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour when the accident happened. (Stuff)

Runner-Up: He would have been forgiven for feeling sorry for himself, but when climber Adam Potter fell 1,000ft down a mountain in Scotland, he picked himself up and started reading his map to find out where he had landed. (BBC

The best funny products from 2011 (DAFTAS)

275x250.jpg Oh commercialism, what would we do if you weren’t there constantly coming up with more and more bizarre products for us to spend/waste our hard-earned money on.

WINNER: The Icecreamists this year launched Baby Gaga ice cream, an odd product which was made from breast milk from local lactating mothers. Unsurprisingly the product drew criticism not only from people who didn't like the idea of the main ingredient, but also from Lady Gaga, who didnt' like the name. (BBC)

RUNNER-UP: A condom manufacturer launched a special range of prophylactics to celebrate the Royal wedding and marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The condoms came with the slogan "Lie back and think of England" and featured a photo of the happy couple on the front. (NewsLite)

There are times when only one word can accurately and comprehensively sum up the events which have just occurred… Oops. This category aims to celebrate the best fail moments of 2011.

WINNER: MythBusters is a US TV show where the hosts perform scientific experiments to prove or disprove commonly-held misconceptions or myths… usually, but this year the show took an unusual turn when they accidentally shot a cannonball into a home in California. (Business Insider)

RUNNER-UP: Carolyn Bourne didn't exactly get off to the best of starts with  her step son's fiancée in 2011 -- she sent an email to her, saying her behaviour "was staggering in its uncouthness and lack of grace". (Telegraph)

275x250.jpg Some people argue that modern art and artists can’t compete with the skill and ability of the old masters. We disagree… because as far as we know Leonardo da Vinci never turned breakfast into a dessert.

WINNER: Japanese artist Natsumi Hayashi is struggling to keep her feet on the ground after her latest project became an online hit this year… thanks to featuring self-portraits of her levitating. (Daily Mail)

RUNNER-UP: Dogs which were dyed to look like a dragon, a Liquorice Allsorts character and Lady Gaga were just some of the artistic entrants at the British Dog Creative Stylist Of The Year competition. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpg Dumb crooks, bungling crooks and unbelievably ill conceived crimes, this category has it all. It you enjoy seeing would-be crooks come a cropper (and who doesn’t) this one is for you.

WINNER: A Swedish man was arrested after he was caught trying to split atoms at his home and keeping a blog about it. Richard Handl had the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment and had spent months trying to split atoms in his kitchen. When he realised it might not be legal he sent a question to Sweden's Radiation Authority and was answered by the arrival of police. (Yahoo)

RUNNER-UP: Primary school worker Alexis Bailey had just appeared in Highbury Magistrates Court charged with taking part in the UK riots/looting. But holding a newspaper over his face to hide his identity he proceeded to march straight into a lamppost. (YouTube)

Animals are constantly doing crazy things, but sometimes they do crazy enough to make the news… like flashing the camera on national TV.

WINNER: Fenton! the deer chasing dog shot to internet fame after he was filmed chasing a herd of deer through Richmond Park in London, followed by his shouting owner. (The Sun)

RUNNER-UP:  An Antarctic Emperor penguin which took a wrong turn this year ended up stranded on a New Zealand beach 2,000 miles from his intended destination of Antarctica. He then proceeded to eat sand (thinking it was snow) and needed an operation. (NewsLite)

275x250.jpg Some scientific discoveries develop our understanding of the world, improve the lives of millions and help to cure diseases that affect people around the world… but not this lot.

WINNER: A team of 'astronauts' this year completed a mission in which they simulated a mission to Mars -- without ever leaving a container in a Moscow car park. They donned spacesuits, conducted tests and even walked on red sand pretending it was the surface of Mars. (BBC)

Runner-Up: A Russian female scientist stripped naked and braved freezing temperatures to swim with beluga whales in a bid to tame them. It's believed belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits… or at least that's what Natalia Avseenko was told. (Daily Mail)

We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

Cheetah, the chimp which shot to fame appearing in the Tarzan movies of the early 1930s has died at age of 80. (Guardian)

A woman shows off some impressive shoplifting skills by smuggling crate of booze up her skirt in this YouTube hit (Mirror)

Shoppers in a Devon supermarket have received a nice bonus when a mystery man handed out wads of £50 notes after 'coming into some money' (Daily Mail)

A cranky crocodile has attacked a lawnmower at an Australian wildlife park after the noise from the machine disrupted his peace and quiet, as this video shows. (Mirror)

Colombia's second-largest city has had a giant outdoor escalator installed for residents of one of its poorest slums to get home faster. (Telegraph)

Cricket Cameraman Joe Previtera was hoping to capture some impressive footage by riding a Segway while holding his camera -- instead he ended up falling off an becoming the impressive footage. (HuffPost)

A newspaper has been ordered to $125,000 to 13 people who suffered burns while trying out a published recipe for churros. (Telegraph)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been pictured riding a water buffalo while on holiday in Vietnam. That is all. (Mirror

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

A Chirstmas-minded chocolatier has hit upon an unusual festive hit… chocolate-coated Brussels sprouts. (The Sun)

Sea creatures including worm larva, plankton and a paddle worm helgolandica have been used by boffins at Plymouth University to create a bizarre Christmas card. (Daily Mail)

A TV weatherman stormed off the set after being asked to do an interview and give the forecast. (Daily Mail)

News reports in North Korea are claiming that nature is "mourning" the death of Kim Jong Il through  "strange natural phenomena" such as cracking ice, glowing mountains and glorious sunsets. (HuffPost)

Siku is an orphaned polar bear cub which has become an online hit after being ridiculously adorable in a YouTube video. (Mirror) (YouTube)

The Filipino air hostesses who perform safety demos to music for YouTube hi-jinx are at it again, this time to a festive Mariah Carey number. (Daily Mail)

A Dutch football game came to an abrupt end when a manager ordered his team off the pitch after a goalie was shown a red card for defending himself against a thug who ran on the pitch. (Daily Mail)

WNWDW: Santa pulled man from burning car

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

A man dressed as Santa has save a driver's life after coming across a burning car while wearing his full festive costume. (ABC News)

Hancock became HanC**k and Arsenal became A***nal on a TV guide when an overzealous worker censored non-offensive TV titles. (The Sun)

Police in France are on the hunt for a man who has made a series of raids on bakeries in Paris suburbs to steal croissants. (Telegraph)

We're fans of the news blooper, and KTLA 5 they seem happy enough to embrace the gaffe -- like when an audio error meant viewer heard a host ordering a coffee. (YouTube)

A pair of crooks in Wisconsin accidentally called 911 during their getaway… by butt-dialling the cops as they sat down. (ABC News)

It's probably not the sort of birth she was hoping for, but a US woman has had a baby in a truck, during a snow storm. (HuffPost)

Frankincense could become a thing of the past after ecologists warned that trees producing the festive incense could soon be wiped out. (Telegraph) has been snapped up by an unknown buyer, meaning that the Pope could soon be left red-faced by pornographic content which looks like it could come from The Vatican. (Reuters)

Ever wondered why something you bought online doesn't work? YouTube might have the answer if this video of a FedEx guy throwing a computer monitor is anything to go by. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

Worried boy writes to builder about concerns his chimney isn't big enough to fit Father Christmas. A new one gets built adhering to results of Santa calculations. It's a Christmas PR miracle. (Telegraph)

A woman who swallowed a pen 25 years ago has just had an operation to have it removed… and it still works! Can anyone write 'Yuck' (Daily Mail)

YouTube have revealed a list of of most watched videos in the UK in 2011 --  all hail the talking and hungry dog. (BBC)

Apparently attempting to prove that all the useful inventions have already been invented, a Japanese boffin has created a nose-mounted LED which lights up when you breathe. (HuffPost)

A video of a cat stroking crying baby and sending him to sleep has become a web hit… and made us wonder whether our cat is a suitable babysitter. (Daily Mail)

Dutch TV presenters with cannibalistic tendencies have caused a stir by eating part of each others cooked flesh on TV. (Mirror)

If you are going to score an own goal, it may as well be a corker. That seems to have been the logic adopted by the Hong Kong footballer who scored this spectacular own goal. (Telegraph)

They say the bigger they are the harder they fall, and that certainly seem to be the case with Britain’s biggest dog who broke his toe while out on a walk. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpg The RSPCA have revealed some of the odd requests they received in 2011 -- including a mute blackbird and radioactive seagulls.

While the majority of the million plus requests made to the animal welfare charity involved genuine concerns, some were a bit bizarre.

One person called to complain that their neighbour's power shower caused their dog to go to the toilet and another wanted advice on microchipping a guitar.

A RSPCA spokesperson said: "Although we may have a little laugh at these stories, the RSPCA does want to remind members of the public that the 24-hour advice and cruelty line is for reporting serious cases."

As for the supposedly radioactive gulls, it turned out that nearby garden lights were illuminating them and turning them green.

Some YouTube videos need a lot of explaining… but for others all you need to say is: "Here's a penguin fetching a newspaper." This is one of those.

Shower blunder left blondes with hair green

275x250.jpg A group of Swedish blondes have been left with green hair after a problem with the showers in new homes in Anderslöv.

When the blondes saw their hair take a turn for the green it was thought that water supplies to the homes could have high copper levels.

But after tests were conducted it was discovered that the water delivered to the houses was fine, but that copper levels shot up overnight.

It turned out that hot water was peeling copper from uncoated pipes and then reacted to become an involuntary dye when took showers.

As a possible solution the Swedish blondes will now have to wash their hair in cold showers.

Runaway golf cart mows down football coach

An American football coach and several supporters were ploughed down by a runaway electric golf cart as he celebrated a championship win.

The bizarre accident happened at the end of the high school championship football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Willie Amendola had been giving an interview to reporters when the runaway cart shot across the field and hit him from behind.

A stadium worker then managed to jump on board and turn the engine off as it carried the bemused Spring Dekaney head coach.

275x250.jpg A bungling burglar who tried to steal Christmas trees from a nursery has been caught -- after police simply followed a trail of pine needles.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police say they just had to follow the fallen green spikes for half a mile to get their man.

Five trees had been pinched from Park House Nurseries in Spenborough and sure enough after following the needle that's what they found dumped in a garden.

A police spokesman said: "The foliage led officers to a house where the stolen trees were found and recovered. As an extra present, officers also found a cannabis farm at the address."

A spokesperson from the nursery said the trees had been marketed as low needle drop trees… but had still dropped enough for them to follow.

Type in "let it snow" into a Google search this Christmas and you'll be treated to bit of festive fun from the internet giant.

After hitting the enter button snowflakes will start to fall from the top of your screen and slowly begin to cover the search results in snow.

Users can then use their mouse cursor to manually brush off some of snow or hit a 'Defrost' button to fully clear the screen.

For some other Google easter eggs, try typing "Do a barrel roll" or "Hanukkah" into the famous search screen.

275x250.jpg Six out of ten families will opt for board games over computer games this Christmas, a study has found.

While gadgets, gizmos and games consoles will feature on many wish lists this year, millions of families will still find time to dig out old classics such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.
Most of those who will opt for board games said they preferred them because they ‘brought the family together’ and are ‘more fun’.
The study also found families are most like to reach for a board game at 2.28pm – once the presents have been opened and dinner has been served.
Which means the first board game related arguments should kick in at about 2.31pm.

We'll be honest, we don't know what this TV interview is about. But as soon as you hit play you'll realise that doesn't matter.

That's because shortly into the TV chat, a randy camel muscles into view and takes an instant shine to one of the interviewees.

After nuzzling the man's head, the hrony camel chases him away from the camera and tried to mount him. The man was eventually forced to seek refuge in a nearby car.

275x250.jpg Over three quarters of people are 'drunk' in their tagged Facebook photos, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that the average Briton’s Facebook photos were taken when the subject was under the influence of alcohol.

The discovery was made as part of a poll of 1,781 people into the relationship between Brits and the photos they have on social media profiles.

Asked to estimate what percentage of the photos they are ‘tagged’ in on their profile had been taken after/whilst drinking alcohol, the average number was 76%.

And while just a tenth have their privacy settings to limit looking at tagged photos to just themselves, over half, 56%, admitted that they had ‘drunk photos’ on their profile that they would not want their work colleagues to see.

275x250.jpg Police in Manchester have revealed a burglar’s to-do list of potential targets after it was found lying in the street following a burglary.

Entitled "Lined Up Grafts", the handwritten note details keys to cars which have been left on view, bikes left insecure and accessible to everyone as well as homes where items have been left on view.

The thief also wrote the tools needed to carry out each job including hammers, screwdrivers and even a coat hanger.

While it's hoped the would-be burglar doesn't have a good memory, the fact we've just published his list probably doesn't help matters.

Of all the things we expected to see go viral today, a quick-tongued lizard playing a game on a smartphone wasn't one of them.

But what do we know, because this video of a Bearded Dragon lizard licking virtual ants in the Ant Smasher game, is fast becoming an online hit.

The powerful-tongued creature even racks up an impressive score as he lashes out at the digital ants on the screen and has been praised by online commenters.

So far around 1.5 million people have watched the 57-second clip and it's expected to have encouraged some people to buy a Bearded Dragon of their own… which is a bit excessive just to get a high score.

Pensioner spent two days lost on the M25

275x250.jpg An 82-year-old pensioner spent two days and two nights driving around the M25 after getting lost on his way to visit his daughter

Dennis Leighton had set off from his home in Windsor on what should have been an hour-long journey.

But when, several hours later, the octogenarian had not arrived, his worried family called police and reported him missing.

30 hours after he'd initially set off, police found his Vauxhall Estate on the M25, with a confused Dennis still behind the wheel.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "He got a little bit lost but was found safe and well in the early hours."

275x250.jpg Research has revealed that Santa is at his most generous in Birmingham where an average household will see children receive £314 worth of presents.

A poll of more than 2,000 parents (we can't imagine why they were asked) found that kids in Brum were luckier than those anywhere else in the UK.

In Southampton, the average UK household of two children will receive
£297 of pressies each, in Newcastle it's £261 and Brighton £252.

Other cities which made it to the list of top ten cities where Father Christmas spends the most include London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

A spokesperson from Grant My Wish App, which commissioned the survey, said: "No matter what gifts we all receive under the Christmas tree this year we should all be grateful and thankful to those who gave them to us. 

275x250.jpg A cheeky seal pup has wandered into a house in New Zealand and made himself at home... by chilling on the sofa.

Video footage shows the moments after Annette Swoffer was gobsmacked to find the creature in her home in the coastal town of Tauranga.

It's thought the seal had travelled from the nearby harbour, across a road, up a driveway, through a cat door and into the property owner's lounge.

Experts say the NZ fur seals are believed to be breeding on Motunau Island, which is approximately 12km offshore and at it's not unusual for weaned pups to wander into odd places.

DOC marine mammal expert Laura Boren said: ""They commonly go up streams, into people's gardens and so on but this is the first I'd heard of one going into a house.

275x250.jpg It's not uncommon for hotel visitors to try stealing a robe from their room -- but a hotel chain in Australia is setting their guests a bigger challenge.

Art Series Hotels are hiding a $15,000 Banksy in one of their Hotels and telling guests that if they can steal it without getting caught, they can keep it.

A spokesperson for the hotels said: "The $15,000 masterpiece is one of just a handful of signed and authenticated Banksy's available in Australia. Find it, as it does the rounds of our hotels, and it could be yours...

The artwork "No Ball Games" will hang in a corridor in one of their hotels for 30 days from today… unless someone get it sooner.

275x250.jpg The average Brit will devour 2,453 takeaways during their lifetime, a study has revealed.

Researchers found hungry adults will gorge their way through 188 kebabs, 322 Chinese dishes and 368 pizzas – with the majority eaten on the way home from a night out.
They will also tuck away 375 burgers, 312 portions of fish and chips and 92 hot dogs.
And this dodgy diet doesn't only hit your waist-line, we are each said to fork out a wallet-busting £17,250 to feed our fast food habits.

Chinese was said to be the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by
Fish and chips, Pizza and Indian.

A US police officer has been left red-faced after accidentally crashing his patrol car UP a utility pole.

The cop had been driving in Miami when he became distracted and somehow managed to drive onto a telephone wire.

This meant the vehicle rode on to the tension rod of this pole -- rather than the pole itself -- until it was at a 45-degree angle.

While he managed to escape the accident without physical injury, his pride was a little dented -- he had to wait for emergency workers to free him.

275x250.jpg Today is officially the day when Britons finally start to feel 'Christmassy', a study has discovered.
A survey of 2,000 people found the festive feeling only arrives when we’ve ticked off 60 per cent of the Christmas shopping and started counting down the days until the festive break.
Putting up decorations, wrapping a handful of gifts and hearing festive songs also contribute to the uplift in our mood, as does the office Christmas party.

Other things which will make this Thursday Christmassy include turning on the Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies and eating the first mince pie of the year.

Constantly hearing Christmas songs is also said to make many people feel Christmassy… thought we find it just makes us feel mad.

275x250.jpg Next year will see the launch of what will almost certainly not be the most exciting sporting contest… the World Watching Paint Dry Championships.

Would-be title-holders are being asked to submit photos of themselves looking at paint and state the longest time they've spent watching the coloured stuff dry.

Six finalists will then be selected and invited to take part in a grand final in front of media and show off their paint drying skills.

A spokesperson for, who are organising the contest, said: "After so many sporting disappointments we’re keen to invent a sport which England can excel at and watching paint dry could be just the thing.

"Entrants don’t need to be physically fit or participate in a vigorous training regime, what’s more important is mental strength, concentration and endurance.

Some videos need a long and detailed explanation. This one doesn't… it's five unadulterated minutes of happy dogs riding in cars.

The slow-motion footage shows - filmed by our new hero Keith Hopkin -- shows the pooches joyous jowls flapping in the wind as they drive.

Remember, no matter how much you enjoy watching the five minute video, Mia, Bodhi, Charlo, Snickers, Pinky, Clancy, Assagi, Ronnie, Jethro, Gracie, Suki, Chloe and Kiwi enjoyed filming it more.

275x250.jpg Wildlife experts have warned there could be a goose-eating monster lurking in the waters near the London 2012 Olympic stadium.

Witnesses reportedly recently saw the unidentified monster grab a 7kg Canada goose and pull it under the River Lea.

The bird is said to have disappeared under the surface of the water with such speed that "it didn't make a sound." "We just saw the goose go vertically down" Mike Wells told the BBC, who witnessed the attack from a boat.

In 2005 another similar attack left experts thinking there could be a giant pike, mink, alligator or giant turtle in the water.

Stephen Conroy is the politician in charge of television and radio broadcast standards Australia -- which is what makes this clip so funny.

You see the blundering minister recently blurted out the F-word while addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, which was being broadcast on live TV.

"I love the debate about sovereign risk," he said. "If a tax goes up, God, that is sovereign risk. But if a tax goes down, F--king fantastic," he said.

Realising his gaffe, a red-faced Conroy added "Excuse me." 

275x250.jpg A mountain rescuer in the Austrian Alps says he recently spent eight hours trying to rescue a toy frog which had fallen from a 2000m peak.

Markus Fleischmann was hired by a German couple who accidentally dropped a cuddly green frog while taking a photo and desperately wanted it back.

The couple had spent two days looking for the toy themselves before hiring the professional mountain rescuer at a cost of £350.

Fleischmann says that it was not a dangerous mission searching the 2192m Hinteren Goinger Halt peak because it was off-season.

After eight hours he found the toy and returned it to the middle-aged couple.

It's not everyday you get to see a bear with impeccable manners -- but it could be from now on if you keep coming back here.

That's because this video shows the moment a bear at a wildlife reserve in the US waved at a girl as she drives past.

Sitting in his enclosure at Olympic Game Farm in Washington, the huge Kodiak bear has presumably been waved at by more than a few children.

Well, it appears he'd been paying attention, because as the girl waves goodbye he picks up a paw and waves right back.

275x250.jpg Meet Daniel, he's a cat with a difference -- he's got 26 toes. Not only that, but his digit-laden paws have helped save an animal rescue centre in the US.

The once-unwanted orange-and-white tabby became the face (or should that be  feet) of a campaign to raise money for cash-strapped Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

After discovering their rent was to be doubled, the animal shelter decided to move into a new location and needed to raise $70,000. so they looked to Daniel who suffers from polydactylism.

So they asked people to donate a dollar for each of Daniel's toes and thanks to the internet it looks like they will be safe. Normal cats have 18 toes, if you were wondering.

With positions including downward-facing dog, we've always thought Yoga was a but more canine than feline -- but this little guy has other ideas.

The cat in question can be seen climbing onto and then riding his owner as she performs a yoga workout.

Unperturbed by her exercise passenger, the woman continues to work her way through a series of positions as the kitty sits on her back an bottom.

And while the cat seems surprisingly chilled, we can't imagine it was that relaxing for the exerciser performing the routine with cat claws sticking in her back.

Coke secret formula gets moved to new home

275x250.jpg The secret formula behind Coca-Cola has become a little bit more public after it was moved to an exhibit at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

However, it's not that much more public, despite being at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta it's still in a rather serious-looking vault.

The secret formula had been kept in a vault at SunTrust Bank since 1925 but bosses at the fizzy-drink firm wanted to make it a bit higher profile.

A spokesperson said: "It's the first time in history, the vault containing the secret formula for Coca-Cola is visible to the public."

We're of a certain age which means it was almost mandatory for us to have a pogo stick -- but we never managed to do anything like this.

An amazing video of pogo stick aficionados pulling a series of stunts has recently hit the internet and is sure to become an online hit.

In the clip -- which appears to have been recorded to promote GoPro HD Hero camera -- the guys can be seen bouncing, balancing flipping on their pogos.

275x250.jpg Police in the US are on the hunt for a pair of children who robbed classmates for sweets and crisps... appropriately armed with a toy gun.

Cops in Michigan say the duo -- aged eight and 10 -- held up victims as they walked home from school.

In total they targeted five victims and are said to have pointed the fake gun at them before demanding they hand over the treats.

A spokesperson for Michigan Police said: "I can honestly say I cannot ever remember anything like this happening with such young suspects."

The criminal twosome could now be charged with armed robbery.

A bizarre police chase in the US came to an even more bizarre end when a naked robber was apprehended by a police dog.

The man has reportedly stolen a stretch Hummer in California and proceeded to take police an wild chase around a residential neighbourhood.

Then all of a sudden the man jumped from the ludicrous vehicle and made a run for it -- while stark naked. As this footage from a police helicopter shows.

He was then chased (and tackled) by a police dog and while he tried to shrug it off, the dog was having none of it and brought him to the ground.

275x250.jpg Taxi drivers love having a good story to tell, and John Jupp has got a corker -- the day he had to drive a dog from Madrid to London.

The cabbie says he was recently approached by a regular client and asked whether he would allow a dog in his car.

When he said yes, she asked him how much it would be to drive from London to Madrid in Spain and back again with her pet pooch.

While he hasn't revealed the price, it must have been good enough because Jupp completed the job which started with taking a ferry to Santander and driving to the Spanish capital.

Then on Wednesday morning he started driving at 4am with the pooch in the back and spent 16 hours driving back to Knightsbridge.

Ever wondered what a cheerleading routine looks like from the perspective of a cheerleader?

No, neither had we, but we're glad someone thought it would be interesting enough to strap a video camera to the head of a cheerleader before she did her thing.

The resulting footage shows how a Louisiana State University cheerleader experienced being flipped and spun around ahead of a recent game against Arkansas.

It's clear to see how difficult and demanding the stunts are to perform and while While only her legs, and occasionally arms, can be seen the cheerleader has already won a series on online fans… one or two of who might not be too creepy.

100 snakes found in German hotel room

275x250.jpg When staff at a German hotel thought a trio of Chinese guests were acting strangely, they called in the police to investigate.

But when officers stormed into their hotel room, the couldn't believe their eyes -- the room was filled with 100 snakes, 70 tortoises and 20 frogs.

It's been reported that the trio smuggled the animals into the room in their luggage, but it's not know what they planned to do next.

Officers say all of the animals were alive when they arrived and will be taken toto a zoo in Cologne to be checked out.

The hotel guests are said to have been arrested and later released on bail. It's not know if they tried to smuggle any animals into the police station.

It can be annoying if you can't find a parking space big enough for your car, but little things like that don't bother this New York driver.

That's because his can-do attitude saw him put on a virtuoso display of parallel parking and squeeze into a space barely bigger than his vehicle.

Caught on CCTV the driver can be seen repeatedly inching forward and backwards to get his silver Honda Acura into the spot in Brooklyn.

And then he had to do it all again a couple of hours later when he wanted to leave.

275x250.jpg Police in the US are on the hunt for Chewbacca after the Star Wars character was involved in a shooting in Palm Beach last week.

Well more precisely they're looking for a man who wore a Chewbacca mask during a shooting incident.

Cops say the Wookie-face-wearing man was the passenger in a car which pulled up outside a house before the occupants opened fire.

It's thought the attack was a gang related incident but police say two of the men who were arrested (only the Wookie escaped) were extremely uncooperative.

For the record, neither of the other men were dressed as Star Wars characters.

Okay so it's not exactly 'Jesus Christ, Fenton' but this video of a Scottish weather-watcher shouting 'Oh my God, Trampoline!' is certainly up there.

The clip, shot during the gale-force storms of last week, sees a cameraman being shocked as he watches a kids’ garden trampoline blow past his window.

“Oh my God! Trampoline! Trampoline! Oh my God!” more than a million internet viewers have heard him scream in the 13 second clip.

One commenter said: "That’s the first time he’s seen a trampoline in the wild,"  while another added the probing insight: "I like the way he shout oh my god trampoline."

MythBusters is a US TV show where the hosts perform scientific experiments to prove or disprove commonly-held misconceptions or myths… usually.

But the hit Discovery Channel show took an unusual turn recently, when they accidentally shot a cannonball into a home in California.

The team, lead by special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, were measuring the speed of projectiles fired from a cannon when a cannonball missed the target.

The errant cannonball instead bounced off a hillside and shot through the wall of a house, hit the roof of another and smashed into a van.

275x250.jpg In news which will have children everywhere dreading Christmas Day dinner, farmers say they're currently seeing a bumper Brussels Sprouts crop.

It's been reported that not only has the vegetable ripened three weeks earlier than usual -- but they are also bigger than ever before.

Mild weather conditions have meant that the typical Brussels Sprout will this year weigh 25g compared to the usual 20g and is even more flavoursome.

A spokeswoman for the Love Your Greens campaign group said: "The mild dry weather has been really good for the crop and helped produce very high quality sprouts."

Top 10 gadgets which confuse men and women

275x250.jpg Men are baffled by washing machines while women can't get their heads around iPhones, research has discovered.

A study of 2,000 adults found while most blokes can comfortably 'drive' a string of household electrical gadgets a few of them regularly prove to be a step too far.
A quarter of men admitted they had no idea how to use their washing machine and a similar amount were clueless when it came to using the grill or oven.
Women on the other hand were more likely to struggle with turning off their kids games console and getting their smartphone or mp3 player to work.
So while men struggle to get to grips with household gadgets while women are more baffled by high-tech toys like a laptop, printer or Sky+. 

275x250.jpg Police in Durham are handing out thousands of free boiled sweets to drunk revellers in a bid to keep them quiet.

After receiving complaints of drunk students making a noise on their way through residential areas from city centre bars, cops tried to think of novel solutions.

As a result they've ordered 10,000 fruit-flavoured sweets bearing either the message 'Shush' or 'Quiet Please' imprinted on the surface.

These will be kept in reserve for busy nights in the city and handed out whenever officers feel revellers need a reminder to keep the noise down as they make their way home.

Some people want to swim with dolphins, but for others that's not enough and they want to swim 'like' dolphins... and for those people there's the Flyboard Jetpack.

Created by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Jetpack is a bizarre device which users strap onto their feet and is connected to a jetski via a huge hose.

They then hold a pair of hand-guided nozzles which are used to stabilise the flight as water is blasted out letting the user fly like a bird hovering above the water, or swim like a dolphin.

As this video shows, the £4,500 Flyboard (you'll also need a jet-ski to attach it to) allows users to pull a series of impressive stunts… and presumably have some impressive wipeouts while learning to master it.

275x250.jpg A design studio looking for the next big thing in the digital revolution thinks they've found it. Printing customized mini-newspapers.

Berg, from London, have announced the launch of their Little Printer which prints personalised news on rolls of till-receipt style paper.

Makers say the device scours the internet on your behalf, pulls together content you care about, and delivers mini newspapers a couple of times a day.

Printed content -- which includes news summaries, reminders and puzzles -- is configured from a phone app and partners include the likes of Google and the Guardian.

If there is one thing the internet loves it's cats, if there's another it's dare-devils -- which is why Espen Fadnes is set to become an online hit.

The Norwegian extreme sport fan has just released a video showing him hurl himself off cliffs wearing a wingsuit and proceeding to 'fly' at 155mph.

After jumping from the top of the cliff Fadnes rockets through a gorge in Stryn, Norway almost smashing into a cliff face as he descends from 1240 metres.

Then, when the time is right he opens his parachute and makes a calm landing like he does this sort of thing everyday -- though he probably does, in 2010 he took the title at World BASE Race in Infijorden, Norway.

275x250.jpg The London Dungeon has become a bit more spooky with the discovery that a fake skeleton on display there is actually real.

The grim discovery -- the bones are thought to have be on display in the  'creepy crypt' exhibit since 1975 -- was made after bosses realised real bones have to have a licence.

Experts were called in to examine skeletons at the attraction (because they didn't know if any were real) and it was confirms that one set of bones were real.

Because the skeleton -- thought to date from the early days of anatomical research -- is real, it must now be licensed by the Human Tissues Authority at a cost of £2,000 a year.

275x250.jpg The typical British breakfast lasts just 3 minutes and 15 seconds during the week, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that almost half those questioned admitted that just about manage to squeeze in the first meal of the day before they leave the house for the office.
It also emerged nearly half of us have our breakfast on our feet, usually while we're getting ready for work or distracted by emails, Facebook and even the morning television
Only two thirds of people find the time to sit and eat breakfast on a week day morning with a third admitting that they prefer to lie-in instead.
And it appears the kitchen is no longer the room of choice when it comes to eating breakfast, with nearly two-thirds eating in their bedroom or another room in the house. 

Mercedes, a Lamborghini and a Nissan Skyline has been described as the world's most expensive car crash.

The bizarre accident happened as the convoy of sports car connoisseurs were heading to a motorshow in Japan and the driver of one of the Ferraris lost control.

This caused the following cars to crash one-by-one leaving a trail of destruction which would have car-lovers crying into their copy of Jeremy Clarkson's latest book

In total it's estimated that £2.5million worth of super cars were destroyed in the crash… oh yeah, a Toyota Prius was involved too.

275x250.jpg An artist has been dubbed 'Pic-cars-so' after using toy cars covered in paint to create amazing artworks.

28-year-old Ian Cook from Birmingham drives the toys across the canvas, spreading the paint to produce motoring-focused images.

While Cook has a degree in fine art, he says wanted to find a way of combining his love for painting with that of motor sport.

And the bizarre idea came to him after being given a radio controlled car as a Christmas present and told not to get paint on it.

275x250.jpg A 69-year-old woman from Palm Springs has apparently been arrested after allegedly attacking her husband's penis with a pair of scissors.

The man is said to have called police over the weekend after she tried to snip off his willy -- leaving it attached but injured.

Officers who attended the scene say the attack between the couple, who have been married for 32 years, was the result of a long-running marital dispute.

Describing the weapon a spokesperson said they were "more heavy duty than the standard office scissors."

The injured man was treated at the local hospital for non-life-threatening wounds and released the same evening.

Can't decide whether to go and sit on a bar stool at your local or go water-skiing? Why not do both!

This intrepid water sports fan from Missouri opted to combine his love of sitting at the pub and zipping across lakes at high speed.

After attaching the wooden bar stool to the back of a speed boat the  man was towed along as he held on to it.

He then jumped up and sat on the speeding bar stool, before performing a series of stunts including standing on top off the seat and spinning 360°.

Dog owners are usually forced to battle their pooch when it comes to bath time, most simply don't like the experience -- Casper however, appears to love the water.

In fact, the adorable Labrador Retriever likes being bathed so much that a video of him enjoying a soak in the family tub has become a hit on YouTube.

The clip 'Casper the bath loving dog', which shows owner Chris rubbing Casper's soapy belly as the dog lies in the bath, has already been viewed more than 250,000 times.

It's also made Casper -- who seems in his element with just his snout and paws sticking up from the water -- something of a star and has been featured on US TV shows.

275x250.jpg An email hoax about flesh-eating bananas being on sale in Mozambique has apparently caused scared shoppers to stay away from the fruit.

The decline in sales is said to have been so serious a health minister reassured members of the public they would not be killed by rogue bananas.

Emails had been circulating stating that bananas on sale were infected by necrotising fasciitis, a skin-eating disease which can destroy skin, fat and tissue covering the muscles.

The faux warning went on to say bananas from KwaZulu-Natal province in neighbouring South Africa were the most likely to carry the virus.

And despite the fact Mozambique does not import bananas from South Africa, sales plummeted.

It was meant to be a special moment for children with Santa making an impressive entrance at a shopping centre in Florida.

But it didn't quite turn out that way, because as Father Christmas descended on a rope, he fumbled and got tangled in it.

After initially struggling to get going, the rope rappelling equipment got caught on his faux beard and red hat.

This meant he was left suspended mid-air for about three minutes as children (and the occasional elf) watched on. Maybe he's more used to chimneys.

275x250.jpg An Alaskan man who crashed his truck and got stuck in a snowdrift survived his three day ordeal thanks to frozen cans of beer.

Clifton Vial had been driving in the remote area outside of the town of Nome when he crashed and his car became stuck.

With temperatures dropping as low as -28C he used a sleeping bag to keep warm and occasionally started the engine of his truck to turn on the heater.

But with no food in his vehicle, it wasn't looking good for Vial -- until he realised he had a few cans of Coors Light with him.

He used a knife to cut off the lids and then proceeded to eat the frozen brew, which it says is best served chilled.

Meet the miniature railroad which isn't so miniature. In fact this is the largest model railway in the world and measures a whopping 1,300 m².

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany and features more than a thousand moving trains, aircrafts, cars and ships.

This video -- released to promote the attraction in 2012 -- shows different sections which include America, Alps, Hamburg, Airport and Switzerland.

275x250.jpg Everyone is familiar with the idea of having you photo taken with Santa -- but Santa and high-powered weaponry, that's a new one on us.

A gun club in Arizona is offering members to opportunity to have family photograph taken with Father Christmas and a selection of guns.

Posing amid piles of wrapped presents families are encouraged to pick up AK-47 rifles and grenade launchers as they surround an unarmed Santa.

A spokesperson for Scottsdale Gun Club -- which charges $5 for the images -- said hundreds of people have wanted to star in the unusual images.

Superman comic sells at auction for $2.16m

275x250.jpg A rare comic which features the first appearance of Superman and was stolen and disappeared for 11 years, had sold at auction for a whopping $2.16m.

The pristine copy of Action Comics #1 became the world's most expensive comic in the process -- despite initially costing 10 cents in 1938.

While the comic was stolen from a collector in 2000, it reappeared earlier this year and (after being returned to its rightful owner) was listed on

CEO Stephen Fishler said: "After spending so many years looking for the book, I was blown away when it appeared."

And now, after receiving about 50 bids from around the world, the valuable comic (graded nine out of 10 for quality) has sold for $2,161,000.

Indian farmers who claimed tax bosses were making bribery demands, decided to get their own back -- by releasing bags of deadly snakes in their office.

In total around 40 snakes, including deadly cobras, were released at the office in Basti -- prompting staff to jump up on chairs and flee.

The farmers behind the stunt, one of whom was a snake charmer, say officials were demanding bribes to supply the tax records for their land.

No one was bitten or injured in the incident -- which has become an online hit… especially in the HMRC offices.

275x250.jpg A 46-year-old hunter from Utah has been left red-faced (and sore arsed) after being shot in the rear by his dog.

Police say the unfortunate man had been duck hunting when the accident happened as he exited a boat.

While he did this his pooch stood on a 12-guage gun shotgun and fired the weapon, directly at the man.

This unloaded 27 pellets of birdshot into his bottom and left him needing to be taken to hospital to have them removed.

However, docs say he'd been lucky -- if he hadn't been wearing his waders, he would have been seriously injured.

The dad of French rugby international Imanol Harinordoquy ran onto the pitch during a match in France's top division -- in a bizarre bid to defend his son.

Harinordoquy's father was worried his 6ft 3in and 17st son was taking a beating during the Basque derby clash between Biarritz and Bayonne.

So after running down from the stands, he charged onto the pitch and faced up to the player his son had earier been involved in a punch-up with.

However, his stand didn't last long -- he was tackled him to the ground by Bayonne fly-half Benjamin Boyet.

275x250.jpg Britain is one of the biggest water wasters in Europe - running the equivalent of 1,200 Olympic swimming pools down the plughole every year, it's been revealed.
A study found we are more likely to leave the tap running, take more baths, have longer showers and adopt a more cavalier attitude towards water than the rest of Europe.
It also emerged just six out of ten of us actively try and save water around the home compared to nine out of ten in Spain, and eight out of ten in Italy and France.
The figures are even more astonishing because Britons pay roughly £77 a year more for their water than anyone else in Europe.
Brits are also twice as likely to have a bath compared with people in Germany and nearly three times as likely as those in France. No, it doesn't need a punchline does it?

We all know that when you hear a fire alarm, you're meant to drop what you are doing and calmly exit the building in an orderly manner.

But not NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams, when a alarm and siren sounded while he was delivering the news, he just carried on with what he was doing.

So as viewers heard the ringing and a fire alarm announcement, he continued talking about American Airlines' bankruptcy protection application.

Before passing coverage to the NBC Washington studio, he said: "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on in the studio." 

275x250.jpg Environmentalists say they would like to see the Eiffel Tower transformed into a giant green "jungle" and covered in 600,000 plants.

The plans, it's suggested, could make the Paris icon into the most "ecologically correct" tourist attraction in the world.

An article in Le Figaro said that within two years their could be 600,000 hanging from the tower in basket and an irrigation system made up of 12 tonnes of rubber tubing.

It's said this would give off 84.2 tonnes of CO2 and absorb 87.8 tonnes, making the tourist attraction "carbon positive".

But (and this is a big but) French authorities have denied the plan saying: "There is no project of this nature in preparation" -- oh okay then.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sat in an office swivel chair, held a high-powered leaf blower and flicked the on switch?

No, neither have we. But the internet being the internet we all knew it was only a matter of time until someone did… and here they are.

After setting themselves up in a garage, Tad Sieber and Mike Brubaker put it too the test by strapping on the leaf blower, sitting down and starting the engine.

The result is that the dumb guinea pig spins around as the engine whirs… and then is inevitably thrown to the ground, collecting thousands on YouTube views in the process.

275x250.jpg Okay so you might use Facebook to look at photos of that girl you fancied at school and arrange drinking sessions with your mates

But some people use the mega social network to do things like share interesting news articles.

And now bosses have compiled a list of the 40 most shared articles of 2011, apparently assuming nothing interesting is going to happen this month.

Top of the list -- with a massive 600,000 shares -- was this article showing before and after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Other frequently shared articles included 'What teachers really want to tell parents' and 'No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed'.

A video of two idiot motorists racing each other drag race style at a set of traffic lights (and failing miserably) has become an online hit.

Filmed by another driver -- who says he had a feeling something bad was going to happen -- the action happened in The Woodlands, Houston.

Gerod Rush said he watched the drivers of the C5 Corvette and C6 Corvette rev their engines before speeding away as the lights turned green.

Then, as they headed off into the distance at 60mph one swerved into the other and both cars were sent crashing into nearby trees. Oops.

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