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275x250.jpg A Scottish band have released what's thought to be the world's first edible and playable chocolate record. And it's said to taste as good as it sounds.

Edinburgh-based three-piece 'Found' worked with a local baker to produce the chocolate disk version of their single 'Anti Climb Paint' which can be played in any record player.

After several weeks of trial and error, baker Ben Milne was able to make the working chocolate record by using the same negative metal templates used to produce vinyl versions.

While you will only get around ten 'recognisable' plays out of the record before it wears down, you can always munch it. And even the sleeve and label are edible having been made from rice paper and icing sugar respectively.

A video of a young boy - and rock star of the future - enjoying a bout of heavy metal music has become an online hit.

In the two minute clip the little lad can be seen strutting his stuff, spinning around and head-banging to Pantera "F***ing Hostile".

Proving popular with other rock-lovers the video has already been viewed more than 250,000 times since it was uploaded earlier this week.

Comments so far include 'I hope if I have kids they are as cool as this one' 'Parenting: You're doing it right' and 'Currently the greatest video on the Internet'.

275x250.jpg If you doze off at the theatre, it's normally a sign the show you're at isn't very good. But that not the case at the Barbican in London… they've got a show designed to send you to sleep.

Their production 'Lullaby' has been specially created to send the audience to sleep and consists of things such as soothing storytelling and singing octopuses.

If that wasn't enough, the audience lie in pre-booked beds and attend the 'sublime sleepover' in their pyjamas - ready to be lulled to sleep by the slumber-inducing show.

After watching the action and falling asleep, the audience are left to sleep before being woken and served breakfast the following morning at 7.30am… which sure beats a Travelodge.

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of kids have at least one item of designer clothing in their wardrobe and a third owned their first designer item by the age of two, it's been found.

A study polled the parents of 1,000 school-age children to discover what was in their wardrobes and how much it had all cost.

Researchers found the average cost of a child's wardrobe is now £1,677 with 62% of children owning at least one item of designer label clothing.  

Influenced by the rise of mini fashionista celebs such as Suri Cruise, Romeo Beckham and Kingston Rossdale, parents now fork out on average £764 a year on kiddy attire.

The average child was also found to have more than 154 items of clothing in their wardrobe, a shoe collection valued at over £190 and a toy collection worth £1,676… which is far more than us.

275x250.jpg Each year more than 52,000 tennis balls are used during Wimbledon, and because tournament bosses like to see them go to a good home, they are normally sold off for charity.

But this year many of the balls will 'become' a good home after the All England Lawn Tennis Club did a deal with an aquarium in the Lake District.

Stamped with the date of the tournament, the balls will have a hole cut in them to make an ideal nesting place for brown mice (yes, mice at an aquarium).

It's hoped that the balls might encourage the brown mice to breed… now all they need are the little signs saying: 'If this tennis ball is a rockin, don't come a knocking'.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

By day Digit is your typical zoo gorilla, spending her time in an enclosure at an attraction in France. But come evening she goes home with the zoo manager and his wife after being 'adopted' by them. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Politicians are often desperate make a good impression on a crowd, but not like this. Russian president Dmitry Medvedev almost ploughed into a crowd after forgetting the handbrake. (NineMSN)

A snake breeder from Nottingham who once had his photo taken kissing a King Cobra has died after being bitten by one of his venomous reptiles. Luke Yeomans died of a heart attack. (Telegraph)

A Canadian couple who held their wedding reception in an 18th century wine vault say they were shocked when a guest told them a ghost had crashed their wedding photos. Hmmm, can anyone say reflection. (Asylum)

One minute US tourist Ian Cole was having the holiday of a lifetime, snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. But when he returned to the surface he realised he'd been accidentally left behind by his tour boat. (USA Today)

Heidi Withers has been left in no doubt about what her future mother-in-law thinks about her -- she's said to have received a ranting email accusing her of a lack of manners. (Telegraph)

275x250.jpgA pub in New Zealand has started selling a rather odd drink… apple flavoured horse semen. Yes you read that correctly.

Bosses at The Green Man Pub in Wellington say they started offering the spunky 30ml shots after coming up with it for a food contest.

And they have been blown away by the demand for the £12 drink which is served chilled and is said to contain about 300 million individual horse sperm cells.

Steve Drummond said women have been more curious than men about the unique drink.. though men have often dared each other into downing one.

He added there was also one female customer who's commented she was concerned because she thought she might conceive children with long faces. It's not known how much she'd had to drink first.

275x250.jpg Last week we told you about Ci the sheepdog who is scared of sheep. Today we've got someone showing him how it should be done. Meet Nancy the chihuahua-turned-sheepdog.

Tiny little Nancy weighs just 2.5lbs and is an unlikely sheepdog - but she's already proven her expertise in the field, by confidently herding sheep more than six times taller than her.

Nancy only discovered her sheep herding ability after being rescued and taken in by Battersea Dogs Home when she was found with no fur and suffering from mange.

Taken in by Ali Taylor, the pint-sized pooch started visiting farms and was fascinated by the way Border Collies would chase the sheep. Then one time she decided to join in and the rest is history internet gold.

Some people just don't like doing things the easy (and safe) way. Like this guy who trims his hedge by swinging a chainsaw on a rope around his head.

This is Steve McGranahan - who calls himself 'The World's Strongest Redneck - and spends his free time doing dangerous things like this.

Last year he filmed himself trimming his hedges with a lawnmower on a stick, so this year he wanted to go one better and came up with the chainsaw plus rope idea.

In the three minute video Steve (a future Darwin Award winner if ever we saw one) can be seen launching the chainsaw and then swirling it around his head so that it trims his hedge.

275x250.jpgBrits have been revealed as a nation of holiday neat-freaks, with a huge 59% admitting to tidying their own hotel rooms so it's clean when the cleaners arrive.

Despite going on holiday to relax, a study has found we're a nation of compulsive cleaners, with most of us tidying our hotel room before the hotel staff come in.

Before leaving for home, 60% of those surveys admit they make the bed, 45% fold the towels and more than one in 10 (11%) even go as far as cleaning the toilet.

Asked why, 59% said it was ‘rude’ to leave a hotel room in a state, 45% were eager not to be labelled ‘messy’ by hotel staff and a crazy 4% said they just enjoyed cleaning.

If these cleanliness sadists enjoy it that much, they can come and stay with us anytime.

275x250.jpg Cats are not normally know for their smiling sunny disposition… and Mr Pip is not different. In fact this moody moggie could be Britain’s grumpiest cat.

According to owner Rose Oughton, Mr Pip does not like noise, bad weather and especially hates football. Yes, this sour-face puss is constantly in a grump.

The irritable Persian Burmese is said to constantly act like he is is in a foul mood - even when partaking in his favourite activities of ‘starring at dogs’ and 'sitting in his favourite bush'.

Worried her beloved cat might have an underlying illness which was causing the stroppy behaviour, Rose even took Mr Pip to the vet, but they said he was just like that… he didn't look impressed with their diagnosis.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A US man has been warned he faces charges for not attending jury duty… apparently being dead for the last five years isn't a good enough excuse for not turning up. (KTBS)

This teenager appears to be stupid and luck in equal measure. After getting drunk he though it would be a good idea to climb the handrail of the escalator -- and promptly fell 20ft. (Boston Channel) (YouTube)

Blundering police in Seattle have accidentally left an AR-15 assault weapon sitting on the boot of an unmanned squad car. Luckily the person who found it just uploaded a pic to the internet. (The Stranger)

Maths geeks have celebrated "Tau Day" and reiterated their belief that the constant called tau should take the place of pi in a bid to make calculations easier. (BBC)

A TV journalist who was reporting on a fire in Texas has been left red-faced after being caught taking a quick fag break when cameras cut to him. (Asylum)

275x250.jpgBart de Zwart has spent five days alone at sea travelling the 300 miles from Hawaii's Big Island to Kauai on a paddle-board. For some reason.

The 41-year-old Maui says he's the first person to make the solo crossing on a standup paddleboard and that it was the hardest thing he's ever done.

He'd strapped enough freeze-dried meals to last seven days to his 4.2-metre longboard and spent then most of his days paddling.

When it came to resting for the evening he slept on inflatable water mattress which he had to blow up and then strap to the board.

However, it didn't always go to plan and on several occasions he was startled awake as his board flipped over and left him in the water… we can't imagine why he was the first person to do this.

A video featuring dozens of Asian carp jumping out of a river and bombarding a boat in the US, has become an online hit, unsurprisingly.

The 70-second clip shows a family travelling down the Spoon River in Illinois which is heavily populated by Asian carp. As they soon find out.

That's because -- as anyone who has ever been on YouTube will know -- Asian carp have a fear of boats, and are blessed with an amazing jumping ability.

So when a boat passes over them, the 5-10lb fish leap up to two metres from the water en mass. Something you can see for yourself if you just click play.

275x250.jpgA handbag one wielded owned by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been sold at auction for £25,000.

The black Asprey handbag - which was being sold by Christie's to raise money for charity - was owned by Thatcher for more than thirty years before the sale.

It was famously pictured with the former Prime Minister alongside US President Ronald Reagan during her famous visit to the United States in 1985.

As such it had been expected to attract up to £100,000 during the sale organised by Jeffrey Archer and also containing donations from Eric Clapton, Bernie Ecclestone and Sir Michael Parkinson.

But it wasn't to be and an unnamed Cypriot was able to snap up the bag for £25,000… Thatcher would have got more out of them if she'd been there herself.

275x250.jpg The Earth had a close shave yesterday, when an asteroid the size of a house flew past in one of the closest near-misses ever recorded.

Admittedly the '2011 MD' space rock still missed us by 7,600 miles and even if it had hit, it would have been expected to burn up high in the atmosphere… but even so.

NASA say the 20 meter wide asteroid was closest to Earth at around 6pm and was bright enough to be seen even with a modest-sized telescope.

Astronomers had only spotted the asteroid last week, having previously thought it was a piece of space junk… maybe that's why they could only come up with such a poor name.

275x250.jpg A funny-looking Chinese-crested Chihuahau mix called Yoda now has the dubious honour of officially being the world's ugliest dog.

The 14-year old dog scooped the highly prestigious title at an annual contest held at Sonoma-Marin Fair after beating off competition from other ugly mutts.

Judges praised 1.8 pound Yoda for her wiry hair, protruding tongue, gangly legs and the scruffy fur between her toes and she was an audience favourite.

Owner, Terry Schumacher, from California said Yoda was found by her daughter, but she initially thought she was a rat. She aded that she doesn't think dogs and owners always look alike.

275x250.jpgPolice in Germany say they have caught an 84-year-old woman who had been feeding her pet rabbits with cannabis.

The pensioner was contacted by cops after they spotted a field of the metre-high pot plants growing in a field she owned next to her home.

While the elderly woman denied growing the plants herself - she says they just sprung up - she did admit using them to feed her pet rabbits. Police say this is plausible.

According to Tagesspiegel she said that no only did the rabbits really enjoy munching the plants, but because they grew back so quickly they were an ideal food.

Unsurprisingly the cops chopped down the cannabis plants and took them away in three large plastic sacks… maybe they have a rabbit hutch at the police station.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Wimbledon was the only sporting event taking place at the moment -- but that would be doing a massive disservice to the world toe wrestling championship. (Telegraph)

The guys at NASA have some pretty amazing tech to play with -- like this Robotic lander prototype which recently completed an autonomous test flight. (Daily Mail)  (YouTube)

An artist has won acclaim after stripping off and having her photo taken in a range of situations which she says is a way of conquering her fears. (Daily Mail)

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute say they expect us to encounter alien civilisations within the next two decades. (Asylum)

Hitting a speedily hurled baseball has always looked hard enough to us, but this player managed to hit a ball twice -- in what we are assured is a rather rare occurrence. (Blippitt) (YouTube)

275x250.jpgAn amazing video of a shark jumping over a surfer in Florida has become an online hit. Well how could it not.

Admittedly it was a spinner shark and not a great white, but it's still better than watching Fonzie jump the shark.

The video was shot by photographer Jacob Langston who inadvertently captured the action while filming footage of surfers.

He says he was not even aware of the antics of the 4ft shark until another surfer came up to him and asked: "Dude! Did you see that? A four-foot spinner shark just jumped over a surfer."

When he got back to the office and started editing his footage he realised he had caught the bizarre action… luckily for us.

A baseball mascot had to be given emergency medical treatment and taken to hospital after being hit in the head by a speeding foul ball.

Phillie Phantaic had been doing his stuff in the stands at a Phillies recent game when a stray ball flew over the dugout and hit him in his green throat. But that meant it hit Tom Burgoyne - the person wearing the costume - squarely in the face.

Despite being in agony from the accident and falling to the floor, Tom continued to put a show on for kids - many of who'd gasped when the ball hit him - and tried to get them laughing again.

However, all of his good work was quickly been undone. We're guessing it's still fairly traumatising for children to learn that their favourite mascot has been rushed to hospital.

275x250.jpgA seagull with criminal tendencies has swiped a video camera in Cannes… and proceed to shoot some impressive aerial footage.

The owner of the camera had been filming a grand-looking house at night when the inquisitive bird can strolling towards the diminutive camera he was using.

Then, as this footage shows, the feathered thief quickly makes his move picking up camera with its beak and waving it around briefly before flying off.

While the original cameraman can be heard to shout "Hey, hey!" as the bird makes off, his calls don't come to anything and the bird flies off with the camera still rolling.

This results in some pretty impressive aerial footage of Cannes, which we think its safe to say is better than what the camera owner was originally shooting.

A cat which was left paralysed after being run over by a car is taking swimming lessons in a bid to regain full control over his legs and walk again.

Earlier this year, Mog the cat was hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident
and sustained serious injuries to his front legs prompting owns to fear he'd never walk again.

Vets even said the nerve damage to his front legs was enough to leave him completely paralysed -- but now the pussy is on the route to recovery.

The one-year-old grey tabby is currently taking swimming lessons at a hydrotherapy pool in Cornwall and looks set to get back on his feet… but only after becoming an internet star.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Footage of fire fighters rescuing a four-week-old kitten from a pipe in California has prompted the internet to sigh with a collective "Awww!" (Nine MSN) (YouTube)

A suicidal boy who was threatening to jump from a bridge in China has been saved after a passing waitress offered him a kiss and as he locked lips rescuers grabbed him. (Aya Shii) (YouTube)

A Japanese pop star who was revealed as a singer with one of the country's most popular bands has been been outed as be a computer-generated creation. Aimi Eguchi was created using the eyebrows, nose, lips and mouth of other girls. (ABC) (YouTube)

Okay so she's no Rachel Riley, but we have to admire the way Lily Serna keeps a straight face after pulling out the letters PENISDUMP on the Australian version of Countdown 'Letters and Numbers'. (YouTube)

A video of an Elk saving a drowning marmot which fell into a water tank at a US zoo has become an online hit. (CBS) (YouTube)

275x250.jpgA gun which once belonged to the famous gangster Al Capone has been sold at auction for a massive £67,250.

The Colt .38 (special) nickel-plated six-shot double-action revolver was ordered by Scarface just months after the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Bosses at auction house Christie's, which sold the weapon, say it was ordered in May 1929 and its authenticity has been confirmed by the sister-in-law of Capone.

The gun was the highlight of a recent 'Antique arms, armour and collectors firearms' sale in South Kensington.

While online buyer of the Colt .38 'Police Positive' has chosen to stay anonymous, we're sure they're a upstanding law-abiding member of the community.

275x250.jpg A tribe of people who've never had contact with the outside world have been found living in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, authorities have confirmed.

The discovery was made after the government’s Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI, carried out a overflight of three clearings in the Javari Valley in the western Amazon.

Close to the border with Peru, the site is thought to be home to a tribe of 200 people who were seen growing corn, bananas, peanuts and other crops.

FUNAI will not try to contact the Indians, but rather monitor their land so that they can live there undisturbed and try to fend off loggers and drug traffickers.

275x250.jpgA perfumery firm are currently in the process of producing a bizarre range of curry-scented fragrances.

Five fragrances for men and women are being made including: korma, tikka massala, madras, vindaloo and rogan josh.

Each of the perfumes will use ingredients from the relevant curry to  give a 'sense' of it - but will not be quite like splashing a vindaloo behind your ears.

Makers say it's hoped the perfumes - which should go on sale after the summer - will also have a side effect of boosting the number of people going out for  a curry.

What do you think, would you like to dab on a bit of madras? What other foods do you think would work as a perfume? Let us know in the comments.

We like pranks and we love LEGO, so combine the two and you're going to have our undivided attention. Like the staff of Legoland in California.

They recently pulled an elaborate prank in which they switched the boss's car for an amazing replica one made from 201,076 bricks which weighs 2,934 pounds.

After colleagues swiped the keys to Peter Ronchetti's Volvo XC60 they moved it and used forklift to 'park' life-sized (but brick-based) XC90 in it's place.

When Ronchetti returned to the car park he was suitably surprised, but taking it in his stride, he jokingly tried his keys in the brick door… no he didn't fall to pieces.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A man who was selling fireworks from under a tent decided to set fire to the explosives and direct them at his girlfriend after getting into an argument about a set of keys. But the best bit about the story… his name is Guy Fowlkes. (ABC News) (YouTube)

Scientists say that some women really do have a 'gaydar' and can tell a man's sexuality simply by looking at him (Daily Mail)

A driver smashed into the front of a US convenience store, knocking an employee through the window... then a passenger of the car got out and nonchalantly walked away like nothing had happened. (NBC) (YouTube)

Video footage of a Siamese cat not wanting to be sniffed by an inquisitive Anatolian Shepherd and sitting back on its hind legs before repeatedly punching the pooch in the face, has become an online hit. (Asylum)

A woman who stopped breathing for 25 minutes has 'come back from the dead'… only to discover family members had given her a haircut. (Telegraph)

A seven-year-old boy was pulled over by police after driving 20 miles at speeds of up to 50mph because he wanted to visit his dad's house.

Officer in Detroit say they were first alerted to the underage driver after other motorists noticed a "very young driver" on roads near Michigan.

Sure enough they soon located the four-foot-tall lad who was driving along at speeds of 50mph and they boxed him in and brought his Pontiac Sunfire to a standstill.

The boy told them he was staying with his mother but wanted to visit his dad and had already drive 20 miles in the right direction… and probably that driving a real car was easier than computer games.

275x250.jpgWe've seen some pretty odd umbrellas in the past, but even when compared to the samurai sword brolly, the the self defence umbrella and (possibly) the Nubrella... this one is a little strange.    

The Backpack Umbrella is, as you might have guessed, an umbrella that is worn on the back and can be used without having to hold it.

Makers say the odd umbrella is ideal for use when you are burdened by packages, a dog's leash, or doing other activities that require both hands.

And a spokesperson for Hammacher Schlemmer, where the brolly can be bought for £25 online, added: "The Backpack Umbrella helps pedestrians stay dry while leaving their hands free to carry groceries or luggage."

The rain shelter is stored in the included backpack and when wet weather approaches, it attaches to its integrated support rod, providing instant, mobile, hands-free (and slightly daft looking) shelter.

Red cards are normally dished out during football games if the referee spots a dodgy tackle… and you could say this one is no exception.

A referee in Australia has issued a player a red card after noticing mid-match that he had a genital piercing.

The odd call was made after Aaron Eccleston, who plays for the Old Hill Wanderers in Melbourne, jumped up to challenge for a ball and was hit squarely in his.

He proceeded to look down his shorts to "check that it was still there" and the official spotted something he didn't like the look of and marched him into the changing rooms.

275x250.jpgAlmost a quarter of British children are NEVER allowed to play outside unsupervised, a shocking study has revealed.

An astonishing 23.43% of parents admit they never let their youngsters play outdoors on their own without adult supervision for fear of what may happen.
While almost the same number (26%) of young children play out daily, many parents admit they are too scared to allow their kids outside, even if they're just outside their own home.

Almost three out of 10 parents (29.7%) admit they are concerned that busy streets means allowing their little ones to play outside unsupervised could risk their kids being injured.

The study also revealed that more than half of all children (56.77%) actually want to play outside more than they currently do… probably the ones without a PS3.

When the owner of a Porsche 911 realised his motor was a dud and suffering constant engine problems, he didn't take it back to the dealer or try to sell it.

Instead he donated it to Comm2A, a US gun club in New Hampshire, where it was used as target practice and shot at more than 100,000 times.

After the £50,000 car was parked at the end of the shooting range 140 weapon fans lined up 100 yards away, ready to unload their guns at it.

In total more than 10,000 bullets were fired into the dodgy vehicle which ended up looking like a Porsche-shaped block of Swiss cheese.

275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Ci the sheepdog is never going to win One Man and His Dog… because this balmy Border Collie is scared of sheep.

Owners say that while like any other sheepdog, his instinct is to chase sheep, whenever the four-year-old mutt gets close to them, he gets scared.

In fact, he gets so scared of sheep that he runs away from them and can even get chased around by flocks of sheep.

As a result of his ovinophobia, the cowardly Collie has been unable to do the job he was born for and been dubbed the worst sheepdog in Britain.

Farmer Jane Lippington says the only way to get Ci to work, is for her to join in and chase the sheep around the field herself. See him in action here.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A porky pooch which weighs-in at a tubby 13.3 stone - and is said to be Australia's fattest dog - has finally been put on a diet. (Telegraph)

A first edition Charles Darwin book returned has been returned to a library some 122 years after it was originally taken out. Bosses have waved the $37,000 late fine for the copy of 'Insectivorous Plants' (Yahoo)

Tom Hanks decided to try his hand at interpreting a weather forecast with the medium of dance during a recent TV appearance. As you do. (Mirror) (YouTube)

A US shopper was so angered when she saw a group of men trying to steal few cases of beer from a Walmart, she chased them out of the store and jumped on the bonnet of their car, as this CCTV footage shows. (Fox) (YouTube)

There have been some odd baseball foul ball catches recently… and this beer-based catch is no exception. (Asylum)

275x250.jpg An Antarctic Emperor penguin which took a wrong turn has ended up stranded on a New Zealand beach 2,000 miles from his intended destination of Antarctica.

It's thought the young lonely penguin got lost while swimming near Antarctica, made a wrong turn, and then proceeded to swim the mammoth journey to New Zealand.

Defying the odds, the 80cm tall bird - believed to be 10 months old - somehow ended up on Kapiti Coast where he was spotted by a local resident out walking her dog.

Experts say people should not disturb the critter and that dogs should be kept on leads as penguins can give vicious bites if they feel threatened… something they never covered that in Happy Feet.

275x250.jpgThe sound of a whining child has been scientifically found to be the most annoying and distracting noise on the planet.

Researchers from Clark University in Massachusetts discovered the annoying properties of the noise after testing a series of sounds on volunteers.

The subjects were asked to complete a set of math problems while wearing headphones and listening to the various sounds - include a saw, conversation and crying.

It was found that people made the most mistakes - and got the least work done - when trying to block out the sound of a whiny infant.

It's said children are able to make their most annoying sounds between the ages of about 2 and 4 years old… which as the parent of younger baby is a terrifying thought.

275x250.jpg A drag racer whose steering wheel fell off his 221mph car in the middle of a race says that rather than panic, the first thing he thought was: "I wonder if I remembered to turn the camera on."

It was. Shot earlier this month at the Rose Festival Drags in Oregon, this terrifying footage shows the moment Russ Parker found his steering wheel had come off in his hands.

He'd just started a race in his nostalgia funny car, which burns alcohol for fuel and is designed to resemble a 1969 Ford Mustang, when he realised something was wrong.

And it didn't take him long to work out what it was, the steering shaft had broken and the steering wheel had come off in his hand… never good, but particularly bad if you're in a 221mph car.

275x250.jpgRichard Verone is not your average bank robber, not only did he hand over a note stating he only wanted to steal $1, but he also waited for police.

That's because the bank robber actually wanted to be arrested and says he was only committing the crime to get medical care in prison.

59-year-old Verone says he currently has an undiagnosed growth on his chest and two ruptured disks in his back, but with no job or medical insurance, no way of treated.

As a result he took the extreme measure of committing a bank robbery for the sole purpose of getting landed in jail where he'd get free medical care.

After entering the North Carolina bank, he handed the teller a note asking for just one dollar -- then sat on a sofa and waited for police to arrive and make their easiest arrest of the day.

When we saw the words 'breakdancing gorilla' we had a sneaky suspicion we'd be writing about it for Newslite… and thankfully this video does not disappoint.

The footage of Zola, an eight-year-old Western lowland gorilla, strutting his stuff at Calgary Zoo has become an online hit.

In the clip the groovy gorilla can be seen spinning around, showing some fancy footwork and generally dancing considerably better than we can.

Sure he wasn't really responding to the rhythm of the music and he's not technically breakdancing, but who cares... if this video doesn't make you smile there is something wrong with you.

WNWDW: Store duo tackle armed robber

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A customer and a member of staff in a US mobile phone store tackled an armed robber despite him wielding an assault rifle -- because they thought the gun was fake. Unfortunately, despite their bravery/stupidity the man was able to get away. (9 News)

Jiu-Jitsu experts are not normally known for their sense of humour, but all that could change thanks to this video of one dressing as a training doll and surprising other martial arts fans. (YouTube)

President Obama is probably the most powerful man on the planet… when it comes to calming crying babies. At least that's what we're taking from this video of him doing his stuff at a recent White House meet-and-greet. (Asylum)

It's funny because the cat thinks it's a dog. A video of a cat leaning out of a window and barking like a dog has become an online hit. (The Sun) (YouTube)

Tennis fans at Wimbledon were forced to flee from their spot in front of the big screen TV at Henman Hill when a huge swarm of bees descended. (Asylum)

275x250.jpg A life-size and eight ton cement replica of a classic Volkswagen Beetle has been lowered into the sea as part of an underwater sculpture museum.

Artist Jason deCaires-Taylor created the faux car as part of his amazing underwater installation at Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.

Now sitting 8m underwater, it's specifically designed to house marine life, and is made with a ph neutral marine cement which promotes coral.

It even has a variety of special compartments inside so lobsters can make it their home… just don't ask what does it does to the gallon!

Something tells us this video clip will be cropping up in a fair few sporting 'What happen next?" quizzes over the next few years.

That's because when Alex Bogomolov Jnr threw his racquet to the ground in a fit of anger during a game at Wimbledon, it took a very unlikely bounce.

After hitting the ground, the tennis racket flew back up and above the shocked -looking 28-year-old from America.

It then continued to fly over the 10ft wall of Court 17 and disappeared from view until it was returned by an official... Yes, we are serious.

275x250.jpg Animal rights group PETA have said they would like to see giant cages erected around the famous lion statues in Trafalgar Square.

In a letter to the Greater London Authority the organisation say the addition of cages at the landmark would draw attention to the misery endured by animals used in circuses.

Their move comes ahead of the debate in the Commons this week, and the government's failure last month to implement a ban on wild animals in circuses.

It's hoped the plan will gain the attention of the general public and encourage MPs to turn up to the debate on Thursday. If not maybe the MPs could be caged on the fourth plinth.

275x250.jpgA man in Canada discovered the hard way why it's not a good idea to steal a steamroller while drunk… it rolled over him.

Officers in Ontario say they were called to the scene after receiving reports that a man was trapped underneath an overturned steamroller.

Sure enough they found a drunk man at the construction site and were able to free him before taking for hospital treatment for a leg injury.

They say it turned out the man had been drinking and had tried to steal the
steamroller before crashing it.

As he'd tried to make his getaway up a steep incline, the machine had tipped over pinning him to the ground… making him a rather easy arrest.

275x250.jpg Strawberries and cream, it's the classic Wimbledon treat which is as sophisticated as it is tasty… or it was until it was served up on a sandwich.

That's because supermarket chain Tesco has released a not exactly delightful looking, strawberries, jam and clotted cream sandwich in time for Wimbledon

Sold in Union Flag packaging to support Andy Murray and made using poppy seed bread, the bizarre sandwich costs £1 and is thought to be the only commercially available sweet sandwich.

After tasting it, we can understand why this is the first time anyone's created a strawberries and cream sandwich… it's foul… and we don't need Hawk-Eye for a second opinion.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Last time we promised you a salsa dancing dog we 'may' have given you a hungry dog pawing at a window. But not this this time, this is a real salsa dancing dog… maybe. Either way it's become an online hit. (The Sun) (YouTube)

It's worth noting that when the inevitable happens and the robot uprising begins, hiding in a tree will not help you… meet Treebot, the robot that can climb trees by itself. (Metro)

A US man says he can make $500 per week by crawling around on his hands and knees in New York and finding gold or gems which have been dropped on the pavement. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

When they got married, this couple were not going to be happy with a 'normal' wedding -- so they created this stunning Inception-inspired film to mark the start of their reception. (TheNextWeb)

Despite his distinctive red and white outfit, it can sometimes be hard to spot Wally (or Waldo if you are American) not so during a recent record bid. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpgWhen he repeatedly found his cows out of their shed - knowing he'd locked them inside the night before - farmer Tom Grant thought cattle rustlers could be responsible.

So he set about installing CCTV cameras at his South Armagh farm, to catch them in the act, trying to steal his animals.

But when he reviewed the footage, he was shocked to discover that one of his prized cows was actually using her tongue to unlock a gate.

That's right, footage clearly shows Daisy using her tongue to help her bovine brethren escape, by sliding open the locks on her enclosure and letting them out.

Now the jail-breaking heifer has become an internet hit and has really raised the steaks when it comes to bovine brilliance. She's udderly amazing. Sorry.

275x250.jpg An artist has used hundreds of balloons to recreate scenes from his favourite childhood fairy tales and nursery rhymes - just don't go near them with a pin.

Larry Moss has dubbed his balloon-based art 'Airigami' and describes it as a mixture of sculpture, puppetry and origami.

Each of his pieces - which take scenes from stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood - can use hundreds of balloons.

Other fairy tales given the balloon treatment include The Pied Piper, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, The Frog Prince, and The Princess and The Pea.

275x250.jpgMarilyn Monroe's famous white dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch has been sold at auction in Los Angeles for £2.8m.

The garment shot to fame when Monroe's character in the 1955 film stood on a subway vent and it which blew it up revealing her legs.

Instantly the scene became an iconic movie moment and the dress (along with those legs) went down in Hollywood history.

The white dress was initially snapped up from the studio by Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds - who collected iconic film costumes and memorabilia

But this weekend it sold at the Profiles in History auction house in California for a massive $4.6million (£2.8m) -- and that was without a subway vent in sight.

275x250.jpg Dozens of art lovers have camped overnight in the hope of bagging a bargain work by Damien Hirst at the seventh Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair.

75 limited edition signed prints by the reigning art enfant terrible were on sale at the event where artists trade their works from humble car boots.

And Hirst hunters had to scour every car boot until they found an electric Vauxhall Ampera -– where all the Hirst’s were exclusively for sale for £300.

But it didn't take them long, the prints were all snapped up within just 11 minutes of the boot sale opening. Impressive given there wasn't a giant diamond skull there to help them find it. 

275x250.jpgJust days after Leicester Council admitted they had no plans of how to deal with a zombie attack, hundreds of the undead have been seen staggering around the city.

Okay, as the doubters among you may have guessed, these were not really brain-hungry zombies… but rather 150 people in horror costumes.

The zombie gathering had been arranged after Leicester City Council responded to a recent FOI request asking them what plans they had for an undead uprising.

Because the local authority had been forced to admit they were horribly ill prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a group of "concerned citizen" mobilised themselves via Facebook to highlight the threat.

After smearing themselves in faux blood, the 'zombies' descended on the city where they proceeded to groan and stagger their way around… luckily the council was true to its word and they didn't suddenly produce flame-throwers and shotguns.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A police chase in the US came to a dramatic climax when a car crashed into the pumps at a petrol station and caused a massive fireball - as this CCTV shows. (NBC LA) (YouTube)

BBC Scotland had a bad day last week, a very bad day… they couldn't even tell the difference between a weather forecast and a Nazi rally. (Asylum)  

A couple who became trapped in the middle of a fast flowing river in China, when the bridge they were crossing suddenly submerged by rising floodwaters, were rescued by workers on a bulldozer. (ITV)

Residents in Montana recently suffered a power outage for an odd reason, there was a dead deer on the power lines some 30 ft above the ground. It's though a bald eagle - which had picked up the baby deer for lunch - dropped the creature on the power lines. (Examiner) (YouTube)

Details are scarce one this one, but given our fondness of goose-based video fun we would be remiss for not showing you these birds marching through a Belgian town. (

In the latest Weird Week from Newslite - made out of black eyed peas, the hoverbike becomes real and what happens if you stick to cycle lanes in New York. There's also the sailing ice cream van, the nose stylus for your phone, the new world's smallest man, surfing dogs and a giant penis.

275x250.jpgA Russian man is said to have accidentally killed his wife as the couple attempted to slaughter a pig.

The pair were trying the kill the animal in Russia's Tula region with a homemade firearm, when the they had a problem loading the weapon.

As the 60-year-old was holding the gun, it inadvertently went off and shot his wife, killing her instantly.

It's been reported that the man now faces charges of negligent homicide and could be jailed for two years as a result of the accident.

But while it was certainly bad news for the man and his wife, animal lovers will be pleased to know the pig was uninjured in the accident.

275x250.jpg Could this be the only tree children will be too scared to climb this weekend? We're not sure we'd fancy building a tree house in it anyway.

With its haunting eyes, twisted snout and crooked teeth, the ugly tree has been dubbed one of most terrifying in Britain as it appears to dribble slime from its gaping mouth.

Located in the grounds of Stowlangtoft Hall, the freaky 70ft tall beech looks reminiscent of the Whomping Willow tree in Harry Potter or the talking tree in the Disney movie Pocahontas.

But David Garnham, who spotted the bizarre tree, thinks it looks like nature's very own version of Edvard Munch's classic Scream painting… see he's cultured like that.

No-one likes having to spend hours waiting at the airport, after all there are only so many John Grisham books you can read and so many over-priced coffees you can drink.

But a pair of guys who were stranded overnight at an almost empty Dallas Fort-Worth airport decided to make the most of their situation by filming themselves goofing around.

Photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen can be seen racing wheelchairs through a deserted departure lounge, having paper fights in the toilet and speaking over the tannoy.

Somehow evading security the duo also help themselves to drinks in the bar, riding the Skylink upside down and spinning on escalators… just click play to see what we mean.

Boffins in Australia have create a bizarre gravity-defying electric wheelbike vehicle which looks like it could have come straight out of Star Wars.

Engineers at the University of Adelaide say their Diwheel device allows a driver - sat between two giant-wheels - to travel either upright or upside down.

This is because the inner frame is suspended within the wheels in such a way as to allow the inner frame to rotate freely as the Diwheel speeds along at 25mph.

Drivers use a joystick to control the odd vehicle which is affectionately known as Edward - short for Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping.

WNWDW: Racegoers brawl at Royal Ascot

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

For years Royal Ascot, has been the prestigious highlight of the summer racing season, a chance for racegoers to schmooze with others exuding the same level of sophistication as themselves… now it's more likely to be brawling chavs in hats. (Daily Mail)

In the past we've seen that a hardware store isn't exactly the safest place to be during a tornado. Now - thanks to this footage from Christchurch - we know the same applies to earthquakes. (YouTube)

A massive lake in Argentina has been filled with ash from the Puyehue volcano in Chile transforming the normally clear water into a bizarre gunk. (Telegraph)

Rioters destroying their own city after a sporting loss is weird enough, but there were some strange things happening during the Vancouver riots, just take a look at this. (Daily Mail) (Guardian)

A Russian boffin has stripped off gone naked swimming with white whales in the Arctic because marine biologists believe the beluga whales do not like to be touched by artificial materials. At least that's what they told her. (Aol Weird News)

Maybe it was an intentional stunt to get publicity (we don't normally cover the launch of new football kits) - but more likely this was just a moment of fail for FK Partizan.

The Serbian football team had decided to unveil their new black and white Adidas kit and gone to the effort of hiring singers and glamourously dresses women to add to the glitz.

But the evening took a turn to the fail when the moment finally came to take a cover off a kit-wearing mannequin and show the new outfit for the first time.

That's because as press cameras flashed the upper half of the mannequin fell clattering to the floor and the choir were forces to try to continue singing through their sniggers.

A video of a playful dog wanting a game of fetch with a pair of twin babies has become a hit online -- and it's not hard to see why.

In the two minute clip Marley, an eight year old Australian Labradoodle, can be seen presenting a pair of six-month-old girls with a ball.

Initially he seems surprised that little Lilly and Sophia don't want to take the ball and throw it for him so he tries dropping it for them.

When that doesn't work, he tried sitting and waiting patiently and even placing the chewed directly in the hands of the tots. But don't worry, there is a happy ending.

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they were shocked when a woman recently called 911 to report she'd received the wrong order from a Chinese takeaway.

officials have now released the audio of the odd call in a bid to highlight that it's a misdemeanour to call 911 unless it is an emergency.

During the two minute call, the woman asks for officers to be dispatched to the restaurant in Savannah to rectify her situation.

She states that she'd ordered food but had been given the wrong order - and that the staff were then refusing to give her a refund.

Officers WERE eventually dispatched… but only because she was getting disorderly and needed to be warned she could have faced 911 abuse charges.

275x250.jpg Given how many times boffins have attempted to calculate the formula behind the perfect cup of tea, you'd think they'd already cured cancer.

And now they're at it again with a team from the University of Northumbria this time claiming to have unlocked the secrets of the perfect cuppa.

After 180 hours of research and 285 cups of tea, the boffins say they deduced tea is best drunk six minutes after two minutes of brewing and adding 10ml of milk.

However, we realised the study was rubbish (or that we were tea snobs) after reading that they said a teabag should be used, rather than loose tea.

275x250.jpgA security guard who tried using a shotgun to remove an itchy wart from his hand has found the weapon to be a very effective treatment.

However, it might have been a bit too effective, because Sean Murphy lost most of his left middle finger after firing the 12-bore Beretta.

The 38-year-old said he resorted to the shotgun surgery after trying several creams without success (and after drinking several pints) he'd pointed the weapon at the offending digit.

But when he pulled the trigger, the gun recoiled and he shot off most of his finger. He said there was nothing left to even consider reattaching it.

And if losing his finger wasn't bad enough, the 'treatment' also landed him in court for possessing an illegal firearm where he received a 16-week suspended sentence. At least the wart has gone.

275x250.jpgMore than 20,800 people required hospital treatment after falling out of bed, in just one year, the NHS has revealed.

The odd statistic - which was revealed by the NHS Information Centre - highlights just one of the strange ways Brits injure themselves.

Between March 2010 and February 2011, 12,000 people were treated for falls involving chairs, as were the 6,400 who fell on or from ladders and 1,200 who'd fallen out of trees.

In total falls accounted for 459,300 NHS hospital admissions, which is nearly 18,700 more than the previous 12 month period.

While the greatest percentage of hospital admissions because of a fall was amongst women aged over 80… we're more intrigued by the 170 admissions for people falling from cliffs.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A theme park in Japan is building the world's steepest roller-coaster. Called Takabisha it includes a 43m drop. (Daily Mail)

A pair of men have been discovered transporting a car from Germany to Kazakhstan, by wedging it on its side inside a van. The duo were hoping to save on the cost of a trailer. (The Sun) (YouTube)

If he was trying to deliberately outrage the entire internet, it appears this Filipino teenager as succeeded after pegging a puppy up on washing and posting the images to Facebook. (

A group of skydivers in Prague have been showing off their skills without needed to jump from a plane - by performing an incredible synchronised routine in a wind tunnel. (Asylum)

A pair of climbers have tie the knot on top of 3,352ft mountain. Jo Mellor and Rob Tearle wed on Buachaille Etive Mor at Glencoe in the Highlands. (Mirror)

275x250.jpg Samuel L. Jackson has lent his dulcet tones to the audio version of 'Go The F**k To Sleep' -- a foul-mouthed nursery rhyme book which has become a hit with sleep deprived parents.

The 62-year-old Pulp Fiction star, says he was inspired to record the audio version of the book after he was told about it by his agent who has young twins.

'Go The F**k To Sleep' is a mock bedtime story by Adam Mansbach which is written for parents who realise snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don't always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland.

Each page of the book contains an illustration and radically honest verse which ends with a variation of the words 'Go The F**k To Sleep'… so maybe not one to read to your little angels.

275x250.jpg A video of a brave young lad staring into the mouth of hungry lioness, who appears to be trying to eat him, has become an online hit.

The clip shows one-year-old Trent Higley visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs where he took an interest in the lions.

And the lions took an interest in him, specifically a lioness called Angie who looks like she wanted to munch on the tot for her dinner.

Angie can be seen repeatedly opening her jaw and trying to snare the youngster, who was luckily protected by a big thick sheet of secure glass. Even so, he was still being braver than we'd have been.

275x250.jpgLondon has been named as the sweatiest region of the UK after it was found the average person perspires an incredible 192.40 litres a year.

A recent study discovered that Londoners topped the sweat charts followed by those in the South West (179.92 litres) and the East (179.40 litres).

What's more, 14 percent of Londoners were even found to sweat a massive 286 litres a year.

Commuting, job interviews and 'talking to someone you fancy' were identified as the biggest sweat causing situations along with daily stress.

And in case those numbers are not disgusting enough, it's worth noting the typical Londoner could fill an average car tank 3 times over… if they could work out the logistics of doing that.

275x250.jpg An artist has created a portrait of hip hop star and Black Eyed Peas singer using nothing but black eyed peas. Clever, isn't he?

Lee Merricks - who will from now on be know as Peacasso - says he spent 24 hours in a four day period slaving over the 85cm by 60cm portrait and positioning each pea by hand.

The work was commissioned by Alton Towers Resort to celebrate the band’s forthcoming performance at the Staffordshire venue.

In total, the artwork contains around 5kg of black eyed peas, and if you want to know exactly how many that is… count them yourself.

275x250.jpgA holiday home in Tuscany, a Tiffany diamond ring and a personal trainer are just some of the things women would have if they won the lottery, it's been revealed.
Meanwhile, men's wants include owning a £5m Manhattan penthouse, a £97,000 Aston Martin Vantage 8 - and an iPhone 5.

The findings emerged from a poll of 3,000 people which asked people 'What would you buy if you won the jackpot?'

Other things people wanted included a £36m GulfStream G6 private jet, a Princess bespoke hand-built yacht and a vineyard.

The results also showed the average woman would splash out £2,000 Christian shoes, holidays and diamonds if they won… leaving many men wondering when their wife did win.

When we told you about a family of geese getting a police escort, we wondered where they were heading, now we're beginning to suspect they were going surfing.

That's because we've seen this footage of a gaggle of geese in Colorado surfing on a river. And they don't seem to be half bad.

In the 50 second clip, the birds can be seen riding along on the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, before hitting a wave on a part of the water used for white water rafting.

Once they do, the plucky geese show off their skills by riding the wave like seasoned pro surfers… is seasoned pro surfers didn't have surf boards that is.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's not often you could describe someone who fell from the window of a tenth floor apartment as lucky, but this man is -- his leg caught in the window grille of an eighth floor apartment and he was rescued. (Nine MSN)

Is a truck in a swimming pool any more bizarre than a cow? We don't rightly know, but it's certainly more dangerous when it crashes into a pool being used by 12 swimmers. Luckily none were injured. (Fox)

Oracle Racing were showing off a new class of catamaran by unveiling it in San Francisco. And it was all going well until the boat flipped over. Ooops. (CNN) (YouTube)

The most controversial aspect to this video of a kitten rolling around in a  hamster ball appeared to be debate as to whether it's trapped or having fun. But who cares, it's cute. (Daily Mail)

A businessman has been left fuming after flushing £20 notes down the toilet having been wrongly told they were fake. (STV)

275x250.jpg More than 25,000 people have gathered in Knaresborough to watch an event where wacky racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The 46th annual Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 90 teams of bed-carrying racers taking part, with some coming from as far as Germany and the USA.

Each team has to complete the gruelling three-mile course with their beds and while some racers go all out for speed, others are more fussed by the best dressed bed award.

We will let you work out which of these beds are built for speed and which took the course a a more leisurely pace.

Travelling by hot air balloon must be one of the most tranquil ways to navigate the skies… normally. But not when Zane Whitmore does it.

That's because the 34-year-old from Portland was recently suspended from the bottom of a hot air balloon by four piercings on his back.

In a stunt which is said to have been two years in the making, Whitmore was suspended beneath a tethered hot air balloon which was then launched.

The balloon then traveled to a height of 10,800 feet during the 75-minute flight which will feature in an upcoming movie… not it's not the sequel to UP.

275x250.jpgThe Dam Busters dog, N*gger, is set to be renamed Digger in the Stephen Fry and Peter Jackson remake of the iconic movie.

In the original 1955 film - about scientists developing a bouncing bomb - pilot Guy Gibson’s black Labrador N*gger is featured heavily.

His name's even mentioned 12 times as a code word to RAF Bomber Command - but it was recognised that using this term today could offend American viewers.

As such, the decision was made to rename him Digger in the upcoming movie which is being scripted by Stephen Fry.

Speaking of the name change, Fry said: "It’s no good saying that it's the Latin word for black or that it didn't have the meaning that it does now – you just can’t go back."

275x250.jpgMillions of workers are more likely to confide in their work mates than their other half it has been found.
More than one in five employees tells their colleagues things they would never tell their partners, according to a recent poll of 3,000 workers.
Researchers found work mates know at least five secrets about each other that their partner is completely unaware of.
In fact, 22 per cent of people reckon they feel closer to their work colleagues than their other half.

Nearly a quarter of people said on a day to day basis they get on better with coworkers than their spouse. Which we couldn't possibly agree with, if she is reading this.

A magician who describes himself as a 'technoillusionist' has scored an internet hit after using three iPods to perform a series of tricks.

During his performance, Marco Tempest uses the Apple gadget trio to trick the eyes of viewers as he discusses self-deception.

The four-minute video - which has been viewed more than 600,000 times - shows him skilfully manipulating the iPods to make images 'move' from one screen to another.

But Tempest admits there is no real 'magic' at work (other than that of Steve Jobs) and the trick is nothing more than a carefully choreographed routine using the MultiVid synchronisation app.

275x250.jpgA species of shark which has been blamed for hundreds of attacks on humans has been spotted swimming off the coast of Cornwall.

The oceanic whitetip shark was initially seen by a mackerel fisherman who said the beast repeatedly rammed the side of his wooden boat.

But the harbour master's office in St Ives has also confirmed a separate independent sighting of the shark, just one mile off shore.

Oceanic whitetips have been blamed for a number of attacks on humans around the world, though experts have doubted the validity of the Cornwall shark.

They say the species is typically found in tropical waters and there has never been a confirmed sighting in British waters. You could say they poured cold water on the claims.

WNWDW: Woman gets blown away by storm

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A 19-year-old woman who was caught in a storm in Wisconsin was quite literally blown away by the force of the winds as she pulled into a petrol station. Luckily she was uninjured. (CBS News) (YouTube)

The children of the late, great Steve Irwin have followed in his dangerous footsteps by wrestle crocodiles at Australia Zoo which were being moved into a new home. (MSN) (YouTube)

Critics have blasted an Iraqi playboy who has been filmed racing his turquoise Ferrari 599 supercar around London's busy streets at speeds of 'up to 120mph'. (Daily Mail)

A concept plane which features transparent cabins, seats that mould around your body and holographic gaming areas has been revealed as a possible vision of the future of flight. (Metro)

A New York state court has ruled that unlike enjoying a ballet performance, getting a lap dance isn't tax exempt. Who would have guessed. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgA four-year-old artist has been dubbed a 'mini Picasso' after a prestigious New York gallery displayed an exhibition of her work.

Abstract works by little Aelita Andre - said to be the youngest professional painter in the world - can sell for up to £6,100 each and have been praised by art critics.

The Australian artist, who first started painting in play-group, says she is inspired and influenced by nature and outer space and loves creating big bold images.

She often incorporates bark, twigs, children’s toys, bird feathers, and other found objects into her paintings, which gallery bosses say lends "depth and texture" to the overall effect.

And visitors to the Agora Gallery in Manhattan seemed to enjoy her vivid and expressive works… but maybe they just didn't want to make a little girl cry.

A video of an elderly couple trying to use a webcam to take a photo of themselves with a birthday cake has become an internet hit after being uploaded to YouTube.

The minute-long clip is said to show the pair, Rita and Frank, trying to take a photo of themselves holding a cake to email to friends for Frank's 84th Birthday.

But the duo are blissfully unaware that they're actually recording a video on their new Mac using the PhotoBooth software, rather than taking a still image.

As a result, we get to hear Rita repeatedly ask "Did you hear a click?" as the pair try to work out what's is going on. All while inadvertently becoming internet stars.

Dalai LamaAn Australian TV presenter has been left red-faced after telling the Dalai Lama a joke mid-interview... and promptly seeing it fall flat with the confused religious leader.

Channel Nine's Karl Stefanovic had been chatting to the Dalai Lama when he suddenly decided to tell His Holiness the joke. "So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop, and says, 'can you make me one with everything?'"

But it didn't go to plan, first of all the Dalai Lama seemed to struggle to understand the idea of pizza and a pizza shop.

Then the  punchline left him even more baffled and His Holiness appeared to be waiting to hear something funny with an blank and slightly confused expression on his face.

Our personal highlight of the clip (below) is the way the Dalai Lama fails to show the faintest hint of a smile after the joke, but then laughs heartily when Stefanovic says "I knew that wouldn't work."

Racing driver Allan McNish has emerged virtually unscathed from a 120mph horror crash at Le Mans -- and after you watch this video you'll see just how lucky he was.

Two-time Le Mans 24-hour winner had taken the lead just 50 minutes into the race on Saturday and was overtaking a slower car when the two vehicles collided.

This sent his Audi R18 flying off the track where it smashed into a barrier which launched it into the air and appeared to disintegrated into hundreds of parts.

But amazingly the 41-year-old Scot walked unaided from the wreckage and was later given the all clear at a local hospital… the news wasn't so good for his car.

Junrey Balawing It was good while it lasted, after just eight months, Khagendra Thapa Magar is no longer the world's shortest man. All hail the new world's shortest man Junrey Balawing.

Measuring just 23.6 inches (59.93cm) tall, the little man from the Philippines is actually one of the shortest ever shortest man -- just missing out to Gul Mohammed (1957–97), who was 22.5 inches.

Junrey, who weighs only 5kg, became eligible for the record over the weekend as he celebrated his 18th birthday and was measured by Guinness World Records officials.

Asked what he hoped for now he's the world’s shortest man, Junrey, said: "I like beer and I want a beautiful wife," before adding… She’ll probably be taller than me."

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's a case of life imitating iPhone game. A group of angry birds in the US have started hurling themselves at pigs. Okay, not quite, but a group of crows have started dive-bombing police in Washington. (Metro) (YouTube)

They were meant to be getting a hot tub fitted in their back yard, but a US family were instead left with a damaged house when the crane lifting the tub toppled and fell into the home. (My Fox) (YouTube

A woman has been caught on TV stealing a foul ball from the fingers of a little girl at a recent baseball game. (NowPublic) (YouTube)

Gary Neville is a Manchester United legend, one of the football's best defenders his throwing however… just check out this baseball pitch. (Yahoo)

Who thinks the best way of finding yourself a date is to go online and declare your undying love for cats? Anyone? Just Debbie then. (Asylum)

275x250.jpgLeicester City Council has been forced to make the bizarre admission that it has no emergency plan of how to deal with a zombie apocalypse.

After receiving a Freedom of Information request from a "concerned citizen" the local authority had to reveal how they would protect residents from the undead.

The FOI request had asked, "Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the event of a zombie invasion?"

It went on to say the request came after the writer had watched several films and become concerned about the level of preparation.

And it looks like they were right to be concerned, because the authority says the undead do not yet appear in their emergency plan. Anyone think they need a zombie awareness officer? 

275x250.jpg An Australian inventor has created a hover-bike which he claims could soon be capable of travelling at 170mph and 10,000ft.

Admittedly Chris Malloy's prototype has currently only hovered while tethered to the ground, but the designer is confident about his vehicle's potential.

He says the Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber hover bike will eventually steer like a traditional motorbike and outperform a two-blade aircraft in the air.

Suggested uses including aerial cattle mustering, search and rescue and aerial survey… we think he forgot to mention 'recreating scenes from Star Wars'.

In proof that you need to be careful where you park your bike, thieves in Brooklyn chopped down a tree to steal a £40 bicycle.

The bizarre crime - they ended up ditching the bike after trying it - happened in the Brooklyn area of New York and was captured on camera.

Time-lapse footage shows a group of men looking at the chained up cycle in the early hours of the morning before disappearing and returning with an axe.

They then proceed to chop down the 20ft tree before laughing and walking away. One of the gang can then be seen returning to the scene of the crime and jumping on the bike.

But in an odd twist, after riding it for five seconds, he drops it and leaves. The sap. We still can't get the root of why, but knock on wood no more trees will be harmed in bike thefts.

275x250.jpg Casey Neistat was not at all happy when police issued him a $50 fine for riding his bicycle somewhere other than a bike lane in New York.

In fact, he set out to show them exactly what would happen if he only rode in the cycle lane… even if that meant picking up a few bruises on the way.

To make his point that there are frequently obstructions which make it impossible to keep to bike lanes he recorded this video of him crashing into them.

During the three minute video, which starts with his receiving the ticket, Neistat can be seen riding straight into construction work, parked vehicles and even a police car. Good point well made.

275x250.jpgThe recession in Britain has sparked a level of comradeship amongst neighbours not seen since WWII, is has been claimed.

A recent study found that millions of homeowners are currently enjoying a better relationship with those who live nearby than in previous years.

It's claimed this is due to the common hardship suffered by the entire nation and the conversations neighbours have shared about their situations.

40% of those polled said they now regularly chat to their neighbours over the garden fence about how the recession has affected them.

And one-in-ten said they've made new friends as a result of recession bonding… until they need something more than a cup of sugar.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We've seen more than a few news-based TV gaffes. But until today we'd never seen a journalist flash a look of horror quite like that of WDBJ anchor Holly Pietrzak when she realised she'd just accidentally dropped the F-Bomb on live TV. (YouTube)

We normally has a policy of only covering bullfighting stories if the bull come out on top. However today we are going to make an exception to look at the dwarf bullfighters of Mexico. But it's okay, the calves they 'fight' are not injured. (Daily Mail)

In the hope of grabbing a foul ball, some baseball fans take a catcher's mitt with them to a game -- others find holding their child helps, even if they drop them -- but this guy was happy to use his popcorn bucket. (Total Pro Sports)

When we were young, we had to entertain ourselves with a stick, but toddlers at a chain of nurseries in Bath and Wiltshire will soon be playing with their own Apple iPads. (T3)

Forget planking, the new viral internet trend for the summer is going to be cone-ing -- the art of ordering an ice cream and then grabbing it by the ice cream not the cone. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg Just in case seeing a car with a furry moustache wasn't quite surreal enough for you, the makers of the Carstache have now gone one step further.

Meet the Glorystache, designed to help patriotic Americans celebrate the 4th of July in that classic way of adding facial hair to their car.

It's an 85cm long blue moustache featuring white stars and red tassels which attaches to the grille of most cars and is weather resistant.

Makers say they hope the Glorystache can becoma a must-have Independence Day automotive accessory (like that's a thing) and expect it to become popular at motor rallies and on road-trips.

275x250.jpgCops in Seattle were led on a literal wild goose chase when they were called on to give a police escort family of geese.

The Canada goose and her goslings had been spotted strolling busy highway by rush hour passers-by, who were worried for their safety and reported it to police.

As a result, three cars of Washington state troopers were dispatched to I-90, to guide the gaggle from the highway and close two lanes of traffic.

It took around 20 minutes for the officers to guide the Canadian geese to an appropriate highway exit and safety.

And police say the operation, dubbed "Operation get the little guys cleared" was a success… if the aim was to create a cute video, we agree.

275x250.jpgThe off-the-field antics of Ryan Giggs' have become one of the most popular subjects of office gossip in the UK, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the sex scandals involving the 'squeaky clean' Manchester United winger currently dominate office chit-chat for up to eight minutes a day.

And new revelations that Giggs, 37, has allegedly been bedding his sister-in-law for eight years is now almost as popular a talking point as Britain's Got Talent.

The report, which revealed most workers manage to squeeze in around half an hour's chit- chat during the day, showed holidays are the most common topic.

BGT was second and Giggs' tangled love-life was third with other hot topics including Pippa Middleton, the weather, and Coronation Street… sometimes I'm glad I work from home.

A woman who claimed to have had a tattoo done of her 152 Facebook friends, was actually part of an advertising stunt, it's been revealed.

It had been reported that the unnamed Dutch woman had spent 30 hours in the tattooists chair having the profile images of her online friends permanently inked on her arm.

But the tattoo artist who was claimed to have done the needlework has now revealed the tattoo was actually a temporary transfer one, done to promote Pretty Social, which makes Facebook-themed gifts.

Speaking to journalists she said the Facebook 'tattoo' would wash off within a couple of days… which is about how long it takes us to get over being tricked by a viral video.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Okay so the bear wasn't flying of its own accord, but a Canadian couple have died in a freak accident after a 200kg beast was thrown through the windscreen of their car after being hit by another. (Reuters)

A Turkish policeman was forced to cling onto the bonnet of a speeding car for more than 3km when a motorist he'd stopped on suspicion o drink driving ploughed into him. (Telegraph)

A teenage girl showed professional baseball players how it's done when she made an amazing catch at a recent MLB game. Savannah Galati leaned over the barrier to snatch this foul ball. (ABC)

Something tell us the identity of this unnamed man whose drunken staggering and falling down has become an online hit won't stay that way for long. (Asylum)

Not every job firefighters get sent on is potentially life threatening, some are just cute -- like when they were called to free a toddler trapped in toy vending machine in Australia. (

275x250.jpg A schoolboy prank which saw six giant penises burnt into the grass at a New Zealand school has been recorded for posterity… after it was photographed by Google Earth.

Teachers at Fairfield College in Hamilton had not been impressed when a series of giant phalluses started cropping up around the school.

But while they weren't able to identify the culprits, they were able to hide the phalluses - including one 60ft penis - by burning the surrounding area with weedkiller.

And that seemed fine… until the cartoon cocks recently popped up on Google Earth. It just so happened that the aerial photographs of the area had been taken while the penises were there.

275x250.jpgThe majority of drivers have at some point forgotten where they've parked their car, and have had trouble finding it, it's been revealed.

While 56% of UK drivers admitted to being forgetful and misplacing their vehicle, most have been able to locate it themselves. However. 3% have resorted to calling a breakdown service to help them find it.

And it's women who are most likely to forget where their car is, 63% owning up to losing track of where they parked, compared to 43% of men.

Other car-based blunders which were revealed as part of the survey of 2,000 drivers, included the 25% of drivers who've locked their keys in the car, and the 10% who've put the wrong fuel in their car.

All too often these drivers are calling a breakdown service to help them out - like the 3.5% who call when they get lost, the 13% who need to top up oil or the 2% who find their sat-nav is broken.

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, water-loving pooches have taken to the sea to compete in an annual surfing dog competition in California.

The Lowes Surf Dog competition sees dogs battle it out in three categories - small dogs, large dogs and tandem rides - to see who has the best surf skills,

Each of the 60 competitors is judged on confidence level, length of ride and overall surf ability and thousands of fans turned out to watch the event.

The winners received an all-expenses-paid pet vacation at the Imperial Beach Resort, which is not to be sniffed at… even if you're a dog and therefore inclined to sniff things.

A traffic policeman in the Philippines has become a hit with locals, tourists and now the internet after starting to direct vehicles with dance moves.

Ramiro has become a cult figure on the streets of Pasay City where he can most often be found on the crossing of Edessa Street and Macapagal Street.

While the 54-year-old says his job is to keep traffic flowing, he also sees it as his duty to bring happiness to drivers and pedestrians.

And while his body-popping method of directing traffic is proving a hit on YouTube… there's no news on how many distracted drivers have crashed after seeing him.

275x250.jpgIn news which is sure to excite conspiracy theorists, the Australian Department of Defence says its X-Files documents have disappeared.

The odd disappearance of the UFO and alien files came to light after the Sydney Morning Herald made a freedom of information request.

After a two month wait they were apparently told that pretty much all dossiers and details about unidentified flying object sightings could not be retrieved.

The department said they only had one file, called "Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera." all others had been destroyed or gone missing.

So what do you think, is this a government cover up… or have the aliens abducted the files to see what we are saying about them?

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Traffic wardens in Brighton have issued a toy bus with a £50 penaltyparking ticket after it was left on the street outside a hairdressers. (Metro)

Police who conducted a search of a Texas home after receiving a tip-off from a psychic about a mass grave, say they're now investigating whether it was a hoax after no bodies were found. (Guardian)

Cricketer Matt Prior has apologised after smashing a dressing room window at Lord's and injuring the leg of a female spectator. (Daily Mail)

Since we showed you this low pass flyby earlier this week, we've been asking ourselves: "If it looks like that for spectators, what did it look like for the pilot?" -- and now we have the answer. (YouTube)

Coffee-lovers who drink too much java are three times more likely to see or hear imaginary things than everyone else, it has been found. (My Fox DC)

Everyone on Britain's Got Talent appears to have a half-hearted emotional backstory to their performance, and as a result, we barely pay attention.

But this Korea's Got Talent contestant Choi Sung-Bong has melted even our ice cold hearts with his heartbreaking story from orphanage to performance stage.

Talking to judges on the show the singer revealed that as a young boy he'd been sent to an orphanage, only to escape at the age of five when he was beaten by people there.

Bringing them and the audience to tears, he told how he's been living on the street, fending for himself and sleeping on toilets or in stairwells… then he sang. Oh boy did he sing.

275x250.jpgA study has concluded that Germans are the world's least funny nationality in the world, while Americans and the Spanish top the laughter leagues.

The poll was carried out among 30,000 people in 15 countries to discover where in the world was perceived to be the funniest.

And it appears voting confirmed the view of America’s Mark Twain - that “a German joke is no laughing matter” - with the country being a run away loser.

While USA, Spain, Italy and Brazil topped the comedy charts, Germans, Russians and Turks were left languishing at the bottom of the funny table.

However, before you're tempted to laugh at the results, it's worth bearing in mind that Britain wasn't exactly causing people to split their sides, it finished seventh, behind Mexico.

It's safe to say this is not the spectacle 'The Great Moodini' had in mind -- instead of impressing fans by escaping from a set of handcuffs he ended up getting dragged behind a car.

The magician - real name Michael Mooney - had been performing before a recent drag race in the US and was fastened into a set of handcuffs which were tied to the back of a car.

The idea was that he would free himself from the restraints in the time it took for the car to pull away and the chains become taut.

But when he failed to free himself in time, he was almost dragged to his death and suffered a broken ankle, wrist and finger… and pride, don't forget his broken pride.

275x250.jpg The famous red and black jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his music video for Thriller is expected to sell for £250,000 when it is auctioned later this month.

Described as 'the most iconic piece of pop culture emphemera' to ever be auctioned, the jacket would be instantly recognisable to many people around the world.

Bosses from Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills - where the item will be sold as part of a Music Icons auction - say it was also autographed by Jackson when he gave it to costume designers, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket will benefit The Shambala Preserve current home to Michael Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, “Thriller” and “Sabu”.

275x250.jpgThe average man will pack just three pairs of pants to take on a week long, compared with 10 pairs for women, it has been found.

Analysis of the suitcases of 1,294 British holidaymakers - used for vacations in the past 12 months - found women take 34 items of clothing on holiday while men only take 14.

Slightly worryingly that includes swimwear, outfits and underwear -- which could explain why 12% of men aid they planned to wash items whilst on holiday.

Of the men who admitted that they didn’t take enough underwear for everyday on holiday 37% said they thought that they'd ‘mostly wear swimming trunks’ and therefore wouldn’t need too much underwear.

Personally we are not too sure what all the fuss is about men only taking three pairs of pants for a week long holiday… it means he still has two spare.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A video of a clever canine climbing between a post and a fence to get into a garden had become an online hit. (Nine MSN) (YouTube)

A group of skydivers had to jump from their plane earlier than expected when it suffered engine failure and the pilot called mayday. (HuffPo)

The robot uprising, and subsequent age of our mechanical overlords looks like it's going to begin in an unlikely setting… around a pool table. (Daily Mail)
A team of geeek pranksters have plastered an under construction Apple store with a giant Windows logo. As you do. (The Star) (YouTube)

Thousands of people have gathered to watch the annual shin kicking contest which takes place in the Cotswolds. It's amazing what counts as entertainment in the Cotswolds. (The Sun)

275x250.jpg Most 16-year-olds would find it cringe-worthy enough to be waved off to school by their parents, but Rain Price knows a whole new level of embarrassment.

That's because his dad Dale has spent the past year waving to him in bizarre costumes including a bride, an evil clown and Harry Potter.

Since his lad became a high school freshman last June, Dale has each morning donned a new outfit and waved to his son as be boarded the school bus.

In total there have been 170 different costumes with highlights being Batgirl, the Little Mermaid and Princess Leia. Rain may use a word other than highlights.

275x250.jpgInsurance bosses have revealed that the Honda FR-V is the unluckiest car to drive on British roads.

A study of thousands of accident claims discovered that a whopping 18.4% of FR-V drivers have made a claim in the past five years.

This makes drivers of the Honda even more unlucky than those of the Volvo XC90 15.9% of who made claim, the Lexus RX 15.5% and the Mazda 5 15.3%.

At the other end of the scale was the Mazda 2 TS TD, out of 1,076 owners included in the research only nine accident claims were recorded in the last five years, less than on percent.

Other lucky drivers included the Nissan Skyline, the Ford Focus RS and the Fiat Cinquecento… unless you call actually driving a Cinquecento as unlucky.

275x250.jpg A US man who describes himself as an 'armchair astronomer' claims he's found a strange structure on the surface of the red planet after using the Google Mars.

Though more professional astronomers are yet to be convinced, David Martines has already dubbed his find "Bio-Station Alpha" and claims it's evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Martines says he was scanning Google Mars when he stumbled on the discovery which he says is a 700ft long and 150ft wide cylindrical structure.

Speaking on YouTube - where great astronomers release their findings - Martines said: "It could be a power station or it could be a biological containment or it could be a glorified garage — hope it's not a weapon."

275x250.jpgBritish intelligence bosses have hacked into a al-Qaeda website and replaced instructions on how to make bombs with a recipe for cupcakes.

The operation is understood to have been launched by MI6 and GCHQ after the website - which included a 67-page magazine download - was identified as a terrorist threat.

The magazine included an article on how to 'make a bomb in the Kitchen' detailing the construction of a pipe bomb using sugar, match heads and a miniature lightbulb.

Or it did until the culinary counter-strike which saw boffins replace the article with one published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show detailing how to cook "The Best Cupcakes in America".

It's not known how al-Qaeda will respond to the cyber-warfare operation… but we've got a mean creamy caramel flan recipe waiting for them.

In our opinion, it's never good to get run over by a car, but we guess there must be some sort of odd kudos in getting hit by a Formula One car.

At least we hope so for the sake of this F1 fan in Japan, who appears to run out in front of a Toro Rosso car driven by Sebastien Buemi during a Red Bull promotional event.

The man - understood to be a marshall at the event in Chiba, eastern Japan, to raise money for tsunami victims - seems unable to see the F1 car approaching, and tries to dash across the road.

But before he knows it there is a speedy car heading towards him and he's forced to try jumping over it. As you can see from these videos, that didn't quite work.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

News blunders come in many guises, but this has to be one of our favourites. Fox News have accidentally used an image of Tiny Fey doing an impersonation of Sarah Palin to illustrate a story about the presidentual wannabe. (Crooks And Liars)

1,500 people turned up at the birthday party of a 16-year-old girl in Germany after she accidentally marked it as a public even on Facebook. (AP) (YouTube)

In the Venn diagram of school life, there tends to be quite an overlap between 'members of the school band' and 'pupils who get bullied' -- which could go some way to explaining the creation of this flame-throwing trombone. (YouTube)

A stage hypnotist left three people in a trance when he tripped over the leg of an audience member and knocked himself out while bringing them out of a hypnotic state. Or did he? (Asylum)

A semi-professional football match in Brazil had to be suspended after a swarm of bees invaded the pitch and attacked players. (Nine MSN)

275x250.jpg Roland Bunce may not look like the typical male model, but thanks to an internet campaign he looks set to win a high profile modelling competition.

When he entered himself in the 'Make me the Next model 2011' contest being run by Next, the tubby 24-year-old didn't think he had a chance of winning.

But his entry has gained support from a number of high-profile internet sites and the computer science graduate from Belfast now looks set to take the prize.

This mean he could win £2,000, a professional photo-shoot and an introduction to modelling agency Storm. Click here to help make it happen.  mfvkvfm3663 

275x250.jpgBrave US police officers have successfully neutralised the threat posed by a deadly alligator, shooting it twice in the head.. then they realised it was a garden ornament.

The officers had been called to the Kansas City home after an alligator sighting had been reported by a member of the public.

And when they saw the powerful-jawed creature lurking in the grass, they were quick to reach for their rifle and shoot it twice in the head.

It was only when the second shot bounced of the stationary creature the officers realised it was made out of concrete and a garden ornament.

Homeowner Rick Sheridan said the 'reptile' was there to keep people off his land… maybe a creepy gnome would have been better.

275x250.jpg The penguins at London Zoo are feeling decidedly more p-p-p-pampered after the opening of a new £2 million home.

Their new abode includes a pool which is four times bigger than their previous one, a more natural environment and has underwater viewing areas for visitors.

It was constructed when the zoo's original penguin pool, built in 1934, closed eight years ago after it was deemed not suitable.

Being England's largest penguin pool, the new enclosure will eventually house a 200-strong breeding colony, but for now 65 lucky penguins have the place to themselves.

Boffins in Prague have created a juggling robot which is capable of throwing and catching five balls moving at a time.

The team from Czech Technical University's Department of Control Engineering say the machine is an example of how motors can be used for precision tasks.

Dubbed 'Servo Juggler' it uses two mechanical vertical arms mounted on a motor and able to move horizontally to toss over a ball between each other on a parabolical trajectory.

A high-speed camera mounted at the front then detects the movement of individual balls and the system then calculated the ideal catching/throwing point. Sounds like a load of old balls to us.

275x250.jpgA pricing blunder on a supermarket beer promotion sparked such a stamped of shoppers that police had to be called to deal with the situation.

Computer errors are said to have caused some Tesco supermarkets in Scotland to start selling 45 bottles of lager, or 36 cans, for just £11.

The actual offer had meant to be "Buy three boxes of beer and save £11," - so when shoppers started getting it considerably cheaper, they quickly told friends.

This prompted other beer-lovers to go and try their luck and so many bombarded some stores that police were called to deal with congestion in and around the car parks.

Something tells us the officers may have wanted to pop into the supermarket and try the offer for themselves too… how many crates of beer can you fit in a police van?

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A Chinese teenager was so desperate to get his hands on a new Apple iPad 2 that he's said to have sold a kidney to be able to buy one - unsurprisingly hi mother was not impressed. (Telegraph)

This young lad has just learnt how to ride a bike, now he's got a message for anyone else struggling to master two wheels -- believe in yourself and you can too. (Break)

A Twitter user from Malaysia who was involved in a defamation case with a magazine publisher has been given the odd punishment of being forced to Tweet an apology 100 times. (Aol Weird News)

Like YouTube doesn't already house enough quite frankly bizarre videos, an artist has created a range of over-sized babies' head masks which are fast becoming a hit on the video sharing site. (Asylum)

Okay it's not quite a war reporter keeping their composure as missiles explode around them - but we're still  quite impressed by how Steve Kuzj didn't let a little thing like getting soaked by sprinklers stop him doing his job. (Guyism) (Youtube)

Anyone who has ever tried the 'crossbar challenge' will know just how hard it is to kick a football with enough accuracy to hit the target.

But that's exactly what Erik Lambert has done… with five consecutive balls… in 18 seconds… at the age of 75. If this viral video is to be believed.

In the clip, the pensioner can be seen bouncing ball after ball off the crossbar as they are teed up for him and filmed by his grandson. In total he gets five in 18.4 seconds.

Obviously the internet is divided as to whether the footage is genuine or if there's been some editing trickery going on. If it's for real we can think of a few teams which should sign him.

275x250.jpg Meet the world’s most exclusive and expensive kebab. And with a retail value of a whopping £750, this posh creation is not one for enjoying at 3am on Saturday morning after a heavy drinking session.

Dubbed the ‘King of Kebabs’ the gastronomic creation, from chef Andy Bates, comes complete with saffron infused flat bread, milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees and edible gold leaf garnish.

Also on the expensive kebab is Champagne infused mint and cucumber yoghurt, micro cress and lettuce, Ceour de Beouf tomatoes and oregano concass along with some Barrel Aged Yews Feta cheese.

But don't expect to find it in your local kebab shop, the 'King of Kebabs' was created for Food Network UK mark the launch of The Great Food Truck Race. Which means if you want to try it, you'll need to source that Saffron infused flatbread yourself.

275x250.jpgPolice have warned foul-mouthed people in Barnsley that their potty-mouths could land them with £80 fines, under new rules.

New powers have been introduced which allow officers to dish out on-the-spot fines for anti-social behaviour, which includes public bad language.

With the scheme running throughout June, officers are also said to be keen to hear from people who have heard too much swearing.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Voice, the campaign group working with police on the initiative, said it was swearing aimed to intimidate, which they wanted to cut out.

However, a local resident said of the scheme: "They can f*** right off!" A compelling argument we think you'll agree.

Adam Rodriguez isn't the sort of TV journalist who stops at reporting the news. When it call for it he will get stuck in. Just click play for the proof.

Recently while covering a story on floodwaters in Arkansas for KARK, he came across a woman who'd driven her SUV into the high water and become stranded.

Realising the danger she faced, Rodriguez waded out to the stranded woman with a rope tied around his waist and the pair were then pulled back to safety by a bystander.

You may be wondering what his cameraman was doing as Rodriguez went to the rescue… well he stayed where he was and filmed the dramatic rescue. An equally valid effort we think you'll agree.

275x250.jpgA duo have robbed a US bank while wearing creepy plastic-faced disguises and nun habits -- much like the bank robbers in the movie 'The Town'.

In fact, images released by the FBI after the Chicago raid look like they could have come straight from the 2010 Ben Affleck flick.

The robbers - believed to be a man and a woman - are said to have rushed into the bank, jumped over the counter and ordered staff to fill a bag with cash.

Police say the pair got away with the bag of money, though they will not reveal exactly how much.

And because of the rubber masks, habits and gloves, it was hard to see any features which could be used to identify the couple, there was even confusion over whether they were black or white.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

You'd have thought combining the words 'buried-alive' and 'test' was enough to highlight the potential peril of a situation. But that didn't stop a Russian man burying himself overnight to see if he could survive… he couldn't. (

As this CCTV footages shows, customers at a bank in Virginia were left shocked when a deer ran into their branch getting through two sliding doors before charging around the building. (YouTube)

At least it didn't break out into a cat fight, but an Australian politician has found himself at the centre of a sexism row after meowing at a female senior minister. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

It probably wasn't the first impression she was hoping to leave him with. But when Emma Carmichael fell at the feet of her idol Roger Federer at the French Open, she at least got a hug from the ace. (Asylum)

A humble patio umbrella has been blamed for knocking out the power to an entire Canadian city. The brolly blew up into high voltage lines and tripped a breaker. (CNews)

Officials in Italy claim to have foiled an attempt by North Korea to import tap-dancing shoes. (Yahoo)

Young footballers involved in a humble schoolboy match in Denmark appeared to receive the shock of their lives when their game was given a 'cup final' makeover.

This Uefa-style upgrade included the impromptu arrival of thousands of fans, professional referees, TV cameras, an announcer and even a marching band.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the look of shock on the faces of the players as the spectators arrive and says simply: "We wanted to give these boys the surprise of a lifetime."

It's thought the video is an advert for the upcoming Uefa Under 21 tournament in Denmark… not that these kids will care, they got to be football stars for the day.

275x250.jpg The world's fastest Rubik's Cube-solving robot has been developed -- but it's still not as fast as the most Rubik-ly skilled human.

Named Ruby, the robot built by students at Swinburne University of Technology can solve the scrambled puzzle in just over 10 seconds.

While that includes the time taken to scan the initial status of the cube, it's still relatively slow compared to Rubik's fan Feliks Zemdegs, who has a world record of 6.24 seconds.

However, it's considerably faster than the previous Rubik's robot record holder, that took 18.2 second to complete the puzzle in October 2010. And a lot faster than us, we started in 1984 and haven't finished yet.

275x250.jpg These adorable meerkats might not be quite as sweet and innocent as they initially look… because they appear to have developed a bit of an foot (and maybe upskirt) fetish.

Bosses at Longleat Safari Park were pleased when they opened their new meerkat enclosure earlier this year - because it's the first where visitors can mingle with the cute critters.

But now they say the meerkats have developed what can only be called a foot fetish and love nothing more than exploring the feet of bare-footed visitors.

Keepers say they little meerkats are particularly attracted to anybody wearing sandals or flip-flops… and have a real thing for painted toe-nails.

275x250.jpgOur dream of flying over cars on our morning commute into Newslite Towers with a jet-pack strapped to out back is one step closer to reality today.

That's because makers Martin Jetpack from New Zealand, have conducted test flights during which they cruised to 5,000ft and deployed a parachute.

Bosses at the firm say the success of the test-flight - which was conducted in the sky over the Canterbury Plains - means the £60,000 device could be on sale within 18 months.

In the flight a dummy was attached to the jetpack and flown by remote control from a helicopter to 5,000ft before descending to 2,000 feet and then deploying the parachute.

This means it set new records for the fastest jet-pack climb rate (800ft per minute) highest altitude (5,000ft) and longest jet-pack flight (9:46 minutes)… now where do we sign up for one.

The fact men like looking at breasts isn't exactly a secret. But that didn't stop one French woman double-checking this fact of life by placing a hidden camera on her substantial cleavage.

In her resulting video, the enterprising Parisienne can be seen placing an outward-facing video camera at the bottom of the plunging neck-line of her cardigan.

She then hits the streets of the French capital to see how men respond to her breasts -- with their every moment captured by her boobs-eye view camera.

Her highly unsurprising results… men looked. They looked a lot. Some more discrete than others, but it appears most couldn't help having a glance at her boobs. Others could barely contain their ogle. In other news, water is still wet.

275x250.jpg If you frequently find yourselves craving ice cream while sailing, you could be in luck… because the world's first amphibious ice cream van today set sail on the River Thames.

The bizarre vessel - which has a top speed of five knots and chimes Rod Stewart's classic 'We Are Sailing' - has been fittingly been dubbed the 'HMS Flake 99'.

It was the brainchild of David Mounfield, a stand-up comedian from Brighton, who got to she his dream realised after winning an online competition.

This morning David captained the amphibious ice cream van along the famous London river, much to the surprise of commuters on the riverbank… though non seemed desperate enough for an ice cream to swim over to him.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's dangerous to use your phone while driving, and sending a text message at the wheel is particularly stupid. But some people refuse to heed the warning… maybe they will after seeing this video. (The Sun) (YouTube)

A couple of high school students in the US have been suspended and told they cannot walk in their graduation next week after holding a mock lightsaber fight during their lunch break. They are fighting the suspension… may the force be with them. (Neatorama) (YouTube)

Inspired by Lady Gaga and her meat dress, a team of fashion students in the UK have created a collection of dresses… made out of cheese. (Daily Mail)

A man has seen the person using his stolen Macbook arrested after using a secret bit of software to track the user and even take photos of him using it. (Boing Boing)

We have no idea why this man is being interviewed by several TV channels, nor what he is saying. But it doesn't matter, because it's the bearded gent in the background who steals the show. (YouTube)

A woman has suffered a broken leg after a fish jumped onto the boat she was travelling on and smashed into her. Local wildlife officials in Florida say Tina Fletcher is the fifth person this year to be injured by jumping sturgeon. (MSNBC)

Hackers have broken into the PBS website and planted a phony story which stated that the dead rapper Tupac Shakur was actually still alive and living in New Zealand. (Emirates 247)

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